Nausea Remedies

| Modified on Mar 24, 2023
Posted by RB (Somewhere in Europe) on 10/16/2022 84 posts

Homeopathy works. About 25 years ago, for less than $5.00, I picked up a bottle of 500 1-gr tablets of "NATRUM SULPH 6X" for nausea, and this products has worked very well for me ever since.

The tablets are soft and small and dissolve in the mouth in a couple of minutes. Despite directions to the contrary, I have never taken more than 4 tablets per day, and I have always taken the tablets sublingually.

The tablets come in a flat plastic bottle that can be pocketed easily. Its label says, "500 1-gr tablets of NATRUM SULPH 6X for nausea and vomiting. Directions: Acute: 4 tablets ever hour. Tonic: 4 tablets 4 times a day taken dry, or dissolved in water. Children: 2 tablets as above."

Baking Soda
Posted by Brenda H. (Scotland, UK) on 08/28/2022

Cure for indigestion, nausea

After reading all the cures for flu! Using bicarbonate of soda, I wanted to add, that whenever I have bad indigestion or feeling nauseous, I take 1/4tspn bicarbonate soda dry on tongue, and swallow with cold water....cures these things within 20 dad told me of this years ago! Great cure!

Posted by Lauren (Detroit, MI) on 08/02/2021

I don't often get stomach aches, but when I do, I take wormwood. It also treats and prevents nausea, so I'll take wormwood if I'm anticipating nausea as well (like from certain supplements). It is absolutely foul tasting, so if you plan on taking this for when you get sick, you might want to familiarize yourself with the taste first. That said, there really is nothing better for digestive issues.

You can take it as either a tea or a tincture. You can take the tincture by putting a dropperful in a small glass of water. For the tea, I use one teaspoon in one cup of hot water and steep for five minutes. When I have a stomach ache, I won't bother bringing the water to boil since I want to drink it as soon as possible.

Alcohol Swabs
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 05/04/2021 460 posts


A heads up on the alcohol swabs for nausea:

I was out of swabs - which were 70% - so just took a whiff of bottled alcohol but it was 91%. That was not pleasant. It DID fix the nausea but YIKES! So, don't do that. I cut it half and half with filtered water since it was just the very last of the bottle. I only ever used it to clean nail clippers, pruning shears and things like that but I just plain drank WAY too much coffee and yuck! So I drank a glass of water, which helped somewhat, but jumped on here to see what "The Awesomeness" had to say about nausea and discovered the alcohol swab solution! Except, I was out of swabs so...I had no idea there was such a difference between 91% and 70%. Of course, I'd never actually sniffed it on purpose I checked the swabs and it's much milder so...if you use it out of the bottle and it's 91%, you're going to want to cut it with some water first.

Posted by Pete (Tucson, AZ) on 04/12/2021 5 posts

My wife has had trouble with nausea all of her life. We take lots of supplements and they make her sick. Every time she eats a meal she has a bout with nausea. Sometimes the alcohol trick or mint or charcoal works to relieve nausea and sometimes not.

She started 150 mcg of molybdenum once a day and after about a month of this, the nausea is just about gone.

We learned this trick right here on EC.

Posted by Madison (Florida, USA) on 03/25/2020


Every time I feel nauseous, my mom makes me a “tea” of ginger, lemon, and honey. She slices ginger into a mug, adds honey and lemon, then steeps it. It helps me immediately, literally by the first sip. By the time I'm finished with the mug, I don't notice the nausea anymore! I've tried this remedy time and time again. It's my go-to.

Baking Soda
Posted by Bob. S. (USA) on 11/21/2020

For nausea, try a capsule of baking soda - sodium bicarbonate this you can take with you & a easier way to take it, tastes nasty in water.

It helps with Diarrhea and real fast to. For the nausea try CBD capsules either type will work, no need for full spectrum. I use this for it.

Slippery Elm Tea
Posted by Vanessa (Arizona) on 11/11/2020

I've been experiencing nausea every night for months. Went to the docs twice, said it could be gastritis or acid reflux.

I was reading up on some Edgar Cayce remedies and his suggestion of slippery elm bark (the loose powder form) is the one remedy that has been helping me.

I put an 1/8th of a teaspoon in a cold glass of water in the morning. Let it sit for a few minutes, stir, then drink.

I've tried nearly every other home remedy and nothing else helped. I figured maybe it could help others out there as well. Cayce also suggested American saffron tea. Haven't tried it but I will be soon.

Note: don't take other supplements 2 hours before or after drinking this as it may hinder absorption.

Posted by Mike (Kent, Uk) on 09/16/2020 26 posts

Peppermint definitely works very well. I felt very nauseous on a long and important train journey I was on!

I went through 2 or 3 packs of Polo mints but I survived, lol

Alcohol Swabs
Posted by Danamarie (Ca) on 12/12/2018

Taking a sniff of an alcohol pad or cotton is not the same as "huffing" alcohol. Alcohol huffing is soaking a cloth with rubbing alcohol and holding it up to the mouth for a prolonged period of time and continuously inhaling the fumes into the lungs.

Using rubbing alcohol for nausea is taking a sniff from an alcohol soaked pad or cotton ball and smelling it once or twice. There is no contact with the nose or mouth and it's not for any length of time.

Alcohol Swabs
Posted by Cie (Miami, Florida ) on 11/11/2017

Yes, rubbing alcohol for nausea works.

Posted by C (Co) on 08/01/2017

In early 2016, I noticed an inverse correlation between regional diets high in molybdenum-containing foods and morning sickness. While I was writing up a medical hypothesis about the morning sickness issue, my sister tried molybdenum glycinate for a stomach bug. She discovered that when taken before the vomiting had gotten underway, molybdenum was extraordinarily effective at doing away with nausea and vomiting (the other symptoms remained, including intestinal distress and some diarrhea). Two other families that I know of have since used it when a stomach bug/virus hit their home, and it is effective at ending the nausea. Not just alleviating it. The vomiting is gone.

We've been using the molybdenum glycinate (molybdenum chelated to glycine) powdered supplement because it's easy to open the capsule and stir the powder into beverages. 500 mcg seems to be enough for a regular adult (less for children, of course). We don't take it chronically, just when a stomach bug comes around.

Someone should test molybdenum for motion sickness. Also, based on what a friend reported to me, it might help relieve chemotherapy-caused nausea.

Hope this helps some people! Nausea and vomiting are just awful.

Alcohol Swabs
Posted by Toni (Oakley, Ca ) on 04/18/2017

Rubbing Alcohol to Help Nausea

My granddaughter used this remedy and it almost worked immediately. Her nausea disappeared, and it was an easy thing to do.

Baking Soda
Posted by Kelly (Clearwater, Florida) on 03/22/2017

Yeah I take Phenergan because of chronic severe nausea and it takes me 2-3 hours now before it really kicks in and finally gives me relief. I will try the baking soda tomorrow. I pray it works!

Baking Soda
Posted by Lisa Romie (A) on 01/28/2017

1/8 tsp of Baking soda in a small cup with warm water worked to rid the nausea I have had for a 5 day.. Much better and easier than OTC medications.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Laurie (Oakland) on 01/07/2017

Hello, I'm going to use charcoal for the first time. I'll be using it for nausea. Can you please tell me how I should use it, and in what quantity? Do I dilute it in water, etc? Thanks a lot, Laurie

Posted by Gaiamuse (Massachusetts) on 04/21/2016

About two years ago I started having indigestion issues.. Eventually this year it progressed to bloating and nausea. I found L'Angostura Bitters was sometimes recommended and started using that -- it works about 75% of the time. When I looked it up I saw that Gentian is the main component for indigestion and that some report miraculous cures. The efficacy has to do with increasing bile secretion.

Alcohol Swabs
Posted by Jose G (California) on 03/28/2016

I woke up this morning with a bloated stomach and a feeling of low energy, which quickly turned into nausea. My first thought was food poisoning, and my second thought was "Oh no, not today. It's a big day at work and would look bad if I missed it." Also, I knew I had to be there in just a couple of hours.

Desperate, I checked here at Earthclinic and thank God I did! This trick with rubbing alcohol worked like a charm!

Here's what I did:

At home I grabbed the bottle of rubbing alcohol (that's 70% isopropyl alcohol & 30% water - standard ratio), and took a sniff. I repeated a few times over the next hour and a half, and the nausea disappeared!

Before I left for work I made myself a "just in case" dose of alcohol. I took a paper towel, folded it into thirds, and placed it into a sandwich bag. Then I added a splash of rubbing alcohol so that the paper towel was fully saturated. That went in my pocket, should I feel nauseous at work. I did end up going to the restroom and using once there. Worked fine.

Thank you so much to those who shared this gem of a remedy. You have been a life saver!

Baking Soda
Posted by Art (California ) on 11/22/2015 2164 posts

Sodium bicarbonate is purported to be helpful for many health issues, but some people are more sensitive to it than others. I have seen people get diarrhea from just one level teaspoon in a glass of water.

It might be helpful to experiment with baking soda when it is "convenient" for you, to make sure you are not one of the "sensitive ones" before you actually try and treat yourself with baking soda.

Diarrhea can be a very unwanted and unexpected "surprise"!