Genital HPV Remedies

| Modified on Nov 29, 2023
Multiple Remedies
Posted by Monica (Los Angeles, Ca) on 01/04/2011

I was diagnosed with High risk HPV. I had a class III pap smear/CIV, which is 1 step before cervical cancer. The gynecologist said that I no other option, but to get a Leep procedure done. This procedure actually cuts off a part of your cervix that has the abnormal cells. In my case it was more than 1/4 of my cervix that would need to be removed. I was told that the only issue for me after the surgery would be if I wanted to have a baby I would possibly have a high risk pregnancy with a risk of going into early delivery because of a weak and shortened cervix. For me, this was unacceptable.

I asked my doctor to find an alternative treatment to this invasive surgery and his response was, "you have no other options. You must have this surgery. If you wait any longer it will turn into cancer. You don't have the option to go have think about it. You have to have the surgery. " He scheduled me to come in to have the surgery within a few days. However, intuitively I knew better.

I started doing research about alternative options to treat my condition. I found a naturopath in my area who treated HPV, both cancerous and non cancerous strains. Her method was to perform an Escarotic. I went in 2 times a week for 6 weeks. She applied a mixture of herbs to my cervix which over time destroyed the abnormal cells and allowed for new normal cells to grow. She also had me on a regimen of high doses of Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Vitamin A, Green Tea Tablets, an Anti HPV Tincture (mixture of various herbs), and Dim which regulates hormones naturally and encourages healthy cells growth. I was also taking liquid oxygen in my water to alkalize my blood, which creates a cancer resistant environment in the body. We waited a bit over 2 months after the treatment to do a re pap. Thankfully it came back normal. And is still normal 1 year later. I have gone every 3 months for the past year and have had 100% normal pap smears. I still take the vitamin regimen, but at a lower dosage. I hope this information helps others with the similar condition and know that surgery is not the only option. Wishing you love and health.

Aloe with Beta-Mannan
Posted by Lezlie (Saratoga Springs, Ny) on 05/21/2014

I was diagnosed with recurring cervical dysplasia & HPV over 10 years ago (in my early 40's). I had 3 cervical conings (where they freeze the surface cells.) After the 4th positive test result, I decided to take different action. I did a lot of on-line research, which led me to try a natural aloe-based product known as "beta mannan". I took the supplement for 4 weeks (along with additional Vit C and consciously getting more rest, more exercise, and exploring way to de-stress). My next pap and exam proved that I was clear -- and I have never had a problem since (over 12 yrs). I recommended this treatment to my sister (she was in her 30's), and 2 neices (early to mid-20s)... they all experienced the same result... future paps and testings were clear. research, educate and pay attention to what treatments you are drawn to. Good luck and good health!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Joanne (Sebastopol, Ca) on 12/02/2011

I had high risk HPV and a questionable pap smear. My naturopath put me on Dalton Aloe pills (2X/day), green tea extract (2X/day), folic acid and zinc. She also prescribed some other herbs, etc. But this is all I did. I just got back my results after 6 months and all was normal!

Alkaline Diet
Posted by Konstanc (Ns, Canada) on 05/26/2014

Re: HPV & Alkaline Diet - I just wanted to share some information for those who are struggling with this illness and working on becoming healthy again.

I have not myself had a positive diagnosis. I've seen my Dr. on various occasions and she never seemed to be able to tell me what was wrong, Meanwhile, my BF and I were suffering from something but were unsure as to what. Then he came across this website and it has shed so much light onto whats going on with our bodies.

In saying that, we've just recently started doing our research on how to cure HPV, everyone on here seems to swear by ACV, so we've begun to drink water with 1TBS of ACV. another thing I found was that HPV & bv have a lot to do with the PH of your body. An acidic body is a sickness magnet, so do some research on what foods are alkaline and what foods are acidid, we also tested our water, and found, once boiled it was PH neutral - Alkaline.

One thing I want to stress is a normal healthy diet should be 60% Alkaline food 40% Acidic. HOWEVER when sick your diet should be 80% Alkaline 20% Acidic.

I hope this helps someone as much as all the other posts have helped me.

God bless, and peace be with you all.

Aloe with Beta-Mannan
Posted by Lezlie (Saratoga Springs) on 03/15/2018 1 posts

Dear Jenna, Sara, & Eliza ... I apologize that I never responded to your questions!! I have not been back to this page in 4 years, tho I use the Earth Clinic site on a regular basis! (What a gift! ) When I originally posted, I assumed folks would find the product online and follow their guidelines, which is what I had done. I believe I took the Beta-Mannen product for 4 weeks (2 bottles?), according to the directions (I'm remembering twice a day). I also increased my Vit. C, decreased sugars and got more rest - basically bringing down the stress level in my body. I would now encourage a more alkaline diet (dial down the caffeine and meats) and increase detoxing with water/sea salt and good elimination practices.

If HPV is present in most of our systems (which I remember reading in multiple places), then we need to think about why symptoms may be triggered - what is out of balance in the whole system ... rarely is good health recovery a single-trigger issue.

I am now in my late 50's and have not had a recurrence of the HPV. Hoping this is helpful and wishing you good health!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Grace (Wa, Australia) on 08/22/2011

Can anyone please tell me if im on the right track for reversing abnormal cells on the cervix. 2 weeks ago started on vitc 2000mg 3xday now increased to 4xday.

Lysine 500mg 3xday increased to 1000mg 4xday

cysteine and inositol 3xday

spirulina and chlorella as well as morning juicing

just started lugols 4days ago but not sure how much to take currently about 9 drops day and also taking H202 3xday

very little meat and fish

rubbing DMSO with lugols at night below the stomach

not sure if its working at all , hoping it will. any feedback greatly appreciated. thank you

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Patty (Los Angeles, CA) on 08/06/2014

I had tested positive for HPV 5 years ago. I visited a naturopath after reading some of the posts here. I was given green tea/camphor oil vaginal inserts. By next pap test I was clear and have been negative for a year and half now. Call your local naturopath and see if they have experience treating HPV....that's what I did.

Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin C, Garlic
Posted by Z (Miami, Fl) on 07/06/2010

In 2007 I learned I had LSIL/HPV in my cervix. My doctor said to wait and see if it will go away. I got tested a few months later in early 2008 and the results came back the same. I then had two painful colposcopy where they took a small biospy of my cervix. After the doctor gave me the results ( the same LSIL/HPV) he suggested I scheduole a LEEP procedure. I was devastated. I was upset that this is the only way out for me. Ironically the night before I was suppose to have my LEEP I came on this website and read about taking vitamins. I was already taking vitamins but decided to do research (in the middle of the night) on which vitamins are helpful. The next morning I cancelled my LEEP, prayed and headed to the pharmacy.

I started taking a pharmacy brand multi-vitamin, folic acid, b-12, and vitamin c. I put half of a vitamin C as far as it can go in my vagina ( to try to reach the cervix). I did the vitamin C once/twice every few months. In July 2009 I went to the gyn. And got tested. It came back normal, but I still had HPV. I decided to increase the amount of vitamins and today July 2010 I called my pap is NORMAL- NO abnormal cells, NO HPV!!! It was a long journey but I knew there had to be other healthy pain free ways. I dont know if this will work for every women who is going through what I went through but I do encourage you to look into other options before doing a procedure like the LEEP etc.


Melaleua Oil
Posted by Laura (Maryland) on 05/30/2018 1 posts

I found a cure for HPV. A stage 4, progressing for years, and just gone! Melaleuca oil (tea tree) 7 drops in 4 to 5 oz of water....shake and douche. Once a month for 2 months......gone....all gone!

Astragalus, Echinacea, Pau d'Arco
Posted by Organic Girl (Staton California) on 01/06/2014

Hello Natural Earth Clinic readers, here is how I cured myself from HPV. I was diagnosed with this horrible disease back in 2011. No matter what I tried I my pap came back positive for for low grade non-cancerous HPV. Finally I did some research on antiviral herbs. For a few months I took astragalus, echinacea, and pau'darco herbs. Also I used a wash made of red wine or red wine vinegar to kill the virus on my cervix at least once a day. I just got my labs back today and it is negative again, I'm not sure which one worked, but I would recommend using all of the above. I hope this helps with the ladies who are suffering with this so called incurable disease.

Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin C, Garlic
Posted by S (Wmca, Nevada) on 01/13/2009

I was diagnosed with HPV three years ago. I had numerous paps and a colposcopy. When they all came back positive low grade abnormal cells I had the option of leep procedure or let nature run its course. And I opted to let nature run its course. I took a multi-vitamin, vitamin C 100mg, and a garlic soft gel everyday. After 6 months my next pap came back ASCUS and then the two I have had since then have came back clear.

Thieves and Castor Oil
Posted by Kat (Asheville, Nc) on 05/03/2016

I found what I think are two strains of genital hpv on my body 2 weeks ago. ACV took care of one of the strains (mole looking warts). But nothing I was doing seemed to affect the other warts (they were more developed and clusteted). I applied ACV to the clusters a few times a day (painful) and kept the area saturated in castor oil with a large oversized "cotton oval". I noticed almost no difference in the clusters after a week of these treatments...

SO.... I added a few drops of Thieves oil to the castor soaked cotton ball. I made sure to distribute this small amount through the oil as evenly as possible. I totally soak the cotton and sometimes add another layer before applying to the warts. I keep this on overnight and as much as I can during the day (while I'm home). You should not feel any sensation from the thieves oil. If you do than you have used too much oil or have not distributed it through the castor oil evenly.

I am writing this now only 3 days after trying the thieves oil. And the clustered warts have almost entirely disappear. Any brand of the thieves oil recipe may work, but I would only trust food grade oils to use internally or for sensitive genital regions.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Cured (Anonymous) on 01/16/2009

I was diagnosed with HPV (the kind that causes genital warts). I inhaled the peroxide for about 2 weeks, and put one cap ful of Rite Aid peroxide in a 20 ounce bottle of water. I went to the doctor for my annual in Nov, and the HPV was gone.

EC: More about the hydrogen peroxide inhalation method here:

More about hydrogen peroxide here:

St John's Wort Tincture
Posted by Simay (West Tisbury) on 09/06/2017

I am an avid follower of herbalist, Susun Weed. To combat HPV she recommends St. John's Wort, as it is a potent antiviral.

This summer I was able to harvest wild St. John's Wort from around my hometown and make my own tincture. I recently had an outbreak, so decided to use the tincture both internally and externally.

Externally: I dipped a q tip into the tincture and held it on the wort for a about two minutes. I did this twice a day for two days.

Internally: I took two dropperfuls of tincture in a glass of water 4 times a day.

I am now on day three and the wort is virtually gone. It has completely flattened, and is just still slightly pink. I will continue until it is fully removed.

I plan to continue to take St. John's Wort Tincture internally daily to help fight the virus from within.

To Make the Tincture:

I harvested the blossoms only of the St. John's Wort plant on a sunny, dry day, filled a mason jar with them (Susun says that the plant material in the jar should be packed with the density of a "fairy mattress". Fairly dense with a little bit of give) and poured 100 proof vodka over them. Left the Tincture to steep for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, I strained out the plant material and transferred the bright red liquid into a large amber medicine bottle for storage. I poured a smaller amount into one of my recycled amber tincture bottles for current use.

Shiitake Mushroom Extract
Posted by Cureisintheshroom (Canada) on 06/03/2017

I haven't tried this yet, I'm waiting for my AHCC to come in the mail.
I thought I'd copy this article from Dr. Mercola's site for everyone to read in case they haven't seen it yet.

Shiitake Mushroom Extract May Eliminate HPV Infection

The new study, which was presented at the 11th International Conference of the Society for Integrative Oncology, involved a shiitake mushroom extract known as active hexose correlated compound, or AHCC. It's often sold as a nutritional supplement for boosting immune function.

Ten women with HPV were given the mushroom extract. Three of the women took the extract daily for three months and eliminated the virus completely. They remained clear of HPV even one month later. Two other women taking the extract had declining levels of HPV, so they are continuing to take the substance for up to six months.2

The five remaining women, meanwhile, were assigned to take the extract for less than three months, which proved not long enough to clear the infection. The researchers are hopeful that all of the women will respond after six months of treatment. The study's lead investigator, Judith Smith, PharmD, told Medscape Medical News:

"Now we know that we need to give it at least 6 months to realize the full effect… This study confirms our preclinical findings, that it can eradicate HPV… We would also like to investigate at some point if AHCC can actually prevent infection, or prevent re-infection… We'd like to see if it can help build up the immune system to the point of resisting infection with HPV."

Interestingly, Dr. Smith has had inquiries from people asking if the mushroom extract might work to clear up genital warts caused by HPV as well. Since the extract has no side effects, she suggested they could go ahead and try it.

At least several people have confirmed so far that their lesions cleared up and have not returned.3 In addition to immune-boosting effects, shiitake mushrooms also demonstrate antiviral (including HIV, hepatitis, and the "common cold") activity, which explains why they may be a near-perfect natural treatment for HPV.

Castor Oil
Posted by Marcus (Los Angeles) on 02/13/2016

Ok so you're on here because you have hpv. It's ok you're not the only one. I had anal warts and I've tried so many different treatments and all of them have hurt really bad or did not work. The most painful one is Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and it's not worth the burn. Anyone on here saying it works, don't believe them or find out the hard way.

I recently came across a post about Cold Pressed Castor Oil and I was not sure if it was even worth trying but figured what do I have to lose? I put tons of it all over the area and soaked a paper towel and applied it to the area and added a dry paper towel over it so I wouldn't leak as much. It's been roughly 8 days now and they are gone. Just vanished no pain no turning black no falling off simply gone. I've had these things for a little over 10 years in my anal area not inside just on the outside surrounding my opening. When I look in my hand mirror I'm amazed my skin looks great and all warts are gone!! I'm so happy!!!

I've lost nights of sleep over this and went thru a very deep depression. I went to the DR. years ago and they made me feel like a freak so I decided to do home treatments for several years, in moderation. Nothing worked so I visited a DR again about 2 years ago and asked for Aldara. He checked my anal area out and said I do not have any warts. I knew he was wrong bc I know my body but he assured me it was not warts and gave me the prescription anyways and said if the cream doesnt work its bc they are not warts. Well the cream didnt work. I didnt know what to do so I soaked my anal area with ACV for 3 days in a row and omg the worse pain ever. I let it heal and did spot treatment instead- 4 days later I got rid of 1 large wart and its seed. Ever since that I can not use ACV bc the pain is horrible and it left a little scar.

If you are looking for a way to get rid of your warts pain free get some Cold Pressed Castor Oil ASAP! You will thank me in about 1 week. After day 3 I saw no difference but decided to keep using it and everything is smooth and clear again!! Thank God I have my life back!! Castor Oil really does work take it from me my warts were stubborn and old latching on my body for all these years it feels good to say good bye to my warts!!

Lemon Oil
Posted by Chad (Georgia, US) on 12/01/2014

Lemon essential oil worked very fast for me! I tried hydrogen peroxide, banana peels- Apple cider vinegar is great- but not for sensitive areas with thinner skin. Lemon oil had the least amount of pain with the biggest and fastest impact. Applied it twice a day for 1 week. Just rub it on and let air dry. No scar and resolved so fast. Works good on all warts! Highly recommend trying Lemon Oil first and save yourself the frustration!

Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin C, Garlic
Posted by Sarai (Jackson, Ca) on 07/29/2010

I just read your story about the hpv. I too was diagnosed with it a few years ago, high risk. I started to take two 500mg of vitamin C a day, and every once in a while I would insert half a vitamin c pill up into my cervix area. I then read about the hydrogen peroxide, and began to douche with it, mixed with water. And I prayed, and prayed for this to go away. About two weeks ago I had a pap smear done, my result came back, NORMAL. I'm not sure if it was a combination of things, or if it was the vitamin C or peroxide, but I'm all clear of it now. . . . . Thank god.

General Feedback
Posted by Serendipity (Orlando, Fl) on 09/30/2009

Yes, I have been getting chronic BV which often lead to yeast infections, taking the BV medicine will give you a yeast infection, and taking yeast infection medicine, will often cause BV... so don't get trapped in the vicious cycle of antibiotics, which only serve to deplete your body of any chance of fighting off the problem, I have just read that getting these infections are a result of having HPV, which effects your mucous membranes, and cause vaginal discharge and infection... the only thing that got me out of taking all those pills, was garlic... Leave it in all night, and when you wake up your mouth will taste like garlic... I also recommend douching with Organic "with the mother" Apple Cider vinegar... the filtered stuff will not work, make sure you dilute it about I part ACV 3 parts water, and it will probably burn, especially if you have genital warts on the inside of your vulva... if you don't believe in douching, drink 8oz of water with two tsp. of ACV 3 times a day... I even take a bath with a cup of it in there... it will replace the need for moisturizers, as it helps maintain a healthy pH in your skin and body... Use tea tree oil to wipe the outer area of your vulva, it it a natural antiseptic, will tingle a lot... and if you have genital warts hiding in wait... it will get them before they become a problem... hope this helps... stay away from antibiotics... and get some probiotics, I recommend lactobacillus sporogenes, if will do the most good, some of the other ones don;t even make it past your stomach acid... and QUIT SMOKING... that is the number one way to kill your immune system... it doesn't cause cancer, if lowers your ability to fight cancer... hope this helps... I know it took me years to figure all this stuff out...

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jillybeans (somewhere in the south) on 02/14/2021 88 posts

I had a wart show up 6 o'clock area right below my vagina on the cusp. For me, (since all women are different) it was almost on a labia fold. I was nervous but I took a small piece of a cotton ball and soaked it in ACV and gingerly placed it on the wart. I was able to 'arrange' my labia so the cotton stayed on there. Yes, it was a bit stingy. I'd check the spot after each time I peed. I'd say I'd put a new piece of cotton ball on there 2-3 times a day. After a day, it would really sting for a minute when I put the cotton on there. It took about 4 days for the wart to go away. I check the area regularly to make sure it does not start to grow again. Yes I know it is a HPV but when I was last tested for HPV I was clear.

I would not recommend this for the faint of heart, but my gyno said it wasn't a big deal... LOL, maybe not to him. I am 66 yrs old.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Ed (Maryland) on 10/19/2016

Hi! I was recently diagnosed with genital warts. Small, white bumps on both sides of my vaginal opening; a little embarrassing but I want too concerned. I had a LEEP in 2009 so I'd already researched HPV.

Then a few weeks ago, I started noticing a HORRIBLE smell; I didn't know it was coming from me at first... it literally smelled like a dumpster!! I did some research and realized it was most likely BV.

So I found this site and looked into the BV at first, then I researched HPV as well, which led to researching about skin tags (I've had one on my right lip for probably... 12 years??) and saw some overlap with the cures... Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and Hydrogen Peroxide (HP), specifically.

I was very optimistic. The first thing I did was a tampon douche with ACV. I could only handle it for so long but I also rubbed the ACV on the warts and the skin tag, and I used a pad to catch any drippage. I soaked a cotton ball in ACV and tried to find ways to make it stick but they all pretty much failed. Lol.

Regardless, the smell decreased IMMEDIATELY. Not completely back to normal but it was noticeably less pungent. Also, my 12 year-old skin tag just sorta... disappeared!! Like, immediately!!!

I did a few more ACV douches, as well as a HP douche. The smell went away in just a few days and I was back to normal a few days after that.

Regarding the warts, they just kinda started to disappear. I would wipe the wart areas with an ACV-soaked paper towel after I used the bathroom, and I would also follow that up by massaging coconut oil into my entire genital region to keep from burning myself. While I would occasionally feel a stinging sensation after applying the ACV to the warts, only twice did it really burn, and even then it abated in maybe 30 seconds.

I also started to wipe first with some rubbing alcohol, then I'd apply some HP, and finish with ACV. I'd soak a paper towel in the vinegar and leave it over the area for a while at night, and wear a pad. I knew the paper towels would eventually dislodge from the area, but it stayed longer than cotton balls or TP. I'd also rub coconut oil around the bumps.

After a week or two, I noticed that I was down to only two warts - One on each side!! The rest had all just sorta like, run away in the night or something. So I decided to get aggressive. I noticed the one on the right was a little black. So I wiped them with the alcohol, HP and ACV, and sorta rubbed at them with my fingernail. The black one just, fell off. So I rubbed that side with the coconut oil. And smiled. The left one flaked off some but it was still there. So I dipped a cotton ball in ACV and put a waterproof bandaid (the good ones from Nexcare). First one slid off so I wiped it ahah with alcohol and let it dry out for maybe 30 minutes. I then soaked another tiny piece of cotton in ACV and put it on the band-aid pad first (instead of covering the wart with the cotton and trying to place the band-aid over the wart and the ball) then covered the last little wart. It stayed until I decided to take it off.

The wart was still there BUT it was almost gone. So I rubbed it again with the three liquids and decided to write this review. At this moment it's still hanging on but I expect it to be gone very, very soon.

ALSO, I did use toothpaste once, just to see bc that often worked on my zits as a teenager. When I applied it, there were maybe 4 left? When I showered a few hours later, I was down to two.

I know this is a novel but to sum it up, I started trying to get rid of all these issues maybe three weeks ago? I wasn't always vigilant but that didn't seem to matter. I think it's good to go with a routine and then switch it up some to confuse any stubborn stragglers. I noticed the warts for the first time about a year ago and none of them went away until I started trying this. I highly recommend just starting something.

I'm also going to douche regularly to fight any precancerous cells I may have because I don't want another LEEP.

Best of luck and health and thanks to all you who stuck with my novel :)

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