Natural Remedies for Mono: Coconut Oil and More

| Modified on Jun 27, 2023
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Natural Remedies for Mono

Mononucleosis, colloquially known as mono, is a prolonged and potentially debilitating viral infection. When it comes to managing mono, several natural remedies can be surprisingly effective. In this article, we'll explore how coconut oil, garlic, vitamins, and certain minerals can help alleviate symptoms often within 24 hours of use.

Understanding Mono and Its Symptoms

Mono is primarily caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, a member of the herpes virus family. As a viral infection, antibiotics are ineffective, and in severe cases, doctors may prescribe steroids. One serious complication of mono includes spleen enlargement.

Mono-related symptoms can include fever, extreme fatigue, a sore throat, headaches, swollen lymph nodes, muscle aches, poor appetite, and nausea.

Natural Remedies for Mono: More Than Just Coconut Oil

Coconut oil, particularly the unprocessed variety that carries a fresh coconut aroma, is a powerful antiviral agent. This page offers more information on using coconut oil to manage mono. However, the natural remedies don't stop there.

Vitamin C

Supporting your immune system to effectively fight mono, Vitamin C can be taken in 1,000mg doses 4-5 times a day during an intense infection. If loose stools occur, reduce the amount consumed.


Zinc is a key supplement to fortify your body in its fight against the mono virus.

Vitamin D

A daily dose of sunshine can help increase your Vitamin D levels. If this isn't possible, consider a Vitamin D supplement.

Herbal Allies in Mono Treatment

Various herbs and spices can support your immune system and fight infection during mono.


Raw garlic, incorporated into meals like salads and soups, fights infection and supports your immune system.


Turmeric aids in battling infection and inflammation. Turmeric capsules or powder can be consumed daily.


Elderberry syrup is a pleasant way to boost your immunity. It can usually be found at larger pharmacies or health food stores.

Coping with Mono Symptoms

Mono often comes with painful symptoms, such as swollen lymph nodes and severe sore throat. Here are some tips to deal with them:

Swollen Lymph Nodes

Massaging castor oil into swollen lymph nodes several times a day can boost lymph circulation and aid white blood cell circulation to fight infection.

Sore Throat

Gargling with cayenne pepper can fight infection, numb the painful area, and reduce inflammation. The cayenne gargle recipe provided later in the article will be of help.

Other Helpful Remedies

Alongside these treatments, there are additional remedies to consider:

Sinus Rinse for Mono

A solution made from water, salt, and 3% hydrogen peroxide can be used for sinus rinse 1-2 times each day to alleviate sinus pain or pressure.

Healing Baths

Epsom salt or baking soda baths can deliver essential nutrients to your body and soothe aches.

Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations

  • Adopting a light, nutritious diet is ideal during mono. Avoid sugar and dairy products, and instead opt for broth-based soups, fruits, and non-dairy smoothies.
  • Avoid sodas, energy drinks, and excessive coffee. Tea, particularly black, green, and herbal teas, have healing properties. A vinegar and honey tea offers the therapeutic benefits of both ingredients.
  • Ensure you get plenty of rest and ease back into your normal routine gradually to prevent relapse.

Do you have a natural remedy for mono? We would love to hear from you. Read on to discover how our readers have successfully treated mono with these home remedies.

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How to Use Coconut Oil for Mono

Adult Mono Remedies

2 User Reviews
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Posted by Katie (Wisconsin) on 07/15/2018

**If you take prescription sleep medication, please read***

A female relative of mine was feeling non-stop exhaustion and had experienced mono (for the first time) the year prior. The doctor believed she was experiencing mono again, possibly as a flare-up brought on by stress. She accepted it but then remembered something: she'd recently upped her RX sleep prescription dosage, from 5 mg per night to 10 mg. She did this on her own, without a doctor's RX... she didn't think it was a big deal. She did it because she was so exhausted all the time and thought a better/deeper sleep could be achieved with a higher dosage.

After much research online, she learned that higher doses- especially without a doctor's advice or monitoring - is highly dangerous as the drug can linger in your system the following day and cause this exhaustion. Even to the point of making driving in the morning very dangerous. This is especially true in women or men with low testosterone. So much so that the FDA lowered the recommended dose of this particular RX drug to 5 mg per dose recently for women. It's higher for men.

She felt better IMMEDIATELY after starting to lower her dosage... she said she feels like her old self again. She is in the midst of gradually reducing her dosage and hopes to come off it entirely.

Adult Mono Remedies
Posted by Mary (Phoenix, Az) on 07/04/2015

I was diagnosed with mono 2 weeks ago but have been sick for over a month. I have incredible heat that swells up inside of me and then breaks and I sweat severely. When this happens my heart races and it keeps me full of anxiety and unable to sleep. I am also very weak and tired. Has anyone else had these strange symptoms?? I have been taking coconut oil and it has helped some, but I am at my wit's end. I am 54 and I thought mono was a teenager's illness. Any suggestions from anyone out there??

Replied by Bj
(Michigan, Usa)

Mary (Phoenix, AZ), having had mono three times in my life, as a preteen, as a teenager, and as an adult in my 40's I can attest that having it as an adult is in some ways is more difficult.

I was not healing as I should have from the third adult round of Mono. My liver studies were not great and my spleen stayed swollen, far too long. My conventional medical staff gave me one more week then we would have to talk about having my spleen out. That was not going to happen, so I searched the internet (which was in still pretty young at the time) and found numerous places that espoused Milk Thistle and dandelion (leaves and roots). The dandelion was easy but as I had no Milk Thistle growing in my area I went to the health food store and purchased capsules. I took the capsules three times a day for the rest of the week and made a tea of the dandelions found in my yard, and drank that once a day for a few days. I had more liver studies done and went to the next appointment the following week; all number were in the normal range. The Nurse Practitioner was speechless, she expected at 'best' that they may have been a little lower, but not 'normal'. She asked if I had done things differently, I told her, and she just looked a me in pity for my foolish thinking. It still took some time to recover my normal strength and I took care of myself, but was able to go back to work.

Replied by Mary
(Phoenix, Az)

Thank you for your reply. I am trying anything that will work. I bought some dandelion tea and will add milk thistle to my regime. I had no idea mono was so debilitating. I am curious how did you know your spleen was swollen? I have a little discomfort in that area but don't know for sure if that is what it is. Curious also how long in total it took you to get well. I know we are all different and heal at different paces, but this is just no fun at all.

Replied by Al Hudson
(Homestead, Fl.)

Monolaurin worked quickly on my daughter in college...4 days. Have sent her to school with a 90 count bottle each semester and she has passed it on as needed. It is a refined ester of coconut oil and safe for all.

Replied by Timh
2073 posts

M: Any Liver disease causes immune suppression so anything to help in that area is a good start, but there are many other factors that cause immune dysfunction. So, just take one step at a time. Back to Liver. It is important to note any prescription or OTC pharma meds (like acetaminophen or statins) that might be causing toxicity.

There is also chronic nutritional deficiencies that can cause immune suppression, particularly Vit-A/Zinc/Copper. Start taking 50mg Zinc with 2-3mg Copper and 5,000iu Vit-A away from any fiber foods once daily. Raw Bovine Thymus Glandular plus placing a refrigerator magnet over the Thymus gland for about 1hr per day will also help. These two immune boosting remedies should show both immediate and long-term improvement.

If all-the-above is insufficient, whole body detox & cleansing will be needed.

Replied by Mary
(Phoenix, Az)

Thank you for the info. I will try these vitamins. I'm wondering where my thymus gland is and is any kind of magnet going to work?

Replied by Anon

Research large doses of vitamin C for mono.

Replied by Timh
2073 posts

M: Yes, any magnet will work. The rule-of-thumb is the stronger the magnet the less time needed for therapy. I use a strong music speaker magnet about 1-2 minutes about once per wk. I forgot to mention also for immune boosting is "Thymus Tapping" These two therapies plus the Bovine Thymus Glandular will very much boost immunity.

Here is a link on the subject, and do let us know of your improvements.

Replied by Claire
(New York)

I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. You're post struck me because it sounds exactly like my symptoms. I'm 29 and was diagnosed with a different virus last summer, then this June I was diagnosed with mono and slight lymes. It's been almost 5 months and I still feel tired and weak all the time... I get sore throats all the time, I feel over heated sometimes and sweat a lot. I get random day sicknesses that feel like the's awful. I've been to a few specialists and my doctor many times and all they do is blood work and tell me it's getting better. I've been taking vitamins and I'm going to try some of these home remedies Bc I don't know what else to do! You're not alone! It's beyond frustrating not feeling like yourself for so long! Let me know if anything else works for you...

Replied by Mary
(Phoenix, Az)

Apple cider vinegar and monolauren helped me a lot. I have been able to return to work, but I still have lingering achy joints, and some overheating. I'm curious what virus you were diagnosed with originally? I almost feel like I had something else that pulled my immune system down & then I got mono. I still have to be careful and I take lots of vitamins and of course say my prayers. Let me know what has worked for you also. Thanks!!

Replied by Kelly

I too thought mono was a kid/teen virus. Nope. 32 and have never been so sick in my life. Nice to know I'm not alone and there are natural ways to help with symptoms. I've had a high fever for 4 days, z care twice, ER once and still am waiting for a confirmed a most likely diagnosis with treatment of rest and pain killers. Wish docs could partner with naturopaths so patients don't leave feeling helpless when western medicine fails.

Thank goodness for coconut oil...took my first dose tonight and will be trying the other suggested remedies as well. Thank you all!

Replied by Alan Hudson
(Homestead, Fl.)

Kelly, would like to suggest the use of Monolaurin for is an mono-ester of coconut oil that will give you higher concentrations to beat the virus...which is known to come back stronger the second time if not finished off.

Replied by Nechama
(Toronto, On)

Hi Mary, I have the same exact symptoms! I heat up and feel like I'm going to faint. It's so scary. Just like you described. Do you still have mono?? I hope not. If you're all better, do you attribute it to something in specific?

Replied by Mary
(Phoenix, Az)

Hi Nechama, Yes I finally recovered!! It was a horrible thing to go through. Those heat attacks are the worst. Hang in there. I prayed a lot!! I took loads of cocnut oil, monolauren, a liver cleanse capsule with milk thistle daily, dandelion tea, a good multiple, and vitamin C. I still take my vitamins, but rest is important also. I had to get a sleeping pill from my doctor because I had so much anxiety I couldn't sleep at night. It was a nightmare. It was 4 - 5 months in total. Hopefully yours won't be as bad or last as long. Apple cider vinegar tea is also good. A tablespoon in hot water with honey every day is good for the immune system. Let me know how you're doing. Best to you!

Replied by Mike

Yes, I have had all of that, the heat buildup is from a panic attack which I've given myself several... the best thing to do is to stay away from the symptom checkers because all they do is make ya paranoid. Mono is a SOB and requires a stress free period of rest!

Apple Cider Vinegar

2 User Reviews
5 star (2) 

Posted by Carol (Boston, MA) on 08/13/2008

I am so grateful for this home remedy website and forum! My daughter has Mono and over the last 2 days has had an unbearably sore thoat. We tried everything (salt water gargle, steriod solution gargle, advil, codiene...) and nothing was working. She couldn't even swallow her saliva. It was preventing her from sleeping, and when you have mono, thats all you want to do. I happened upon this website and she gave it a shot. Using the 3 tablespoons of ACV and Honey in warm water was not particularly appetizing, but after drinking it, she was able to sleep 4 hours and now says that her throat is so much better. I am now a believer in home remedies!

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
509 posts

Mono is a virus and every virus I have tried L-lysine on has been susceptible to it. If your daughter is l2 or older, 2000 mgm. mealtime and bedtime is the dosage, if younger decrease to l000mgm. or less at the same times. With a sore throat you will probably need to crush or dissolve for her to swallow them.

Replied by Kimberly
(Hackettstown, New Jersey, Usa)

If you feel the need to call in a prescription, I highly recommend prednisone. I'm a 17 year old girl who is suffering with mono at the moment. Prednisone is a low dose of steroids which is great for badly swollen glands. I prefer this option more than any of the remedies. The steroids last all night, and all day. 12 hours to be exact.

Replied by Stubzley
(Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada)

Hello, I need to comment on the reply from the 17 year old girl touting the benefits of prednisone. Someone needs to talk to this girl about this seriously dangerous steroid. I have a friend who had to have both of his hips replaced because of this drug. He connected with a support group of people all over North America who have similar afflictions from the side effects of this terrible drug. I understand that some people dont think that they have an alternative which may be true in some cases but to anyone reading this, please research, research, research every possible alternative before resorting to ingesting this nasty medication. Great site!

Replied by Queen_gie
(Oceanside, Ca, United States)

I wanted to comment on the 17 year old girls steroid comment also! I had to take steroids b/c I would have died! And the side affects of that drug are horrific! I've had a partial knee replacement and orthoscopic surgery on my other knee and my right wrist, I'm right handed. Eventually I will have to have my wrist fused and luckily I am starting to lose the 120lbs I gained from taking the steroids, which was a very high dose for 8 months, I might get away w/not having any further surgery on my knees! I will be on on disability for the rest of my life; I'm 29. I was on the steroids at the age of 26/27. I WOULD NOT take steroids unless the opposite will result in death! Just my personal opinion from personal experience!

Replied by Osteopathic

I am a physician and love homeopathic and naturopathic remedies but I had to comment on the use of steroids. Steroids, like an medication (including herbals), don't come without risk or side effects.Steroids can cause hypertension, osteoporosis, etc with high doses but mostly prolonged, greater than a month use. The acute use for someone with mono for possible inflammation and obstruction from the tonsils is okay.

Replied by Debra
(Wilmington, Nc)

As far as the lysine...the dosage for over 17 years is 2000 mg with each meal and at bedtime? I have 500 mg Lysine and the recommended does is only 2 capsules per day. I just want to be clear on the dosage. Thank you.

Replied by Cassiem

While this girl maybe shouldn't be suggesting man-made steroids on a holistic type site, using low dosed of prednisone for situations like this is relatively low risk. Definitely only to be done under doctor's guidance and tapering off may be required. But you are not doing to get a buffalo hump or moon face or severe osteoporosis in a couple weeks time.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Oil

Posted by Gail (Nh, US) on 03/30/2015

My daughter called from college and said she was pretty sure she had mono. I told her to start ACV and coconut oil in anything she could. The next day she was diagnosed with mono, but she kept up the ACV and coconut oil regimen, and 5 days later when she came home, although still a bit fatigued, all other symptoms had disappeared. The sore throat didn't get to the extremely painful level that I've heard others describe, and she didn't have to drop any classes!

Replied by Tina

Can you please tell me the dosage of combining the apple cider and coconut oil??

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Tina,

For an adult sized person, when we treated mono with coconut oil, we used 1 Tablespoon of Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil three times a day. Some in my family take it off the spoon. Others take it on toast.

When we are using Apple Cider Vinegar for illness, we make a Vinegar Tea.

  • 1 Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar (Raw)
  • 1 Tablespoon honey
  • 6 ounces very hot water

I give try to give this tea 3-4 times a day. My 21 year old son requests this often when he is sick. He likes the taste and also finds it very helpful.

~Mama to Many~

Avoid Antibiotics

1 User Review
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Posted by Marcin (Toronto, Canada) on 03/06/2015

I wish I had known about this website when I was sick with mononucleosis two years ago!

It took the doctors feeding me 3 series of antibiotics before they realized I had mono. That must have killed my intestinal bacteria which caused a yeast infestation. Not to mention that antibiotics do not kill viruses. Never agree to take any antibiotics before you have a diagnosis.

Replied by Cindy


Responding to Marcin, my 15 year old was diagnosed with mono, I agree with you 100% should not take antibiotics without knowing son was first tested and they said no he did not have mono, so they treated him with an antibiotic the first and second time, and then finally they tested him for the second time and it came back positive, now we are having problems with his liver and his kidneys ..

Replied by Marcin
(Toronto, Canada)

I am sorry to hear that. Make sure he eats lots of probiotic foods, like fermented cabbage, and fibrous foods (switching to whole grains) to rebuild the intestinal flora that was partially destroyed by the antibiotics. Supplementing with milk thistle will heal the liver, but it has to be done over a long period of time. The herb is safe to take for extended periods but it may be nauseating if the dose is too high.

When I was ill with mono back then I have not yet known about herbal remedies, but now I would try the herb neem because it is said to destroy the viruses (viruses being a thing antibiotics are useless for! ), mono being caused by a virus.

Baking Soda and Salt Gargle

2 User Reviews
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4 star (1) 

Posted by Rin (Camas, WA) on 12/23/2007

My daughter has a bad case of mono. Her tonsils were so swollen they were touching her uvula and she couldn't swallow any pain meds. We were having her gargle with a salt rinse, with no real relief. We called my inlaws and they suggested rinsing with a tsp of baking soda in lukewarm water followed by the salt rinse every two hours. Amazing! My daughter's tonsils are a little less swollen and it took the pain away for her to sleep for a lot longer last night. I found your site this morning when I was researching bs rinses. The doctor's we saw never even suggested it.

Replied by Mike
(Baltimore, Md)

It was very helpful to find this site. I am a non believer until I try things out myself. I just found out that I had Mono based on everything symptom. Home remedy baking soda rinse with warm water followed by salt did get me to improve. After the remedy, I was able to take a 4 hour nap, and then again I just was the remedy again. So far my this Mono has taken away 5 days from me. I need this to go away bad. This is one of the worst feeling. Wow...

Blackstrap Molasses

1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Donna (Yellow Springs, OH)

Years ago my mom gave me molasses when I was bead ridden with mono.I remember the doctor telling her I recovered in 1/2 the normal time! I am interested in giving it to my dog who has a non cancerous lipoma tumor.How much should an 85lb dog take without adverse effects?

Replied by Jonna
(Pittsburgh, PA)

As kids we had a chiropractor "prescribe" blackstrap to us. We were maybe 10 and 7 and we each took a Tablespoon 2x per day so I'm sure the 2 Tablespoon dosage per day for your puppy would work also. Good Luck!

Coconut Oil Recipes

1 User Review
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Posted by Kacey O. (Utah) on 11/22/2014

I was excited but skeptical about all the posts hearing that coconut oil helped with mono. My 14 year old son was really miserable and I figured I didn't have anything to lose. After 3 days of taking 2 T. coconut oil a day, he has turned a corner! I can't believe it's so simple and it works! I'm so grateful to all who've posted. Thank you! I want to share 2 ways that have helped my family eat 2 T. coconut oil a day (I've made my other kids take it too so no one else gets this! )

First idea: Peppermint "Tea". Boil (or warm) 1/2 c. water with 1 T. coconut oil and 1-2 drops peppermint essential oil. Drink twice a day. He said this helped soothe his throat too, which was a bonus!

Second idea: Coconut Balls. 2 T. finely chopped nuts (I used almonds and pecans), 1 tsp. raw honey, 1 T. coconut oil, 1 T. mini chocolate chips. (You could use oats if your kids won't do nuts.) Form into a ball or just mix and eat out of a bowl. (Eat 2 a day.) I hope these might be helpful to someone else. Thanks again everyone for your posts!

Coconut Oil, Turmeric, Vitamins

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Posted by Linda (Olathe, Ks) on 10/10/2016

My 18 year old college freshman called me five days ago, informing me he had just been diagnosed with mono at his college medical clinic. His throat pain was a 9 or 10 and the Advil wouldn't reduce the pain at all. He was sleeping all the time and running a high fever every late afternoon through the evening. On Saturday late afternoon, he came home for fall break, went straight to bed, and I woke him up at 8pm, took his temp (103 degrees) and noticed how bad the swelling in his neck was.

I gave him one tablespoon of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, one turmeric vitamin, 5000mg vitamin C powder mixed in orange juice, 5000mg vitamin D3, and one vitamin K2.

He went back to sleep, and I woke him up at 9am and gave him one tablespoon of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and one turmeric vitamin, and he went back to sleep again and when he woke up at 2pm, I gave him Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and one turmeric vitamin again. Early in the evening, he mentioned that his throat pain was a 1 or 2 and he hadn't had any Advil.

Later that night, I gave him one tablespoon of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, one turmeric vitamin, 5000mg vitamin C powder mixed in orange juice, 5000mg vitamin D3, and one vitamin K2, and he stayed up till 11pm and slept until 11am today.

He had the same regimen today, and said he feels almost normal. He will take the same vitamins again tomorrow before he heads back to school. When he goes back to school tomorrow afternoon, I am going to encourage him to take organic extra virgin coconut oil vitamins (1000mg) twice a day, along with 1000mg of vitamin C capsules, 5000mg of vitamin D3, vitamin K2, and a turmeric vitamin each day.

I am so thankful to all of the previous posts... the recommendations I found on this site along with other sites, helped him shake mono in record time! Btw, while I was desperately searching the internet for recommendations on how to help him, somewhere I read that turmeric is a anti-inflammatory and would drastically help the swelling the in his incredibly swollen glands, while the organic extra virgin coconut oil was an anti-viral and would help kick the virus fast. I still cannot believe this remedy kicked mono in about 24 hours! AMAZING!!!

Coconut Oil, Vitamin C

3 User Reviews
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Posted by Amazed Mom! (Bend, Oregon) on 10/29/2014

Ok! My 16 year old daughter was diagnosed one week ago yesterday (blood test) with mono. This is my kid who NEVER gets sick. I believe she's been sick with it for at least 4 weeks. So, going in to week 5 with mono she texted me from school saying she couldn't breathe or focus at school and needed to come home. She went home and I found her in bed E X H A U S T E D. I found the comments on this site and brought her home coconut oil and vitamin C. I made her take 1500 mg of Vitamin C and about 1 tablespoon of the virgin coconut oil I found in the health food section at the grocery store. THE NEXT DAY, she got up and went to school. At noon she texted me that she felt "better". TODAY, she says she feels "fine! " This turnaround is astonishing! She HATED taking the coconut oil on a saltine cracker, so I put coconut oil on toast and sprinkled it with cinnamon sugar. I do this twice a day. She gobbles that up! She takes 1500mg of gummy vitamin C twice a day. I don't know why this works. But my daughter is BETTER. It's the only treatment I've given her, and she was getting worse before I started with this treatment. I am so grateful that I found this site. Thank you!

Coconut Oil, Vitamin C
Posted by Denise (Atlanta, Ga) on 06/22/2013

I began 1T of EVCO (organic) with my 18 yr old daughter the day after the diagnosis of mono with my daughter. Her throat was so swollen and inflamed that she couldn't swallow or eat. The improvement began in about 24 hours. Today is day 6, and she feels almost back to normal. Just a bit tired from disrupted sleep for a few days but her appetite is back. The swelling and inflammation is mostly gone. Truly amazing turn around in such a short time. She has 1T morning and 1T at night mixed in a smoothie with 1T honey also AM and PM. We've increased her vitamin C to 1000 mg a day along with her multivitamin. We used the baking soda gargles early in the week for throat pain. All this together has tackled the mono!

Coconut Oil, Vitamin C
Posted by Maureen (Liberty Twp, Ohio) on 06/20/2012

My son Age 21 just graduated college has mono also. Last week he went to my husbands doctor for a sore throat. They did a strep and blood test and he tested positive for mono and possible tonsillitis. Anyway they gave him a Zpack and told him to rinse with salt water advil etc. 3 days later we took him to the emergency room, he could not swallow and was in a lot of pain, and fever we couldnt get a hold of his doctor. Once there they gave him a steriod shot and vicadin. He came home with more steroids. Also Vicadin. I was desperate to help him.

I found this website and did try coconut oil. I first mixed 2 TBS with applesauce. Then I mixed it with tea. He has also had 2000mg of vit C per day. Lots of water and poweraid. He didnt have a lot of the coconut oil, but I still think the total combination of everything we used is working. A few days he barely ate. Now it is 1 week later and he is eating a regular sandwich today- amazing. He still needs a lot of rest. He can't do any sports for a month. He has lost 15 lbs. I was wondering about coconut milk will that help does any one know? Anyone try it? Thanks for all the info everyone. Maureen

Colloidal Silver

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Posted by Boogiedowntown (Atlanta, Georgia, United States) on 02/17/2012

Colloidal silver works wonders for a mono patients. I highly recommend gargling one dropper full once a day everyday. It will go away within a couple days.

Dietary Suggestions

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Posted by Letha Hadady (New York, NY) on 04/06/2008

I just wrote to a myspace friend who told me he had Mono. I suggested some foods and supplements that may help quite a number of people. That's because mono and other such immune-weakening illness may be liver related. Now during the humid, changeable weather of spring our liver is especially challenged. We may feel weak, achy, jaundiced (yellowish complexion) sick or dizzy more often.

If you have a rich diet and stress, you may feel more discomforted now during the season. You may also suffer more allergies. Here are some diet additions:

Morning: Black cherry concentrate (from the healthfood store) is a source of iron and a liver cleanser. Add 1 tsp. of it to a glass of water for breakfast. Iron helps build blood which raises immunity and energy.

Green foods such as dandelion capsules, chlorophyll (liquid or caps) are also good for liver strength.

Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, hot spices, fried and greasy foods.

Get some rest. Drink more water. Avoid certain irritating foods. Some people may find eggs to rich right now. Keep diet simple and add more fruits and vegetables.

A liver flush is easy to do as part of your normal diet when you add 1 tsp. of extra virgin olive oil to a glass of raw non-filtered apple cider (the kind that looks thick not the clear processed apple juice) Do it daily.

These few simple additions can help you deal with spring and enhance immunity to prevent illness.


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Posted by Dan (Pittsburgh, PA) on 05/13/2006

About 2 weeks ago i was diagnosed with mono had very achy legs and arms. i have been cutting little slivers of garlic up and take it like a pill. wow it's strong, burns my stomach some too, but believe it or not, i feel so much better. i think i'm ready to retest for the mono. i think it will come up negative. my dad has lung cancer found out 5 yrs ago doctors gave him 6 months. i was very sad and even if my dad would pass away, i'll still consider him beating his cancer because he really did he lose so much weight but my dad has been taking garlic and garlic. he loves it. he puts it on bread plain and eats it -- he's gained weight now. he feels so much better. i love my dad he showed me how effective garlic would be and i'll never forget that secret he gave me. keep taking garlic it really does help.

Replied by Maria

I too eat Garlic everyday and take garlic capsules and I feel so much better. My 17 year old gave me mono and Garlic along with rest and lots of water plus a multi vitamin has improved my health! I juice too almond milk strawberries blueberries spinch bananas and flax seed. Try it! It works...

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