Nausea Remedies


Posted by Mike (Kent, Uk) on 09/16/2020
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Peppermint definitely works very well. I felt very nauseous on a long and important train journey I was on!

I went through 2 or 3 packs of Polo mints but I survived, lol


Posted by Designer (Washington, Dc) on 03/31/2012
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For the past couple of days, I've been feeling really nauseous after eating. I tried ACV thinking it would help since it works for a lot of ailments, but it didn't. I knew that probiotics are really beneficial to the digestive system, so I thought why not give it a try. I took 2 capsules each time and felt relief in a matter of minutes. I was so amazed. I used the real-deal type of probiotics that you have to keep in the refrigerator (bought from the health food store).

Rubbing Alcohol

Posted by Elaine (Chicago, Illinois) on 04/13/2013
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I wanted to let people know about the success I had with rubbing alcohol for naseau. I read about this idea here on earthclinic. I don't get naseau very often. However, tonight I was sitting in the bathroom with a bowl and I had naseau and the dry heaves. It was awful. I remembered about the alcohol, but I really didn't think it would work. I had nausea at it's finest. I grabbed the bottle and sniffed. I had to sniff a couple times and then it stopped. In it's tracks. It was amazing. I will never be without alcohol. There isn't anything much worse than being nauseous. Thank you to whoever posted this tidbit. I give it 10 points and a huge thumbs up!


Replied by Misty
Indiana, US

This is a very dangerous habit. When one inhales alcohol, the fumes enter the lungs, which causes some of the alcohol to get absorbed into the bloodstream. Side effects include headaches, trouble breathing, gastric issues, and even death. Look up rubbing alcohol huffing, and read about the host of side effects people suffer from doing this.

Sea Sickness Remedies

Posted by Robyn (Perth, Western Australia) on 02/27/2013

I am about to do a 14 day cruise (first time) but am prone to sea sickness and am worried about being on a ship this long without some good standby remedies. I know ginger is reputed to be beneficial but also would like to be able to take a range of possible cures with me. Would like to hear from the EC community on this one. Thanks.

Replied by Robin
Rural, Va

Go to your pharmacy and get a Seaband. These go on your wrists and work by accupressure.

Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 12/27/2011

Does anyone have a remedy for seasickness?

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

They say ginger is good for nausea.

Replied by Tina
Houston, Us

MotionEaze available in US pharmacies, or on

Also ginger chews (ginger/sugar) sweets to suck on, help prevent motion sickness.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa
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Debbie, my small craft flight in had me filling the sick-bag to the brim. A week prior to my flight out, I acclimated myself with about ten minutes swinging on the children's rig daily. All went well as I first fell asleep for a good while, then I was awaken by my mates for a view of Mt McKinley and without any sickness on a Cessna 210 was very fine.

Replied by Maria
Gippsland, Australia

Hi Debbie, Ginger tablets are brilliant but the secret is to take them 30 mins before boarding. I see no reason why you could not take fresh or powdered ginger. Some comercial opperators on boats offer ginger tablets on boarding. These help some but for most people it works best if taken 30 mins before you board. You can top up with them onboard. I forget the recommended intervals but you do need to take them more than just the initial dose.

Posted by Tahiti (Monroeville, Pa, United States Of America) on 06/09/2010

I am going on my first cruise in seven days and would like to know how to prevent sea-sickness. Has anyone had any experience and know what to do to prepare oneself before hand, or what to do if you experience sea-sickness once on board the ship? Any and all advice is appreciated!

Replied by Clarity
Los Angeles, California, Usa

Sea wrist bands, found at Rite-aid, CVS, etc. They are better that any drugs I've used. The principle is accupressure point.

Replied by Tahiti
Monroeville, Pa, United States Of America

Clarity, thank you so much for your reply. I am going to buy the sea-sickness wristbands for my family and myself. Will let you know how they work out for us on our return!

Replied by 7zeropoints
Toledo, Oregon

Stop at an Oriental store and purchase some Ginger Candy. Take this as needed. Drink Ginger Ale on the ship, WASH YOUR HANDS a lot.

Replied by Tahiti
Pittsburgh, Pa

Thanks 7zeropoints for the seasickness remedy! I'm going tomorrow to buy the ginger candy and use it along with the seasickness wristband. Since we are permitted to bring our own soda on board, I'll have a stash of ginger-ale too. We will most certainly keep purell handy at all times. I appreciate the information that you've provided. It will be put to good use! Tahiti

Replied by Faith

Get some organic cotton balls. If you are right handed, put a cotton ball in your left ear, if you are left handed put a cotton ball in your right ear, this helps some people with seasickness.

Unsweetened Blackberry Juice

Posted by Devonia (Benld, IL) on 01/14/2006
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Unsweetened blackberry juice will stop you from throwing up. when i had mono i wasn't able to keep anything down, i started dehydrating. my mom gave me sips of the juice all day long and it saved her a hospital bill.

Replied by Beverly
Hart, MI
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My family has used blackberry juice for nausea for as long as I can remember. My mother always had some on hand, and most of us have adopted this practice. One of my brothers used it faithfully when he was going through chemotherapy. He said it was the thing that kept him going. He had a very difficult time keeping anything down.