Osteoporosis Remedies

Posted by Janet S-Dell (San Diego California) on 01/22/2023 8 posts

I wanted to add some information about reversing Osteoporosis.

While many people seem to be helped with the addition of calcium, I was not. How I found out my Osteopenia had progressed to Osteoporosis is that I tripped on an electrical cord and fell and had to have an x ray on the bone just below my left knee and found I had a fracture. The Dr. put me in a soft cast and on 600mg of Calcium a day (as well as having to use crutches). Next, to make a long story short...with a few weeks later after taking my 600mg of Calcium a day, I woke up in the middle of the night screaming in pain if I moved my left leg even a few inches and the top of my left knee had swollen to the size of an oversized baseball. Long story short....I ended up in the ER room and had to have the left knee drained of the fluid with a very long needle into the knee...not fun I can assure you! To make matters worse, I was now on crutches and the same thing happened in my right knee and had to go thru the same ER room needle draining process again.....only to finally find out I had Pseudo gout brought on by taking too much calcium. At least draining the fluids did stop the pain and so did the meds the Dr. gave me, but I wanted to know how to heal the fractured bone below my left knee in as short a time as possible as well as what I could take to help my pre Op.

This horrific experience led me to be finally diagnosed a few months later with Osteoporosis. My Dr then wanted to start me on meds for the Op that I'd read were for many led to long term worse problems. All this led me to do my own online research on research. One of the web sites I read that helped me find what ended up helping reverse my Op was a google search for "the bone lady blog" If you have Op or the pre Op, I'd suggest you read it and see if it will be a help to you too.

On that web site(on google look for "the bone lady blog") I read about the long term problems associated with the meds that are regularly given for Op and about another treatment with taking Strontium that had been used in Europe and what women were now taking that had successfully revered Op in a number of women. I decided to try the Strontium and my Dr. agreed to hold off on his demands that I take various drugs until we could see if the Strontium did indeed work for me. I started to Strontium II by AOR that I bought on Amazon. I took 2 caps daily for 6 months when my Dr. had xrays and DEXA scans rerun on me and he felt that the Strontium was working well for me and was stopping the progression of the Op and as of my last DEXA scan, of the 3 scanned locations, 1 location has totally reversed the OP, 1 has stopped making any progress at all the the 3rd is neutral.

So I suggest to you if you have pre Op or Full blown Osteoporosis is I did/do....I'd suggest you at least read this research and see if Strontium is something you that you'd like to try to see if it will help you as it's helped me. I'm 77 and am still reasonably active for a person of my age and the only pain meds I take is 2 Tart Cherry caps a day to make sure I keep at bay the pseudo gout that I came down with when I got my leg fracture from eating too much Calcium and 2 Strontium caps a day. I've learned and now I try hard to consume no calcium at all. I hope that info helps someone as much as it's helped me!

Posted by Fuji (Florida) on 11/29/2013

I understand there are different types of Strontium. One, legal in the US and one that is not. The one that is not, is often used in Europe for osteoporosis and with good results. I had a fairly good bone density test result (mild osteopenia), but have two breaks in spinal column. I took lots of prednisone in my 20s for Lupus. My rheumie now insists I take me one med with a pretty bad rep. No way! I'm looking for alternatives. HELP! Thank you.