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Posted by Anonymous (Brooklyn, Ny) on 08/16/2009

Hi can you encourage TED to write some of his remedies for HPV?

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Posted by Lola (Fairfax, VA) on 02/22/2009

Hello ladies, thanks for all your posts. I too was diagnosed with HPV a few months ago and my gyn told me that alot of time it clears up on its own, similar to having a flu virus. She did tell me to make sure I got plenty of rest and ate well and she said smoking makes it worse. Like Janey previously posted folic acid and vitamins are probably also helpful in combating HPV since you're supporting your body in the fight against the virus. As far as BV goes, I've had it off and on for a few years along with yeast infections. I have PCOS, a condition that throws off your insulin and other hormones. This causes your body not to burn sugar easily therefore running throughout the body causing yeast, and other infections such as BV and other symptoms. I'm sure that some of you have probably noticed that the more sugar you eat the more itchy you can get down there. One thing that I'm trying in ACV, it helps with balancing sugar in the body but also it helps keep your body at a balanced ph level, making it difficult for bacteria, fungus or yeast to grow. My gyn also recommended a gel called Rephresh, which is supposed to keep your ph balanced down there too. She said that should work on its own before the BV got out of hand. I've tried it a couple of times if I feel any infection coming or any unusual odor and its worked well for me. You can purchase online from which also has buyer reviews. Good luck to all.

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Posted by Janey (Auburn, NY) on 01/30/2009

I got BV back in 2006... they told me it was nothing and that some women get it once and it goes away, others live with it the rest of their lives on medication... that person on the medication was me. after every period i got, the BV showed up. i knew it was going to come around so i started taking my medication as soon as my period was almost over. they [prescribed me to 500mg of metronidazole. i was taking this every month . In march of 2008 i had my annual pap done.. all was good and well until i got a letter in the mail stating they found irregular cells on my cervix..this made me very worried. i was told to make an appointment for a colposcopy.. i never did which was very bad. i finally got the courage to get it done (very scared), i had the test done in November. they took 2 biopsy's told me i should boost my immune system with some folic acid and sent me on my way being scheduled for 3 weeks to come back for my results.. i went and got some folic acid and a multi vitamin and have taken them everyday since.. unfortunately something came up and i wasn't going to make my appointment, the next available appointment was yesterday.. January 29th 2009... i went in and it got very serious.... i was diagnosed with HPV.. i am only 19 years old but have been sexually active since i was 14. This information was scarey to me, though i knew very little about it.. with women under the age of 25 my doctor told me it is very likely that when taking a multi vitamin with high dose folic acid or a folic acid tablet that it will clear up on its own.. i felt much better... now that i have read all your feedbacks with BV being in common with HPV and stating that the BV went away when the HPV went away.... i actually did NOT get BV this month which was very very shocking to me since I've had it at age 16...every month... i have been strict to sex with men and men only.. but recently i met this girl who totally blows my mind, nothing has happened but i just cant help but think that all this couldnt have happened at any worse time, i had the guts to tell her before anything happened, which was courageous she said... i feel alot better i'm going in march to have my PAP done again.. hopefully it will be clear.. you guys gave me hope after saying all your thoughts and experiences... good luck to all.. i feel your pain now.

Replied by Cerissa
(Saint Louis, Mo)

What is BV?

EC: BV= bacterial vaginosis

Replied by Leslie
(Brooklyn, Ny)

Hey Janey... I know this is an old post and you may not get to read but I had to reply... I had BV for about 1 year and battled a vicious cycle of being on and off antibiotics-going crazy to find any possible remedy.. Read millions of blogs and spent hundreds of dollars on herbs only to discover the one thing that helped for good! Tea tree oil suppositories.. It's a bit costly.. It's around $12-14 for a small box with 6 suppositories.. Anyhow, I used it everyday and the heavy oily eucalyptus scent overpowered the nasty BV smell and eventually BV was gone for good... I then used it sparingly and realized it's apparent just a few days before my period... Now I only use it once or twice before my period but it's been a few years now and the situation has basically disappeared let's say by 90%.... I know once someone has BV it usually comes up every now and then... I hope you get a notification for my post because it really saved my life and think you may find this useful! Peace

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Posted by Rose (Greenwich, Connecticut) on 12/24/2008

Hello, I love your site and I think it is so helpful to so many people. Could you please put an ailment listing of just HPV? There seems to be some comments here and there about HPV, but not enough information about it. There are so many women and men with this and really not enough information about it. Alot of these women who seem to suffer from BV may also have HPV and not even know about it! Thank you

EC: Thank you so much the suggestion, Rose. New page has just been created.

Replied by Elle
(Blc, Nevada)

Good point here. I'm glad that someone mentioned this in subject. Its important if bv comes back might be signs of other problems such as HPV.

I will share my story: I was diagnosed with HPV in 2005. The problem was found when I got infected with genital warts. Time after that I had no idea there was more to come. In 2008 when my pap smear came back abnormal I was so scared. It was crazy scary to find have bad news and someone tell you there is something wrong. Worst news ever, I was informed my biopsy came back cancerous I was to come for coloposcopy (procedure). My doctor said after the procedure I would be ok. I wasnt sure what to think what about few years down the line??! I've tried to hold some sort of hope and get thru this. The procedure sucks! Let me tell you im not trying to scare any of you but make sure you take pain killers cramps!!! So about year passed and I start to get really bad discharge! I start going to see doctor and they tell me it was yeast infection. I then had several repeated visits for YI and BV, to treat bv and then more meds for YI since I was told it could come back. Going back time after time. Hearing same story over I started loosing hope. Doctors will prescribe antibiotics but only help temporary. At this point I m like great doctors dont have answers and im really sick of spending $$ for same problem??! Only thing she said do reasearch and I was welcome to seek second opinion. I'm thinking oooh great! Glad she knew bpv is the cause of it, but no answers was really geting to me. Did my research and stoped for while.

Oh btw YI can be spread to partners!! I'm not sure about BV but if anyone knows do write what you know. Meanwhile doing my search.

So about 3 months ago I come to earthclinic! Super hope somewhere outhere for me. Reading on I had to try it naturaly. There were solutions that worked others so yeah not giving up yet. My first attempt, I started with a Acidophilus orally and insert internaly in vagina for 7 days plus supplyments. That didnt work. I decided I will try Femdophilus, orally and inserted internally in vagina and with bio yogurt on tampon for 10 days. This regime was doing something different with my body I could feel it but not quite there. I think it tried to balance ph in my body but I can still smell not alright down there. So after that not working for me. I dont believe in douching. So heres my plan 3. I will do combo. I soaked in bath with Apple Cider Vinegar for 20 minutes. Today drank 2 tbs of Apple Cider Vinegar dissolved in 8oz of glass with honey. Take B-100. Boric acid with vegan 00 capsules. During regime I will monitor my progress. I also have sinuses so im going to treat that too. I will keep yall updated how it all goes! Wish me luck!!! I know we can fight this thing all! Keep the faith. I'm trying. There is hope for all of us. Leave feedback or/and any advice is apprechiated!

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Posted by Lynn (Akron, OH) on 03/21/2008

I've suffered from BV for about three and a half months now I tried all the usual suspects, flagyl, metronidazole, in pill and gel, and nothing worked. I also around that time was diagnosed with low risk HPV. I had BV once before, a long time ago and it responded well to the antibiotic treatments, but this time, no go. I'm inclined to think that its because of my HPV, anybody else thought of this? If not, get checked for to the current home remedies I'm trying...I'm doing the full 3% hydro peroxide douches, which knocks out the odor really well, but I haven't been doing it long enough to see if its making any difference, I'll keep everyone posted. I'm also doing a round of supplements, including folic acid, acidophilus bifidus capsules, as well as echinacea (more for the HPV than anything else) and alternating days with my WOmen's 1 a day supplements. I'm also looking into Goldenseal, its a little pricey, but I'll try anything at this point. Doctors are stupid and make you feel stupid, so I'll do anything not to deal with that. Hope it all works, and hope I helped, I'll keep you all posted!!!!

Replied by Searchingcure
(Milwaukee, Wi)

BV, which I have gotten on occasion, I have taken a vitamin called yeast cleanse. My OB told me it's an imbalance in the PH in your vagina. She of course offered some medication which I refused, beause I am tired of taking medication that doesn't solve the problem. So when afflicted, I take yeast cleanse, load up on echinacea and also probiotics. I was diagnosed with HPV when I got pregnant. It was a horrid experience. I was embarassed and ashamed. After thinking I was clear, I passed it along to my now husband, who is struggling with with being afflicted by it, so I am determined to find a cure and not just resolve to believe what the doctors are telling us, that there is no hope. Our heavenly Father put all these herbs on this earth for a reason and I know in my heart there is hope for all of us. And if and when I find it, I will share it with everyone on here.

I've had abnormal paps for the last 6 years thanks to hpv. I need to forgive myself and the person I believe gave it to me. I think half the battle is in our minds.

-A better diet, not smoking, drinking, no caffine, low fat/sugar intake, exersize. All things that help. Pau d' arco, grape seed extract, up to 10, 000 mg of vit c, beta carotine, garlic, selenium, shitake mushroom, echinacea, oregano oil, applying apple cider vinegar topically.

Good luck, I pray some of it helps. I am going to try Aidance skincare next. BBB accredited and great reviews!

Replied by Rose
(Queens, NY)

How you doing???? Last 2 years after all vitamin how is everything? Negative test and normal pap????

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Posted by Keisha (Birmingham, Hamstead, West Midlands) on 11/12/2007

my name is keisha, i am 18 years old, and had BV for over a year now. i reckon i caught BV from my ex boyfriend, however doctors claim that BV is not an STD/STI. apparently men cannot get it. i have tried using ph balanced shower gels such as: nivea, folic acid tablets, cranberry juice but it only works for a while. eating sweet things makes BV much worse. apparently bv is covering a more serious health condition if it keeps on coming back such as: diabetes, pelvic inflammatory disease, or HPV which i have from my ex. so be careful who u sleep with, ladies.

Replied by Veronice
(Brooklyn, US)

I'm glad someone finally said that BV could be covering a more serious health condition because I never had any trouble with infection before and i used all kinda of lotions, never douched or showered after sex and had a healthy discharge. Since the point where i believe I was exposed to the HPV virus is when my bv started and has not gona away since. I pray that when the HPV passes the BV will as well.

Replied by NB
(Washington, DC)


I too have been battling on-going BV with monthly meds from GYN. I knew it was not normal to get the same odor each time after being treated for BV. After my third treatment, my DR. finally informed me that I tested positive for HPV. I'm still not clear on how this is suppposed to heal itself...nonethless I am also now wondering it HPV and chronic BV are related. I want to use something natural because the Dr. will not give me refills for any of the BV meds. I have to pay to see him for him to treat me for the same infection every month. Please continue to post any success you have with home remedies.Thanks.

Replied by Rosemarie
(Norwalk, CT)

I have had the same problem on and off. I was diagnosed with BV and then afterwards was told that i had contracted HPV. I started recently taking something for the BV called Yeast Arrest by Vitanica. They are suppository and they help with the PH balance and fighting any infection. Since then I havn't had any BV. I am now working on building my immune system to fight the HPV virus by taking MMS solution and Primrose oil. Wish me luck!

Replied by Lynn
(Detroit, MI)

I was diagnosed with HPV in May of 2007, which was devastating since my Drs. office really didn't have any information for me. They told me that its incurable and will probably go away, not very comforting. They said to research it on the internet, which I did. I've been raised with vitamins and the importance of nutrition. After 6 months of not doing anything very aggressively, I was retested, and still had it. A biopsy showed no abnormal cells. I went to a website that had natural remedies for HPV. Two different HPV kit options including homeopathic drops and vitamin capsules. Two products helped the most I believe. One strengthened the immune system and the other helps with viruses. I was retested in May of 2008 and my pap was clear of HPV. I also did a colon cleanse during that year that my boyfriend had ordered, that may of helped as well. Just don't give up and feel like theres nothing you can do.

Replied by Christy
(Mesquite, Texas)

I recently was diagnosed with high-risk HPV after a ASCUS reading on my pap. I am a bit of a health-nut and very leary of "modern-medicine" unless absolutely necessary. I also have had slight BV off and on. In addition to the wonderful info already in this discussion about building your immune system, exercising to build health, increase oxygen/toxin elimination, and doing various body cleanses, I just wanted to share one additional method that has worked wonderfully for me. Some of you may think "she's insane"...but it is safe and most importantly works! Garlic is the miracle herb. It is the allicin in the garlic that is both anti-viral and anti-bacterial. I both eat it often and take it as a daily supplement. But here's the biggie. When I get any vaginal itching or other symptoms indicating BV I will for several nights in a row take a single clove of garlic, carefully remove the papery skin, and insert the entire whole clove into my vagina. If you cut the clove it will release more allicin and could be irritating - I haven't experienced that, just read it. I will then remove the clove in the morning and flush it away. And just like that, itching is gone, odor/discharge is normal. Had to's worth a try for anyone who's tried drugs/antibiotics and keep having the problem.

Replied by Serendipity
(Orlando, Fl)

Yes, I have been getting chronic BV which often lead to yeast infections, taking the BV medicine will give you a yeast infection, and taking yeast infection medicine, will often cause BV... so don't get trapped in the vicious cycle of antibiotics, which only serve to deplete your body of any chance of fighting off the problem, I have just read that getting these infections are a result of having HPV, which effects your mucous membranes, and cause vaginal discharge and infection... the only thing that got me out of taking all those pills, was garlic... Leave it in all night, and when you wake up your mouth will taste like garlic... I also recommend douching with Organic "with the mother" Apple Cider vinegar... the filtered stuff will not work, make sure you dilute it about I part ACV 3 parts water, and it will probably burn, especially if you have genital warts on the inside of your vulva... if you don't believe in douching, drink 8oz of water with two tsp. of ACV 3 times a day... I even take a bath with a cup of it in there... it will replace the need for moisturizers, as it helps maintain a healthy pH in your skin and body... Use tea tree oil to wipe the outer area of your vulva, it it a natural antiseptic, will tingle a lot... and if you have genital warts hiding in wait... it will get them before they become a problem... hope this helps... stay away from antibiotics... and get some probiotics, I recommend lactobacillus sporogenes, if will do the most good, some of the other ones don;t even make it past your stomach acid... and QUIT SMOKING... that is the number one way to kill your immune system... it doesn't cause cancer, if lowers your ability to fight cancer... hope this helps... I know it took me years to figure all this stuff out...

Replied by Wulan

HI Lyn

How is your hpv test now? I was diagnosed with high risk hpv too, thank God biopsy came back negative. Did you go vegan and took some vitamins? Thanks W

Replied by Lena

Where do you get the naturopath treatments

Replied by Coco

Hi, can you please provide the name of the kits that you ordered and used please. Thank you

HPV Warts on Tongue

Posted by Kiwi (Bangkok Thailand) on 01/07/2014

Large warts on my tongue, HPV... I have had 4 or 5 flat cauliflower shaped warts in the middle of my tongue for about 5 months. I live abroad, but on a recent visit home to New Zealand I had these first checked out by a dentist and then a general doctor.(a swab was taken) The joint diagnosis HPV warts.

Yes I admit to unprotected sex including oral. I do not have warts on any other parts of my body. The strange thing with these tongue warts is that they "come and go" one day they are small..then the next day larger. I put this down to the different foods I eat during the course of the day. I live in an Asian country and spicy foods are part of my daily intake.

To the point....I DO NOT want to have them lasered or frozen off. At the same time...neither do I want the warts on my tongue. Can anyone help with advice on treating them to their eventual disappearance. Thank you so much...Peter

Replied by Sascha
(Sydney, Australia)

I've used Silver Sol for everything, kills just about every virus, parasite and bacteria, ( and I mean everything) brilliant brilliant stuff, you can buy in Oz. Used it to kill HPV, friend used it to kill Herpes, another person used it to kill the big one

Replied by Bernadette

Use coconut oil, not the virgin coconut oil but the coconut oil that smells bad. I have used that on vagina area when I had warts. It has been more than a year ago and I have not seen them since.

Replied by Peter
(Bangkok Thailand)

Hi Sascha from Sydney who posted a helpful reply on the 14th of February 2014.

Sorry for the long delay in replying...thankyou for your input.

I currently have my daughter in law who lives in Brisbane searching high and low for the Silver Sol which she will post over to me in Thailand...she cannot locate it She has been everywhere and asked in Health/Homeotherapy shops as well. They have heard of SS but don't stock it Now I wonder if you would be happy to post your email address to me on this site and I relay it to Melanie in Brisbane...and then when she contacts can point her in the right direction to find the SS.

It is the only way around this problem that I can see...other than you emailing me in Bangkok peebee57(at)gmail(dot)com

By the way I am genuine...not a will NOT receive thousands of Spam emails for contacting me by email

Cheers and thanks

Replied by Terri

What kind of solution? Was it suppository form or oral?

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Fabio (Brazil) on 11/28/2023

Hydrogen Peroxide + Nail cutter

I'm a male, and I removed a wart in just one day, very easily.

1) I cut the wart with a nail cutter, exposing it and enhancing the contact surface.
2) I applied Hydrogen Peroxide like... 30 times in the next 8 hours. I mean.. I applied each 5 minutes

Well done, it was healed.

If you just cut the wart with the nail cutter, I assume that it would come back, because the virus is still there..

Some warts can be really really small, very difficult to see, so you must shave pubic hair. Sometimes the warts can be very small, so it's very difficult to see it without shaving.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Kim (Riverside, CA) on 03/22/2009

I have a question: I keep reading about HPV with warts, but I'm needing some information on a different strain of HPV. HPV can cause warts but some strains can cause cancer. I was diagnosed with with CIN 2, which means there are pre-cancerous cells in my cervix that may in time lead to cancer. This was caused by HPV. Before undergoing surgery to have those cells removed, I wanted to know if Hydrogen Peroxide has worked for anyone out there. I was thinking of douching with half 3% h202 and half water. I'd inhale if that'll work too. Does any one have any feedback on this working for you?

Replied by Wulan

Did anyone try it and worked? If so, please share with me, me too I was diagnosed with high risk hpv.

Replied by Raul
(United States)

I would like any info on this please, if anyone knows. My girlfriend was diagnosed with abnormal cervix and would like info on hydrogen peroxide please. Thank you in advance 😢😢

Replied by Lerner

Occasional douching did not eradicate the hpv. Using lysine vaginally caused it to spread.

Best wishes.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Cured (Anonymous) on 01/16/2009

I was diagnosed with HPV (the kind that causes genital warts). I inhaled the peroxide for about 2 weeks, and put one cap ful of Rite Aid peroxide in a 20 ounce bottle of water. I went to the doctor for my annual in Nov, and the HPV was gone.

EC: More about the hydrogen peroxide inhalation method here:

More about hydrogen peroxide here:

Replied by Anonymous
(Brooklyn, Ny)

Hi there,

Did you drink this 20oz mix in the morning on an empty stomach or through out the day? Did you drink this more than once a day?

Replied by Anon
(Nashville, Tn, USA)

How often did you drink the peroxide? Can I do this more than once per day?

Lemon Oil

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Posted by Chad (Georgia, US) on 12/01/2014

Lemon essential oil worked very fast for me! I tried hydrogen peroxide, banana peels- Apple cider vinegar is great- but not for sensitive areas with thinner skin. Lemon oil had the least amount of pain with the biggest and fastest impact. Applied it twice a day for 1 week. Just rub it on and let air dry. No scar and resolved so fast. Works good on all warts! Highly recommend trying Lemon Oil first and save yourself the frustration!

Melaleua Oil

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Posted by Laura (Maryland) on 05/30/2018 1 posts

I found a cure for HPV. A stage 4, progressing for years, and just gone! Melaleuca oil (tea tree) 7 drops in 4 to 5 oz of water....shake and douche. Once a month for 2 months......gone....all gone!

Replied by Marilyn
(Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA)

How often fo you douche with half peroxide. Half water?

Replied by Strongheart

Did u deal with a odor? Bacterial infection wise?

Replied by Shelly26

How often u do peroxide and how much?

Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin C, Garlic

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Posted by S (Wmca, Nevada) on 01/13/2009

I was diagnosed with HPV three years ago. I had numerous paps and a colposcopy. When they all came back positive low grade abnormal cells I had the option of leep procedure or let nature run its course. And I opted to let nature run its course. I took a multi-vitamin, vitamin C 100mg, and a garlic soft gel everyday. After 6 months my next pap came back ASCUS and then the two I have had since then have came back clear.

Replied by Z
(Miami, Fl)

In 2007 I learned I had LSIL/HPV in my cervix. My doctor said to wait and see if it will go away. I got tested a few months later in early 2008 and the results came back the same. I then had two painful colposcopy where they took a small biospy of my cervix. After the doctor gave me the results ( the same LSIL/HPV) he suggested I scheduole a LEEP procedure. I was devastated. I was upset that this is the only way out for me. Ironically the night before I was suppose to have my LEEP I came on this website and read about taking vitamins. I was already taking vitamins but decided to do research (in the middle of the night) on which vitamins are helpful. The next morning I cancelled my LEEP, prayed and headed to the pharmacy.

I started taking a pharmacy brand multi-vitamin, folic acid, b-12, and vitamin c. I put half of a vitamin C as far as it can go in my vagina ( to try to reach the cervix). I did the vitamin C once/twice every few months. In July 2009 I went to the gyn. And got tested. It came back normal, but I still had HPV. I decided to increase the amount of vitamins and today July 2010 I called my pap is NORMAL- NO abnormal cells, NO HPV!!! It was a long journey but I knew there had to be other healthy pain free ways. I dont know if this will work for every women who is going through what I went through but I do encourage you to look into other options before doing a procedure like the LEEP etc.


Replied by Sarai
(Jackson, Ca)

I just read your story about the hpv. I too was diagnosed with it a few years ago, high risk. I started to take two 500mg of vitamin C a day, and every once in a while I would insert half a vitamin c pill up into my cervix area. I then read about the hydrogen peroxide, and began to douche with it, mixed with water. And I prayed, and prayed for this to go away. About two weeks ago I had a pap smear done, my result came back, NORMAL. I'm not sure if it was a combination of things, or if it was the vitamin C or peroxide, but I'm all clear of it now. . . . . Thank god.

Replied by Lola
(Seattle, Washington, Usa)

I'm so happy for you girls, can you guys please post updates. I'm currently battling this and I'm scared to death. I too wish to over come this as naturally as I can before taking it to the next step, surgery. Also, do you guys still keep up with the regimen? Have you changed your diets or have you gone to your normal everyday life routines?

Replied by Gina
(London, UK)

I was diagnosed with HPV C1N3 and had an operation and removed it in July 2012. Since then, I've changed my diet significantly. While before, my bottle of water at home will finish after six to nine days, I now drink at least three quarters of a bottle every day. Before, I used to have around 100 to 300 grams of fruits a week. Now, I have between 200 and 600 grams of fruits a day. I'm eating less meat and animal fats. At least four times a week, I have for breakfast cereals with organic milk or oat milk with organic seeds, sunflower seeds (that repair damaged DNA), walnuts, almonds, hazel nuts and dried cranberries. At least once a week, I try to have organic salmon or trout. I try to add garlic (that kills bacteria and viruses) whether raw and crushed or cooked.

Turmeric is a powerful anti-cancerous spice and the good thing is that it doesn't have a strong taste, so you can add it to rice, soups and anything cooked really.

Watercress is very good in everything. My next examination is scheduled for January 2013, and I'll be so disappointed if I get bad news... Wish me luck everyone!

Replied by Monster
(London, Uk)

I was wondering about inserting vitamin c up the vagina, did you just use a normal vitamin c tablet? Or is there something else you can buy especially for that. Thanks for your help.

Replied by Dora

Only Lord can heals us!! The procedure in vagina are soo scare for us!! Doctors recommend before results! Agree with you natural ways and second opinion first!! Thanks

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Grace (Wa, Australia) on 08/22/2011

Can anyone please tell me if im on the right track for reversing abnormal cells on the cervix. 2 weeks ago started on vitc 2000mg 3xday now increased to 4xday.

Lysine 500mg 3xday increased to 1000mg 4xday

cysteine and inositol 3xday

spirulina and chlorella as well as morning juicing

just started lugols 4days ago but not sure how much to take currently about 9 drops day and also taking H202 3xday

very little meat and fish

rubbing DMSO with lugols at night below the stomach

not sure if its working at all , hoping it will. any feedback greatly appreciated. thank you

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Monica (Los Angeles, Ca) on 01/04/2011

I was diagnosed with High risk HPV. I had a class III pap smear/CIV, which is 1 step before cervical cancer. The gynecologist said that I no other option, but to get a Leep procedure done. This procedure actually cuts off a part of your cervix that has the abnormal cells. In my case it was more than 1/4 of my cervix that would need to be removed. I was told that the only issue for me after the surgery would be if I wanted to have a baby I would possibly have a high risk pregnancy with a risk of going into early delivery because of a weak and shortened cervix. For me, this was unacceptable.

I asked my doctor to find an alternative treatment to this invasive surgery and his response was, "you have no other options. You must have this surgery. If you wait any longer it will turn into cancer. You don't have the option to go have think about it. You have to have the surgery. " He scheduled me to come in to have the surgery within a few days. However, intuitively I knew better.

I started doing research about alternative options to treat my condition. I found a naturopath in my area who treated HPV, both cancerous and non cancerous strains. Her method was to perform an Escarotic. I went in 2 times a week for 6 weeks. She applied a mixture of herbs to my cervix which over time destroyed the abnormal cells and allowed for new normal cells to grow. She also had me on a regimen of high doses of Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Vitamin A, Green Tea Tablets, an Anti HPV Tincture (mixture of various herbs), and Dim which regulates hormones naturally and encourages healthy cells growth. I was also taking liquid oxygen in my water to alkalize my blood, which creates a cancer resistant environment in the body. We waited a bit over 2 months after the treatment to do a re pap. Thankfully it came back normal. And is still normal 1 year later. I have gone every 3 months for the past year and have had 100% normal pap smears. I still take the vitamin regimen, but at a lower dosage. I hope this information helps others with the similar condition and know that surgery is not the only option. Wishing you love and health.

Replied by Hopeful
(Atlanta, Ga)

Monica, thank you. Good information. I will look for a naturpath who does Escarotic.

Replied by Becki
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Hi Monica,

I too live in Los Angeles and have been diagnosed with the high risk hpv. Ive also been looking for a Naturopath for this condition and here you are! Could you tell me what Doctor you visited?

Replied by Pat
(Los Angeles)

Hi Monica,

I'm also from LA area, can you please tell me name of Dr.and office used?

Replied by Kelsey
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Hey Monica, I live in the LA area as well and would love to know the name of your doctor. Can you please tell me? Thanks!

Replied by Joanne
(Sebastopol, Ca)

I had high risk HPV and a questionable pap smear. My naturopath put me on Dalton Aloe pills (2X/day), green tea extract (2X/day), folic acid and zinc. She also prescribed some other herbs, etc. But this is all I did. I just got back my results after 6 months and all was normal!

Replied by Jessica
(West Los Angeles, Ca)

Dear Monica (from LA)

I am scheduled to get my cervix frozen next week and just cancelled my appointment after reading your message; thank you so much! I am very scared and I really want to try your naturopath; I have already gotten a leep procedure done two years ago and I am not willing to freeze my cervix as the doctor said this was my only choice at this point. I know God heard my prayers when I read your message. If you could please provide me with that information to that Dr.In LA. Thx a million and god bless you!!

Replied by Kelly
(Las Vegas, Nv)

yes what is the name of this dr office please?

Replied by Sophi
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Hi monica, I was just diagnosed with hpv that may cause cancer. is there a way to get the information of the naturopath that helped you?

Replied by Patty
(Los Angeles, CA)

I had tested positive for HPV 5 years ago. I visited a naturopath after reading some of the posts here. I was given green tea/camphor oil vaginal inserts. By next pap test I was clear and have been negative for a year and half now. Call your local naturopath and see if they have experience treating HPV....that's what I did.

Replied by Monica
(Los Angeles)

The name of the naturopath is Michelle Gerber. And the procedure is spelled escharotic. Five years later I still have normal pap smears and only had treatment from my naturopath. Good luck to anyone looking for an alternative way to heal.

Replied by Kathy Weaver
(Riverside, USA)

Monica from Los Angeles, what is name and contact of the naturpath that cured u of cervical cancer ? Please reply with info thank you.

Replied by Monica
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Hi Kathy, in Riverside The name of the naturopath is Michelle Gerber. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Monica (los angeles)

Replied by Sharon E

Hi, thanks for your input. can you please tell me which brand of dalton Aloe you bought? I am desperate to get a normal pap again. I just had the surgery and then had a clear pap. But taken again a couple months later, it is abnormal again. Help!

Replied by Jennifer

Hi Monica, could you please tell me the name of the naturopath you went to? Thank you :)

Replied by Monica
(Los Angeles)

Hi Jennifer. I listed her name earlier in the thread. Her name is Michelle Gerber. Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions.

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