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Natural Remedies for Chronic Sinusitis Relief

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Posted by Carol (Berkeley, CA) on 03/15/2008

For the last year and a half have been suffering from chronic sinusitus, but didn't realize how bad it was. Had headaches and light sensitivity in the morning upon waking, making it difficult to get out of bed. My head felt heavy. Sometimes my cheekbones would hurt. Sometimes a tooth would hurt, but it was fleeting and would shift around to different teeth. Felt fatigued and burned out by demands upon me. Didn't have any cold symptoms or runny nose, nothing to indicate allergies. (I think that my sinuses were so clogged that nothing was moving at all.) Also, I don't eat sugar at all as years ago I had a candida condition that made me give it up altogether. While I think that sugar is bad for immunity, I don't think it is the sole cause of sinusitus. There are very athletic people who eat very good diets that suffer from this disease. I had already given up dairy (milk, cheese etc.) as I knew they were mucous-forming, and I had lactose intolerance, but still had a lot of symptoms.

Tried Neti pot (spelling?) on the recommendation of a friend who said he thought I had sinusitus, but the pressure of the water running into my sinuses was too uncomfortable. I hated it.

Strangely, it was a psychic that clued me in to the cause. He said, you are in pain because of something to do with fertility/sexuality. I thought this was really strange and then I thought, could I be sensitive to eggs? I gave them up and within 3 days I was feeling profoundly better. Then I got a "cold", which I really think was the fluid finally draining from my passages. I went to my acupuncturist and she suggested that I might also have a fungal infection and began treating me with Phellostatin. That has really helped too. I think she was right and I read somewhere recently that a pediatritian who tested kids with chronic sinus problems for candida and other yeasts found them present in a huge percentage (something like 202 out of 290 kids). I would say to anyone suffering from chronic sinus problems is this, check out food sensitivities first. Eliminate the foods you eat most frequently or the ones that are most likely to be allergens or the ones that are more likely to be congestive. Don't overlook the possibility of fungal infection. Doctors tend to focus on bacterial infections and prescribe antibiotics. Don't forget that fungus infections can be the underlying cause.

I'm on the road to being cured. I'm going to try the ACV cure as well. It makes sense that it would work.