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Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Borax, Vinegar and Peroxide
Posted by Devon (Johnson, Vt.) on 10/07/2018
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Dear Ted,

I cannot find the original Rosacea H202 Borax recipe. Something seems disfunction with the new website. Anyway I am writing to ask for an opinion and share my new Recipe that I am really excited about.

Just about 50, my skin and its barrier are not always prime. Whereas my skin used to tolerate the borax h202 formula for rosacea on face. Now it seems to have the potential to really dry it out. So realizing how alkaline Borax is -- and that I had seen Vinegar used in place of H202 for mange -- it occurred to me why not combine the Vinegar and Borax in addition to the h202 with a goal of achieving the perfect PH balanced for face spray! The goal currently is around 5.5 I think.

My concern is that the more things to combine that reactions can alter the original composition such the the recipe no longer works like it should! In this case I also wonder if some of the action of the Borax killing the face mites 'is' because of the alkalinity? Anyhow my batch from last night left me the smoothest and silkiest of any Borax/H202 treatment I have achieved!

I would like to share the recipe. Thanks for your time... I am getting ready for round 2.