Natural Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

ACV and Baking Soda, MSM, Mag Citrate
Posted by Anonymous (USA) on 11/29/2007
4 out of 5 stars

I would like any help I can get from someone who has found relief for RA ( other than prescriptions). Any suggestions would be great. I have tried 2 Tbs AVC-1 tsp honey-1/8 tsp of BS, have been doing this for 2 months, added lemon juice 2 days before the 1st flare and continued with it until the 2nd flar 5 days later so stopped the lemon juice. Stopped taking meds 4 weeks ago and have had 2 flare ups, oddly they are both in the same shoulder and last longer than the 24 hrs.. Never had that happen before, it always moves to another joint. I did find a little info from Ted to someone, so I went and got powdered or granulated MSM, Mag citrate, and sodium ascorbate. Pain is still there but am ablr to move it enough to continue working. I did purchase the castor oil pack but haven't tried yet. Does this work for RA pain? I just wanted you all to know a friend told me of this site, so we both started doing some of these things together. I also have told a people to check out your site. I do alot of what has been suggested here. So far I love every thing I've tried and when I go back to doing other things like using soap...YUCK. makes your skin feel really sticky or it has a film on it. I also find oil pulling very relaxing. Thank you all for your in put and suggestions and really enjoy reading on this site.