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Thieves and Castor Oil

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Posted by Kat (Asheville, Nc) on 05/03/2016
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I found what I think are two strains of genital hpv on my body 2 weeks ago. ACV took care of one of the strains (mole looking warts). But nothing I was doing seemed to affect the other warts (they were more developed and clusteted). I applied ACV to the clusters a few times a day (painful) and kept the area saturated in castor oil with a large oversized "cotton oval". I noticed almost no difference in the clusters after a week of these treatments...

SO.... I added a few drops of Thieves oil to the castor soaked cotton ball. I made sure to distribute this small amount through the oil as evenly as possible. I totally soak the cotton and sometimes add another layer before applying to the warts. I keep this on overnight and as much as I can during the day (while I'm home). You should not feel any sensation from the thieves oil. If you do than you have used too much oil or have not distributed it through the castor oil evenly.

I am writing this now only 3 days after trying the thieves oil. And the clustered warts have almost entirely disappear. Any brand of the thieves oil recipe may work, but I would only trust food grade oils to use internally or for sensitive genital regions.

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