Osteoporosis Remedies

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Posted by Mike (Reading, Pa) on 02/29/2016

I saw an old acquaintance last week whom I haven't seen for years who told me that she was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis. Before she took the medication recommended by her physician a friend of hers suggested that she eat 5 prunes a day because her friend had read that prunes were excellent way to combat the disease. My friend started to eat the 5 prunes daily and in a short time she went back to her doctor to see if the prunes were working. To her doctor's astonishment, her disease was greatly reversing. Praise The Lord! I did some research and found that there are mice studies backing up this therapy.

Algae Calcium, Dietary Changes
Posted by Cristina (La Coruña, Spain) on 03/23/2017

I had severe osteoporosis on hip and spine and was diagnosed last year. My doctor recommended Prolia injections as I was 53 at the time and after looking into the side effects I was determined to do something different and not poison my body.

I started taking a supplement, which is calcium from seaweed and strontium together with many other minerals (boron, magnesium..). I also started doing safe exercise daily (walking for half an hour or more). I took collagen and magnesium every single morning and night with a little orange juice and, mostly important, eliminated gluten from my diet. I had already eliminated dairy years before.

This year I had a very high improvement of bone density, my doctor couldn't believe it! I still am taking all this things because I still have osteopenia but my osteoporosis is disappearing slowly and I feel great!

Please look up calcium from seaweed because the body assimilates it properly. The strontium helps and the collagen and magnesium are very very important for strong bones.

Posted by Janet S-Dell (San Diego California) on 01/22/2023 8 posts

I wanted to add some information about reversing Osteoporosis.

While many people seem to be helped with the addition of calcium, I was not. How I found out my Osteopenia had progressed to Osteoporosis is that I tripped on an electrical cord and fell and had to have an x ray on the bone just below my left knee and found I had a fracture. The Dr. put me in a soft cast and on 600mg of Calcium a day (as well as having to use crutches). Next, to make a long story short...with a few weeks later after taking my 600mg of Calcium a day, I woke up in the middle of the night screaming in pain if I moved my left leg even a few inches and the top of my left knee had swollen to the size of an oversized baseball. Long story short....I ended up in the ER room and had to have the left knee drained of the fluid with a very long needle into the knee...not fun I can assure you! To make matters worse, I was now on crutches and the same thing happened in my right knee and had to go thru the same ER room needle draining process again.....only to finally find out I had Pseudo gout brought on by taking too much calcium. At least draining the fluids did stop the pain and so did the meds the Dr. gave me, but I wanted to know how to heal the fractured bone below my left knee in as short a time as possible as well as what I could take to help my pre Op.

This horrific experience led me to be finally diagnosed a few months later with Osteoporosis. My Dr then wanted to start me on meds for the Op that I'd read were for many led to long term worse problems. All this led me to do my own online research on research. One of the web sites I read that helped me find what ended up helping reverse my Op was a google search for "the bone lady blog" If you have Op or the pre Op, I'd suggest you read it and see if it will be a help to you too.

On that web site(on google look for "the bone lady blog") I read about the long term problems associated with the meds that are regularly given for Op and about another treatment with taking Strontium that had been used in Europe and what women were now taking that had successfully revered Op in a number of women. I decided to try the Strontium and my Dr. agreed to hold off on his demands that I take various drugs until we could see if the Strontium did indeed work for me. I started to Strontium II by AOR that I bought on Amazon. I took 2 caps daily for 6 months when my Dr. had xrays and DEXA scans rerun on me and he felt that the Strontium was working well for me and was stopping the progression of the Op and as of my last DEXA scan, of the 3 scanned locations, 1 location has totally reversed the OP, 1 has stopped making any progress at all the the 3rd is neutral.

So I suggest to you if you have pre Op or Full blown Osteoporosis is I did/do....I'd suggest you at least read this research and see if Strontium is something you that you'd like to try to see if it will help you as it's helped me. I'm 77 and am still reasonably active for a person of my age and the only pain meds I take is 2 Tart Cherry caps a day to make sure I keep at bay the pseudo gout that I came down with when I got my leg fracture from eating too much Calcium and 2 Strontium caps a day. I've learned and now I try hard to consume no calcium at all. I hope that info helps someone as much as it's helped me!

Posted by Susan Clark (Greer South Carolina ) on 02/07/2023

Hi Janet,

More and more research has shown that it's caused by a Vitamin C deficiency, not a need for calcium. It's scurvy of the bone, which makes a lot more sense. Hope that helps! Blessings sent your way. 🐾😎

Posted by Wyandotte (Canada) on 02/07/2023 13 posts

Let's Get Well by Adelle Davis has an entire chapter on bone problems entitled Bone Problems Need Early Recognition. Inasmuch as osteo has been described as bone scurvy (i.e., vitamin C deficiency), the following info might be helpful. It is taken from that book's chapter on problems of the digestive system:

I once heard a doctor, lecturing on nutrition, state that the hydrochloric acid [HCl] of the stomach was so valuable that the sale of every antacid preparation should be prohibited by law. Too little HCl impairs protein digestion and Vitamin C absorption, allows the B vitamins to be destroyed, and prevents minerals from reaching the blood to the extent that anemia can develop and bones crumble.

There is much of interest here, and it is backed up with references to medical research. One para from the chapter on bone problems:

Normally the hydrochloric acid [HCl] in the stomach dissolves the calcium supplied by foods and holds it in solution until it can be absorbed through the intestinal walls. Sugar and other sweets, however, stimulate the production of alkaline digestive juices so rapidly that calcium becomes insoluble before it can reach the blood.

The chapter on bones in this book is long. The book was published about 50 or so years ago and I imagine there is new info available, but what is there, most of it makes sense to me.

Posted by Art (California) on 10/14/2021 2091 posts


Ted's borax remedy for arthritis calls for 1/8th teaspoon of borax per day mixed in a quart of water for women and sipped throughout the day until finished. Make a new bottle each day and repeat for 4 days per week with 3 days off. Double this dose for men. A quarter teaspoon is equivalent to about 985 mg of borax.

Borax is 11.3% boron. So 11.3% or .113 x 985 =111.305 or approximately 111 mg of boron in the borax dose for men. In order to find out how much boron is in the dose for women, we divide 111 by 2 and get 55.5. So the women's dose that Ted was recommending contains approximately 55 mg of boron and is to be taken 4 days of the week with 3 days off per week.

I take my borax doses on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I take Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. This is in line with Ted's recommended dose.

I should also mention here that Ted did not discover this purpose for borax, but Rather a Dr. Rex Newnham discovered it decades earlier, and he used both borax and boron, but at significantly lower dosing than Ted had recommended many years later. Here is some background on Dr. Newnham :


I would like to add that borax has kept my severe psoriatic arthritis in remission for about 13 years now.


Posted by Rich (Boca Raton, Fl) on 02/02/2009

Americans have a high dairy, high calcium diet. It appears that Magnesium is the most important mineral to reverse osteoporosis and improve bone density. Apparently, you can get an 11% improvement in bmd in 6 months on 600mg Magnesium, whereas you can take all the calcium in the world, and if you don't have any magnesium, you can't remineral bones. Apparently, 60% of americans are magnesium deficient.

Parathyroid Tumors
Posted by Snickers68 (Colorado) on 11/02/2021

This was me! All the D3 in the world won't fix it and can actually make it worse; you've got to have them removed. I was told I had anxiety issues (I don't), and went to the ER multiple times in the middle of the night. My BP was stroke level (I was on meds) and my pulse would be through the roof and I would be shaking uncontrollably. The staff would do a chest X-ray, put me on a monitor and ask if I was in any pain—when I said “No, no pain”, they typically would tell me to not come back unless I was in pain. It took months, but a new-to-me nurse practitioner finally looked at all my blood results. She said, “I think I know what's going on with you.” The rest is history as I had surgery in Jan 2016.

Dr. Norman, at Norman Parathyroid Clinic in Tampa, FL is amazing and he says hyper-parathyroidism is under-diagnosed. There is a list of symptoms on Parathyroid.com, also, his team came up with an low cost app called “Calcium Pro”—Dr. Norman said, “It's smarter than your doctor! ” Put in all the results when you have blood drawn.

Thank you for reading, maybe this will help someone.

Posted by Suzanne (London) on 11/15/2006

I have suffered from very bad arthritis for some years and also osteoporosis of the spine. I used to dread winters even though I was prescribed anti-inflamatory pills and painkilers by my doctor. I recently discovered ginger root (I found a newspaper article about ginger that I had put away some years ago) and have been taking it for about 3 weeks now in capsule form from the health food shop. The stiffness has gone from my joints and spine and most of the pain which is gradually disappearing. In fact, the other day I realised that I didn't have any pain or stiffness at all. It is such a great remedy that I am recommending it to everybody I know who has arthritis.

Posted by Art (California) on 05/10/2023 2091 posts

Denise E,

Actually I have written about osteoporosis on EC. Here is a link to what I wrote regarding osteoporosis and melatonin :

Osteoporosis and Melatonin

The current studies continue to show how melatonin is useful for osteopenia, osteoporosis, helping to heal fractures and bone health in general. Here is a typical recent study :


Here is a relevant study quote :

' Serum melatonin is related to bone mass, the measurement of which is a potential method for the diagnosis of osteoporosis. Melatonin has a direct effect on bone remodeling by promoting osteogenesis and suppressing osteoclastogenesis. Melatonin also regulates the biological rhythm of bone tissue, which benefits its osteogenic effect. Additionally, melatonin participates in the modulation of the bone microenvironment. Melatonin attenuates the damage induced by oxidative stress and inflammation on osteoblasts and prevents osteolysis from reactive oxygen species and inflammatory factors. As an alternative drug for osteoporosis, melatonin can improve the gut ecology, remodel microbiota composition, regulate substance absorption and maintain metabolic balance, all of which are beneficial to the health of bone structure. In conclusion, our review systematically demonstrates the effects of melatonin on bone metabolism. Based on the evidence in this review, melatonin will play a more important role in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis. '

There are many other options when it comes to osteoporosis and melatonin is only one, but studies show that it is a very good one.

I have seen at least 12 supplements that have shown benefit for osteoporosis.

In the link to melatonin and osteoporosis, read the significant side effects for the current osteoporosis medications called bisphosphonates. In this area of potential side effects, supplemental options seem to be very significantly better.


Ted's Remedies
Posted by Sam (Miami, FL) on 04/08/2015

Osteoporosis is not due to estrogen or calcium deficiency. Your bones have two types of cells: osteoblasts and osteoclasts. The blasts build new bone and clasts tear out old bone.osteoporosis happens when the clasts went ahead of blasts. Taking calcium won't fix the problem. Calcium is like bricks and mortar. It is a building material. You can pile all the bricks you want at the work site, but unless you have masons to put them in place, no construction takes place. Osteoclasts get ahead of osteoblasts when there is a hormonal imbalance like too much estrogen and not enough progesterone.

Also watch your serum calcium levels. If it is 10.1 or higher, check parathyroid. com site. Often benign parathyroid tumors are the cause of osteoporosis. An easy fix by the right surgeon.

Borax, Magnesium
Posted by Dukeycash (Dora, Mo) on 03/06/2013

Ms. Linda, I had a bone scan done several years ago, and I had osteoporosis pretty bad. I took P___B___ [Vitamin D3 (1000 IU), Vitamin K (1 mg), Folic acid (800 mcg), Calcium (1200 mg), Phosphorus (450 mg), Magnesium (400 mg), Selenium (200 mg), Copper (1 mg), Manganese (10 mg), Molybdenum (150 mcg), Ipriflavone (600 mg), Boron (5 mg)] for one year, and went back for another scan. The nurse called me and said the doctor wanted to know what I took to make my bones so much better.

Carol Ann

Ascorbic Acid
Posted by Madelyn (Idaho) on 09/07/2022

Try mixing ascorbic acid with baking soda in water at a 2:1 ratio (2 parts ascorbic acid to 1 part baking soda). This will form a more alkaline version known as sodium ascorbate. I believe Ted had posted quite a bit about it on this site.

Also, don't forget that supplementing with vitamin C (ascorbic acid or an ascorbate) depletes copper levels in the body. Copper is needed for vitamin C metabolism so it gets used up. Make sure to either supplement copper, or eat a copper rich diet. Copper is also a trace mineral needed for bone health.

Algae Calcium, Dietary Changes
Posted by Lori (Chicago, Il) on 06/30/2018

Hi Christina, I am so happy that your osteoporosis is going away and you are feeling great. My recent bone density test shows osteoporosis in my hips and spine. My doctor wants to put me on a bisphosphonate or Prolia injections. I want to improve my bones through diet and exercise. I am 57, a vegetarian and have always been slender, but I am exercising regularly now. What is the calcium supplement you are taking from seaweed and strontium? Is it AlgaeCal + Strontium? How much magnesium are you taking daily? I already take Vital Proteins collagen daily and magnesium supplements as well as Thorne vitamin D3/K2 drops. Why do you take your collagen and magnesium with orange juice? Does the orange juice improve absorption? Thanks!

Posted by Timh (Ky) on 06/23/2017 2063 posts

Carol: Ted is unable to answer at this time. I can give you some info that should help.

The Borax protocol has a twofold effect. One, Borax kills mycoplasma infection which are a common cause of bone disease, two, Borax supplies a small amount of Boron needed for bones. Do this proto for as long as you get benefit.

Other methods of treating infections in bones is either Turpentine or Serrapetase or Nattokinase which burst the protective biofilms that prevent meds from working. Infections accumulate in the joints and spread to bones all over so using Magnet Therapy and Zapping is a very effective way of eliminating infections. And after using either or both these remedies, place medicated patches like Salonpas over the joints or where there is pain.

For all your doing and getting little results, it shows you have way too much inflammation. Search "anti-inflammatory diet". Turmeric, Salmon or Mackeral or Sardines, or Fish or Krill Oil supplement, Pineapple are suggested. A supplement of Bromelain/Quercetin will help with inflammation and boost your energy & longevity.

Cannabis, in the form of Medical Marijuana or Hemp Oil/CBD is helpful in bone diseases. The plant hormone Isoflavone helps bone regeneration.

Two more important bone minerals is Strontium and Manganese, take as directed on labels. Consider replacing your Calcium supplement with a more effective form Calcium Hydroxyapatite or perhaps an Homeopathic formula like Hyland's Cal/Phos 6x.

At 62 yrs, you will need to do cleansing remedies like Heavy Metal Detox, Parasite, Gallbladder, and Colon cleanses, (fund in the "Remedies" section at top page) or the inflammation will continue which disallows healing and favors disease. Also increase antioxidant nutrients in diet and with supplementation. Selenium + Vit-E (full spectrum) + Ubiquinol/CoQ10, plus Grapeseed Extract is excellent. Speaking of antioxidants, Resveratrol is a potent anti-aging and has a particular affinity for bone cell protection/regeneration.

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Pkilippines) on 04/16/2013

Hi Mireya... Regarding your current problems, here are some suggestions for you:

* High Blood Pressure -- The current Lipid Theory concerning high levels of cholesterol, which is fully supported by modern medicine and the drugs companies, defines saturated fats as the culprit and blames high LDL and HDL cholesterol as the main cause of coronary heart disease. However, Linus Pauling's Unified Theory defines high cholesterol as merely a symptom of organ and tissue damage -- since both LDL and HDL cholesterol are both known to be essential for organ and tissue repair in the body. So if you have high cholesterol and high blood pressure then this must be an indication of organ or tissue damage elsewhere in the body. And if you are attempting to lower cholesterol only, then you are merely treating the indications or symptoms of this organ/tissue damage problem. Here is a more detailed article which, in easy plain language, describes Linus Pauling's and Matthias Rath's Unified Theory:

Comparing the Lipid Theory with the Unified Theory

Therefore, since I believe the findings of the Unified Theory to originate from honest, independent research, I would look for organ or tissue damage in your body if you have a high cholesterol ratio. Linus Pauling advised, as a cure for high cholesterol, hypertension and arteriosclerosis, high dose Vitamin C (6 to 8 grams in 1 gram dosages throughout the day) and Lysine (6 to 8 grams in 1 gram dosages throughout the day) and proline (500 mgs per day).

Niacin -- not niacinamide -- is better for lowering high cholesterol because niacin gives the flush effect whereas niacinamide does not. Niacin dilates the blood vessels and also has the ability to "unclump" thick blood throughout the body thus safely thinning the blood and allowing blood and nutrients to circulate properly to the body peripherals. Taking at least 500 mgs of niacin two or three times a day at mealtimes will therefore be more helpful to reduce cholesterol(than niacinamide) and will help to reduce blood pressure as well. This is more fully described in these articles, which should give you a better understanding :

Niacin, Coronary Disease and Longevity

Niacin and Niacinamide

* Magnesium Chloride -- in the form of Magnesium Oil -- is the best form of magnesium to supplement for heart/cholesterol problems as described in this article by Mark Sircus:

Avoiding Heart Disease and Strokes

* Heavy Metals can be detoxed using lugol's Iodine(which also detoxes fluorine and bromine) and chlorella. Dr William Kelley --- in his Metabolic Cancer Protocol -- always used alginates found in chlorella because alginate is a very large molecule which binds to heavy metals. Being such a large molecule had the advantage of preventing re-absorbsion and redistribution of the heavy metals from the blood and preventing reabsorption in the colon after expulsion by the liver into the intestines.

* Itchy, dry skin with eczema -- Supplementing kelp or lugols iodine will help the skin. Taking supplements with aloe vera and silicon will also help. It must not be ruled out that the eczema(and other skin problems) could also be due to yeast/fungal problems in the body. This is also further indicated because you appear to have many food sensitivities/allergies. Iodine is also essential for the thyroid to produce a hormone called calcitonin -- which controls bone formation in the body(osteoblasts) and borax is also essential to help balance the hormones as well as helping to control the removal of calcium from bone into the blood(osteoclasts).

* Arthritis and Borax - If you are taking 1 tspn of borax in one liter of water every day then this dose is way to high!! In his article and research paper on arthritis, Rex Newham recommends only 30 mgs borax twice a day. You have been taking one teaspoon of borax - over 4 grams a day!! This is why you have had side-effects.

Ted from Bangkok recommends the following:

1/8 teaspoon (250 mgs approx.) of borax in a liter of water per day. Take this remedy for 5 days only and then stop for 2 days. So, 5 days on the borax water and then 2 days off and you should have no problems with this dose.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Dave (Usa) on 05/19/2015

What it sounds like is the H2O2 used up much of your antioxidant stores, and you developed a form of scurvy, which amounts to a vitamin C deficiency. Other antioxidants could have been on the floorboards too (very low levels).

Without knowing which supplements you were taking, how much, and how often, it would be difficult to say.

Keep in mind that the body needs and uses both oxidative and antioxidant systems to keep the body healthy. It's a lot like acid and alkaline buffer systems. The body has and uses both. Health suffers when we knock things out of balance.

And one of the prime times we knock things out of balance is when we're fighting off health threats of one form or another, especially if we get aggressive with the treatments.

Liposomal vitamin C would be a fairly quick fix for scurvy. A good brand taken three times a day on an empty stomach should clear scurvey pretty quickly, if that's what your problem actually was.

Other things may also need to be done to restore health and balance.

Posted by Edy (CA) on 02/07/2023

You also may want to investigate PEMF therapy. Check out Robert Dennis. He has worked for NASA for 26 years and has made devices for the astronauts bones in space. His devices are fairly inexpensive and can heal broken bones in days to weeks. Check the M1 device.

Posted by Marcia (IL) on 02/08/2023

I can vouch for Edy's response for a PEMF unit from Dr Robert Dennis. I have the ICES A9 model. I used it to repair my Mom's broken hip & torn thigh muscle on her paralyzed stroke side. She was abused by a PT at a nursing home in Glenview IL. Thank God for the unit. I have also used it for various knee injuries. It works!

Cactus Nopal Powder
Posted by Alex (Latin America) on 04/30/2022

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my 30s, apparently due to lack of sunlight/vitamin D.

After a lot of research, I discovered a group of scientists had made a study on calcium found in nopal cactus powder.

I'm going to add a link to the article, I hope it's not a problem. They don't sell anything and neither do I.

I've been taking about 15 grams of nopal cactus powder every day with no side-effects.

I bought dry nopal powder, it had no other ingredients, if you can't find it, you might get some results with the capsule form of the powdered nopal.

So, I poured one spoonful of the powder in 3 cups of water, added salt and powdered onion, and let it boil for a few minutes. I would drink about half of the "soup" after meals, I didn't drink all of it on a single day because I felt it was too much.

You can of course adjust the amount of powder/water you consume.

Unfortunately during the pandemic, I no longer went to see if my bone density had improved. If I ever find out again, I'll let you all know.

Article link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3661902/

Algae Calcium, Dietary Changes
Posted by Lucy (Usa) on 03/27/2017

Good for you, Cristina! Thank you for your encouraging testimonial. It sounds like you are well on your way to perfect health.

I have heard Dr. Cass Ingram mention eating six prunes per day to reverse osteoporosis. Let thy food be thy medicine!

Algae Calcium, Dietary Changes
Posted by Heather (Otherengland) on 04/19/2017

Hola Cristina, I have just read your post about osteoporosis with great interest. I would be grateful if you could tell me which make of calcium and strontium, magnesium and boron you take. I am very pleased you have had great improvement. Best wishes Heather

Posted by Sheri (California ) on 03/12/2023

I read the same study but it was 9 prunes a day and it was at nutrition facts.org. It was a case study about osteoporosis and prunes increased bone formation. The study was done in Oklahoma. I read onions, handful of almonds and chia seeds have been good for osteoarthritis. Some prevent bone loss and some build new bone.

Posted by Mary (Saskachewan, Canada) on 01/03/2015

Does anyone know or has anyone had success treating thinning bones with comfrey. Especially interested in knowing if anyone verified it with a bone density scan.


Parathyroid Tumors
Posted by Sam (Miami, FL) on 10/01/2014

If you have osteoporosis, check parathyroid.com site. Parathyroid tumors could be the reason. Relatively easy to diagnose and remove. If your blood calcium is high and vitamin D low, don't supplement it until you read about it on that site. Those 2 go together if you have tumor and body intentionally lowers vitamin D levels. You can easily check your ionized calcium and PTH levels without doctor's requisition /except few states/ through privatemdlab. Normal calcium levels are in a very narrow range and 10.2 could be already high. 1 of 250 women over 50 +- has parathyroid tumor, don't remember about men. I was surprised that endless symptoms that I have are the same for someone with PT tumor and my blood calcium turned out high and vitamin D low for someone living in Florida and sunbathing almost daily.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Ben (Bremerton, Wa ) on 05/06/2016

Osteoporosis can be easily cured with the help of a mineral solution that has an affinity for calcium called Gallium nitrate.

Calcium deposits develop in soft tissue where they cause pain and suffering and yet the bones are deprived of calcium making them weak and brittle. Gallium affects these problems and many more in the body. Gallium first safely removes calcium deposits from tissues where they do not belong then gallium re routes the calcium back into the bones helping bones and bone injuries to heal.

Among the other health benefits gallium offers is that it cures arthritic conditions faster than any other substance or drug known. It also acts to control the arthritis for extremely long time. Some people report their arthritis vanishing for up to 2 years after a single application The drug companies would go broke if people knew about gallium!

Gallium is a very potent antiviral, antimycoplasmic and antibacterial, it kills certain types of microorganisms that the immune system is unable to eradicate however it does not bother the good intestinal bacteria. It kills only harmful species such as those causing arthritis, diabetes, hiv, hepatitus, lupus, crohns and many more diseases

In addition gallium is a potent antiinflammatory. If it hurts rub a little gallium on it and the pain will likely go away.

Posted by Janet (In) on 06/23/2017

Carol, I just wanted to mention a few things about calcium and magnesium. Ted talks frequently re to not take calcium as most of our food has calcium added to it. He says to increase magnesium remove calcium. Our family have found this to be very true.
Your health will improve overall.

250mg magnesium am and pm at the least. mag citrate or mag oil if you are a constipated type... mag malate if you a more runny stool type.

Magnesium oil..5 to 6 drops is about 250mg. you add this to water and drink. To make magnesium oil...buy magnesium flakes, from vitamin store co op or online. 60% flakes in a mason jar 40% water. Let sit about 1/2 hour, cap and shake. You can now use this topically. It will probably sting until you get your levels up. So I mix it with lotion or add more water or put a layer of castor oil on first. The beauty of castor oil is it helps the body "see" the problem to send help to the afflicted place. Once your levels of magnesium rise overall it will not sting.

Mycoplasma as a cause of arthritis. Ted discusses this throughout his chapters. Search in earth clinic "ted bangkok arthritis mycoplasma" It will offer you many of the remedies and helps for this.

My favorite remedy for pain and general health is a good soak. Either foot or in the tub. My tub recipe..1cup borax, 2 cup epsom, 1cup hydrogen peroxide to oxygenate the body, 1 capful fish tank dechlorinator, this removes chlorine from the tub as not to create chlorine steam, very bad for the heart. You can add essential oil for scent but stir water well they can burn if left on the surface. 1/2 the ingredients for foot soak.

Here is a good email from Ted.



Borax, Magnesium
Posted by Helen (North Port, Fl) on 05/20/2013

To Dukeycash: Six years ago, my mother had extremely severe osteoporosis, so her Dr. put her on once a month pill which cost close to $800.00 per month. Of course, how was she to come up with this every month, so she did what you did, with the addition of horsetail (as a source of silica), and a combo of Vit A & D (she also took the extra D3 to make 1000 I. U. ). So the next time she was scanned, her Dr. also asked her the same question your Dr. asked you! She's 77 and still going strong!

Caution With Antacids
Posted by Terry (Los Angeles, Ca) on 09/06/2011


I have been on Prisolec and Pepcid for about 7 yrs. I was told that they prevent the absorption of calcium and lead to osteoporosis. I was beside myself! I think of the millions of people who don't know this and who are taking antacids, can't walk, and take pain pills on top of that. So I stopped the antacids cold turkey. I have to change my diet immediately, which is terrifying, but I have been having constant stomach pains after everything I eat. I will follow your advice (thank you! ), but spread the word about antacids.

Posted by Wyandotte (Canada) on 02/09/2023 13 posts

For my part, I don't trust all the anti-calcium "information" coming out in recent years. There has also been a big push on Magnesium (the complement to Calcium). The shelves have about 50 different products for sure. Everywhere I read, it's Mg, Mg, Mg. This may be fine for some people, but some of us feel improved overall health on a calcium supplement taken with MK-7. Along with less Mg as the two go together.

Algae Calcium, Dietary Changes
Posted by Larry (Norcal Usa) on 10/06/2018

My neighbor had osteoporosis and used raw calcium and strontium and reversed her disease. I just had a bone density test and am going to use the same thing.

Posted by Art (California) on 05/11/2023 2091 posts

Denise E,

You're welcome!

Imo, boron is an excellent choice and would be near the top of my list. Plenty of studies to support your use of it for bone health and it can also help as an arthritis preventative or treatment based on minimal studies and very significant anecdotal evidence. Your regimen looks good to me and if you want or need to add more I can make suggestions, but definitely yes to boron and hopefully your research confirms melatonin for you.


Ted's Remedies
Posted by Bw (USA) on 03/21/2018

Do your own throughly research before using advice given online.



General Feedback
Posted by Beni (Chicago, IL) on 06/12/2014

Hi.My name is Beni. I am a nutritionist with 30 years of experience. I have a post about osteroposis natural treatment and pepino melon. I would like to contribute to your website with this post. Thank you

The Pepino melon fruit has a taste like the melon , banana and pineapple mixed together. How to consume the Pepino melon fruit?
To eat this fruit we should remove the skin, cut it in half, poach it in sugar or honey. We can add it to ice cream , use it as a garnish in mixed fruit salads, make jam and marmalade. The pharmaceutical industry has used the Pepino melon in the cosmetic industry. In some countries, like in South Africa it is considered as an ornamental plant .

Known To Be Useful For Diseases :
Spleen Qi Deficiency
Bowel Cancer
Genetic disorders
Stomach discomfort
Gall Bladder disease

Hemophilia Disease ( Bleeding Disorder )
Bone Development in Children
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Lowers cholesterol
Has diuretic properties
Weight loss . Those on a diet should consume more

Posted by Fuji (Florida) on 11/29/2013

I understand there are different types of Strontium. One, legal in the US and one that is not. The one that is not, is often used in Europe for osteoporosis and with good results. I had a fairly good bone density test result (mild osteopenia), but have two breaks in spinal column. I took lots of prednisone in my 20s for Lupus. My rheumie now insists I take me one med with a pretty bad rep. No way! I'm looking for alternatives. HELP! Thank you.

Posted by RB (Somewhere in Europe) on 11/13/2022 68 posts

Debbie and Everybody,

I believe we CANNOT rely on this study, as this is one of those studies that cannot be replicated. Some of the issues are as follows: The authors of this study failed to disclose their volunteers' average age, lifestyles and diets. Stating they were between 18 and 65 is not enough. Stating some of them were smokers and drinkers is not enough. Stating that some of them ate a phytate-rich diet is not enough.

I believe we can safely assume the typical volunteer was a college student who didn't give a fiddlers' fig about osteoporosis; they smoked all they could, drank as much as they could, were on recreational drugs some of the time, and ate the cheapest, crappiest, pro-osteoporosis diet.

If, indeed, this was the case, then, naturally, the more phytate-rich diet they ate, the less of that unhealthy crap was absorbed, therefore it sounds believable that those phytates (i.e. anti-nutrients) did indeed slow down their osteoporoses.

However, I also believe it would be a mistake, if we applied the results of this study to postmenopausal women whose lifestyles are different; they worry a lot about becoming predisposed to fractures, therefore do whatever they can to slow down and cure their osteoporoses.

Posted by Carolyn (TX) on 02/08/2023

Dr Thomas Levy has written a book called Death by Calcium. Worth a read.

Posted by Art (California) on 02/27/2024 2091 posts

Hi Janice,

You may be more interested in a broader approach to osteopenia and osteoporosis that uses more than just melatonin as I discuss here :


As far as melatonin, some people are very sensitive to it, so it is usually best to start with a low dose and work your way up to higher dosing to find your tolerance for it.


Posted by Timh (KY) on 01/03/2015 2063 posts

Ladym: Comfrey, the folk name "knitbone", is very good for acute cases like broken bones, but for long-term use in chronic conditions, Comfrey poses toxicity issues and is therefor contraindicated.

As for bone health, in addition to Calcium & Vit-D, supplying essential nutrients like Vit-K, Manganese, Magnesium, and Silica would be encouraged.

Parathyroid Tumors
Posted by Sam (Miami, Florida, US) on 10/02/2014

Thank you, good point. But my post is about watching out for parathyroid tumors, as the cause of osteoporosis.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Om (Hope Bc Canada) on 07/08/2014

Namita Tiwari from New Delhi, India -- On the 'net look up Dr. Mark Sircus who writes about magnesium being of real importance for bone health, not calcium. You will find this interesting. Dr. Mark Sircus website.

Namaste, Om

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, Oh) on 07/08/2014


I use a boron supplement to strengthen my bones, 3-9 mg/ day. I also use a fermented cod liver oil for vitamin D3, and a vitamin K2 supplement, which is thought to take calcium out of the arteries where it does harm, and deposit it in the bones and teeth where it is needed. I believe these work best with adequate minerals, like magnesium and potassium. I take Ted's advice and do not take any calcium except what is in the food I eat. I hope your Mother feels better soon.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Toni (Dallas, Texas) on 04/06/2015

There is a really good web site called Health A - Z: Osteoporosis Life Joint Care that gives a lot of good info. on Osteoporosis. He is an MD and says if you have Osteoporosis your bones are not absorbing Calcium so you have to get the excess Calcium out of your system first.

You do this by taking large doses of Magnesium and other minerals with no calcium except from your food for about four months.

He gives you the things to take and also goes into some of the other root causes such as low progesterone and thyroid problems. He emphasized weight bearing exercises also. It is not cheap, but could be a very effective protocol instead of the medicines doctors recommend.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Beth (London) on 01/02/2018

You can get it from George Eby in USA. However it's only permitted for veterinary use. To quote George: NOTE:The dosages recommended on the label are for a 1200 pound horse. Lighter weight animals must be given a proportionately lower dose. For example, a 600 pound animal would be given 250 CC of the 1% solution daily, while a 120 pound animal would be given 50CC of the 1% solution.

So an average person would need that last dose. It's quite pricey though.


Posted by Sue (Fairfax, Va Usa) on 06/25/2013

Hi, Does anyone have scientific and/or personal experience with using strontium citrate for osteoporosis? Apparently it is best taken at a different time of day from calcium, and less of it than the total amount of calcium in the daily diet. Does anyone know about side effects? Thank you very much.

Borax, Magnesium
Posted by Courtney (Granite Bay, Ca) on 05/30/2013

I'm not the original poster, but I believe the P___ B___ reference was for Pro Bono (ortho molecular supplements). They are very pricey, though!

Posted by Liz (Atlanta, Georgia, US) on 08/31/2014

Thanks Bill for sharing this excellent article! It's good to know that there are things we can do to prevent or reverse osteoporosis. The article is not technical and very readable. I am a 65 year old female who eats a low animal protein diet, and I'm taking vitamin D, Borax, molasses (magnesium, calcium, vitamin B6), and use progesterone cream. Looks like I need to add strontium and folic acid. Thanks again!

Posted by Larry (Fairfax, Va) on 08/31/2014

I've seen research results that show for calcium to function optimally in the body, which includes it entering the bones and not the arteries, Vitamin K2 must be present! There is a supplement available that contains calcium, Vit. K1 & K2, magnesium, vit. D2, and additional minerals. It is the supplement "Bone Strength take care, " which is purported to help people with osteoperosis and in general helping one's bone strenghth. Research studies are available supporting this premise.

Posted by Timh (KY) on 09/01/2014 2063 posts

Not to forget Boron & Manganese. Taurine and Calcium-AEP help the body incorporate minerals.

HGH or IPF-1 and/or Ostivone can greatly speed up bone growth.

Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 03/11/2012 2063 posts

CereCalase, a patend brand of digestive enzymes boast the ability to break down the plant fibres and pytates, and allow the release of minerals that are otherwise never digested.


Posted by Krysia (Glenview, IL) on 02/07/2023

Thanks for sharing that story. I'll give it a try, as I have Osteopenia. I know that calcium supplements can clog your arteries and I already have a heart condition. But, I do diary and spinach to get my Ca.

Posted by loretta (Near Atlanta ) on 02/08/2023

Thank you so much for this information! I have done some preliminary research, based on your recommendation, and so far it would seem a very promising supplement. I have done internet searches before for bone health, but I have never come across Strontium before.

Algae Calcium, Dietary Changes
Posted by Betty (Lead Hill, Ar) on 10/27/2018

What do you mean raw calcium? Is it GOL formula?? The Grow Bone combo/formula?

Algae Calcium, Dietary Changes
Posted by Larry (Norcal) on 11/14/2018

That is correct.

Posted by Denise E (Crescent City, CA) on 05/10/2023

Hello Art, I've had quite a time getting my taper figured out so I can wean off of Clonazepam. I am doing a daily micro-taper that will take me about 10 months. I don't see anything on EC about withdrawing from Benzos but there should be so I'll keep talking about it.

But, I am here on this thread because I was diagnosed yesterday after a bone-density scan, I have Osteoporosis. First time I ever had a scan so I just have a feeling I will already have started rebuilding bone as I workout at a gym (weight training) and love my walks almost daily. I was of course offered drugs but turned them down and asked about supplements/alternatives. I eat only ketogenic foods I cook myself, no restaurants, and I take magnesium l-threonate but think I'll continue with my citrate, but was also listening about Mag. Chloride, feedback welcome as always.

Also on D3, and very interested in the boron supplements. First I'd like to ask if the C that was recommended by my doctor, and if the Amla I bought awhile back but didn't take would be as good as C for my Osteo? Second, do you have any other recommends/suggestions for the Osteo? I always respect and like to read your info but I didn't see a specific post of yours on Osteoporosis although I see you replied here.

Thanks Art and I so hope you see this, thanks much, Denise

Posted by Denise E (Crescent City, CA) on 05/11/2023

Hi Art, I so appreciate your reply, and I will do my home-work on the Melatonin :) I am also interested in Boron to add to what I am taking so far:

  • Magnesium
  • D3
  • Amla (for my choice of Vit. C)
  • Zinc
  • K2

Today I will read the whole article link, which I did read the part you typed in for me :) Thank you so much, and will be keeping up my Keto Diet, and walking, and gym then have my Bone Density checked again in a year. Thank you so much for ALL your help :) Denise

Posted by Ladymars (Florida, Us) on 01/03/2015

Hi Mary, I have no knowledge of using comfrey for thinning bones, but have been dealing with thinning bones for many years, as have many members of my family. Our problem has to do with a hereditary parathyroid problem that does not allow the body to utilize calcium very well, leading to a multitude of potential problems, including osteoporosis. We all have bone scans regularly.

The only treatment for us is calcium with D tablets and calcitriol, a form of Vitamin D3 (prescription). The calcitriol allows the body to use the calcium and not just pass it through. I have personally found calcium citrate to be the most easily absorbed type of calcium and take about 1800-2000 units a day with D as well as calcitriol 1x daily.

I mention this only because we know from regular bones scans that calcium/D will prevent thinning bones even when the body does not handle calcium well. For 'normal' people, calcium/D works even better. We do take the minimum dose necessary (varies for all of us) because too much calcium is also bad.

As I said, I know nothing about comfrey, but there are certainly a lot of good reports on it. However, I wouldn't discount calcium/D, which is available and cheap. My last bone scan showed 8 on a scale of 10 being normal (which was really good for me). My sister's was 10 and she was 60 at the time.

Parathyroid Tumors
Posted by Prioris (Fl, US) on 10/01/2014

You need vitamin K2 and vitamin A also. Those go together with calcium and D3.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 07/08/2014

Namita, there is no magic cure, but you can slowly but surely help the situation:

1. Have your mother have 15-20 minutes sun exposure without sunscreen, every day. About supplemental Vitamin D3, ask your doctor.

2. Have her so some light bouncing exercise like (hold her hands for balance) getting up on her toes and then coming down on her heels and soles several times.

3. Here's a good website for info: www.betterbones.com

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 07/09/2014

Talking about calcium, it seems to me that the best calcium from foods comes from green leafy veggies and sesame.

And the expert on magnesium in Spain, Ana la Justicia, says to take 1 gr. of magnesium with each meal. Transdermal magnesium in the form of Epsom Salts in a bath, or spraying water with mag. chloride (which is called magnesium oil) on the skin is also a way to get it.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Namita (India) on 09/03/2014

Dear Mmsg, Somewhere, Europe, I am giving her sun exposure. It's hot in India but I manage it with the A/c on and the sunlight streaming in through the windows. Waiting for the Winter Sun.

Am also giving her leafy greens and veg juice rich in magnesium. Am grateful for the advice.

And Om, I did read about magnesium post your suggestion. Thank you for the tip.

Dear Rsw, am giving my mom calcium rich food, also food rich in magnesium and potassium along with supplements and multivitamnis with Vit. K.

I am really grateful to all of you for your posts and the effort made in advising. And I keep telling her to believe that her bones are getting stronger by the day, and they will. But her lower abdomen pain has not gone. Doctors say it's physiological. She takes ultracet daily. No uterine or rectal prolapse. I am taking her to a healer.

Wonder what the problem could be. All blood reports are normal.

Health, happiness and abundance to all. Take care.

Thank you all.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Magnolia16 (Virginia) on 09/15/2016

Could you tell us more about gallium? It is confusing when I read about it online? You say rub it on, one site said it is available only by IV from a Dr. What is this, where do you find it, etc? Thank you so much!

General Feedback
Posted by Aurora (Mason City, LA) on 06/13/2014

Where can you get this fruit (pepino melon), or can it be grown here in the States? If you have any more info, please let us know. Thanks so much

EC: Aurora, if you google 'pepino melon seeds', you will find a number of sources for seeds.

Posted by Carol (Chandler, Arizona) on 06/22/2017

Thank you Ted for sharing your info. with us. I am a 62 yr.old nurse that still works trying to endure the long 12-16 hr. work shifts on my clinical floor. Like Mireya, I too have osteoporosis. Dx'd in 2009 with osteopenia. Then in 2010 dx'd with osteoporosis and was started on fosamax for 6 yrs. and I still continue to show bone loss on my density scans every 2 yrs. even while exercising at Curves 3-4 X's a week. Taking "Wellesse" liquid supplement w/1000mg Calcium, 1000iu Vit.D3, boron 125mcq, magnesium 20mg, phosphorus 25mg. Plus, in addition, I take 600mg magnesium suppliment each day as well and a daily woman's multiple vitamin. What else can I take or do to slow down my bone loss? I am literally maxed out on time and effort that I am putting into all this and still trying to maintain a normal activity of daily living that has become a challenge for me and my achy bones. I started trying the borax formula of Dr. Rex Newnham (1 tsp / 1 Lt of good quality water= concentrate) as well. As instructed, then taking 5ml/1tsp from this concentrated 1liter of water and mixing it into a glass of good quality water to be taken with food at each meal. Starting with 1 dose a day, and if all feels well, take a second dose with a second meal a day the next day, gradually working up to 1 glass with each 3 meals a day as tolerated for 3-4 months for osteoporosis only. I found that drinking just one glass as instructed on my first day caused me increased stomach acid and discomfort where I had to take a pepcid that stopped my stomach acid. I then saw where you suggested to take borax 1/8 tsp. (250mg) per liter of water each day for 5 days, then skip 2 days and resume again. How long do you suggest doing this for? Even better is there an easier or more effective way of reversing bone loss in osteoporosis that I can possibly use?

Borax, Magnesium
Posted by Art (Tustin, Ca. Usa) on 03/07/2013

Did you mean, "Selenium (200mg) or did you mean to say Selenium (200mcg)?" Most selenium supplements are 200mcg. Art

Borax, Magnesium
Posted by Naomi (NC) on 09/08/2023

It is Pro Bono. If you go to their website it gives a complete list of ingredients which is as she said. It IS pricey though.

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 07/23/2012

I've stumbled across a nice research review article, which summarizes why people get osteoporosis and what you can do to prevent and cure this problem.

This helpful article is a non-technical review of the evidence but, nevertheless, covers all the ground necessary for helping people to understand the many reasons for osteoporosis occurring in the body.

Here is the article:

The Art of Getting Well: Treatment and Prevention of Osteoporosis(PDF)

Posted by Helen (North Port, Fl) on 05/20/2013

Bill, Thank you so much for the link. I just finished reading it. Excellent information. I wholeheartedly agree, as I have been taking them for several years, with excellent results. The only ingredient I didn't know about was strontium. I will soon add it.

Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 09/01/2014

Larry, from what I have read, the more useful Vitamin D is D3 (as opposed to D2). Or better yet, getting some sun!

Posted by Larry (Fairfax, VA) on 09/01/2014

Mmsg, Thanks. I stand corrected. I meant to say Vit. D-3, not D-2 for incorporation with supplemental calcium. In general, it's very important for people to know that calcium supplements must be taken with certain other vitamins and minerals for proper bone health; otherwise calcification of the arteries may occur. - Larry

Posted by Beth (London) on 01/02/2018

Bill, this link just takes one to a donation site for storm damage in the Philippines.

Did you mean this one: http://arthritistrust.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/OsteoporosisPreventionAndTreatment.pdf?

Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 03/09/2012

I came across this study which goes against what we have been told about phytic acid in whole grains. The study found that an increase in phytate in the diet (that is, not soaking your grains before cooking or eating them) actually increases your bone mineral density.

From the Abstract: "Bone mineral density increased with increasing phytate consumption. Multivariate linear regression analysis indicated that body weight and low phytate consumption were the risk factors with greatest influence on bone mineral density. Phytate consumption had a protective effect against osteoporosis, suggesting that low phytate consumption should be considered an osteoporosis risk factor.


Posted by Francisca (Zug, Switzerland) on 03/10/2012

Hi Debbie, I posted here a question related to Phytates a little while ago because my accupuncturist advised me to eat sesame seeds! After doing some research I discovered that they can give you the same problems flax seed can too but I also found this information about bone density on Wikipedia. One doesn't know what to think anymore..... In any case it seems that phytates leach some minerals.... I didn't eat the sesame seeds again although I quite enjoyed them! No idea what to do now....... I didn't really understand why he told me to eat the sesame seeds but it might have been for my lower back problems! They don't really explain anything here in Switzerland and as I normally speaking speak English there is the language barrier as well!

Turmeric Golden Paste
Posted by Vania R. (Cape Town, South Africa) on 08/18/2023


I have severe osteoporosis and was put on an anti-inflammatory. Within 3 months, my kidney function dropped to 40% and a friend showed me how to make Turmeric Golden Paste. I did feel the difference, however I lagged making my second batch until the pain was unbearable.

On 1/4 teaspoon morning and evening, I still had a lot of pain. So, the doctor prescribed Celebrex and it helps a lot. However, I also want to take the Golden Paste.

Any advice?

Thank you,


Posted by Jacqueline (TX) on 02/11/2023

Hi Eddy (and Marcia....I wish I could reply to you and Marcia at the same time). Thank you both for your helpful posts!

Can you please give a direct link or information for purchasing any of Dr. Robert Dennis' PEMF units,?

( Including the M1 model or ICES A9 model )

(When I did a search, I got overwhelmed with so many results, but nothing that I felt comfortable as far as making a purchase.)

Thanks in advance,


Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 02/09/2023 412 posts

@Carolyn - been reading up on it. Thanks for the tip! I

Ascorbic Acid
Posted by Aida (Nevada City CA) on 09/02/2022

High Dose Ascorbic Acid and Osteoporosis


I have a concern regarding high dose Ascorbic Acid. I have been taking high dose close to bowel tolerance for several years. A recent DexaScan shows osteoporosis and I am wondering if the Ascorbic Acid could be causing too much acidity thus contributing to the osteoporosis. I am getting mixed answers since some people don't believe that the ascorbic acid does cause acidity. I see many benefits by taking around 12-16 grams of ascorbic most days and would like to continue.

I am now including borax and drinking home made bone broth with collagen daily and I make my own natto for K-2, as well as taking a Super K blend. I take around 800mg of magnesium and D3, A, and many other vitamins. Just today started with Bone Up by Jarrow.

But I am mostly interested in whether the ascorbic acid could be counter alkalizing, as I am learning that a more alkaline diet is best for osteoporosis. I would appreciate the wisdom of the group!

Thank you! 🙏🏼

Algae Calcium, Dietary Changes
Posted by Sunita (Houston) on 05/24/2018

Can you please post what brand of calcium you are taking. Thanks.

Algae Calcium, Dietary Changes
Posted by Marie-Louise (Zurich, Switzerland) on 07/30/2018

Can you please post what brand of calcium you are taking? Thanks.

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