Osteoporosis Remedies

Strontium Citrate

Posted by Sue (Fairfax, Va Usa) on 06/25/2013

Hi, Does anyone have scientific and/or personal experience with using strontium citrate for osteoporosis? Apparently it is best taken at a different time of day from calcium, and less of it than the total amount of calcium in the daily diet. Does anyone know about side effects? Thank you very much.

Replied by Fuji

I understand there are different types of Strontium. One, legal in the US and one that is not. The one that is not, is often used in Europe for osteoporosis and with good results. I had a fairly good bone density test result (mild osteopenia), but have two breaks in spinal column. I took lots of prednisone in my 20s for Lupus. My rheumie now insists I take me one med with a pretty bad rep. No way! I'm looking for alternatives. HELP! Thank you.

Ted's Remedies

Posted by Namita Tiwari (New Delhi, India) on 07/02/2014

Dear Ted, My mother is a moderately active 79+, frail and tiny lady. She has over the years become slightly bent (which now I understand is dowagers hump). She has been on high BP medication for sometime now.

For many years she had been complaining of pain in the lower abdomen. Scans and clinical examinations showed no problem. She was put on painkillers and she was also put on Vitamin D3 supplements that on testing had become acutely toxic.

Recently a BDM test was prescribed. The report shows her to be acutely osteoporotic with a T score of (-5.7)

He has prescribed Bonista that is a Ranbaxy drug administered in a sub cutaneous injection through the same kind of pen like device as in the case of insulin/diabetes shots. I think its Teriparatide and the popular brand in the US is called Forteo.It is some hormone based therapy to be self administered for 18 months. I have got to know that it does not suit all and may have serious side effects. Don't know if this is true. Am mailing all the details to you simply to give you the complete picture and also to take your opinion regarding the same. She is on high BP medication.

I am giving her SBL's Biochemic salt 'Magnesia Phosphorica' 6x - 4 pellets - four times a day. She is also taking half a cup of freshly extracted juice (unboiled) of Tinospora cordifalia stem as well as leaves (Giloy), a tablespoon juice of fresh Ocimum sanctum - Indian basil (Tulsi) and 1/3rd cup of fresh Aloe Vera gel. And three four curry leaves and some fresh ginger. Besides this she is also taking two tablespoons of Unsulphurated organic Blackstrap Molasses and Brag's organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother. She is a complete vegetarian. Her T score is very low. Is there something that we can do to help her? Also, I wish to know that nothing in the list of what I am giving her could harm her in any way. Would be grateful for your response.

Thank you.

Replied by Namita Tiwari
(New Delhi, India)

I had written in the osteoporosis section of ailments looking for a remedy for my mother. Have been checking regularly but see no response.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Namita, there is no magic cure, but you can slowly but surely help the situation:

1. Have your mother have 15-20 minutes sun exposure without sunscreen, every day. About supplemental Vitamin D3, ask your doctor.

2. Have her so some light bouncing exercise like (hold her hands for balance) getting up on her toes and then coming down on her heels and soles several times.

3. Here's a good website for info: www.betterbones.com

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Namita Tiwari from New Delhi, India -- On the 'net look up Dr. Mark Sircus who writes about magnesium being of real importance for bone health, not calcium. You will find this interesting. Dr. Mark Sircus website.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)


I use a boron supplement to strengthen my bones, 3-9 mg/ day. I also use a fermented cod liver oil for vitamin D3, and a vitamin K2 supplement, which is thought to take calcium out of the arteries where it does harm, and deposit it in the bones and teeth where it is needed. I believe these work best with adequate minerals, like magnesium and potassium. I take Ted's advice and do not take any calcium except what is in the food I eat. I hope your Mother feels better soon.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Talking about calcium, it seems to me that the best calcium from foods comes from green leafy veggies and sesame.

And the expert on magnesium in Spain, Ana la Justicia, says to take 1 gr. of magnesium with each meal. Transdermal magnesium in the form of Epsom Salts in a bath, or spraying water with mag. chloride (which is called magnesium oil) on the skin is also a way to get it.

Replied by Namita

Dear Mmsg, Somewhere, Europe, I am giving her sun exposure. It's hot in India but I manage it with the A/c on and the sunlight streaming in through the windows. Waiting for the Winter Sun.

Am also giving her leafy greens and veg juice rich in magnesium. Am grateful for the advice.

And Om, I did read about magnesium post your suggestion. Thank you for the tip.

Dear Rsw, am giving my mom calcium rich food, also food rich in magnesium and potassium along with supplements and multivitamnis with Vit. K.

I am really grateful to all of you for your posts and the effort made in advising. And I keep telling her to believe that her bones are getting stronger by the day, and they will. But her lower abdomen pain has not gone. Doctors say it's physiological. She takes ultracet daily. No uterine or rectal prolapse. I am taking her to a healer.

Wonder what the problem could be. All blood reports are normal.

Health, happiness and abundance to all. Take care.

Thank you all.

Replied by Toni
(Dallas, Texas)

There is a really good web site called Health A - Z: Osteoporosis Life Joint Care that gives a lot of good info. on Osteoporosis. He is an MD and says if you have Osteoporosis your bones are not absorbing Calcium so you have to get the excess Calcium out of your system first.

You do this by taking large doses of Magnesium and other minerals with no calcium except from your food for about four months.

He gives you the things to take and also goes into some of the other root causes such as low progesterone and thyroid problems. He emphasized weight bearing exercises also. It is not cheap, but could be a very effective protocol instead of the medicines doctors recommend.


The site you refer to is nowhere to be found.

Replied by Sam
(Miami, FL)

Osteoporosis is not due to estrogen or calcium deficiency. Your bones have two types of cells: osteoblasts and osteoclasts. The blasts build new bone and clasts tear out old bone.osteoporosis happens when the clasts went ahead of blasts. Taking calcium won't fix the problem. Calcium is like bricks and mortar. It is a building material. You can pile all the bricks you want at the work site, but unless you have masons to put them in place, no construction takes place. Osteoclasts get ahead of osteoblasts when there is a hormonal imbalance like too much estrogen and not enough progesterone.

Also watch your serum calcium levels. If it is 10.1 or higher, check parathyroid. com site. Often benign parathyroid tumors are the cause of osteoporosis. An easy fix by the right surgeon.

Replied by Ben
(Bremerton, Wa)

Osteoporosis can be easily cured with the help of a mineral solution that has an affinity for calcium called Gallium nitrate.

Calcium deposits develop in soft tissue where they cause pain and suffering and yet the bones are deprived of calcium making them weak and brittle. Gallium affects these problems and many more in the body. Gallium first safely removes calcium deposits from tissues where they do not belong then gallium re routes the calcium back into the bones helping bones and bone injuries to heal.

Among the other health benefits gallium offers is that it cures arthritic conditions faster than any other substance or drug known. It also acts to control the arthritis for extremely long time. Some people report their arthritis vanishing for up to 2 years after a single application The drug companies would go broke if people knew about gallium!

Gallium is a very potent antiviral, antimycoplasmic and antibacterial, it kills certain types of microorganisms that the immune system is unable to eradicate however it does not bother the good intestinal bacteria. It kills only harmful species such as those causing arthritis, diabetes, hiv, hepatitus, lupus, crohns and many more diseases

In addition gallium is a potent antiinflammatory. If it hurts rub a little gallium on it and the pain will likely go away.

Replied by Magnolia16

Could you tell us more about gallium? It is confusing when I read about it online? You say rub it on, one site said it is available only by IV from a Dr. What is this, where do you find it, etc? Thank you so much!

Replied by Beth

You can get it from George Eby in USA. However it's only permitted for veterinary use. To quote George: NOTE:The dosages recommended on the label are for a 1200 pound horse. Lighter weight animals must be given a proportionately lower dose. For example, a 600 pound animal would be given 250 CC of the 1% solution daily, while a 120 pound animal would be given 50CC of the 1% solution.

So an average person would need that last dose. It's quite pricey though.


Replied by Bw

Do your own throughly research before using advice given online.



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