Sinusitis, Chronic
Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Chronic Sinusitis Relief

Hydration With Salt
Posted by Lili (Warwickshire) on 12/20/2021
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In response to Gregg (Statton, VT) on 02/20/2007:

"Just tried the tomato tea. I was really hoping this would work. Have not been able to breath for days and sleepless for past three nights. Unfortunately, it did not work.. So far Halls or Vicks has been the only help and that is not much."

I have found that things like Vicks and Halls dry out the mucus and seem to harden it up so it doesn't come out of the sinuses (I did this for many years, damaging my teeth in the process of sucking all those boiled “sweets”). Really really great hydration is vital to releasing the mucus.

If you've suffered from chronic sinus congestion there can be years of hardened build-up of mucus in the sinuses. If you consistently drink half your body weight in water with a pinch of good salt (Gros Sel de Guerande or Pink Himalayan) this will help loosen the hardened, thick gooey mucus, watering it down. (That is: if you weigh 100lbs, divide 100 by 2 = drink 50 fluid ounces of water each day - do this according to your own weight measurements in pounds and ounces).