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Natural Remedies for Chronic Sinusitis Relief

Fungal and Bacterial Sinusitis Remedies
Posted by Larry (Oakland, California) on 05/10/2015


I was plagued with fungal and bacterial sinusitis. I went to 13 doctors, had three sinus surgeries and tried 25 medications plus acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs and other treatments and nothing worked. I did a lot of research about other options and came up with this mixture, which works for me and has worked for many other people. My allergist recommends it to some of his patients and has had good results with about 55% of the people that used it. It did not help some people at all. I have had some flare ups of fungus and bacteria but the mixture seems at least at this point to get rid of them. A very helpful website in my research was Earth Clinic.

An allergist and the head ear, nose and throat doctor from Stanford hospital, Dr. Huang, approved this mixture. Make sure you get the input of your doctor before using it since there maybe some condition in your sinuses that will be problematic for this mixture. You will probably get a reaction from most doctors like I got which was, "it won't hurt you but it won't help you either." They were so wrong!

You will need a large size Neilmed bottle. You can buy this bottle at drug and health food stores or find them on the Internet. Do not use any other brand or a Netti pot. They don't work as well. The Neilmed packets that come with the bottle are not extra strength. You have to order these from the Neilmed company. You need to use water that has no impurities in it. I was told by an Immunologist that the Dasani bottled water is the purest you can get. Do not use tap water. It has too many things in it. First, put the water in the Neilmed then add all ingredients and warm it up in a microwave for 40 ? 45 seconds before using. This may be too warm for some people so adjust accordingly but warm it up as much as possible. This helps with absorption.

You can get a measuring cup at a drug store with ccs on it for these ingredients.

*3 ccs of Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Shake well. If you can't get this brand, get a high quality brand that says on the label that it has "mother" in it.

*5ccs of Kyolic brand aged garlic extract. Keep refrigerated after opening.

*12 drops of Nutribiotic brand grapefruit seed extract. Doesn't require refrigeration.

*3ccs of Hydrogen Peroxide

One extra strength Neilmed packet.

One Budesonide capsule (prescription medication). The mixture seemed to work well for some people without this ingredient, but I use it to keep polyps from forming.

The ingredients with an asterisk can be purchased at health food stores. These apple cider, garlic and grapefruit seed extract brands are high quality brands that may cost more than others but they work and are worth it. I strongly suggest you do not use cheaper products if you can afford it.

After its warm, shake gently to mix up the ingredients. Squirt it in your nostrils following the instructions that come with the Neilmed bottle. This combination may give some people a burning sensation and/or cause more mucous production. If this happens, first slightly reduce the apple cider vinegar amount and if that isn't enough then slightly reduce the levels hydrogen peroxide and then grapefruit seed extract. It may take a while experimenting to find the amount of the ingredients you can tolerate. You want to use as much as you can tolerate. Your tolerance may increase over time. It takes some getting used to and if you cut back too much or too soon, it won't work. But you don't want to irritate your sinuses to the point that they produce mucous. If you over do the ingredients your sinuses will get irritated and produce a lot of mucous.

Do not use this mixture in your nose after swimming or any activity that gets chemicals in the nose (like a nebulizer with a facemask) because it will irritate the sinuses and cause mucous. Wait four hours or more before using the mix. Also it is very important to thoroughly clean the NeilMed with antibacterial soap and water after every use. Put the empty Neilmed in the microwave for 15 seconds to get rid of any bacteria. I was told to get a new Neilmed every three or four months.

You may be surprised at what nasty stuff may come out of your sinuses including chunks of mucous and other disgusting things. The mucous may be all kinds of green and yellow colors and very thick. This is what happens with infections. Eventually the only thing that will come out is the mixture and clear mucous.

This combination used twice a day (two hours before bedtime and first thing in the morning) reduced my coughing over several days. My coughing was eliminated in about two or three weeks. I had been coughing for several years to due postnasal drip that could not be controlled except if I took a lot of medication to dry out my sinuses. Getting rid of the bacterial and fungal infections may take more time and require the use of other medications. In my situation, medications alone did not get rid of the bacterial and fungal infections completely. My last surgery reduced the degree of bacterial and fungal infection and maybe that is why the mixture worked. I'm not sure but eventually I stopped all the antibiotic and other meds with my doctor's permission and then I used of this solution got rid of those problems. It took about a month of twice a day use of the mixture to get rid of the fungus and bacteria completely. I've had a couple of minor bacteria and fungus flare ups over three years but they went away. You can tell because you feel stuffy and the color and consistency of the mucous changes. When I had those, I would flush an extra time in the middle of the day with only water and the Neilmed packet. In a few days I got back to normal. I continued to use the mix twice a day to keep the problem from coming back. Now after about a year I don't do it every day unless I feel something is going on in my sinuses. I have had a complete recovery. I hope this information helps you too.