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Natural Remedies for Chronic Sinusitis Relief

Posted by Fauna (Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia) on 04/05/2013

Thank you earthclinic and everyone who has shared his/her healing experiences. I have just had a sinusitis relapse (last bad one was in 1997) and a real mean one. I have to admit that the root cause for my sinusitis was stress, feeling depressed and low spirited. I tried the remedies posted on earthclinic - hydrogen peroxide, diluted it as instructed, flushed my nose. That was a painful experience. It brought out a lot of disgusting mucus, and I could breathe ok and slept well that night. Only that the next day, my nose started to be runny again. At the same time, I was taking a tablespn of ACV/lemon juice/honey mixture (of 2 tablespn each of ACV, lemon & 1 tblspn of honey) in warm water. That helped clear the slimy feeling in my mouth, but my nose continued to drip.

Then I went for an accupressure session. During the session, I had to interrupt my therapist 3x to clear my dripping nose. As I chatted with her, I then remembered that in one of my research reading of meridien/accupuncture points I learnt that the accupuncture points to treat sinusitis are the GV (governing vessel) as well as the LI (large intestine). This makes a lot of sense that I need to clean up my bacteria infested LI and colon. By doing a 7 day juice n coffee enema detox, 15 years ago, I cured my sinusitis. Also, I was given some TCM to further assist the healing. That night, possibly a healing reaction occuring, my nosy dripped more snot and I coughed more phlegm until I fell asleep.

The next morning day I made up mind my to start cleansing my internals - started with an OP with sunflower oil; prepared my enema coffee, washed my enema bucket with hydrogen peroxide, down a cup of ACV/lemon juice/honey warm drink and a 2nd drink adding a teaspn of colon cleanse powder spirulina. Half an hour later I did my coffee enema adding a teaspoon of ACV into the coffee before the enema. An enema is a quick way to relieve pain, discomfort and a quick fix for down moments, but I have to admit it can be addictive! I definitely feel much better after the enema. For the whole day, I watched my diet, no dairy, no fried foods, continued with the colon cleanse, OP and reluctantly did another hydrogen peroxide flush. Will continue this regimen for the next 3 days n up to 7 days if needed.

I hope the information I have shared here will help in one way or another. BTW, I'm 50, mother of 3 and haven't touched antibiotics for the last 15 years. Life has been full of challenges but it's been good! :)

In conclusion, just doing one therapy is insufficient to cure. A combination of therapies works better especially when the immune system such as mine is sluggish and the bacteria is persistent.