Sinusitis, Chronic
Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Chronic Sinusitis Relief

Cow Ghee, Fluids, Avoid Junk Food
Posted by Anonymous (Mumbai, India) on 02/14/2008

Hello all, I came across this site while searching for home remedies for Sinusitis. I have been suffering from sinus problem since years now, my doctors had prescribed antibiotics, sometimes steroids and all this has been successful in giving a temporary relief. The problem would starts again after a while. This had been going on for 5-6 years and had developed into a major problem.

Some months back, I had a major sinus problem. It was a horrible experience, and had to even quit my job and take a break of almost 6 months. I am much better now; follow certain precautions that have helped me to recover better. I wanted to share these with you,

First of all drink plenty of fluids, avoid junk food, sweet, fried, fatty diet. Strictly avoid cold stuff... say drinking cold water, eating ice cream, etc. and exercise. People with sedentary lifestyle (going to office in ac cars, sitting in the chair in front of computers all day) are prone to colds and related ailments. Regular simple exercise like brisk walking for 30min everyday can benefit greatly. Inhaling steam and gargling with warm salt water (1 glass hot water half spoonful rock salt, disinfected with alum) are harmless and soothing.

I have been practicing yoga (pranayam: kapalabhati, anulom vilom, bhramari) which has helped a lot. There is a very effective therapy, however it is not recommended by doctors, My personal experience till now has been great, however please try at your own risk:

Take pure cow ghee (ghee made from cow's milk is said to have medicinal property, plz do not use buffalo ghee or any other) Heat it till its luke warm (NOT HOT), and put two drops in each nostril, breathe quickly and deeply, or snuff quickly. Practice this while going to bed, lying down with a pillow under your neck-shoulders, with head tilted and rested on the mattress in inverted position. Stay in the same position for 3-5 min and then go to sleep in normal position. One may/ may not start sneezing after a while. Practicing this (only) once daily, consecutively for 5-7 (maximum) days or for a day or 2 (as required) greatly helps in relieving sinus related headaches and draining the sinuses.

And for people, who sit constantly in front of computers, please take frequent short brakes. Try eye exercising, stretching exercises and adjust your workstations to correcting your body posture.

Sorry for the extremely long post.