Natural Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

Posted by Ray (Calgary) on 01/23/2013
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Also it should perhaps be mentioned that serum copper levels are usually high in those with RA.

Check out Honkanen V, Konttinen YT, Sorsa T, Hukkanen M, Kemppinen P, Santavirta S, Saari H, Westermarck T: Serum zinc, copper and selenium in rheumatoid arthritis. J Trace Elem Electrolytes Health Dis 1991, 5:261-263.

Also, there has been some success in treating RA with drugs that LOWER copper in the blood. Look at, for example,

So giving copper to a RA patient who is already above normal in copper, is maybe worse than giving them calcium. I would say it is asking for trouble. Two months later the swelling in my wife's hand caused by a copper bracelet still hasn't come down.

Plus, if you really want to experiment with the possibility of destroying your health then just go to some hardware store and get some copper wire and wrap it around your wrists. It will only cost a dollar, instead of the 30 dollars or so for an expensive ornament. But I'd say, don't do that. Resist the temptation to look elegant. Take care of your health instead and don't even think of supplementing copper if you have RA. (Maybe osteo arthritis is different?)