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Multiple Medication Problems

Posted by Debi (Converse, Texas USA) on 02/25/2009

Skin Problems

Dear all: I need help! A little background, I'm a Gulf War Vet and I came back and developed uncontrolled Asthma. My doctors perscribed a battery of drugs including Prednisone, Theophylin, Singulair, Zyrteck D, Nexium for acid reflux, Prevastatin for high cholesterol and Gabapentin for peripheral neuropathy. I've also gained 70 lbs.

I've been very concerned with the amount of meds I'm taking and now its seeming to come home. I have a large patch of 'ringworm' on my ankle and I'm developing rashes on my inner thigh and ribs. My doc told me it was because I have a suppresed imune system due to the drugs. My skin is also very dry, very thin and tears at the least little thing. Yesterday, while horseback, I brushed by a tree limb and tore two gouges in my arm, both about an inch long and V shaped. They are only through the skin which seems to have a consistency of a ripe tomato. Needless to say, I've very depressed. I've always been very active with horses, dogs, hiking and camping. Now I'm stuck with rotten skin, fat and ugly.

I've started taking the ACV and honey in the morning,spiking my water with ACV and this morning I took a 30 minute soak in hot water with 1/2 cup of ACV in it.

My plan is to wean myself off the prednisone this year as I've become physically dependant on it. But I do suffer from withdrawal symptoms from it when I've tried before.

Any other suggestions? Can someone help me? I'm desperate!!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Some analysis of the medication:

Prednisone this may have caused the weight gain. Baking soda and potassium citrate, or alkalization remedy may reduce the inflammation. A carbicarb with potassium might work better, that's 1/8 teaspoon sodium carbonate (washing soda) 1/8 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate plus 1/8 teaspoon of potassium citrate. Certain hormonal substitute against inflammation causes less problem, such as weight gain, but a larger dose maybe necessary that I think maybe helpful is pregnenolone, anywhere from 10-50 mg. A DHEA may have anti inflammatory properties too at 25 mg, and in some cases 50 mg. but has an opposite effect in causing weight loss as opposed to weight gain. Both of these, DHEA and pregnenolone I also take them together. Magnesium citrate 250-500 has anti-inflammatory properties too. If inflammation is caused by mycoplasma or mycobacterium, from those vaccines, magnesium helps in that case, as well as chromium at 1000-3000 mcg. Selenium 200-1000 mcg is also helpful against mycoplasma induced inflammation.

Nexium. I used baking soda with potassium to reduce most major acid reflux as mentioned above. WHen the body's bicarbonates are low and fungus like bacteria grows, they might even cause the acid reflux. A hydrogen peroxide drops might help also that's 10 drops at 3% per glass of water. Baking soda usually 1/2 teaspoon twice a day is often taken for about 2-3 weeks before the symptoms of acid reflux reduce. Potassium also helps, but in the form of potassium citrate.

Prevastatin. A suitable natural substitute is the granulated lecithin one tablespoon taken before each meal will dissolve some of the cholesterol. Lemon juice with a small amount baking soda also helps. Red yeast rice is another one. Green tea helps. However, switching to almost all vegetarian diet for a month at least should see a major fall in cholesterol levels. The vegetables should generally be eaten raw. Vegetable soups and salads are some examples. And this major one month switch should have major effect in increasing the body's enzyme.

To further confirm the fungus theory of Gulf War, a hair mineral analysis sent by email to me, I should be able to determine their fungus footprint. In any event their pattern is seen from hair mineral analysis as low in the following: potassium, chromium, boron, manganese, tungsten, magnesium, selenium, and molybdenum. The actual hair mineral analysis won't cover everything. While it will be high in calcium, sodium, fluoride, In some cases victims of war also reported high in uranium in the hair mineral analsysis from depleted uranium used in weaponry A viral or bacterial footprint of hair mineral analysis however, won't give the same patterns, however.


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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What I do know is during that time of Gulf war vaccines which cause Gulf War Syndrome were of U.S. origins. In any event, much of Saddam Husseins bioweapons were technologies developed also by the U.S. to support his war. As a result, my guess is to find a remedy to counter whatever was used during that period. At the time, I believe microbiologist's interest in biowarfare was at its peak on the issue of fungus, mycotoxins,as a bioweapons on killing off the population slowly. The others were probably unique virus strains and bacteria. I have no way of knowing those except superficial observations of symptoms only. These are more secretive then CIA's experiment on Tuskagee or spraying on unsuspecting civilian population in New York Subway or Chicago subway.

At the time of the development, the vaccines were suppose to contain high amounts of fungus as the cause of autoimmunity and blood fungal infections and toxicity from fungus. As to the live virus and bacteria in those vaccines they can kill the immune system also, biggest problem is once they take hold inside the body getting rid of them is another thing, which is isn't easy.

Mycoplasma was virtually unknown before the 1980s (not widespread), but because of the discovery for use as a bioweapons by the U.S. military (you can find their U.S. patents), the mycoplasma is now virtually everywhere contaminating petri dishes in laboratories throughout the world. As a result the most interesting remedy against the Gulf War syndrome is to deal with these mycoplasma. It's major mechanism is autoimmunity and immune suppression, depending on the species.

As to the bacterium and virus, which can last forever inside a human body found in vaccines, I haven't quite be able to deal with that except to some extent through the use of trace chlorine dioxide through the use of sodium chlorite 25% drops reacted with citric acid or vinegar, in only reducing their numbers found inside the body introduced from the vaccines.

So my main concern appears to be the fungus and fungal toxins, which they do thrive in presence of high heavy metal preservatives and chemical preservatives. Their weaknesses appear to be alkaline, most ammonium compounds, chromium, copper, boron (found in borax), manganese, acetates (as in vinegar), chlorides (as in Hydrochloric acid) and molybdenum, based on my own observations.

Those fungus feed on them are sugar, honey, maple syrup, mushrooms, peanuts, and mollasses. Those that encourage their growth are the hydrocarbons (benzene, gasoline fumes), aspartate, aspartame, Equal, and many artificial sugars, except for polyol sugars such as xylitol, mannitol, and mannose for example. The one major problem are that most sugarless gums contain aspartame in a xylitol chewing gums and aspartate is found in many supplements. It makes for a boon in unethical supplements as people do not generally read the labels, these common ingredients are aspartate in potassium supplements, aspartate in other forms such as magnesium aspartate.

Today in the development of bioweapons, it's even more difficult through bioengineering and altering the human genes through introduction of GMO and gene altering viruses if added to vaccines. Therefore the approach of the remedy is likely to focus on the simpler things: fungus (mycobacterium, mycoplasma) and heavy metals.

Don't ask me about reversing changes in genetic level in making people sick. There's no way I can find a remedy for that one! A new strain of deadly viruses are somewhat more manageable than the use of genetic engineering as a weapons to kill enemies through dispersion techniques such as chemtrails, GMO, GMO pollination through spraying. Those are very difficult to counter with any known remedies, but I believe the success of any major population reduction (current policy is 90% reduction) will be the creation of a benign common cold virus that changes human DNA on a genetic level which prevents human reproduction through alterations of hormones or destruction of the immune system. Hormone alterations are more difficult since preparations in a vaccines to prevent pregnancy are almost akin to a homeopathic vaccine preparation so the body can reject it s own hormones inducing miscarriage, which is presently use as I understand through WHO programs and was found out by the Phillipine hospital at the time.

As to a way to counter these newer viral vaccines is through our own ability to prevent virus from entering into the system (e.g. catching colds and extensive use of vaccines with live virus that alters DNA at a genetic level). I think lysine and magnesiun chloride my help only a little.

Most vaccines, perhaps especially the Gulf War vaccines very likely contains high amounts of fungus, mycoplasma, mycotoxins (such as aflatoxins). Those have a unique ability on two things depending on the kinds of fungus, either suppresses the immune functions or cause the glandular systems such as thyroid to be either hypothyroidism (by fungal irritants) or hyperthyroidism (by blocking nutrients) and also killing off the thymus, which is the body's major immune system. Obviously getting employment through the use of chest x rays, vaccinations will shorten a person's lifespan by killing off body's normal immune system to virtually zero. At the presence the success of this policy can be seen where children today are not expected to have a life expectancy longer then their parents.

Since your inquiry into the skin that is currently having the strength of a tomato, or skin that just gets loose as easily it appears that the skin is rotting through a flesh eating sort of bacterium but the drying of the skin appears to be certain fungus which requires oil as its major food source.

The only flesh eating I have experience is the staphyloccus bacteria kind, not the Ebola virus type. To counteract these, I would take plenty of magnesium such as magnesium citrate, magnesium chloride form. I would NOT use magnesium aspartate or any aspartate form as these are excitotoxins.

A magnesium chloride solution such as a 25% solution is applied thinly without rinse for an hour or to to neutralize some of them. As another possibility to restore the skin's suppleness if the drying of the skin were due to fungus content in the Gulf War vaccines, the simplest remedy is to soak the skin for about anywhere from a couple of seconds to a hour, depending on the extent of the skin damage and dryness, using plain White distilled vinegar, as it is cheaper to use this since large quantities will be used or applied, to kill off the fungus which caused the drying skin.

Vinegar's strong points are that they kill off fungus if they are soaked for 30 minutes, such as the feet to restore the skin's dryness back when they were used in Chinese remedy against a foot or toenail fungus. This can be applied also on Gulf war syndrome on drying skin from the fungus feeding on the skin to dryness. I think it should be soaked about twice a day.

In other application I used it as a skin washing solution to remove the unremovable dirty skin on the sole feet for example, and cracking feet as well as certain cases of cracking skin induced by a fungus or excessive calcification of the skin. In excessive calcification of the skin, if that were at issue, I would use Tetrasodium EDTA as a soap solution to wash off the excessive calcification, which is responsible for cracking skin, but not necessarily drying skin as in the use of vinegar.

In any event a vinegar kills the fungus and has some properties which dose remove excessive calcium from the skin causing cracking of the skin too. So the use of ACV is helpful in giving suppleness of the vascular system of the body and it's tissue so the body function.

However, I don't agree to the use of honey as they are sugar and in proper dilution actually allows the fungus to feed off from higher blood sugar. Therefore, I would much prefer the use of 2 tablespoon of ACV plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, taken several times a day, mixed in 1/2 to 1 glass of water. But to reduce cost, I may use the vinegar as an applicator or a skin wash to be applied for a couple of minutes and then rinse off a couple of times during the early evening hours, so the next day most of the vinegary smell (which do exist after rinsing) should mostly be gone the next day.

It should be noted that other supplements helpful in killing off mycoplasma are as follows:

1. Potassium citrate (technical name tripotassium citate) with Sodium bicarbonate. That's 1/4 teaspoon of each in a glass of water, three times a day.
2. Chromium. Usually 1500-2000 mcg. a day.
3. Copper , usually in form of amino acid chelate, 2 mg for a couple of weeks, before spacing them to only once a week, then later perhaps once a month.
4. Vinegar with baking soda is better then ACV with honey as it doesn't disturb the body's pH buffering mechanism such as bicarbonates. The vinegar remedy I prefer is 2 tablespoon of vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass or 1/2 glass of water. Perhaps twice a day.
5. Manganese is 25 mg taken for about a month before gradually reducing them to a couple of times a week.
6. Molybdenum, is taken at 10 mg, if you can find them! In the form of sodium molybdate, but they can be taken I think at higher dosage without problems.
7. Borax is dissolved 1/4 teaspoon in one liter of drinking water.
8. Reduction of heavy metals to starve the fungi such as cilantro.
9. Support of the liver function by detoxification through hydrogen peroxide drops and granulated lecithin. The hydrogen peroxide food grade drops are 10 drops of 3% H2O2 per glass of water. The granulated lecithin are at least one tablespoon per day.

If weakness is noted, those are more often virus being introduced in vaccines, common contaminants are Epstein Barr virus and perhaps many others. Perhaps 1000 mg - 3000 mg of Lysine to kill off those. But alto helpful are the addition of 500 mg of Magnesium citrate or magnesium chloride. I don't use any magnesium aspartate as they do more harm then good. If malic acid can be found, then I would use 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon of malic acid plus equal amounts of baking soda to neutralize the acid. The malic acid seems to kill off certain virus causing fibromyalgia and also gives the cells the energy needed to detox as well as malic acid is a good chelator of aluminum.

Most sulfur compounds reduce mercury buildup that is used in vaccines, and MSM 1000-4000 mg, and sodium thiosulfate 10% solution used as drops added t drinking water may help, but cannot be taken at the same time with a hydrogen peroxide remedy.

In any event, the healing of the skin may be help with this mixture: 5% lavedner oil plus 95% aloe vera oil applied to the skin only after washing the skin with vinegar solution for a couple of minutes followed by a simple water rinse and dry it before applying them is a possibility. Some vitamin E added to the mix help reduce scars. It's applied only thinly to the skin area. If wound are opened larger, perhaps vaseline gauze may help prevent infection afer applying iodine tincture to the area.

If taken the supplements for a while, some vitamin B complex is required to reverse the weakness and vitamin C sodium ascorbate to help healng, such as B50 once a day and 1000 mg of sodium ascobate vitamin C.

In any event, the legalization of Codex Alimentarius by the U.S and Canada through Bill C-51 would virtually guarantee that this remedy can't be use because none of these supplements can be obtained.

Therefore, to understand whether you will have supply problems or not by the end of 31 December 2009, a couple of introductory videos might be helpful here:

or slightly longer



Replied by Rosy
Orlando, Fl

You could try coconut oil on your skin. It might help with the ringworm, and rash. It is an antifungal, and smells fantastic. I would wait to try eating it, as your body might have a really bad die off. When you take that many meds you insides have become more hospitable to bad bacteria. You may also want to look at Lacto-Fermented foods such as kefir, ginger beer, and sauerkraut.

Replied by Mari
Pittsburgh, PA

Debi, I highly recommend getting off the Prednisone asap - my experience is it really does beat down the immune system. Also, I have heard of a clinic --my chiropractor tells me they may be able to help you in overcoming the effects of these drugs - you are on a lot of things right now. I saw a photographic exhibition of people who are very ill having worked at the World Trade Center after 911. Many of them are on 10-12 drugs a day. I have an associate who takes so much prednisone that I see her body breaking down slowly but surely. You really have to concern yourself with getting your immune system back in balance right now.

The ACV will definately help you with the weight loss. Drink LOTS of spring water to help with that too. Good luck.

Naproxen Sodium

Posted by Qiagen (Albany, New York) on 11/17/2010

I took Naproxen Sodium for pain relief from joint pain. After taking it for two weeks I developed a very painful mouth. My doctor states I had burned my mouth with this medication. It has been a month now and I still can't taste my food. How long will it take for the taste to return? What can I do to enhance the taste of foods?

Nitro Pills

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 03/10/2015
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HI U GOD FEARING FOLKS, , , , , , , , this is an interesting story so pay attention.

Sunday night I ate a big bowl of sto bought hot Chili. Soon I had indigestion and finally went to sleep. At 2 am I awoke with severe pain in my stomach. After awhile it moved up to my chest. I caved and called for an ambulance. Never been down this road, but learned that if they think you are having a heart attack then they are required to give you nitro pills.

That sent my blood pressure to the bottom and I thought I was about to meet my maker. Once in ER, they had to spend all their time on my blood pressure issue and not the problem I initially had.

I will say this....... I am not a fan of our medical folks as far as treating your health problems, but our ER medical folks are second to none. I am certain they saved my life, so I think we need to separate the two.

ATS =======ORH=======

Replied by Timh
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After having come this far forward to normal and boom! So glad you got thru this.

Could the hot chili caused excessive acid in your tummy? Do try some Baking Soda next time. Also looks like you need to do some gut healing. Two most effective remedies I know is DGL & Allantoin (one or two doses always gets me back to par) or H2 antagonist drugs like Zantac, Pepsid, or Tagamet taken w/ Chlorella Extract.

Opiate Painkillers

Posted by Andrea C (Wales) on 03/14/2014

For years I been treated for Fibromalgia, Chronic pain, Neuropathic pain ETC. I kpet telling the Doctors and specialist I was 95% the Opiate Painkiller I was put on was causing the unbearable pain and other symptoms I had they kept saying NO and giving me ever stronger ones. I have been desperately trying to find an answer to this unbearalble pain and what I found has been known about since 1900? It's this.

Opioid-induced hyperalgesia I am so angry!!! All I can find on the web is more drugs for it and THEY CAN CAUSE IT???? I CAN'T FIND ANY 'HOLISTIC' things on it or how to cure it only Pharma and I don't want that!! PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP!!

Opioid-induced hyperalgesia[1] or opioid-induced abnormal pain sensitivity, [2] also called paradoxical hyperalgesia[3] is a phenomenon associated with the long term use of opioids such as morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, and methadone. Over time, individuals taking opioids can develop an increasing sensitivity to noxious stimuli, even evolving a painful response to previously non-noxious stimuli (allodynia). Some studies on animals have also demonstrated this effect occurring after only a single high dose of opioids.... More:

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Andrea C from Wales,

Re the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia ...

AND the overuse of opiates.

Well, as usual the trend in Western medicine is to treat the symptom and not the cause. I argue that viral infection is heavily linked to many "mystery cause" illnesses.

Google, "Phoenix Rising, Dr. Dantini" and you'll find an MD that contends there is a relationship between infection and CFS and FM. Dr. Dantini uses a number of anti viral drugs. I have used for 20 years Colloidal Silver. Keep the mind open for such anti virals. Zappers/ MMS/Rife technology. Herbals.

So the first step for anyone suffering from CFS or FM or one who is addicted to the opiates which cause other pain issues, is to get to the cause of the underlying issue. Then, the matter of addiction to the prescription drugs becomes more focused. Cleansing the system of the opiated residues becomes vital and I'd be looking on Earth Clinic sites for cleanses.

The "lemon" cleanse is one. Half a lemon in glass of water, ten times a day for two weeks cleanses down to the cellular level. The Texas Minister Lester Roloff used Watermelons ... a three day FAST with only watermelon ... to cleanse drug addicted adolescents who came to his "girls home" in Texas needing help.

I am so sorry you are facing two problems and know how frustrated and angry you are. What you are facing is now getting national attention. Just tonight on the national news I saw a special on how drug addiction that results in thousands of deaths each year, starts with a pathway drug of prescription pain killers.


Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 06/08/2014
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Here's an alert to those who are dealing with prescription pain medication. Be alert to the problem of colon impaction when taking pain meds...especially Oxycontin. This is a common problem; taking prescription pain meds "relax" the intestines and make uptake of food harder. Literally. Constipation is common and then if bad; impacting might follow.

The above info is common knowledge. But this fact is not common knowledge, even with Hospice Nurses...

What will often be prescribed is a standard twice a day pain killer and nausea killer. Often that pain killer will be Oxycodone. Then another pain killer will be alternated for pain that is NOT the Oxycodone; it is normally Oxycontin (might be a "take as needed").

Here's the big problem: The Oxycontin will NOT dissolve and actually becomes a gummy, gooey hard "pea" sized lump in the intestines. IF the patient is having constipation problems (normal), then the use of Oxycontin will create MORE constipation problems as the gooey/hard core will add to the impacting in the intestine.

Well, the patient cannot eat with a blockage. So in a case where the patient is already in trouble, the use of Oxycontin will add to the problem...creating impacting of a hard gooey mass. If you have access to these two drugs just crush up an Oxycodone (easy to crush and dissolve in water) and then just try to do the same with the Oxycontin. Once you finally get it crushed, add some water...even something with an acidic base...and you will get a gooey hard core. That core will impact. Just use your finger to feel what I'm taking about; the lingering, pea shaped core will stick in a tacky goo to your fingers. Imagine that (say 20 in a five day period) in your intestines where there is already very little movement.

In some cases this situation could become life or death.

Solution is ... not to give Oxycontin to a patient with any sign of constipation. But it is an almost foregone conclusion that constipation WILL follow prescription pain meds.

I've tried using Essential Oils as a substitute...for instance, Lavender for pain. I put on wrists and then just tasting the Lavender gets the oils into the system.


Posted by Maria23 (Manila, Paranaque, Philippines) on 08/06/2011
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3 Weeks ago, I went to the dentist to have my impacted tooth removed. He has given me Augmentine antibiotics and Ponstan SF painkillers. I have drank the Ponstan 3 times a day bet. 4-6 hours and for a week. On the 7th day, my stomach was really paining beyond words. I was rushed to the ER. The doctor said it is bad to drink painkillers as well antibiotics all at the same time and in a very near time interval. Since then on, the pain in my upper stomach never vanished. The cramps pain alot especially in the morning then it subsides through out the day but still there is a constant pain. I went to the first doctor and I had endoscopy. He saw erosions in my stomach and concluded it was Gastritis. He gave me Prevacid and Vometa as my medication. After 1 week I went back to him and he is hesitant why the pain has not yet lessen. I got fed up I went to a 2nd doctor. He told me not to be worried. He gave me Mucosta, Pantoprix and Ganaston for my Gastritis. Now almost a month, I cry every morning because of the pain and yet nothing has been changed. I have been taking my 2nd medication for a week now. But how I wish there is at least little improvement. I'm waiting to finish my meds. Next week and go to see the doctor again. I am very depressed because nothing seems to work. Has anybody experienced the same experience as mine? Can anybody please help me how to go through this and at least feel a little relief. I am drinking camomile tea for 2 days now. I'm trying everything I can to improve my situation. I need to be well since I need to Migrate to another country. Please help me in your own little way. THANKSSSSSS!


Posted by Koh Chun (Tutong, Brunei) on 06/09/2013

I am weak and very tired. I can't stand cold, heat and stress. I lose a lot of weight. Every 2 or 3 days, my stomach would feel uneasy and my head "spinny".

I hate taking paracetamol everytime I am feverish. I try to stall as long as I can until I can stand no more, then reluctantly I take 1 tablet Panadol soluble (500mg).

What would be the best list of alternatives to paracetamol, from herbs to safer chemicals?

Perioral Dermatitis Medications

Posted by Barbara (Vancouver, Bc) on 03/02/2017
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Hi: I am a 69 year old female. I had clear freckled skin all my life and have never had a rash on my face. About four months ago, a small spot showed up on the left side of my chin and continued to get bigger. I went to my doctor and he said I had impetigo and put me Fudicin H cream. It did not work and made it worse. He finally sent me to a dermatologist who diagnosed me with perioral dermatitis and prescribed doxicyclin (to be taken for three months) and an antibiotic cream (which I found out is used for rosacea). It seemed to work but then I had side effects from the antibiotic (blurred vision, etc.) I was told to stop taking it and he put me on trimethoprim but had a severe reaction to that!! (racing heart rate and very sore throat). Very frustrated as new little bumps just pop up and now around my eyes :( I have just started using Apple Cider vinegar on these new ones and I'm still using the antibiotic cream that was prescribed. Will it ever go away?


Posted by Kathleen (Lancaster, California ) on 08/08/2020
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The doctor had me on steroids for Crohn's disease end I have all kinds of ailments which turns out is allergic reaction to prednisone. I can hardly walk on my feet they hurt so bad, my face is swollen oh, I've had the shakes a sore throat and a drippy nose. I'm wondering how to make these ailments go away faster. Thank you.

Replied by Anon

Aloe gel, parsley juice, milk thistle, garlic, oxygenated magnesium colon cleanser, juice fasting, etc. These things help your body clean and recouperate and may help.

Posted by Brent (Virginia) on 10/25/2014

Thanks, Bill. I'll read through that link. Brent

Posted by Brent (Virginia, US) on 10/24/2014

I've been battling ulcerative colitis for a number of years. Six months ago I began a regimen of low dose prednisone which really helped. My doctor and I have decided to pursue treatment with the immuno-suppressant, Imuran, and I am now in a position where I am beginning to wean myself off prednisone.

I am aware of the need to step down slowly but there are still unpleasant side effects and I am wondering if any of you have found any supplements that help in easing some of these issues in this specific situation. The main problems I am seeing are joint pain and fatigue. So far OTC pain relievers help but I am limited to acetaminophen since NSAIDs and ulcerative colitis don't mix due to intestinal irritation.

As I understand it, these problems come to light with prednisone as the drug itself basically takes over the body's own production of cortisol. Until the body can begin to produce its own cortisol I get to experience the symptoms of this very specific type of adrenal fatigue.

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 10/24/2014

Hi Brent...You can wean yourself off prednisone by supplementing molybdenum, pantethine and pantathenic acid(vitamin B5) which will give you the same benefits as prednisone without its dangerous side-effects. Here are some extracts from the research:

Candida, according to antibody studies done at the Atkins Center, is involved in more than 80 percent of all cases of Crohn's and Colitis.

And for autoimmune problems, Dr. Atkins states,

" For all conditions that a doctor might prescribe prednisone --allergies, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, lupus, and other autoimmune diseases, pantethine can be safely, effectively substituted. I routinely use it for all of those conditions on hundreds of my patients, and it's valuable in weaning them off steroidal drugs, or certainly in allowing a lower dose...."

By upping body levels of a body enzyme, pantethine counteracts brain fog, certain allergic sensitivities, and some consequences of alcoholism. (And here it is --) ... In people with candidiasis, the enzyme fights off a toxic byproduct called acetaldehyde, which is thought to cause brain fog, often-suffered but rarely diagnosed.... Acetaldehyde also is suspected of being responsible for some symptoms of alcoholism, including alcoholic heart muscle disease. The pantethine-stimulated enzyme also detoxifies formaldehyde, an all too frequent offender for chemically sensitive individuals."

In summary, Dr. Atkins is saying that Pantethine, without toxic consequences, can reduce cholesterol, counteract oxidation, stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria, and fight allergies, inflammation, autoimmune disruptions, and alcoholism.

In case you wondered, Dr. Cooter and Dr. Schmtt suggest 300 micrograms of Molybdenum in three divided doses per day, and further suggests staying on it for at least 4 months.. Dr. Atkins suggests 450 to 900 miligrams daily of Pantethine with an equal amount of Pantethenic Acid.


I would also urge you to read all the research thoroughly from the link.

Please also take note from the above research link that 80% of people with Crohn's and Colitis will have serious candida issues as well. So if you do have candida then your problems will be compounded and you will have to cure that as well. See Candida cures in the Ailments section of EC.

You should be able to easily purchase Pantethine, Pantethenic Acid and Molybdenum at any health store or from internet vendors.

Replied by Janice
Aberdeen, Wa

I'm a mess, I've been on 10 mg of prednisone for 9 months now for copd, emphysema and it has kept me from going to the ER every month with copd exacerbation. After a bone scan and blood work I now have vitamin D deficiency, high cholesterol and hypothyroidism. My doctor gave me 3 new drugs to take but after reading the side effects I'm unable to take any of them. I would like to get off the prednisone but when I tried to lower myself off I felt like I was going to kick the bucket. My heart would beat erratic and I felt awful.

I'm 57 and have been thin all my life now I've gained 25 lbs eating everything!!

Also when I first got my lung problems I had been sanding on wood that I had got out of the mud flats in the river, I got a bug in my lungs that within 6 hrs, from the little irritation in the top of my chest to totally cover my lungs and when I coughed it burned so bad and green stuff came up.I went to the doctor after a month when I wasn't getting better very fast and it's been down hill from there, three years.

Is there anything that might help?

Replied by Timh
2111 posts

I got a mycoplasma infection from the infested dark mud from a pond but didn't realize it was infection until many yrs later, but in the meantime I wound up with fibrosis. This condition causes major problems in my detox, immune, and metabolic functions. LDN, and Hemp Oil helps with this but not enough. Nebulizing Colloidal Silver is the best method for killing any infection in the lungs; H2O2 will work also but must be careful to get the right amount of dilution. After this treatment I take Glucosamine and Solaray's "Lung Caps" with good results. Calcium 2-AEP is also good to help protect & regenerate healthy lung tissue.

Radioactive Tracer Injection

Posted by Jill (Rochester, Kent United Kingdom) on 02/24/2011
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Last December I had a radioactive tracer injection (TecheScan) prior to a bone scan. I have been extremely unwell ever since. I have been told repeatedly there are no side effects to this medication and therefor my health problems must be caused by something else. I have looked up the (rare) side effects of this injection, I have many of them. The quality of my life is nil. I am getting gradually worse. I am now unable to eat. I am 68. Has anyone else had a problem with this medication. Any suggestions will be gratefully received. Jill

Replied by Tommy
North York, On, Canada

Hi Jill,
Bone scan is done by injection isotops of Iodine. You should take Iodine supplements to push the radioactivity away. Antioxidants also might help you. The so called modern medecine is irrational and Doctors believe it's rational. There is no serious studies about theses new scans and imageries. Some studies show that there is a high risk of cancer from CT scan. They use so much radiation that can cause all kinds of cancer to detect cancer. What a joke.

Ssri Withdrawal

Posted by Bb (Usa) on 11/08/2009
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Paxil/SSRI Withdrawal

I am really hoping someone can offer some help. I had written in a while ago before starting to taper off my Paxil- I was at 20 mg and over a month ago cut it down to 10 mg. I recently within the last week went to 5 mg daily- but I've been having horrible withdrawal. I am constantly dizzy, cannot ride in a car without horrible dizziness/nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and just feeling generally weird and spacey. It took me a while to adjust to the first drop- but for some reason this time seems harder. Any advice would be helpful- part of me wants to go cold turkey at this point bc I'm afraid that going from 5 mg to nothing will be another round of withdrawal since I already feel awful now- maybe it's best to get it over with. I've been off work sick, but am going to have to go in tomorrow- hoping I can handle it. I am really hoping someone can help me. And to those that are considering going on any type of SSRI- take my advice- know that you are likely to have withdrawal which can be extremely debilitating and unpleasant if you ever stop the medicine. I for one am determined to get off of it- but I fear what damage I may have already done from taking it so long- I hope the long-term effects are reversible. NO one at any point EVER warned me about withdrawal- I had to find it out on my own the first time I had to go off my SSRI and I felt horrible and did my own research and finally put the dots together. It was not the ideal way to find out, that's for sure. Thanks for your help!

Replied by Tryhelp
Campinas, Brazil

I don't know anything about aiding a body in paxil withdraw, but if I were you I would do my best to make sure your body is in the best "shape" to handle the change in brain chemistry so the odds of a smooth transition are better. Really, your body was made perfect, but at some point got off track. Put it back where it should be, it is the perfect machine and also capable of miracles!

Think of cutting off sugar, caffeine, bad fats, processed food, drugs. Replace them with real foods, foods that are grown and fresh and alive. Eat high in natural fiber so you have good cleansing bowel movement at least once a day. Lot's of fluids!

Did you know that serotonin (regulated by these meds to change neuro activity)is produced in the gastrointestinal tract of animals, including humans? No wonder people are miserable more and more everyday... you can't produce proper brain chemicals unless your diet is also proper to your genetics and environment!

Good luck, stay strong, this is only temporary. Your brains will re-learn how to function in its designed frequency. You'll get there, but don't hesitate to seek professional help if you few things are just a tad too much.

Replied by Gill
Marblehead, Ma

I know that you need to go slow, theres a book called your drug may be your problem, by Peter breggin and david cohen, they reccomend doing 10% less each time.

I know there is also website called either that helps people come off psych meds. They sell supplements that help you to taper off with less withdrwal symptoms and they even have stuff to take before you start withdrawing. They will support you over the phone and talk with you when you need to.

Doing it too fast will only make withdrawal worse and can cause very severe reactions. If you go slow it will end up being faster in the long run.

I dont have exp with coming off paxil, but I slowly came off risperdal and it went pretty smoothly.

Hang in there and good luck.

Posted by Bee (East, Mo, Usa) on 09/10/2009

I really want to get off my SSRI medication once and for all. I have in the past done it and the withdrawal was horrible: nausea, dizziness, the "zaps", you name it, I had pretty much all the symptoms. I was wondering if anyone knows of any remedies to help as I taper off. I have started taking 5-htp and it helps improve my mood and seems to help me focus and sleep easier. Other than tapering slowly, what else can I do? Thanks in advance, I greatly appreciate any help!

Replied by Pr
Houston, Texas

Get the book "Break Your Prescribed Addictions" by Dr. Sahley. The book tells you how to use amino acids and cutting your dose of SSRI down. I used this without any withdrawal symptoms; this does work.

Replied by Hmariewv
Parkersburg, Wv

I want to ask Bee how taking the 5-htp is working now. I have weaned off SSRI medications and have just started taking 5-htp. I heard you have to take B6 in order for the 5-htp to work.