Genital HPV Remedies

Castor Oil
Posted by Jenica (Nassau, Usa) on 03/21/2011

Worked Temporarily

Last year October I was diagnosed of HPV. I have warts on my genital area. I tried some alternative treatment like Castor oil before engaging into medical intervention, I applied it on the area like a lotion and amazingly it peeled off the warts 85-90% in just week. But it came back November and I discovered that I am pregnant. Warts recurrence happens when our immune sytem is low and during pregnancy immune system is low. December I undergo cauterization. After a week I feel bumps in my vagina, ( 2 bumps), I applied castor oil again and used Wartrol. I higly recommend it. After 4 days I think the bumps disappeared. Its been 4 months without breakout. Recurrence is possible if your immune system is low but some says 2-3x recurrence happen. Keeping your body fit will decrease the chance of recurrence. Dont smoke! Aside from castor oil and Wartrol, I am taking vitamins like vit c and vit e that is good for our immune system. If you are at younger age your body could fight the virus because younger people have a good immune system. Most men and women do acquire immunity to their acquired HPV type in a year or three. According to some studies HPV will be cleared by our own body 6month-2 years, but of course we have to help our body. Good Luck!