Nausea Remedies

Eliminating Lactose From Diet
Posted by Hoppimike (Kent, England) on 06/05/2015 26 posts

Just wanted to say that this is what worked for me. I used to have intense bouts of nausea, absolutely awful. I could barely move, I just felt so sick. I couldn't leave the house for long, it was just nightmarish. I hope I never go back to feeling that bad, and it just went on and on and on.

Until... I gave up lactose. And then ta-da, no nausea! As you can imagine, I was very happy!

Now, I still have other digestive problems and probably Candidiasis or some other kind of infection down there, but in terms of the intense nausea, it's all gone!

Sometimes I get mild nausea such as after acidic food and stuff, but really, it's very mild. I have also made some other overall dietary changes, but the lactose was the main nausea trigger.

Oh, also, ginger and baking soda are both godsends!

Best of luck :)