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Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Healed (Victoria, Bc, Canada) on 03/06/2012

So I googled my problem... Sinus congestion and allergies... and happened to come upon this site.

I was amazed that nobody had ever mentioned ACV to me. I went out and bought some Organic ACV and made the recipe someone had posted earlier with ginger, honey and ACV.

My son was blown away as was I that within minutes I was able to breath! I stopped sneezing and sniffling. I took my first and only dose so far at around 10 am this morning. It is now 6:30 pm and I am 99% symptom free! I made a big batch of it and plan on taking it every day!

I have taken the strongest of Antibiotics - did not work!

I have an appointment with an ENT in April, I hope to be canceling the appointment!

I am so thankful I found this site, and for all the reviews people had posted. Had it not been for the reviews from you folks I would have still the hopeless feeling I suffered with for over a year! All I can say is WOW WOW WOW I wish I had known about this stuff a year ago when my problems started!

Thanks again to everyone!

Replied by Deborah

Hello, I have been suffering from the same symptoms for 4 years.

I chop up small and equal parts of, white onion, ginger, horseradish, garlic and jalapenos. I place in equal parts into a mason jar and fill the jar with organic apple cider vinegar. Place it in a dark area and shake everyday for 14 days. In 14 days, drain the liquid into another glass jar and keep it in a dark place. I take a table spoon each day and I have not been sick in a long time! :)

The liquid will not go bad, and you can use the pieces for soups etc. It can be kept in the fridge for a week or two.

Replied by David

This is a little vague. How long does it last you? How far up the mason jar do you fill the vegetable ingredients? I'm intrigued by this concoction. Thanks.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lea (Dijon, France) on 11/14/2011

I've never liked ACV. I could tolerate it a bit in salads and that was it. I've been struggling with sinus infections ever since I was a kid. I used to have sore throats, nasal drips and nausea as a consequence. On top of that I've been diagnosed with hypothyroid and PCOS. In other words I have problems with insulin and metabolism that have weakened my immune system and make me prone to anything I can get from my pupils and cute as they may be they are generous with all sorts of viruses; I never seem to miss one. These last few months have been bad. I don't take antibiotics, so I usually try natural remedies and quick over the counter drugs that just mask your symptoms and keep you mildly functional. (some of them have for sure antihistamines) As I cannot stay on them forever, the moment I stop the sinusitis comes back with revenge. Like you, I was desperate. I already watch what I eat (vegetarian trying not to eat too much of bad carbohydrates) and try to stay fit.

I bought organic (to be honest the cheapest kind I could find in my local supermarket) ACV and gave it a shot. It's less acidic than the ordinary I used for salads. My nose cleared up immediately, after just one cup of water with two spoons of ACV. I continued taking it every morning and evening before meals. There are other things I noticed. I used to have some vaginal discharge on regular basis. My physician thought it was maybe uncomfortable, but nothing to worry about and my gynecologist agreed after a few tests. Well, it's gone! I've been googling the connection between the two and can't find anything. I'll keep using it and see what's going to happen.

Replied by Tiffany
(Newburgh, Indiana)

I've just started the ACV method today for my sinusitis and I'm amazed how well it works! I did 2TBSP in 8oz water with some honey and suger. I did want to post something interesting I found online though about the vaginal discharge someone said cleared up when using this method.

According to this article the sinusitis is actually a yeast infection!! So I'm wondering if the ACV 'killed' two birds with one stone :)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Rvmobile03 (New York, Ny) on 11/03/2011


So I have sinusitis. This sucks, especially when your wife hates smelling you when you are close to her. I have had it for some years.You know how much I hate this if it keeeps my wife at a distance.

I also had a deviated septum, took antibiotics that last temporarily up to when you stop using it, then the smell returns. I decided to try ACV and combine different usage options along with the vitamin C.

I have been trying the ACV for about 3 days, drinking the water mixture 8oz x 2 tbs of ACV, along with 1tbs of ACV in a neti pot 2 times a day, flushing with warm boiled water, morning and night.

Along with the ACV mixes I have been taking 1000 vitamin C at night. Yes! I have been drinking lots of water, this seems to be really working. Since last night I have not heard a complaint from my wife about any smells.

I am going to continue the mixture for the next 4 days, using the vitamin C for 30 days, let's see what happens. So far so good! I really hate taking prescription drugs, since I have to take one prescription for the rest of my life.

I am really hoping this works! Thanks for the advice on the ACV.

Replied by Aleister
(Dallas, Tx)

My non-expert advice... First... All of the water you are drinking should be pure.. Distilled water... Now the water companies put out a lot of stuff trying to deter people from discovering that distilled water is perfect... And anyone can make it... They say it leaches minerals... And that is true... Because it is so pure it leaches stuff... But get this... It only leaches the bad stuff the body can't use... Second... You should find a way to eat at least 5 cloves of RAW garlic a day (while infection persists) quit drinking any form of caffeine while infection persists... Your body uses water to flush out unwanted infections.. So you have to drink a glass of pure water every 30 minutes (while infection persists) and caffeine will simply dehydrate you as it is a diuretic... Now... That should begin to take care of this inside...

I also recommend you take 2000 mg's of l-lysine a day... Its an amino acid that boosts the immune system... Now... I've another sure fire way to help... But most people won't do it... And that is cayenne in your saline/baking soda nasal flush... Look it up if you need to... But the deal is... It causes blood flow to increase dramatically which brings in a wall of white blood cells... Also... I had an abcess back when I first got into holisitc healing... And it scared me back to the doctor.. For the last time... They gave me anti biotics and scared me told me if I didn't get the tooth removed I could die (couldn't afford the dentist) scared me and pissed me off at once... The antibiotics didn't help... Came back quickly and stronger... So I went back... Only this time... I didn't take the antibiotic... Instead I packed my mouth with wet gauze loaded with baking soda (draws out infection) and salt (to kill infection after it's out but you might substitute it with peroxide I think) it went away within a couple of days and never came back...

I now brush my teeth with baking soda and salt every day... As fluoride is poison that calcifies the pineal gland which produces melatonin and serotonin (another reason to drink pure water) Next... You should drink ginger(straight from the root not dried) honey tea 3 times a day while infection persists... This should all work for you... If not... You can find me on FB my name is Aleister Gates and we will try to figure it out...

BTW.. Its been 3 yrs now... Still have the tooth... Have never had another problem with it... See... The human body is amazing... If you give it the tools it needs... It can heal just about anything... And once it has... It has its own learned built in defense for it... But ANTIBIOTICS render this process null... They artificially do what the body was designed to do perfectly... I'm not say no one should EVER take them (I myself wouldn't take them) because there are a number of things in your body to get functioning correctly before your immune system is powerful enough to trust this much... Your body has a number of systems it uses to filter out things in our surrounding and infections within.. Etc etc... And all one needs do to be healthy is ensure that each of these systems get plenty of what they need... Plenty of fiber.. Plenty of water... Plenty of oxygen etc etc etc... So.. Like a car needs its oil changes and its radiator flushed etc etc... So to is the human machine... Bot now I'm just rambling... Hope I helped someone... Its all I live to do.

Replied by Susan
(Ny, Ny)

Can you share how much baking soda and salt in your mixture? 50% each?

Replied by Linda
(New Haven, Connecticut, United States)

Susan, although I don't know what amounts Aleister uses, I use 2 parts baking soda to 1 part kosher salt. I've used this for the past year or so to brush my teeth and it works very well. I mix it up ahead and place it in a small container in the bathroom so it's all ready for my toothbrush. The salt can be a bit abrasive so always be careful with it's use. Hope this helps.

Linda :-)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Acid (Dubai, U.a.e) on 07/11/2011

I've been suffering from sinusitis for like a month now... I went to the doctor but unfortunately all the medicine prescribed wasn't able to help relieve my sinusitis... As I found this site, I immediately ask my helper to buy me ACV, and now I've started using the organic ACV with small amount of honey.. Hoping for the best!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sick Of Being Sick With Sinusitis (South Jersey, Nj) on 06/27/2011

Just drank a cup of ACV 2T, 3T local honey, 8 T hot water. I am desperate for a cure from chronic sinusitis. Currently on 3 antibiotics, decongestant, zyrtec, nasal steroid.... And still I have incredible pain in L sinus/feels like tooth pain.... Exaustion.... Pain in L side of face and head that I awake from sleep. The drink was not too bad... Added extra honey cause it's supossed to be healing too, and it made the drink easier to drink..... I will see how I sleep tonight

Thank you for this site!! I am deseperate to try natural things since medicine has run it's course with me, and no longer works. ACV has antibiotic properties, so I am very hopeful that this will work for me. Thank you all for your comments and input too.

Replied by Nettle
(London, Uk)

Cayenne worked for me. Cayenne (1tsp) with the Apple Cider Vinegar (1 to 2Tbsp) and manuka honey (1Tbsp), mix with 2Tbsp of hot water. Slightly modified recipe from the original which was from another reader. Sip slowly. It has definately helped me as ear pain stopped in both ears and sore throat gone with in 2 days - be prepared for loose stools!! But I still have muffled hearing as sinuses infection still congested. Also, try the garlic tea.

Replied by Mahesh
(Delhi, India)

I suffered from acute sinusitis. I am from India and I found a good old book of home remedy. I found one remedy in book and tried. I am cured now. I use to have 3-4 sinusitis attack in a year lasting for 1-2 month. I was usually cured by antibiotics. I use to get attack after usually having cold. If your symptoms of sinusitis are similar then please try this formula:

1. Take 2.5 cup of water (500-600 ml)

2. 7-8 black-pepper (crush them in between two spoon)

3. One piece of ginger (30-50 gm), Crush with some heavy utensil

4. Candy sugar minimum 10-15 pieces

5. 7-12 leaves of Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum)

6. 3-4 clove (I added from my side as found it more effective)

Now boil the content in a pot in low flame/heat for 20-30 mins till it becomes one cup. Low flame is important as high heat may reduce medical effect. Should sipped as tea (i. E. Hot) Now one of the difficult parts is its timing. It should be taken in morning 4:30 AM -5:00 AM empty stomach. As it is bitter and strong, you may feel little vomiting in initially few doses, but soon it will be in your habit. I would advise you to take this for minimum one month. I got permanent relief on 6th day, but I continued for some more time. In book dose was written for 7-10 days as usually you get relief with in this period. Now I get sinusitis once in 2-3 years and I take same medicine. Continuous honey intake is also good. Start this treatment when sinusitis happens to you or about to happen.

I personally feel sorry for not making this effective therapy public as I never knew so many people are suffering from this. I would request some pharma company to make some dry tablet of content which can be boiled and water can be taken as medicine, as Tulsi is not available in every home and in every country. Please email me in mahesh. Chandra2005(at) Also, please consult your doctor if you are not sure to start this medication. But to just assure you, you can observe many of the contents are used as daily food, so must not be harmful to you.

Replied by Subha
(Norman, Ok)

Can you please tell me what is candy sugar? I have all other ingredients at home, just don't know what is candy sugar! Thank you.

Replied by Zark
(Emerald City, The Land Of Oz)

>> Can you please tell me what is candy sugar

Candy Sugar - it's just sucrose (sugar) of that much I am sure. I'm guessing use 10-15 teaspoons of sugar would be fine.

Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) - I had to look it up, the common name for this is Holy Basil.

Replied by Tina
(Princeton, New Jersey)

In India, candy sugar is small white crystallized lumps of sugar. It is sometimes called misri or also rock candy. Any Indian grocery store will carry it. One common way to eat it is to mix misri with aniseed and serve it after a meal, to aid digestion and as a mouth fresher.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Arlene (New Brunswick, NJ) on 04/15/2010

I have treated my post nasal drip for over 30 years by gargling with a solution of apple cider vinegar and water (about 1 tablespoon to 8 or 12 ounces of water). A stronger solution will have a stronger astringent pull from your sinuses. With a sinus infection you may have to gargle a long time until the mucus is thin and clear. Once the mucus is thin, drink a large glass of water. Bee pollen tablets also help with PND. Just ask at the health food store. I just take one and it helps for quite a while. Avoid sugar during bouts of PND - mucus is much worse after sweets and high carbs. Also, depending on the cause of acid reflux or IBS, drinking the same ACV solution helps greatly for stomach distress. Make a mild solution, add ice and it's quite pleasant.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sandy (Big Water, Ut) on 11/02/2009

Sinusitis: I was just reading about Apple Cider Vinegar with water as a daily tonic. I have an infection now and gulped the 2Tbs ACV with 8 oz water and am sipping on a 16 oz with ACV but in your suggestion of using it as a daily tonic you don't give a formula. Can you help?

Thanks, Sandy

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Believer (Mason City, Ia) on 10/08/2009

Unbelievable! I just tried organic (mother) apple cider vinegar (2 Tbsp) and honey (1 Tbsp) in an 8 oz glass of warm water about 30 minutes ago. The honey made it very palatable. After drinking that down and waiting for about 15 minutes I decided to have some lunch. I haven't actually TASTED food like I tasted it today for a LONG time! It was cashew chicken and brown rice, and I tasted every spice and flavoring in it! What a difference! My sinuses started clearing immediately, but the big surprise was how much better my throat felt right away. This may be from the honey coating my throat, but who cares what's doing it when it works this well? This drink will be part of my daily routine from now on. Thank you to Earth Clinic & everyone for all the positive comments!

Replied by Warlock15
(Perth, Wa Australia)

I need to share the miracle of my husband's recovery from years of chronic sinusitis. For years he has been using antibiotics, Nazenex, Beconaze, Vicks Vaporizer and anything else you care to name, all to no avail.

Four days ago I came upon this site in a desperate search for a cure for him. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), Cayenne and nasal flushing seemed to be popular so we began a new regime.

We made up a batch of ACV and after drinking it he felt a slight improvement. We then up a saline solution which he used to flush out the nasal cavities. However, since he works on a remote minesite, with only a central kitchen, it was going to nearly impossible for him to mix up batches of the saline solution.

Our next step was down to the local shopping centre where we purchased two bottles of Otrivin Saline Plus. We purchased it from a supermarket not a pharmacist and it only cost AUD$6.95. He didn't use it as directed, instead he gave himself five recommended doses in a twenty minute period, 4 times a day.

He has now used the Otrivin for three days and feels like a new man. He can't remember when he was able to breathe so freely and can never remember when he didn't have sinus pressure. He is still drinking the ACV mixture as well.

He is looking wonderful, his continuous coughing has ceased and he feels great. Good luck to you all you sufferers.

Replied by Gigi Endraca
(Manila, Philippines)

Can I purchase that ACV from any supermarket here in the Philippines? It is really very painful. I tried antibiotics, antihistamine, nasal sprays but still all of these do not work. I am suffering a chronic sinusitis since 2000. help me please...

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Gigi,

Re: Sinusitis condition / AC Vinegar

The ACV as a diluted rinse or irrigation can act as an anti fungal/anti viral so might solve the problem. Some people get sinus help by just diluting one or two tablespoons in a glass of water and consuming over a few days, twice daily and in a week or so, the condition is better.

But if the ACV doesn't help, I'd assume I had a long running sinus INFECTION that needed a stronger solution in the sinus cavities. I use Colloidal Silver, a high PPM, and use an ear syringe to gently squirt up the sinus passages. It WILL sting if an infection is present. Then when I repeat the procedure ten minutes later, the sting is almost gone. I repeat this two hours later and every two hours until the sinus is clear. In case of a bad infection I have had to stay after it for a month, but that is rare. Usually the infection is gone in the second application of CS. I also squirt into ear that kills the lingering infection in Eustachian tubes also.

If one has had a long running infection in sinus cavity (many months) I'd assume it is system wide in my body and so would DRINK three tablespoons daily, away from meals and other supplements (especially mineral supplements), five days a week for six months.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by MIKE (BELMONT, NC, USA) on 07/28/2009

Hello! just wanted to let you know the acv seems to be working for clearing up my sinus's. just been using 2teaspoons in water w/honey and cinnamon sugar (the taste is a little strong) also gave my cats some for flea's and overall health. my sinus's had been blocked and infected for the last 6 months. antibiotics dont cure everything. and in only 2 days my sinus has dried up! thankyou for posting such wonderful news about helping people! so many cures that i never knew existed!

Replied by Lymepatient
(Boston, Ma)

I just tried mixing ACV, baking soda and salt and then putting it in syringe, leaning forward, tilting my head to one side over the sink while "shooting" the mixture in the nostril on the top. Don't forget to do both sides!! For me one side was much worse than the other. (Test your angles, because sometimes this goes into your throat and the soda burns a bit. ) I saw how one person used a netipot on utube and she did the same thing as what I did (except I used a syringe instead of the pot) and as the water went in one nostril, it instantly came right out the other. For me, nothing came out at first but in about a minute, a ton of clear mucous started coming out and it lasted about 5 minutes. I couldn't believe that all of that was up there! Not to be gross, but I want you to know what to expect if it's working. At first I felt more stuffy, but about a half hour later I kind of started to feel the same as I did before. I am wondering if I have an infection so I will try using Grape Seed Oil, or it may be that this is just a first time and I've got a built up of 40 years and it will take time to loosen everything up. Regardless, I am glad to be rid of all the mucous that did come out and am confident with time, I will breathe like I've never breathed before in my life, and I didn't even know what I was missing. Wow.

The amazing thing is that I never had ANY symptoms, no headaches, no allergies, no breathing problems (that I could tell, )... Nothing. The only thing I had was an aversion to having my nose touched or squeezed together all my life, it felt raw (for 40 years! ) I do have Lyme and yeast on my tongue, so I am looking closely at my body and treating any hints that it gives me. But after doing this I realized that I probably have sinusitis and this needs to be put into a rotation of my protocols such as oil pulling, drinking ACV, Oil of Oregano which I found all on this website! These have been helping me tremendously as well. I am so excited that after 9 years of being incredibly sick with nobody being able to help me, this site is helping me get better piece by piece and all naturally. I've taken care of the mouth and nose so far, my ears are next!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Himalayan Pink Salt

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Posted by Morgan (Alpine, New Jersey) on 03/28/2012

Hi - I started taking 2 teaspoons ACV in 8 ounces of water 3X a day (I tried taking 2 tablespoons but it was too much for me and dried my mouth out) to irrigate my sinuses, and while it helped, it did not "cure" my problem. I had tried many sinus irrigation remedies in the past, but the sea salt always irritated my nasal passages, so now I am using 1/4 teaspoon of HIMALAYAN PINK SALT in 8 ounces of lukewarm water with just ONE drop of ACV vinegar to irrigate each side of my nostril/sinus. I used a squeeze bottle instead of a Neti pot (much more effective! ) Not only do my sinuses feel immensely better, but the horrible thrush and dry mouth cleared I had cleared up! My tongue is nice and pink now instead of having ugly whit spots and hurting when I swallowed or ate certain foods. I suspect that my sinus infection had been drainng into my mouth, and that is why this rinse worked so well. Good luck to everyone here who is suffering!

Replied by Joe
(San Jose, Ca)

Did your white tongue clear up right away?

Apple Cider Vinegar, Lugol's Iodine

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Posted by Vitamin D (Serbia) on 09/02/2018

DIY Apple Cider Vinegar + Lugol's iodine spray for sinusitis

I am just going to get straight to the point what helped me after years (tried everything, including all recommended natural remedies):

Did not want to make nasal irrigations with ACV (too complicated and too much work), but googled and found a recipe for DIY sprays with ACV instead: 1 tablespoon distilled water + 5-6 ACV drops. Just spray into nostrils. OK. Done - helped almost instantaneously. So what's new here?

Well since after a while I had to repeat the process, I realized ACV was great but not perfect. So I decided instinctively to add 2-3 drops of Lugol's iodine solution to it and see what happens. And - what happened? My nose is 100% decongested now. Later on I read iodine does not only help against bacteria and fungi, but also in case of allergic rhinitis/sinusitis. Must-try! (I seldom post anything anywhere, but simply HAD to make an exception this time! Good luck!

Replied by Ranita
(Kuala Lumpur)

May I know the percentage of lugols iodine you used? Is 2% okay, also how much of Apple Cider Vinegar and iodine as a spray? Thank you

Argan Oil

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Posted by Irina (New York, Ny) on 01/19/2017

Argan Oil cured my chronic sinusitis in 2 days!! I'm only taking 1 teaspoon of culinary Argan oil (the edible type from the Middle East that people cook with) and already my sinusues are completely clear! I was told that the typical dose a day is just under a tablespoon - and I'm only taking 1 teaspoon! Yesterday, I did get a bit of a healing crisis as my sinuses cleared out - today they are totally clear, and I've been suffering with this for MANY YEARS already!! I read that argan oil helps boost the immune system, which is why I took it. You can go to PubMed and type in argan oil to see more health issues it helps with. Make sure you buy a kind of argan oil from the Middle East - Israel or Morocco. The kind I tried is from Israel. This remedy is most definitely worth a try!!!

Replied by Joule
(Bali, Indonesia)


Can you tell me how to use argan oil for sinusitis infection.. Cause I've got sinusitis infection for about 8 years now. Thanks

Avoid Cold to the Head

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Posted by Susan (California) on 03/04/2016

I have a strange problem I've never heard of before. I have noticed that whenever just below the crown of my head becomes cold (about 5 inches below the crown) I get a bad Sinusitis attack! This cold sinus attack can come on with the air conditioner on, very cold weather, or walking in a store that is too cold! To stop the attack I simply have to cover my head with a warm cap or I can get relief by using a blow dryer aimed at the back of my head, face and neck area! But definitely my head becoming cold will start a Sinusitis attack! If I use a hat or warm knit cap during cold weather I usually don't have to use benadryl to help my sinusitis attack! I hope this helps someone.

Avoid Cold to the Head
Posted by Rita (Southern Ca.) on 02/04/2016

I just wanted to share my Sinuisitis tip with Sinusitis Sufferers -something that helped me stop my Sinusitis attacks!

I found that one of the triggers for my sinusitis attacks was a part of my head getting COLD. The part on me was just below the Crown of my head on the back of my head. If that spot gets cold this will activate a severe Sinusitis Attack! This includes an acid type liquid that seeps down my upper nose and burns all the way down to my upper chest! It's a horrible and painful attack! Like hot chili coming down my sinuses into my upper chest!

I was sick almost all the time until I found this trigger! I used to wonder why I got Sinusitis attacks in summer? It was due to the cold air of the Air Conditioner! Causing the back of my head to become cold! If I put on a warm cap this will stop my Sinusitis attack! Even going into a cold store will cause me a Sinusitis attack if I'm not wearing a warm cap.

It took me years to discover this was happening. A blow dryer to the head, face, and neck will also stop my Sinusitis attack. I hope this information helps people with my particular health problem.

Thanks Rita

Replied by Nong Sasna
(Phnom Penh)

Credit to poster.


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Posted by Ila (New York, Ny) on 10/19/2014

I have had chronic sinusitis for years now - years!! I thought it would never go away and was completely miserable until I read on the internet how Niacinimide (B3) can kill candida. I suspected all along that my sinus problems were yeast related. I started taking the Niacinimide about 5 days ago and right now I'd say I'm about 98% clear already!! I estimate that in another couple of days I should be cured of this nightmare! I started out taking 100mg 3X a day and now I'm up to 300mg 3X a day. I'll probably go up a little more and then get a maintenance dose. I would think Niacinimide would help all types of sinus issues. A MUST TRY!!! Good luck out there! Remember, it's Niacinimide, not Niacin!

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