Sinusitis, Chronic
Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Chronic Sinusitis Relief

Posted by Dara (Boston, Ma) on 01/14/2017
5 out of 5 stars

After a 7 year miserable and frustrating battle with sinusitis, my sinuses are now finally, miraculously clear!! My cure is BIOTIN! I was taking it for something else, and as a wonderful side effect, it completely cleared my sinuses! Other supplements have helped here and there, but nothing like the astounding results of Biotin!

I am currently taking 20,000 mcg. The holistic doctor I see puts people on dosages much higher than that for various health issues, so I don't think a high dose is a problem. It took about 3 days for the Biotin to completely clear up my sinuses. If you suffer from this, eliminating wheat & dairy (from a cow - goat is ok) will definitely help, too!