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Posted by Jane (Charlotte, Michigan) on 07/21/2009

Having a near fatal reaction to the sulfur drug this last winter, I am reading all labels. I find out my shampoo and conditioner all have this sulfur in them. I have natural curly hair and need help finding something out there that does not have any sulfur in them. Please can someone help? Janey



Posted by Ripples (Denver, Co, Us) on 01/10/2010
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Synthroid and anxiety

Has anyone experienced anxiety with Synthroid? I recently changed from Armour thryoid to Synthroid and now seem to have constant anxiety. Anyone else?

Replied by Linda
York County, Maine

Hi - have you had bloodwork since the change in med? I wonder if the dose could be reduced??

Replied by Ripples
Denver, CO


Had my bloodwork done last Tuesday, my TSH was 6.56 (they didn't test the T3 levels). The nurse wanted me to UP my Synthroid from 50mcg to 75mcg. She said that there may be more anxiety as a result of the higher dosage :/ and that I should get a full bloodwork panel done in one month.

Sorry, I couldn't wait one more month with this kind of anxiety. What seems to help temporarily is flower remedy tinctures for anxiety, and homeopathic sleep aids. I also take holy basil tea at least 3-4x a day.

So I opted to change to a endo/naturopath. I'm keeping the dosage at 50mcg on the Synthroid until I talk to the new doc/pa.

I'll keep you posted.

Replied by Linda
York County, Maine

Yes, do please keep us posted....I like the Flower Essences and my experience with homeopathic tablets has been very good. Once 'regulated' I was on 225 mcg of med for several years until my M.D. reduced to 200 mcg about 6 months ago...I feel quite a bit better, tho' still have bouts with exhaustion and racing heart!

Replied by Ripples
Denver, Us

Went to the NP/naturopath, she said it may be lack of estrogen/progesterone as well as the Synthroid medication. She's trying me on 50 mg troche of progesterone (that's a gel-like lozenge you dissolve under your tongue) just for the anxiety and sleeplessness. I tried 1/4 tab yesterday during the day and it worked great. She also prescribed Armour 30mg (as I have a-fib) and I'm taking this as well. Am also using the progesterone cream topically, and overall my axiety levels have seemed to drop--just since yesterday, and I'm not worrying about everything. I'm hoping the Armour starts taking effect in about a week, so that I won't have to take the progesterone forever, although maybe that's not a bad thing. NP/naturopath wants me on estrogen, says it's the best thing ever.

A local pharmacy hand-compounded both prescriptions, btw.

Here's to a clearer head!

Replied by Linda
York County, Maine

Hey, glad to hear you're feeling better. I'm wondering, though, if you're taking the Armour in addition to the Synthroid? Or will taking Armour allow you to wean yourself from the Synthroid? I'm considering asking my Doc to work with me if I try some kelp....have you any experience with that?

Replied by Ripples
Denver, Us

No, I quit using the Synthroid the day I started the Armour, so I guess I'm not really weaning. Didn't know I was supposed to do that, is that what your endo said to do?

Yesterday was rough, super anxious, super worried. I called the naturopath, she suggested a small dose of pharma grade anti-anxiety drug, just for nights. I ended up taking 50mg of it, but feel sluggish today. At least it works. I also tried gaba earlier in the evening, but that didn't seem to help, although I only tried 200mg (they recommended 400mg). Hopefully today is better but it seems like this is cyclical, every other day is good--that is, I expericence less anxiety. Hopefully it'll settle into a daily pattern.

Replied by Linda
York County, Maine

Hi - I haven't spoken to my endo in years....he felt he got me regulated a year or so after radio-iodine and turned my treatment over to my family doc....when I asked my then-doc about using bovine thyroid tissue, he scoffed and made some sort of comment about AIDS coming from monkeys---I haven't had much luck conversing with the 'traditional' docs about alternative treatment...that particular doc was 'supposed' to be an osteopath, and I didn't think that meant he would not be open to non-drug treatment....

Sorry to know about your anxiety - I have to engage in a lot of 'self-talk' when I'm feeling anxious; I take a lot of deep breaths and really focus on what matters in my life...I would recommend St. John's Wort-honestly, I have had very good experience with it and it may take from several days to a few weeks to notice a change; it's not something you can take once to feel the effects, necessarily.

Regarding your sleep difficulties, I've found it helpful to simply cover the digital display on my bedside clock; it's amazing how that little bit of light can disturb me if I happen to wake up during the night, which I do at least once nightly due to being too hot; that's partly an estrogen thing (I believe) and partly having a husband who throws heat like an epsom salt baths help me quite a bit also.

Keep on keepin' on Ripples! - I believe you'll settle into a routine of feeling better. It's just taking quite an effort, isn't it?

Replied by Ivory Coast
Loco, Ca




Replied by Ripples
Denver, Us

Thanks for your comments, Linda.

My old endo's nurse had told me that there was a chance that with the Armour that I could get swine flu more easily. Couldn't believe it. I've checked with two pharmacists and my naturopath, they say that this is untrue. I wonder if my endo is just in the pocket of the Synthroid manufacturers. Well he's my "ex" endo anyway.

Yes, been trying deep breathing and listening to self-guided meditation cd's for anxiety, that seems to help. I may pick up a bottle of the St. John's Wort too. I've also lost my job of 15 years so that is probably contributing to my anxiety as well.

The clock cover up idea is good, I've tried that too, I just turn it face down. Since I don't have to get up to go to work right now, it's not earth-shattering if I have a restless night, but it can make me a wreck the next day.

Took an epsom salt bath last night then used the progesterone cream, this seemed to work for a few hours, along with 1000mg fish oil, 500mg vit c, 400mg magnesium and 200mg gaba and two aspirin since I was sore from a hike. Went to bed but didn't fall to sleep, so I took half of the 50mg pharma at like 2am. Beware, those make you really sluggish the next morning.

Yes, it's taking effort to feel better Linda, but it's great to read your posts(as well as others). Makes me realize that there's people out there also struggling, getting better--and this helps. One warning, if you're really sleepless, sometimes it's not great to "over google" your symptoms, it can sometimes just make you more anxious!

Replied by Sara
The Beach, Canada

One thing i was always told not to mix with my SYNTHROID OR ARMOUR was decaffeinated coffee or tea. the decaf process does something to the med. not sure what, but i took the advice because it was from two aunts and they knew their stuff.

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
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Hello Ripples from Denver,

The loss of your Armour thyroid supplements comes from your good old FDA suddenly making them illegal (after years of its saving peoples lives) because they have never been studied or researched. Of course this translates to Armour thyroid being a natural substance is not patentable, but the synthetic version synthroid is. Never mind that Armour's natural product has been proven effective by its track record all these years and that is probably much more testing than synthroid ever got. We may never know how much more effective the thyroid supplement is that the synthetic one, because the FDA isn't too swift about releasing the unwanted side effects of the patentable drugs, even after they are well known.

If you doubt this, look up acetoaminophen (Tylenol) which is supposedly much safer than aspirin. There is lots of literature now about Tylenol damaging or destroying the liver at normal dosages, especially when used on an empty stomach or for prolonged periods.

The latest thing I read on that one was that normal dosage elevates the liver enymes with normal dosage for 1 week. That elevation indicates liver damage.

Replied by James
Melbun, Kansas

I've been very concerned with the amount of meds I'm taking and now its seeming to come home. I have a large patch of 'ringworm' on my ankle and I'm developing rashes on my inner thigh and ribs. My doc told me it was because I have a suppresed imune system due to the drugs. My skin is also very dry, very thin and tears at the least little thing. Yesterday, while horseback, I brushed by a tree limb and tore two gouges in my arm, both about an inch long and V shaped. They are only through the skin which seems to have a consistency of a ripe tomato. Needless to say, I've very depressed. I've always been very active with synthroid.

Topical Corticosteroids

Posted by Agnes (Warsaw) on 07/21/2015

Hello, has anyone of you experienced ulcers and skin infections after using topical corticosteroids?

Replied by Sp
Wb, Nj

Hi Agnes, I have replied to your post twice, but I haven't seen either reply posted. I will try again as corticosteroid reactions are very serious. Maybe if I word it differently this time... I know a forum where people have posted about your situation. I myself have had lots of skin reactions to corticosteroids but not ulcers and skin infections. There is an international .org website devoted to topical steroid awareness. If you do a search based on the words in my previous sentence you should be able to find it and connect with people who have gone through what you are going through. And what you are going through may not actually be ulcers and skin infections. Good luck!


Posted by Mary (Los Angeles, California) on 04/18/2011 50 posts

My best friend had a terrible infection and let it go to long before seeing a doctor. When he finally went the doctor he only gave him and antibiotic and vicodin. He started acting almost insane so we took him to E.R. He was on the verge of death the doctor should have called the ambulance is what E.R. said!

When I told the hospital how much pain he was in they gave him more vicodin for the tremendous pain. He became even worse mentally. They finally gave him emergency surgery and he got well quickly except he seems to have lost a lot of memory since then. Is there anything he can do to get rid of what the vicodin did to him? He has always been very sharp.

Thank you in advance.

Replied by Mark
Bellvue, Colorado, Usa

Don't be so sure it was the Vicodin. Many antibiotics have a long list of severe side effects, especially the fluoroquinolones like Levaquin, Cipro, and Avelox. I was given Levaquin in 2007 and it destroyed my life. In addition to the toxicity psychosis your friend appeared to be suffering I also had ruptured tendons, cartilage damage, blood clots, swollen veins, broken blood vessels, pulmonary edema, brain damage, headaches, insomnia..... The list is endless. NEVER TAKE FLUOROQUINOLONES!!!

Vicodin and Methadone

Posted by Brandi (Springfield, Oregon, United States) on 06/26/2013

What will I go through and for how long?

I've been taking vicodin and methadone for about a year. I've gone through some dry spells but not like this. I have some medical issues but I have crappy insurance so I don't get the help I need. I self medicate when I can but now I am getting a job that UA's so I'll have to stop and just stay in pain until I get better insurance. I took quite a bit daily-about 4 10mg vicodins and like 2 methadones -do not know the mg for that. My question is how long will I have withdraws and what kind? I know there is no set for sure answer but I'd like something to go off of. I've been sweating horribly but that's it, I don't feel horrible. I've gone through stopping before but not like this. It's worse. Can you give any recommendations to help the sweating go away?

Replied by Andrea C
Cardiff, Wales

Hi xxxx I have been through 'CODEINE plus OXYCODONE' Withdrawal. I was put on it for neuropathic and chronic pain. Any opiate painkiller takes between 7 to 14 days to withdraw. The sweats is just 1 symptom, you may also get the runs and flu life symptoms. Insomnia, headache, also any of these. I copied it from BUT... Do not freak yourself out and believe you will get ALL of these symptoms. If you look under Ailments and Drug Addiction, there is a girl on there that said she went on forums looking for help and it freaked her out reading other people's experiences, but I am posting this in case other symptoms kick in, and you don't know why. A good excuse to give yourself recovery time is tell every one you got a bad dose of the flu and stay home if you can't function. I hope this will help you. It may not get no worse than the sweats. Anyway, here is the INFO

Love Andrea C

P. S, DRINK PLENTY OF WATER, put a few grains of salt in it to help rehydrate yourself or buy rehydration sachets. If you're unable to get to a store, or there's no 1 that can go for you, look on the web for homemade Rehydration Formulas.

Replied by Hope Fiend

Hello, I'm a drug addict and have been in recovery for over a year now. I've been through opiate withdrawel and benzo withdrawel (which was way worse) but it's never a pleasent experience. Everyone is different. For me insomnia has always been my least favorite symptom. But with opiate withdrawel I can kinda convince myself that I have the flu and just focus on getting rid of the anxiety. You may throw up, you may have diarreah, you may get restless legs. But the important thing to remember is that opiate withdrawel won't kill you. You just got to find some tools to help you along. For me hot baths and music where my GOD SEND. I took 5-6 baths a day and the rest of the time listened to music. You don't have to do this alone though and in fact you probably shouldn't. I hiiighly recommend looking up NA or AA meetings in your area and getting support there. They understand that you'll be socially retarded and in pain or whatever and won't judge you but will give you their experience strength and hope. I was using drugs to self medicate or just getting hiiigh for 10 plus years and getting involved with NA was the only way that worked for me. IT CERTAINLY CANT HURT. You don't have to do this alone :) good luck!

Weaning Off Medication

Posted by Kc (Charlotte, North Carolina) on 11/03/2011

I made the decision a few weeks ago to stop taking my antidepressant, Cymbalta, which I have taken for over 3 years.

Last year, due to a mix-up with my doctor and an abrupt change to my daily routine, I was without it suddenly for about 3 weeks. Those 3 weeks were hell on earth.

My doctor is less than understanding so I have been tapering off the drug on my own since 10/21/11. I am down to 20 mg from 60 mg and the withdrawal symptoms have been all over the board.

Suddenly this week, I have developed some boils on my stomach, chest, arms, and legs. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this and wondering if it could be some kind of cleansing reaction?

I take flaxseed oil, virgin coconut oil, apple cider vinegar daily plus a complete spectrum of vitamins. I use magnesium oil on my body (which until this week had seemed to contribute to clearer skin).

I started taking turmeric (smooshed into my coconut oil) when the boils started but they seem to be no better (after 4 days) and I have more. I just read that turmeric can be used for liver cleansing so I'm wondering if I am detoxing too quickly.

Just wondered if anyone else had experience anything like this or if I'm just attributing each and every symptom to the medication withdrawal.

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

KC, sorry to hear about your withdrawal symptoms from coming off Cymbalta. It would seem that this drug is very dangerous to withdraw from so be careful. Here is a link you should read. You may need to be monitored more closely while you are withdrawing.

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

KC here are lots of people comments when they came off Cymbalta.. A sobering read. Note these are dated 2006. I can't believe your Doctor put you on this medication!!

Magnesium chloride in your bath water is (about 2-4 pounds) is very good for depression (or swimming in the ocean). Also Dr. Hoffer treated many people with depression with Niacin. Research

Posted by Sara (Rockland County, New York) on 11/07/2010

I have had ocd for about 14 years. I went on lexapro and switched to prozac and it was helping. I've been taking them for a bit over a year. I began taking vitamins after learning nutrition in school ( a few months ago)and was feeling so great at one point. I had energy, phobias decreased, more motivation, less anxiety in general). When I ran out of b complex I realized I am more anxious and I'm convinced its the b complex that worked so great. Anyway my question is does anyone know how to transition like wean off the prozac and only take vitamin supplement without brain zaps and other side effects? also if anyone knows how long I have to wait before trying 5htp? I know you are not supposed to take it with prozac because you can risk seritonin syndrome. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Replied by Ellen
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

Please get yourself on omega 3's now. Your brain is screaming for healthy fats. Omega 3's are absolutely necessary for cognitive function and to feel energy and healthy. If you are deficient in omega 3's you will have many symptoms such as depression, phobias, poor judgement, slow cognitive function, and the list goes on. You are definitely deficient in omega 3 and today's diet over 90% of people are. The fats people eat today are horrible, inflammatory and create disease. I know that my health improved drastically after consuming omega 3s and coconut oil. These are the only two fats that anyone should consume. Although, I do consume olive oil as well, but high quality olive oil. The brand I use is made so that the molecules are intact and the oil is healthy and safe. In fact this company produces so many beautiful products and no, I am not connected to them in any way. The name of the company is Napa Valley Naturals. Use their products as they are amazing. About coconut oil, please research this oil as it is the best oil you can consume and need in your body as it removes disease in all areas from your heart, thyroid, brain, digestive tract. This oil is amazing and gives you the gift of health if you eat it everyday. I just use it instead of butter/margarine. If you research it you will know how amazing it is. Oh about getting off the prozac, please just slowly wean yourself off dropping 1 pill a day until you are done. Good luck, Ellen

Replied by Sara
Rockland County, Ny

Hey. Thanks so much for the info and quick response. I failed to mention the prozac I'm on is time released 40mg I've been taking for a bit over a year. I hear if you don't taper slowly enough you will get side effects like brain zaps and nausea weeks later when it is out of your system. I also am considering taking 5htp when its finally out of my system. I will definately start with the omegas though. I know b complex helped. I have realized what an unhealthy diet really does.


Posted by Rossan (Forks) on 03/24/2017

I would so suggest you don't take Xanax. It's a benzo I was on them for 26 years for panic attacks. I took myself off of them and I almost died. I was in the hospital for 2 months, my blood pressure was sky-high, my body did not know what to do without the benzos. I would suggest weaning yourself off of those immediately!