Genital HPV Remedies

| Modified on Nov 29, 2023

What is HPV?

Genital human papillomavirus (HPV) is a common sexually transmitted infection that affects humans by establishing itself in the skin and mucous membranes. There are over 40 types of HPV, many of them causing most people to exhibit few to no symptoms and therefore it is possible to have no realization that you are carrying and can spread the disease.

HPV can cause serious health concerns such as warts on the genitalia or even the throat in some rare cases; but an HPV infection also can lead to cervical cancer in women as well as other cancers of the throat, anus, penis, and vulva as well as head and neck cancer. The HPV and cancer link is very real and a serious risk for not only women, but men as well. A developing cancer can take over 10 years to become apparent, allowing plenty of time to treat any pre-cancerous lesions. For that reason, there currently is an HPV vaccine that can protect against the virus, which you may have been reading about in the news.

Natural HPV Treatment

We have a number of home remedies and natural treatments for genital HPV, but we are always looking to discover and share more with the community. Currently some of our more popular remedies are hydrogen peroxide, castor oil, and the combination of vitamin C, garlic, and a multi-vitamin as a cure for HPV symptoms.

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Alkaline Diet

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Posted by Konstanc (Ns, Canada) on 05/26/2014

Re: HPV & Alkaline Diet - I just wanted to share some information for those who are struggling with this illness and working on becoming healthy again.

I have not myself had a positive diagnosis. I've seen my Dr. on various occasions and she never seemed to be able to tell me what was wrong, Meanwhile, my BF and I were suffering from something but were unsure as to what. Then he came across this website and it has shed so much light onto whats going on with our bodies.

In saying that, we've just recently started doing our research on how to cure HPV, everyone on here seems to swear by ACV, so we've begun to drink water with 1TBS of ACV. another thing I found was that HPV & bv have a lot to do with the PH of your body. An acidic body is a sickness magnet, so do some research on what foods are alkaline and what foods are acidid, we also tested our water, and found, once boiled it was PH neutral - Alkaline.

One thing I want to stress is a normal healthy diet should be 60% Alkaline food 40% Acidic. HOWEVER when sick your diet should be 80% Alkaline 20% Acidic.

I hope this helps someone as much as all the other posts have helped me.

God bless, and peace be with you all.

Replied by Jay
(Miami, US)

Hey, I was wondering if you were successful in clearing the warts with the alkaline diet.
I think I might have genital HPV. Though I am not certain, I have been maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Still waiting on the biopsy results. I thought I would reach out to you.

Let me know, Jay

Replied by Konstanc

Hi there. I personally did not suffer from warts, But I will tell you that my symptoms have cleared completely. It's honestly a life saver. Another thing, there was a post on here explaining how to get rid of warts with peroxide and ACV. Keep researching and good luck and take care.

ps. try to reduce your stress as much as possible. Stress will run down your body worse than anything. :)

Replied by Kristina

Thank you for sharing! God bless you

Alkalizing Protocol

Posted by Persistence (Ny, US) on 11/24/2014

HPV, or herpes I think it's all the same family. I will share what worked for me: boost immune system with antioxidants, vitamin C I never take water alone, I put CELL FOOD drops, astragalus root drops, thuja drops or make tea, crushed vitamin C (no more than 1000mg otherwise will get diarrhea), 1/2 tsp baking soda- 1 is always going inside water NEVER more than 1. sleep at least 7 hours daily soak in baking soda bath - usually fill tub to cover my rear sitting down and add about a good 1/4 cup of baking soda, I also dissolve in hot water later I change so I sit in warm-cold water. Do it 2x a day or 1x a day and stop when you like, this will keep the rest of the body alkaline.

BAKING SODA MAKES THE BODY ALKALINE as long as our bodies are alkaline there's no outbreak of anything including colds. If you have outbreaks in mouth gargle with baking soda 2x's a day AM & PM. I boil water, take glass place 1/2 tsp of baking soda stir in hot water (4oz h2o per 1/2 tsp) and let cool until youn can handle in mouth as gargle. you'll have enough to gargle twice and drink the not drink the gargle, throw out. LISTEN EVERYTHING HAS A SOLUTION IN LIFE. If God heals you AWESOME and if HE decides to heal you with natural medicine great. This is not the end of life, it's bothersome but we were created for our bodies to restore itself naturally; therefore the answers are in nature there's just a big mafia who doesn't want to expose the plants that heal, malaria, aids, etc. theres alos a recipe in the case you don't mind the liquor: This detoxifies the body & cures all: 5 radishes, 5 lemons with peel, 5 tbsp honey, 2 garlic heads (350g) raw peeled in 1/4 liquor in a glass container for 10 store away in fridge. Remove to strain place back in container for 2 days. After two days can take in drops with water or milk as mentioned in video (1:24 minutes) below. Cannot repeat this more than 1x a year. One lady mentioned instead of liquor can use lemon but this one can be 1tbsp after meals for 21 days...3x's a year only.

BAKING SODA MAKES THE BODY ALKALINE as long as our bodies are alkaline there's no outbreak of anything including colds. If you have outbreaks in mouth gargle with baking soda 2x's a day AM & PM. I boil water, take glass place 1/2 tsp of baking soda stir in hot water (4oz h2o per 1/2 tsp) and let cool until youn can handle in mouth as gargle. you'll have enough to gargle twice and drink the not drink the gargle, throw out.

EVERYTHING HAS A SOLUTION IN LIFE. If God heals you AWESOME and if HE decides to heal you with natural medicine great. This is not the end of life, it's bothersome but we were created for our bodies to restore itself naturally; therefore the answers are in nature there's just a big mafia who doesn't want to allow the plants that heal in the market, plants that heal malaria, aids, etc.

theres also a recipe in the case you don't mind the liquor: This detoxifies the body & cures all: 5 radishes, 5 lemons with peel, 5 tbsp honey, 2 garlic heads (350g) raw peeled in 1/4 liquor in a glass container for 10 store away in fridge. Remove to strain place back in container for 2 days. After two days can take in drops with water or milk as mentioned in video (1:24 minutes) below. Cannot repeat this more than 1x a year.

instead of liquor can use lemon but this one can be 1tbsp after meals for 21 days...3x's a year only, everything else is the same.

* try to include in daily diet/juices : papaya with seeds on empty stomach (excellent against parasites only 7 days on empty) otherwise can drink anytime. Pineapple, carrots, aloe Vera, garlic, red grapes, broccoli, cauliflower, spirulina, oregano, red pepper, chlorophyll ALL needs to be raw, preferably organic. Look for antiviral and antioxidant herbs, raw veggies, fruits. Garlic is a must DAILY AT LEAST 2 a day raw.

*Place the lining of raw onion on the wart 2x's a day.

*i don't eat: cane sugar I replace all sugar with honey or agave. no milk, no flour, no nuts of any type, oils with nut like descendent (sunflower, peanut).

calendula tea: 1 cup boiling water infuse in low heat for 20 minutes. For 2 weeks

tree tea same as above can also put oil on wart.


1 c oil, honey, 1/2 lemon mix and apply for 20 minutes

Make baking soda paste with h2o instead of ACV Or hydrogen peroxide straight.

horsetail on the wart, becareful can burun if have open wound, instead you can drink in water or tea.

1/2 tsp turmeric, 2 lemons, 1/2 yogurt leave for 25 minutes. If genitals.

The inner circle of pineapple on the wart with bandage on to keep from falling

the leaf of the figs has a milk like substance that if you place that milk substance on the wart they will be gone forever.

raw potatoe juice on the wart, can make by peeling potatoe and slicing let it strain or you can blend then strain. Place juice with q-tip on the wart.

garlic paste, blend garlic cloves until you have careful garlic will take them off forever but can leave a stain. To avoid stain/burn place vitamin E oil before you place the paste.

I've also heard banana peel warts come right off in 2 hours.

Replied by Brian K.
(Martinsville, In)

True, Herpes and HPV are in the same family, so to speak. They are both DNA viruses, I'm not sure if they are Double Stranded DNA or Single Stranded DNA viruses, but they are DNA viruses. Yes, there are viruses of every Nucleic Acid out there. But HPV is very contagious. You can pick up HPV from a public swimming pool. It is the virus that causes Warts. Some forms of HPV are sexually transmitted, some are not. But most strains after strain #10 are spread through sexual contact. I wrote a 15 page single spaced paper on the virus as a college student, so I know a little about it.

I have heard that the virus stays in the system for about 2 years, with the potential of wart breakouts...but of course it will be in your system. I do not believe that it can be spread to someone else after it has been dealt with by your immune system and all wart eruptions or break outs have cleared, but I am not sure.

Almond, Tea Tree and Jojoba Oils

Posted by Healer74 (Kaukauna, Wi) on 02/05/2012

This natural formulation is based on the defeating your HPV topically. It is based on percentage of intake in a Liquid format.

Almond Oil 70%
Tea Tree Oil 25%
Jojoba Oil 5%

This is a topical formulation and is based on frequent as possible use. I would direct you to apply the following way:
Clean the affected area and dry thoroughly. Apply the serum with a cotton swab directly on the affected area every 4 to 5 hours per day.

Replied by Susan
(Akron, Ohio)

Does this burn? I heard that the apple cider vinegar works but burns really bad. Also, does those percentages you put next to the ingredients represent how you should mix the items? Thank you for posting.

Replied by Jillery
(Rawlly, Nc)
88 posts

internally? That is where mine is.

Aloe with Beta-Mannan

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Posted by Lezlie (Saratoga Springs, Ny) on 05/21/2014

I was diagnosed with recurring cervical dysplasia & HPV over 10 years ago (in my early 40's). I had 3 cervical conings (where they freeze the surface cells.) After the 4th positive test result, I decided to take different action. I did a lot of on-line research, which led me to try a natural aloe-based product known as "beta mannan". I took the supplement for 4 weeks (along with additional Vit C and consciously getting more rest, more exercise, and exploring way to de-stress). My next pap and exam proved that I was clear -- and I have never had a problem since (over 12 yrs). I recommended this treatment to my sister (she was in her 30's), and 2 neices (early to mid-20s)... they all experienced the same result... future paps and testings were clear. research, educate and pay attention to what treatments you are drawn to. Good luck and good health!!

Replied by Jenna
(Texas, US)

Is this a continued use? Or do you just do it in the weeks leading up to your test? Is there a certain quantity of betta mannen you take? Or just the recommended amount? Thank you!

Replied by Sara

Could you please let us know if you use this all the time or ?

Replied by Eliza Blue

@Lezlie in Saratoga Springs, NY: Re: BETA MANNEN. These two women wanted your consult with regard to the amount(s) of all the supplements, in addition to, "beta mannen" you had taken to be cured and cleared of HPV. I am sure other girls and women would like to know, additionally. It's surprising that you did not share this information since it worked so well for you. An update would be great to see how you are doing regarding the HPV infection, and if it is still eradicated, whether it returned, or never returned at all. How long did you take your self-administered protocol? Did you have the high risk type since you had to have your cells frozen? Once again, the actual supplement names and quantities, how many times per day, at what times of day, for how long, or the duration in which to take protocol (i.e., 2 weeks, 5 months, or 1 year?), etc. I am so sorry you had to go through this, but you defeated it and that is what is the important thing.

Thank you.

Replied by Lezlie
(Saratoga Springs)
1 posts

Dear Jenna, Sara, & Eliza ... I apologize that I never responded to your questions!! I have not been back to this page in 4 years, tho I use the Earth Clinic site on a regular basis! (What a gift! ) When I originally posted, I assumed folks would find the product online and follow their guidelines, which is what I had done. I believe I took the Beta-Mannen product for 4 weeks (2 bottles?), according to the directions (I'm remembering twice a day). I also increased my Vit. C, decreased sugars and got more rest - basically bringing down the stress level in my body. I would now encourage a more alkaline diet (dial down the caffeine and meats) and increase detoxing with water/sea salt and good elimination practices.

If HPV is present in most of our systems (which I remember reading in multiple places), then we need to think about why symptoms may be triggered - what is out of balance in the whole system ... rarely is good health recovery a single-trigger issue.

I am now in my late 50's and have not had a recurrence of the HPV. Hoping this is helpful and wishing you good health!

Replied by Raul
(United States)

Is it vera or Beta? Thank you

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Jillybeans (somewhere in the south) on 02/14/2021 88 posts

I had a wart show up 6 o'clock area right below my vagina on the cusp. For me, (since all women are different) it was almost on a labia fold. I was nervous but I took a small piece of a cotton ball and soaked it in ACV and gingerly placed it on the wart. I was able to 'arrange' my labia so the cotton stayed on there. Yes, it was a bit stingy. I'd check the spot after each time I peed. I'd say I'd put a new piece of cotton ball on there 2-3 times a day. After a day, it would really sting for a minute when I put the cotton on there. It took about 4 days for the wart to go away. I check the area regularly to make sure it does not start to grow again. Yes I know it is a HPV but when I was last tested for HPV I was clear.

I would not recommend this for the faint of heart, but my gyno said it wasn't a big deal... LOL, maybe not to him. I am 66 yrs old.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Danny (Dallas, Texas) on 12/23/2010

Hello. I am a male, 23 and I used Apple Cider directly on my skin (genital area). I have little warts and it got rid of them but unfortunately it left marks there due to the acid effect I guess. I am a pretty dark skin type and now I have these little white spots that look like scars.. My question is whether my skin color will ever return to normal or is there anything I can do to heal it? And for future use: how do I use it properly without burning my skin?

Replied by Seahorselady
(Cleveland, Oh, Usa)

I have suffered from HPV in the past with BV's all the time. I had cancerous cervix cells removed and normal paps since then. This was all in between 1996 and 2002. I thought I had cleared the virus and was fine. I've since had episodes of recurring problems with thrush, yeast, chronic fatigue and other things where I knew something was wrong with me but no doctor could find anything. It was like something would activate in me and the symptoms would begin again. They clear up after 3 or months.

I have recently seen a holistic doctor that specializes in women's health and was informed that the HPV virus can live in the body and remain dormant for periods of time with no cervical cell abnormalities. She also said that it can attack other parts of the body such as uterus, throat, intestines, etc. with no way to test for it. She believes my recurring episodes are the HPV virus becoming active in my body again. I would caution you if you think you have cleared it, as I did, because you may not have. A pap can only detect the virus on the cervix, no where else. She put me on Oil of Oregano and Black Walnut Green Hull. I also have to take plant sterols/sterolins to boost my immune system.

Replied by Ss
(Richmond, Va)

I had hpv warts for almost 3 yrs.. Found out w/my second pregnancy.. I did everything Apple Cider Vinegar, tea tree oil, the painful dental floss trick and they all hurt extremely bad and were very uncomfortable. I researched hrs on end I was starting to get obsessive I just wanted them to go away.

Well I started taking lots of vitamins, garlic pills and echinacea pills all the time 6 mo later they have all cleared up and I had more than I could count of all shapes and sizes and it worked no pain no scars.. I just wanted to post this to give hope to those. God bless!

Replied by Rupanzal
(Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India)

Natural therapies such as Homeopathy and Ayurvedic herbs have not made it possible to give quick relief from HPV symptoms and prevent reoccurrence. These natural therapies help to boost up your immune system. Different forms of hpv-treatments-HPV treatment are available such as topical creams containing podophyliin extracts, removal of warts by chemical cauterization or cryosurgery and interferon injections. However, these conventional methods of HPV treatment do not help to cure HPV. They are only a way of suppressing symptoms. Homeopathic remedies work on emotional and mental levels, along with cellular levels, in order to ensure that the entire being is brought into harmony. Natural therapies such as Homeopathic nosodes (OM28, HP - Factor Nosodes, Hyperisince, Wartex Forte Drops). Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs help to bring back complete balance in your body and give you lasting relief.

Replied by Megirly
(Scottsdale, Az)

Hey guys. I was just diagonosed with HPV genital warts last month. I already had some warts treated with TCA, it removed one of the warts but more came back this week. I am scheduled for another treament next Monday but I'm not sure I want to go back just because I got even more since my last treatment and this is not treating the cause of warts... HPV. Anyways I ordered these Vitamins, I ordered them like 2 weeks ago but there was a back order on them but they should be here tommorow! I have had great success taking them for other kind of warts( not genital warts). So I'm hoping these vitamins will help fight this nasty HPV off! I really don't want to but Apple cider or anything like that down there, I'll let you guys know how long it will take these vitamins and immune system to work.haha

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by Ed (Maryland) on 10/19/2016

Hi! I was recently diagnosed with genital warts. Small, white bumps on both sides of my vaginal opening; a little embarrassing but I want too concerned. I had a LEEP in 2009 so I'd already researched HPV.

Then a few weeks ago, I started noticing a HORRIBLE smell; I didn't know it was coming from me at first... it literally smelled like a dumpster!! I did some research and realized it was most likely BV.

So I found this site and looked into the BV at first, then I researched HPV as well, which led to researching about skin tags (I've had one on my right lip for probably... 12 years??) and saw some overlap with the cures... Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and Hydrogen Peroxide (HP), specifically.

I was very optimistic. The first thing I did was a tampon douche with ACV. I could only handle it for so long but I also rubbed the ACV on the warts and the skin tag, and I used a pad to catch any drippage. I soaked a cotton ball in ACV and tried to find ways to make it stick but they all pretty much failed. Lol.

Regardless, the smell decreased IMMEDIATELY. Not completely back to normal but it was noticeably less pungent. Also, my 12 year-old skin tag just sorta... disappeared!! Like, immediately!!!

I did a few more ACV douches, as well as a HP douche. The smell went away in just a few days and I was back to normal a few days after that.

Regarding the warts, they just kinda started to disappear. I would wipe the wart areas with an ACV-soaked paper towel after I used the bathroom, and I would also follow that up by massaging coconut oil into my entire genital region to keep from burning myself. While I would occasionally feel a stinging sensation after applying the ACV to the warts, only twice did it really burn, and even then it abated in maybe 30 seconds.

I also started to wipe first with some rubbing alcohol, then I'd apply some HP, and finish with ACV. I'd soak a paper towel in the vinegar and leave it over the area for a while at night, and wear a pad. I knew the paper towels would eventually dislodge from the area, but it stayed longer than cotton balls or TP. I'd also rub coconut oil around the bumps.

After a week or two, I noticed that I was down to only two warts - One on each side!! The rest had all just sorta like, run away in the night or something. So I decided to get aggressive. I noticed the one on the right was a little black. So I wiped them with the alcohol, HP and ACV, and sorta rubbed at them with my fingernail. The black one just, fell off. So I rubbed that side with the coconut oil. And smiled. The left one flaked off some but it was still there. So I dipped a cotton ball in ACV and put a waterproof bandaid (the good ones from Nexcare). First one slid off so I wiped it ahah with alcohol and let it dry out for maybe 30 minutes. I then soaked another tiny piece of cotton in ACV and put it on the band-aid pad first (instead of covering the wart with the cotton and trying to place the band-aid over the wart and the ball) then covered the last little wart. It stayed until I decided to take it off.

The wart was still there BUT it was almost gone. So I rubbed it again with the three liquids and decided to write this review. At this moment it's still hanging on but I expect it to be gone very, very soon.

ALSO, I did use toothpaste once, just to see bc that often worked on my zits as a teenager. When I applied it, there were maybe 4 left? When I showered a few hours later, I was down to two.

I know this is a novel but to sum it up, I started trying to get rid of all these issues maybe three weeks ago? I wasn't always vigilant but that didn't seem to matter. I think it's good to go with a routine and then switch it up some to confuse any stubborn stragglers. I noticed the warts for the first time about a year ago and none of them went away until I started trying this. I highly recommend just starting something.

I'm also going to douche regularly to fight any precancerous cells I may have because I don't want another LEEP.

Best of luck and health and thanks to all you who stuck with my novel :)

Astragalus, Echinacea, Pau d'Arco

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Posted by Organic Girl (Staton California) on 01/06/2014

Hello Natural Earth Clinic readers, here is how I cured myself from HPV. I was diagnosed with this horrible disease back in 2011. No matter what I tried I my pap came back positive for for low grade non-cancerous HPV. Finally I did some research on antiviral herbs. For a few months I took astragalus, echinacea, and pau'darco herbs. Also I used a wash made of red wine or red wine vinegar to kill the virus on my cervix at least once a day. I just got my labs back today and it is negative again, I'm not sure which one worked, but I would recommend using all of the above. I hope this helps with the ladies who are suffering with this so called incurable disease.

Replied by Diy
(Austin Tx)

Where did u get the herbs.. Especially pau d' arco?

Replied by Jabe
(Riverside, Ca)

I actually found all three at a small family-owned health food store. if you have Whole Foods, or a smaller health food store, you should find them all...

Replied by Hellodmv
(DC, US)

Warning: Pau'darco can cause liver damage. The tea is better for you.

Replied by Nic

How much did you take of each of these and how much red wine solution did you use and for how long? How long did you use it to see results?

Replied by K
(San Francisco, CA)

You would need 1 oz of herb per pint of water to make a medicinal tea, any less of the herb would be a beverage tea. I would take that once a day. Tinctures of the herbs are better you can also find them at Health Foods stores, its less to drink!

For teas -

Leaves, flowers, etc in a hot water infusion, meaning boil the water then steep the herbs

For roots and barks etc, simmer them in the water.. then you can combine the two if your using multiple kinds of herbs.

I highly recommend seeking a clinical herbalist who will know a comprehensive safe and effective formula for you. Herbalists are pretty affordable, if you seek one in your area look in the American Herbalist Guild!

Congrats on turning to the herbs and being successful in your healing! I love that you are inspiring others to turn to herbs!

Replied by Momma

Hi, how did u do the wash with red wine vinegar? Thanks! And hope u stay free of this virus!

Replied by Cheri

Hi, can you tell me how much Pau Darco you used, and how you prepared this mixture for the HPV condition? This herb is very dangerous if too much is used, warnings say. Thank you.

Baking Soda

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Posted by Audrey (Surrey, Bc) on 10/30/2009

Baking Soda for HPV Wart on Tongue

My son is two and got HPV on his tongue. The doctor said that he could have the wart removed by surgery but I was not keen on that. My son has eczema and instead of bathing in in a bubble bath we bath him in baking soday to calm his itchy skin. He liked to pour the powder into the water and one day he poured a small amount on the ledge of the tub. He put his finger in it and said yum! It became a daily routine for now 3 weeks and his wart on his tongue in totally gone. Now that H1N1 is rappant, our entire family is now drinking baking soda. We are believers!

Castor Oil

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Posted by Marcus (Los Angeles) on 02/13/2016

Ok so you're on here because you have hpv. It's ok you're not the only one. I had anal warts and I've tried so many different treatments and all of them have hurt really bad or did not work. The most painful one is Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and it's not worth the burn. Anyone on here saying it works, don't believe them or find out the hard way.

I recently came across a post about Cold Pressed Castor Oil and I was not sure if it was even worth trying but figured what do I have to lose? I put tons of it all over the area and soaked a paper towel and applied it to the area and added a dry paper towel over it so I wouldn't leak as much. It's been roughly 8 days now and they are gone. Just vanished no pain no turning black no falling off simply gone. I've had these things for a little over 10 years in my anal area not inside just on the outside surrounding my opening. When I look in my hand mirror I'm amazed my skin looks great and all warts are gone!! I'm so happy!!!

I've lost nights of sleep over this and went thru a very deep depression. I went to the DR. years ago and they made me feel like a freak so I decided to do home treatments for several years, in moderation. Nothing worked so I visited a DR again about 2 years ago and asked for Aldara. He checked my anal area out and said I do not have any warts. I knew he was wrong bc I know my body but he assured me it was not warts and gave me the prescription anyways and said if the cream doesnt work its bc they are not warts. Well the cream didnt work. I didnt know what to do so I soaked my anal area with ACV for 3 days in a row and omg the worse pain ever. I let it heal and did spot treatment instead- 4 days later I got rid of 1 large wart and its seed. Ever since that I can not use ACV bc the pain is horrible and it left a little scar.

If you are looking for a way to get rid of your warts pain free get some Cold Pressed Castor Oil ASAP! You will thank me in about 1 week. After day 3 I saw no difference but decided to keep using it and everything is smooth and clear again!! Thank God I have my life back!! Castor Oil really does work take it from me my warts were stubborn and old latching on my body for all these years it feels good to say good bye to my warts!!

Castor Oil
Posted by Jenica (Nassau, Usa) on 03/21/2011


Last year October I was diagnosed of HPV. I have warts on my genital area. I tried some alternative treatment like Castor oil before engaging into medical intervention, I applied it on the area like a lotion and amazingly it peeled off the warts 85-90% in just week. But it came back November and I discovered that I am pregnant. Warts recurrence happens when our immune sytem is low and during pregnancy immune system is low. December I undergo cauterization. After a week I feel bumps in my vagina, ( 2 bumps), I applied castor oil again and used Wartrol. I higly recommend it. After 4 days I think the bumps disappeared. Its been 4 months without breakout. Recurrence is possible if your immune system is low but some says 2-3x recurrence happen. Keeping your body fit will decrease the chance of recurrence. Dont smoke! Aside from castor oil and Wartrol, I am taking vitamins like vit c and vit e that is good for our immune system. If you are at younger age your body could fight the virus because younger people have a good immune system. Most men and women do acquire immunity to their acquired HPV type in a year or three. According to some studies HPV will be cleared by our own body 6month-2 years, but of course we have to help our body. Good Luck!

Replied by Sam
(Durban, South Africa)

Hi, The Trick is to apply raw tea tree oil on the affected area after u have gotten rid of, or your warts have fallen off! Do this for a few months! Also Buy Black Seed Oil (Cumin) take orally and apply topically. Have Honey! Red Marine Algea will boost your immune system. Oxygen drops should be added to your daily drinking water! Also Eat Healthy!

Replied by Hpv?
(Fort Mill, Sc)

I have read that castor oil is used in some immunosuppressant drugs. So this may not be the best thing to use for HPV because you want a strong immune system to defeat the virus. I have also read it can be helpful with skin issues so maybe it is a toss up. I just saw this on wikipedia so don't take my word for it, do some research.

However, I also just read that taken orally it can be used to induce labor, so if I were pregnant I would stay away from it.

I have read a lot of good things about using Apple Cider Vinegar. Some people have been able to get rid of warts in a few days to a week. I think you have to be careful though, and possibly dillute it because it is an acid and can be rough on your skin. Its looking like these small almost unnoticable bumps are HPV for me so this is my plan of action once I can find a better doctor that will actually be able to tell me what it is. I want to know what it is before I destroy the evidence so to speak.

Replied by Bernadette

Try using coconut oil. I have used the bad smelling coconut oil and they have not returned since, that was more than a year ago.

Dietary Changes, Supplements

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Posted by FolicAcidFan (Miami, FL) on 05/31/2009

I was diagnosed with high risk HPV in 2006. I had a cone biopsy and a leap surgery that removed a carcinoma from my cervix. My gynecologist indicated that in my case there would be no need to get the vaccine since I was already positive. He clearly indicated there were no remedies or cures. however I found out through the American Board of Gynecologists, that a combination of Folic Acid, Vitamin C and Betacaroten could potentially help (although there are no conclusive/proven results).

My inmediate action plan was becoming vegetarian (only ocasional fish and seafood), I ceased any consumption of dairy (even organic) and started to take daily dosis of Folic Acid (two caplets), Vitamin C (one caplet) and Betacarotene (1 caplet) for the next year.

I have been having frequent Pap tests (every 4 months the 1st year after my surgeries and then every 6 months on the 2nd year) and since then my results have shown no signs of HPV so far.

I continue taking daily doses of vitamin C and folic acid (1 caplet each) and remain a vegetarian with ocasional consumption of non American organic cheese only.

Replied by Robin
(Needham, Ma)

Thank you for sharing your story. I have been diagnosed with high risk HPV and am going in for a colposcopy on Friday. I am terrified as to what lies ahead. Any advice is appreciated.

Replied by Delila
(Tel Aviv, Israel)

I too heard that there is a medical report that Vitamin C and Folic Acid combined together will get rid of the papilloma virus. Will read up on the subject and report back!

Folic Acid

Posted by Lina (Stamford, CT) on 04/07/2009

Does anyone know about HPV and folic acid?

Replied by Cathy
(Yorktown, Va)
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Hi I read about it yesterday as a matter of fact. There is Folic Acid, Folate, and 5-methyl... 3 different forms of Folic Acid. Because of other medications I take, I would have to take the 5-methyl....The dots are for the rest of the spelling of that form of Folic Acid. I don't have it in front me, but you should be able to find it online in no time. I have read it is used as a cancer preventative. I was researching HPV because this past Monday I had an EGD and the doctor found what he is calling a wart in my larynx. I have an appointment in a little over a week with an ENT surgeon to arrange to get it removed. If it is an HPV wart, which I have never known I have had HPV and I am 54. Go figure. So I am concerned it's cancer, or it's HPV, and a cancerous HPV strain. I also found something else online yesterday, recently, this year, I can't mention sites or names but look up Japanese mushrooms, HPV clinical trials and see what you come up with. My daughter has a cancerous HPV strain regarding her cervix but no cancer yet, so I am hoping I can help her too. I have also posted under Sebaceous Hyperplasia today too. I have hope now.

Thanks, Cathy

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Posted by Alicia (Utah) on 08/20/2012

Hola, uno mde uds. Sabe si es cierto que para el ano que entra habra una nueva medicina, solamente una pastilla para curar la HPV, esto lo lei en el foro de live extension, no he tenido el change de preguntarle a mi Doctor, cualquiera de uds. sabe algo.

Hello, one mde pcs. Know if it is true that for the coming year there will be a new drug, only one pill to cure the HPV, I read this forum live extension, I have not had the change to ask my doctor, any of you. knows something.

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Posted by Whyme2010 (Atlanta, Ga) on 01/02/2011

I just found out that I have Hpv after getting my check up but the doc said that I didn't have the strand that causes GW. But I been having a painful bump that comes up inside my vag and once it appeared right by the opening of my vag this was happening before I even got my check up but I was too embarrassed to ask about it. It starts off small but get really big and painful after the first week and it is extremely painful when urinating. It usually takes about 3 weeks to go away but comes back right after my cycle. Does any one on here only have one bump instead of many that comes up. I'm about to go crazy they keep coming back it is possible that the doctor was wrong and I do have Gw what should I do?

Replied by Rem
(Brighton, Uk)

Dear Whyme2010... I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis! I have suffered with Hpv for many years & yes, I generally get one bump. The meds prescribed by the doctor have never helped. Mine would come around my cycle like clockwork! I did have a mini breakout and used Acetone on the initial small bump... It worked!!! I have very recently tried Lecithin 2x daily for 1 month, as well as the ACV & Baking Soda remedies mentioned on this site. I'm still on trial with these, but I've got nothing to lose. I will post in a month or two with my results. Bless

Replied by Glight
(Hattiesburg, Ms, Usa)

Could be from friction if you are prone to boils etc. Be sure to use a safe lubricant with your partner and wash well afterward. Also, could be Genital Herpes. Friction will also cause outbreak and your doctor won't know unless you have the breakout at the time of your visit. But fear not, if this is the case, have heard great results with Olive Leaf Extract among other anti-viral remedies. Good Luck!

Replied by Emrie

That is not HPV. That is herpes, most likely. Most doctors don't do blood tests for herpes unless you specifically ask for it. Good luck!!

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