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Natural Sinus Congestion Remedies

Oregano Oil
Posted by Demetrius (Austell, Ga, Usa) on 08/10/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I have been suffering from post nasal discharge from one nostril for more than 15 years I had surgery 3 times but the problem persists to the point that has made my life miserable and quite embarassing since I have to deal with clearing the back of my throat from thick mucous that gets stuck there and requires a lot of coughing and effort to be cleared. I was reading some of the entries about certain remedies and I got interested in the remedy with the oregano. I went to my local herb shop to buy the liquid oregano but I found a nose spray which contains the essential oils of oregano, bay leaf, sage and clove in a sea water base. I tried it out and has made a big difference my problem did not go away but the phlegm is less thicker easier to clear and plus my problem sinus side feels less obstructed than before. It has to be the oregano.