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Quick Sinus Relief: Natural Remedies for Congestion

| Modified on Jan 24, 2024
Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Nina (Philippines) on 09/08/2020

Hi to all our EC readers from the Philippines!

It's nearly 12 midnight and I can't sleep due to sinusitis and the dreaded headache that accompanies it. So, I went to this site and read through.

I decided, steam inhalation is the best coz it can go to places no one has ever gone before! Hihihi

1/4cup ACV ( braggs wd the mother.)
1cup water

Heated it up in the microwave two min.

Tilted my head over the bowl wd the mixture, got a clean dishtowel n covered my head including the bowl, so the steam will just concentrate on the area I want and not scatter all over the place.( I hope you get the picture) tried my best to breathe through my clogged nose. After a while it slowly cleared. Made sure to breathe deep and while doing that I did those facial sinus massages they do on You Tube.

I did spit a lot of clogged stuff while my sinuses were draining. After about 10 minutes of that, I'd gargle ACV wd warm water n a pinch of cayenne. That got all the mucous in my throat out. What a relief!

Walked a bit to allow gravity to drain away more clogging. I felt my headache just saying goodbye not wanting to come back to me. Good riddance!

I did the whole cycle two times.and after about
30 minutes, my sinuses were drained no headache, happy me!

I can't thank you enough for sharing this!

Peppermint Oil
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 05/19/2023

Peppermint Oil for Sinus Congestion

Here is a trick you can do at home to un-clog your sinuses. This remedy must be done just before bedtime because the menthol and bioactive chemicals from the peppermint will make your eye water and tear. If your eyes are closed, there is no problem.

Peppermint oil is highly effective at relaxing muscles in your nasal passages and helping to clear out the muck and pollen from your respiratory tract during allergy season. It's considered one of the best essential oils for allergies because of its expectorant, anti-inflammatory and invigorating properties.

A lab study published in the European Journal of Medical Research found that menthol displayed potential therapeutic efficacy for the treatment of chronic inflammatory disorders such as allergic rhinitis, colitis and bronchial asthma.

Take 20 drops MCT Coconut oil or regular coconut oil (since it's a light oil and penetrates easy into the skin). And add 20 drops Peppermint oil (I like Now Brand) ratio 1:1. Mix together in a small bowl with your finger til uniformed.

Apply this mixture over your sinus plexus, all over your forehead, temples, jaw, cheek, as close to the eye orbit as you can get (but not in your eyes!), nose bridge, in front and back of ears and back of neck. Immediately go to bed.

Have tissue handy for what will come next. Your sinuses passages will dilate and open up. Next, the flood gates of thick snot will start coming out. Depending on how bad you were congested will determine how long this will last. For chronic sinus issue's, you may need to repeat for a few days to completely clear the sinuses of infection.

If you have hyperactive skin, dial down the ratio to 5:1.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lisa D. (Hartford, SD) on 04/20/2018

Sinus pressure:

A very saturated ACV onto a q-tip and roll inside your nostril sniff back and pressure is gone. Great stuff.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Amazed (Rochester, Ny) on 09/12/2017

ACV + Honey + Hot Water for Congestion

WOW. I did NOT believe this would work. Not that I'm against natural cures, but this really, really shocked me. I'm not that sick, just a head cold, but tonight my runny nose turned into a congested one within a matter of hours. So full I had to start mouth breathing. I found the ACV-HONEY-HOT WATER remedy and gave it a try. I also added in a few sprinkles of freshly ground black pepper and cayenne pepper. BAM. Within 30 seconds (NOT KIDDING! ) I was starting to feel open. Within 5 minutes I'm COMPLETELY clear. I went ranting and raving to my husband (who's also sick but with throat stuff not nose-yet). I dont know how long it will last but I will continue drinking it for health. I actually really love the taste of ACV and honey so this will be a treat. TO EVERYONE'S GOOD HEALTH!

*note, the honey and ACV I used were raw/organic.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jj (Old Bridge, Nj) on 11/11/2016

Amazing! I tried taking it first and did not feel relieved. I'm so desperate to feel better. So I tried the other suggestion. I heated some of the ACV and then inhaled the fumes. That worked for me! TIP: close your eyes when you inhale the fumes. It stings. So happy I found this website!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Paula (Mississauga, Canada) on 02/13/2015

Just got back from vacation in Hawaii and I got really sick 3rd last day. Head and sinus congestion. My eye sockets hurt as well as my teeth. Every bone was sore and I was so stopped up I thought my head would explode. Developed a sore throat than a cough and my ears were plugged. Lots of sneezing, nose blowing And very weak.

I have often taken Apple Cider Vinegar as a health supplement and have taken it on faith it does me lots of good but never noticed anything different. Well, after landing at the airport and 2 air planes later, my voice sounded like it was inside me. The congestion was as bad as I have never experienced. I made myself an Apple Cider Vinegar drink. About 3 tablespoons added to warm water and a little cayenne, a couple of light shakes.

Approx. 1/2 to 3/4 hour later lying in bed, my left stopped up ear was making a sound than all of a sudden it popped clear open. Than all else, other ear, runny nose and phlegm in throat all stopped and I could totally breath again after 4 days of misery. Never had I experienced this before. I always wished I could be one of those people who claimed after consuming Apple Cider Vinegar had a reversal or a miraculous Turn around.

I can now claim such an experience And timing couldn't have been more perfect. I was really suffering.

Posted by Jonathan (Franklin, MA) on 12/06/2020

Lloyd's remedy below of steaming with equal parts ACV and water that has come to the initial simmer/boil with a towel over my head is now my go-to method for onset of colds; change of weather that affects sinuses; and seasonal allergic responses.

I had come to have a chronic sinusitis which was triggered often and predictably.

The ACV steaming not only has an immediate relieving effect but I believe it has rid me of the root chronic condition, removing old infected mucus. I am soo grateful to finding this method on EC and I tell everyone about it.

The other method I use is to put 3-5 drops of either ACV (any more will burn), 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide, or Lugol's 2% Iodine into my neti pot or a refillable nasal mist sprayer combined with the warm saline solution. I'll rotate all of these methods during seasonal changes when my sinuses are more sensitive. Just fantastic!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lakesha (St. Louis, Mo) on 12/03/2017

This remedy worked immediately for me. I've known about it forever but just didn't think to do it. So this site reminded me. I immediately drank 2tblsp of vinegar in 1 cup of filtered water then followed that with snorting 1tsp in 1 cup of warm filtered water. I was so stopped up I couldn't even snort it at first. So I used a small bottle cap to pour it in as I held my head back. That cleared it enough that I could blow it out. And for the first time in a week it was looser and more clear. So I snorted when I could and it keeps coming out loose and clear!!! I can breathe!!! It only took a minute of my time. I wish I had done this a week ago SMH

Coconut Oil
Posted by Terri (Ardmore, Ok) on 02/17/2018

I have had chronic sinusitus all my life. I use coconut oil for many different things but had gotten out of the habit of oil pulling. I recently have had such a problem with my allergies that I resorted to using nasal spray only to have the rebound effect worsen my symptoms. I though of coconut oil and just put some up my nostrils with a little relief. Then I found the reviews on here and tried oil pulling. Can I just say amazing!!!! Within 30 seconds of having it in my mouth my congestion opened and I was able to breathe! It lasted about 15 minutes so then I tried the qtip with coconut oil on in up my nostril and it worked as well! I will keep with this regimen as often as needed to get through this rebound from the nasal spray!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 01/27/2017

Dear Sally,

Cayenne pepper on a q-tip up the nostril is a drastic but fast and effective remedy - at least for me. Even just a tiny bit really helps. Be prepared to sneeze and drain and have a burn feeling for a few minutes. Totally worth it IMO.

~Mama to Many~

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Thrilled2pieces (Bella Vista, Ar) on 04/18/2016

I've been adding a splash of ACV and honey (I mix a cup of each, microwaved to blend, in a bottle) in every glass of water I drink. My husband cannot stand the smell, but I absolutely crave it. I almost always have a stuffy nose--one nostril or the other. I was considering going for the balloon sinuplasty since my eyes feel squinty and small all the time because of the congestion. I was reading about ACV as a nasal wash last night---thought it would burn like the dickens! I took one of those saline nasal-wash bottles--used distilled water and about a teaspoon ACV, plus I added a squirt of the coconut oil I keep in a spray bottle. No burn whatsoever---and voila! I can breathe through both nostrils! My eyes feel bright and wide---sounds incredible, but true.

My husband complains of allergies all the time and has had tinitus for 45 years. He is NOT Mr. Natural--what a shame. I gave up dairy, soda pop and alcohol. I just cannot believe how alert I feel. Go ACV!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by L8wman99 (Orem Utah) on 02/16/2017

I've been congested for two days. NyQuil did not help. Mucinex neither. This actually worked! Hoping to get some sleep tonight.

6 oz. hot water
2 tbsp ACV
1 TBSP honey

Kind of tasted like theraflu to me. Wow!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Georgeiou (London) on 08/31/2010

I had sinus problems for years and kept going to the doctor for all sorts of nasty medication with side effects. Until I discovered that by using cotton buds and adding a wrapping a little extra cotton to the bud so it can absorb more hydrogen peroxide and then inserting it inside your nose right up where it is congested within seconds it cleared my sinus problem. I them simply blew my nose and all the nasty mucus came out and I was able to breathe normally. Use the same technique on your ears one at a time and rinse after about 15 minutes. The fizzing sound you will hear is oxygenation taking place and the death of nasty bacteria. I used an empty small travel spray container, filled it with hydrogen peroxide and distilled water 50/50 ration spray and several times keep inside your mouth for about 10 to 15 minutes and rinse. Kills all nasty bacteria. I use all the above when I get a cold and it`s amazing how quick I recover. The solution of hydrogen peroxide I used was 9%. It really works. You can get 3, 6 and 9% Hydrogen peroxide from your local chemist. Cost less than a £1. Best wishes and a speedy recovery.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Beagleslways (Lighthouse Point, Fl) on 03/28/2017

Have had sinus congestion for 3 days. Just watched the Earth Clinic video using a paper towel saturated with apple cider vinegar and tried it. Started to feel relief! Then made up the 6 oz of water, 2 tsp apple cider vinegar and honey mixture and am drinking it as I write this. Amazing....... I can breath. I was totally clogged before this. Thank you!!

Apple Cider Vinegar Steam
Posted by Blueskies (Uk) on 09/08/2016

Acv+salt for blocked sinus - magic!!! this is the 3rd time I have used acv and it always works like magic for blocked sinuses!

First time I suffered for a whole year - did steam but didn't work. I was offered twice to do surgery but was reluctant. It paid off.

My sister (bless her) told me about the site. I hate the smell of ACV. So it too time for me... out of desperation (I felt ill at least twice a week). I filled a kettle with ACV... added salt... turned the kettle on... and as soon as the steam started... switched off... and inhaled the steam mainly via the blocked nose. (even though it feels it is not going in) I did so on and off for a few minutes. Took a half hour break... repeated... and it was gone completely!

That was six years ago. Two weeks ago... it happened again.. it just didn't go away till I did this treatment! A couple of times in the evening. I woke up in the morning like a new person. It works like magic every time! Thank you! Thank you GOD for the medicine that can be found abundantly and naturally! DO NOT HESITATE TO DO IT! I hope to get positive feedback.

The beauty of it.. no need to DRINK it!! And it does a light descaling of the kettle. (you will need much more to descale properly).

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Shulie (London) on 05/16/2016

I used the recipe on your site, 1/4 cup of ACV to 16 oz of water. My nose is already unblocked and I haven't even finished the drink!! Thank you.