Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Jillery (Durtham, Nc) on 07/19/2020 89 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Since it was COVID season I decided to give it my all and try and resolve my rosacea. I researched and decided mine was 'mite based'. I had tried all the stuff from the Dermo but it always came back and the antibiotics caused me other problems besides. My rosacea presented as redness and weird little zits that could last for weeks. I never had a blemish as a child so at 57-65 this was weird to me. I decided it was a mite based issue as the other reasonings seemed a bit off for my issue.

I cleansed my face with borax that I fine-ground and coconut oil. 50-50 ratio. I'd wash with cool water and rinse with cool water. Then I applied the coconut oil and borax powder afterward too. I was just sitting at home so I'd apply this as the day went on as well. I had more breakouts but I felt like I was aggravating the mites.

I also put my bed pillow in the dryer for about 20-40 minutes incase there were mites on my pillow.

After about 5-7 days of borax/coconut oil I then switched to putting just coconut oil on my skin and then applying tea tree essentiall oil on top of it. I was amazed at how soothing the TTO was to my skin as I felt TTO would feel quite harsh to me but did not!!

I'd rinse my face during the week with cool water.

I'd apply coconut oil (or tamanu oil. kinda stinky but good for redness) and then add tea tree essential oil to my skin over the oil. I guess you could mix your own but I am lazy. LOL.

Within a week my zits and bumps and redness were much less. I also tried using Manuka essential oil and Lavender essential oil here and there too.

At about the 6 week point I had no zits left. The mild redness I have is becoming less and less as well.

I hope this helps someone!!!!