Medication Side Effects

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Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 06/01/2022
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My thyroid numbers were off (have a serious family history) and was put on levothyroxine (50 mg/day). Since about a week after starting the levo, I just seem to have no motivation. I look around and see things that need doing and just sit there and don't do them. I am alone, so it's all up to me to get things done. Emptying the litterbox, washing up after meals, etc, is being left longer than they should be, much longer than I would have before. My friend says I need an antidepressant, which I am open to but wonder if I wouldn't be wiser to stop the levothyroxin. I eat clean, grow most of my own vegetables and have plenty of strawberries, blueberries and cherries coming in right now. I also grow my own chickens, cage free/free range, so my diet is pretty good. I lean toward keto, low carb/higher protein and moderate fat. No added sugars, I use stevia or xylitol.

Any thoughts?

Posted by Art (California) on 10/04/2021 1464 posts


Regular use of oral steroids can make it easier for certain fungus to grow. This is why some topical steroids incorporate antifungals such as Clotrimazole.

Fungus infections can be quite itchy. You should let your doctor know so he/she can adjust your meds appropriately if fungus of any type is the cause of the itching. Another indication of fungus is an unusual odor, but this is not always present or easily detected.

Steroids can decrease redness and itching, but they do nothing to kill fungus.

Oral antifungals can be quite hard on the body including the heart liver and kidneys. There are potent natural antifungals that are not so harsh on the body and organs such as grapefruit seed extract which you can also discuss with your doctor as an option to try first if it is determined that there is fungus present.

Please update us on your findings!


Posted by Jannette (Choctaw, OK) on 10/04/2021 4 posts
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I am currently on hydrocortisone 10mg and having a vaginal itch. Could the prescription be causing this?

Beta Blockers
Posted by Ncylucu (Rochester, MN) on 02/26/2021
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Taking a beta blocker for a fib has caused low metabolism and alot of weight gain. What can I take to raise metabolism. Can't seem to loose weight.

Stomach Pain Remedies
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 03/18/2019

Ginger might help.

Stomach Pain Remedies
Posted by Karrie (NC ) on 03/18/2019


Stomach issues while on medication. Hey everyone, So unfortunately I have to take a medication that is driving my stomach mad. I feel so sick and my stomach is so upset. Unfortunately stopping the medication is not an option. The doctor gave me carafate to take but I really don't like medications and don't want to add another. Besides the carafate isn't helping. I make sure to take the irritating medicine on a full stomach and I eat very healthy. I take a probiotic with every meal. I find myself chewing mint gum all day to help the nausea and upset hurt tummy. Does anyone have any recommendations? I would greatly appreciate any feedback you guys may have. I'm at my wits end. Thanks

Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 10/30/2020
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HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here, and can solve all your health problems but have no clue how to solve mine. My cardiologist got me on Multaq back in 10/'19 and I stopped taking it, when I learned that my problem was electrical and went to that kind of cardiologist. They could not do an ablation as I have written about, but gave me many Rx to take. They told me my problem would not kill me, but I would have a poor quality of life. After awhile, I decided that I had rather die than live with this and so I stopped all Rx except my blood thinner. I reconsidered my status and started back on the Multaq a month ago.

A month ago I asked my natural doctor to take over my situation and he is running tests. This week I told him that my Multaq is running out and should I continue? He said that is toxic and a patient came to him which had to go on oxygen to live. It was because the Multaq had him in pulmonary fibrosis and his lungs could not put oxygen into his body. It has nothing to do with his heart. Right now, I am certain that this is what has happened to me.

Good people, Rx have side effects that can kill you. He chelated out his patient's lungs and he is now not on oxygen. That is the reason we all go on EC because our medical folks do not know sheet from shinola. I have decided that I need a medical person that sees me often and not once ever 6 months to review my lab work. I hope this makes sense. I know I have no easy out. Don't have pluggage, but an electrical problem that can't be addressed with an ablation treatment.

I don't have the answer, but am searching as we all are. I am using my Quack Chelation Doctor to get me through this. By the way, he was a marine boot, so he is grounded. He is 73, and no spring chicken. I am certain, I have made the right choice for counsel.


Posted by Anon (USA) on 10/27/2020


Look into Wim Hof breathing method. I hope it helps you.

Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 10/26/2020

A long time ago, I used that for one year and it is a very weird drug. I dosed down and dosed down until it was half a pill every third day or so and still I had some issues getting off it. I would also go to healing sites for prayer covering while you go through that year of no medication. I go to John Mellor and Mark Hemans for their healing prayers and you can put in prayer requests. Keep a journal about diet, fresh air, giving, and emotions so you can track with your healing. Keep positive choices, music, friends, media, books, and keep a thankfulness journal that you daily add something new that you can be thankful for. Each day say them outloud. Also helping someone else by praying, smiling, a kind word, or what ever will benefit you. Make kids stuff for homeless shelter or buy hat or gloves at dollar store to give to shelter. This will all make you feel less vulnerable and weak. Let the weak SAY I AM STRONG. As you give you receive.

GABA works like valium and I take it most days. magnesium calms, D-3 k-2 are hormone, B vitamins coat nerves. Alpha lipoic acid for nerve pain in body. Breathing right can help too, Check out youtube counsellors for overcoming mental/emotional roadblocks . Join grief share online for daily emails about grieving. You were on the drug for some reason. Walks, fresh air, smiling. Tell yourself you are loved and lovely and people enjoy your company and you make wise choices and are good at taking care of your life. It will all help. Stay on task . Blessings, Charity

Posted by Art (California) on 10/26/2020 1464 posts

Hi Linda,

You may find the following article useful:


Posted by Linda (Columbus, Georgia ) on 10/26/2020

I am going thru withdrawal symptoms from taking Effexor. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Posted by Anon (Anon) on 08/09/2020

Aloe gel, parsley juice, milk thistle, garlic, oxygenated magnesium colon cleanser, juice fasting, etc. These things help your body clean and recouperate and may help.

Posted by Kathleen (Lancaster, California ) on 08/08/2020
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The doctor had me on steroids for Crohn's disease end I have all kinds of ailments which turns out is allergic reaction to prednisone. I can hardly walk on my feet they hurt so bad, my face is swollen oh, I've had the shakes a sore throat and a drippy nose. I'm wondering how to make these ailments go away faster. Thank you.

Posted by Rossan (Forks) on 03/24/2017

I would so suggest you don't take Xanax. It's a benzo I was on them for 26 years for panic attacks. I took myself off of them and I almost died. I was in the hospital for 2 months, my blood pressure was sky-high, my body did not know what to do without the benzos. I would suggest weaning yourself off of those immediately!

Posted by Caroline (Ut) on 03/17/2017
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My 21 year old son had severe acne and went on accutane 3 to 4 years ago. It was my biggest regret. He lost zeal for life, has been depressed, and has not recovered. He gets angry and stressed easily. Can anyone help?

Posted by Timh (Ky) on 03/17/2017 2075 posts

I got a mycoplasma infection from the infested dark mud from a pond but didn't realize it was infection until many yrs later, but in the meantime I wound up with fibrosis. This condition causes major problems in my detox, immune, and metabolic functions. LDN, and Hemp Oil helps with this but not enough. Nebulizing Colloidal Silver is the best method for killing any infection in the lungs; H2O2 will work also but must be careful to get the right amount of dilution. After this treatment I take Glucosamine and Solaray's "Lung Caps" with good results. Calcium 2-AEP is also good to help protect & regenerate healthy lung tissue.

Posted by Janice (Aberdeen, Wa) on 03/12/2017

I'm a mess, I've been on 10 mg of prednisone for 9 months now for copd, emphysema and it has kept me from going to the ER every month with copd exacerbation. After a bone scan and blood work I now have vitamin D deficiency, high cholesterol and hypothyroidism. My doctor gave me 3 new drugs to take but after reading the side effects I'm unable to take any of them. I would like to get off the prednisone but when I tried to lower myself off I felt like I was going to kick the bucket. My heart would beat erratic and I felt awful.

I'm 57 and have been thin all my life now I've gained 25 lbs eating everything!!

Also when I first got my lung problems I had been sanding on wood that I had got out of the mud flats in the river, I got a bug in my lungs that within 6 hrs, from the little irritation in the top of my chest to totally cover my lungs and when I coughed it burned so bad and green stuff came up.I went to the doctor after a month when I wasn't getting better very fast and it's been down hill from there, three years.

Is there anything that might help?

Perioral Dermatitis Medications
Posted by Barbara (Vancouver, Bc) on 03/02/2017
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Hi: I am a 69 year old female. I had clear freckled skin all my life and have never had a rash on my face. About four months ago, a small spot showed up on the left side of my chin and continued to get bigger. I went to my doctor and he said I had impetigo and put me Fudicin H cream. It did not work and made it worse. He finally sent me to a dermatologist who diagnosed me with perioral dermatitis and prescribed doxicyclin (to be taken for three months) and an antibiotic cream (which I found out is used for rosacea). It seemed to work but then I had side effects from the antibiotic (blurred vision, etc.) I was told to stop taking it and he put me on trimethoprim but had a severe reaction to that!! (racing heart rate and very sore throat). Very frustrated as new little bumps just pop up and now around my eyes :( I have just started using Apple Cider vinegar on these new ones and I'm still using the antibiotic cream that was prescribed. Will it ever go away?

Dilatin and Osteoporosis
Posted by Carolyn (Texas) on 02/15/2016


I read and enjoy all your postings, and it saddens me to hear about your latest struggle. Since I'm a redneck from East Texas, I especially like your comments about your gardens and other outdoor endeavors. I would like to share with you something that has helped me and continues to do so. I have a pinched sciatic nerve in my back, and it was so painful that I could not walk, due to the stabbing pain in my knee. I read somewhere that in order to release that nerve, you can hang from a bar, like the ones used to do chin-ups from. Just let your body weight do the pulling on your spine. It only takes a minute and when you are finished "hanging, " the pain goes away within a few minutes. You could probably use one of those inversion tables to hang upside down, too. I can't use that, however, as I have glaucoma. Anyway, I hope for the best for you in your quest for a pain and illness free life. Don't give up!

Dilatin and Osteoporosis
Posted by Hisjewel (America, New York) on 02/14/2016

Hi Timh, ORH and the Whole Earth Clinic Family

"Live onnnnn, anyway---." Among the body of baptized believers in Jesus that I sup with, the term, "Live with it" simply means : "Stay as active as possible." To live with the problem, is to don't let it stop you from the good you can do. We often say, There are those who live for decades with what others die with".

The key is, "Don't worry, and don't live in fear." You are not given more time to fear. Chase it away with happy music, good thoughts, and good doings, think on these things. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and of a sound mind.

So we thank God for this day, this is the day the Lord has made. We take care of ourselves and stay healthy, so we can help others. We live, until we live forever!

Keep on Sharing, That's love.


Dilatin and Osteoporosis
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 02/14/2016

ORH, your "salvation" from "old at heart" is right there in your post! The "hard work" you will be having to do for your muscles, will slowly (or quickly) pick up your spirits, and you'll be yo' barkin' ol' self in no time!!! Keep at it!

Dilatin and Osteoporosis
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 02/14/2016 2075 posts

-ORH- One thing that bothers me is the advise "to allow me to live with my problem". This is a statement of surrender rather than "do my best to heal the problem". This is why so many folks come to alternative www's like E.C. because they are usually faced living with the consequences, as is exampled in your case.

For any progress to be made in your situation, you must, like in my case, be very objective. A few yrs ago proly not long after I came on board here, I knew without a doubt that I absolutely must adopt a method of "very smart & very aggressive"; no room for mistakes. Your hindsight review is a pretty clear picture of the problem, now you must apply a very exact solution.

It is an error in thinking that if one ever gets burned as in the case of certain dr's, to never trust them again. In this case it seems imperative to get those vertebrae back into alignment as much as possible, may take different dr's or chiro's but make great efforts to make some forward progress. I have run across an holistic osteopath some time back and think I mention him here once with a link. He has experience in several areas particularly sports medicine where it is very much about healing & repair, not living with the consequences. He has developed several effective nutritionals, including hormonal regimens and products that are likely some of the best of today. Give me a few days to find his contact and I will post it back to you.

Meanwhile, do reconsider the baths I mentioned as oral administration of nutrition is limited. My recent use of LET nutrition and mineral baths have proven this fact. Case in point, because of my extreme acidosis, it has been a major battle keeping radiation out of my bones, to this end I quit diary as it has small amounts of radioactive strontium. So, in addition to supplementing calcium, I started taking a supplement of Strontium, and went thru 2 bottles. OK, suspecting insufficient delivery, I purchased some Calcium as well as Strontium bulk powder for baths. After my first bath with Strontium I had some rather severe herx reaction as the radioactive stuff went out of my body.

For rebuilding the bones in particular, as I am sure you know, it is important to include all these minerals in your program: Calcium & Phosphorus, Magnesium, Strontium, Boron, Manganese, Silica. Vit-C helps with the collagen matrix. Lots of people are having good results with Hyuralonic Acid nowadays. Of course keeping inflammation down with Magnets and Turmeric will help much.

As for rebuilding muscle, bone, etc. You must adopt an aggressive protocol as the aging factor is against you. The combination of Growth Hormone stimulators and Testosterone stimulators is a must. For Testosterone there are a number of good herbals used widely by especially athletes and bodybulders as well as DHEA and the amino acid D-Aspartic Acid. For growth hormone boosting I take Raw Bovine Pituitary substance and the amino GABA with good results, and 50mg DHEA for Test.

To further activate the regeneration of new bone tissue, you will need to take Ostivone. A plant based androgenic substance discovered and used by the Soviets is 5 Methoxyflavone. Quality protein is also important. Red meat and Whey protein come to mind. A supplement of Arginine/Ornitine/Lysine is a big favorite for starters as it produces an adrogenic effect and boost HGH.

With a smart & aggressive program briefly mentioned above, I see lots of room for improvement, likely significant improvement.

There are more advanced healing modalities like stem cell and fetal cell therapies. Research Mesenchyme Therapy. I am a little uncomfortable with aborted animal tissue, but if the recipient lives a life worthy of the sacrifice it may be justified, and in comparison to the thousands of animals we consume as food, my goodness the slaughterhouse is booming. Anyway you take injections of the Mesenchyme and healing potential increases, and particularly along with HGH.

Dilatin and Osteoporosis
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 02/12/2016

HI U Timh, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , I've told bits and pieces of my health saga that has evolved over the years. In this ditty I'll try to put it together so folks can learn from mistakes made by me and my doctors. All this story is in 20- 20 hind sight.

Here goes, , , , , , , , about 10 years ago I learned that my pelvic area was consumed with osteoporosis and I had no clue as to why. I'd always drank lots of milk and have eaten well. After much research I learned that the drug Dilatin was the culprit. I had taken it for about 15 years. It was to avoid blackouts. It helped that problem but as you know there is the devil to pay later on with any drug. Also, in the late 80's, my family doctor put me on a diuretic to lower my blood pressure. That too will remove your minerals and then your body has to pull calcium from your bones to keep your blood pH right. Stupid doctor, and dumb ass me.

For osteoporosis, my next family doctor put me on a drug, which after more research, I learned that it would cause my jawbone to disappear. Soon that was revealed and I stopped it. I then just took bone building supplements, but I was long in tooth and it takes you seven years to rebuild your bones.

Then two years ago I fell and crushed my T 12 vertebra. Flubbed that situation by going to a chiropractor and requesting an X -ray. He took the film too low to catch the problem and I allowed him to manipulate my spine for a week before I went to get an MRI. Then it was too late to address the problem properly. It just healed with a brace. That resulted in about 6 months of back pain, but I got better over time. Then about 6 months ago pain returned but in a different place. After months and months of ineptness by my spine folks, I finally learned this week that my T 12 Vertebrae has now collapsed and has drawn my L 2 and L3 way out of line such that it is now impinging on my sciatic nerve. I did not know this would happen, but it seems that my spine doctor should have known. In hind sight this is another SHEET + 2 = 8. A no brainer.

What I am so thankful for is that my spine doctor passed me on to his physician assistant. He spent an hour and a half going over my situation and the path we will go down to allow me to live with my problem. It will be work because I must build up my stomach and back muscles so that they can hold my back in place. I am now on pain drugs for the first time in my life. Hard to believe but he gave me his essential oil formula that he uses for pain. Told him that the bugger bears were going to get his medical license.

Pain has transformed my personality. A few years ago I was old, but still young at heart. Now I just old physically and mentally. This not a pity party. I just want to tell my story in hopes others can avoid my trail. You have told bits and pieces of your saga and I know my tale is a walk in the park compared to yours.

Your Tenn buddy ======ORH=====

Topical Corticosteroids
Posted by Sp (Wb, Nj) on 07/31/2015

Hi Agnes, I have replied to your post twice, but I haven't seen either reply posted. I will try again as corticosteroid reactions are very serious. Maybe if I word it differently this time... I know a forum where people have posted about your situation. I myself have had lots of skin reactions to corticosteroids but not ulcers and skin infections. There is an international .org website devoted to topical steroid awareness. If you do a search based on the words in my previous sentence you should be able to find it and connect with people who have gone through what you are going through. And what you are going through may not actually be ulcers and skin infections. Good luck!

Topical Corticosteroids
Posted by Agnes (Warsaw) on 07/21/2015

Hello, has anyone of you experienced ulcers and skin infections after using topical corticosteroids?

Posted by Eileen (Sumter, SC) on 04/22/2015

Hope someone can help me with this.

I had a UTI for 5 weeks. I had tried everything natural and was in excruciating pain from right kidney down to my bladder. January 30 I went to the dr and was given Levaquin, 1 daily x 10 days. On day 5 my left shoulder and arm hurt down thru my wrist and hands. I stopped taking it on day 7. Now I am in constant pain in both arms, wrists and hands. My feet ache and I have chronic pain in the muscles of my legs particularly the calves. I try not to take any meds but the pain is getting unbearable. It is hard to pick up a fork at times. Today my toes have begun to hurt. Is there anything I can do to rid myself of the side effects of this horrible drug? I have been taking hyaluronic acid and have started on MSM chronditin. I do have issues fairly often with my right kidney and have to use cranberry supplement and take lemon juice with olive oil and uva ursi about once a week. Hope to hear some good advice soon

Lung Transplant Medications
Posted by Mare (California) on 03/16/2015
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My husband had a lung transplant in 2012. The medications are making him depressed and he is losing weight, can't sleep, no desire or motivation for anything. He has been a marine and 30 years of of law enforcement and I need to help him.

These are the medications he takes for lung transplant retention:


I will appreciate it if someone can provide remedies or natural medications. Thank you.

Posted by Denise (Seattle) on 03/11/2015

Bill, I can't thank you enough...God bless you for the information with regard to magnesium oil for peripheral neuropathy caused by Cipro. Again I think you a trillion, trillion times over! I used it last night and can feel the difference with ONE treatment. I have spent close to 20 K searching for a remedy and getting NOWHERE. Last night I did not wake up with IMMENSE pain at 4:00AM or 5:00AM for the first time on 3 1/2 years..

Nitro Pills
Posted by Timh (KY) on 03/11/2015 2075 posts


After having come this far forward to normal and boom! So glad you got thru this.

Could the hot chili caused excessive acid in your tummy? Do try some Baking Soda next time. Also looks like you need to do some gut healing. Two most effective remedies I know is DGL & Allantoin (one or two doses always gets me back to par) or H2 antagonist drugs like Zantac, Pepsid, or Tagamet taken w/ Chlorella Extract.

Posted by Bill (San Fernando) on 03/10/2015

Denise...Whenever I paint my skin with magnesium oil(which is frequently), sometimes I leave it on for 4 or 5 hours before I have a shower. So it doesn't bother me. But the fact that my old skin is somewhat akin to Mexican leather might have something to do with it. So I can't promote this for everyone. Some people with more sensitive skin are bound to feel the prickly or itchy effect that some report while using the magnesium oil.

And if you are sensitive to it and hate the prickliness -- then just dilute the magnesium oil down by adding 30% more water to it and the prickliness should go away.

My rule is that when the magnesium oil has dried completely on your skin(no oiliness) then no more is going to be absorbed and so you can just wash it off at your leisure. So you can usually wash the magnesium oil off your skin after about 1/2 hour.

Nitro Pills
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 03/10/2015
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HI U GOD FEARING FOLKS, , , , , , , , this is an interesting story so pay attention.

Sunday night I ate a big bowl of sto bought hot Chili. Soon I had indigestion and finally went to sleep. At 2 am I awoke with severe pain in my stomach. After awhile it moved up to my chest. I caved and called for an ambulance. Never been down this road, but learned that if they think you are having a heart attack then they are required to give you nitro pills.

That sent my blood pressure to the bottom and I thought I was about to meet my maker. Once in ER, they had to spend all their time on my blood pressure issue and not the problem I initially had.

I will say this....... I am not a fan of our medical folks as far as treating your health problems, but our ER medical folks are second to none. I am certain they saved my life, so I think we need to separate the two.

ATS =======ORH=======

Posted by Denise (Seattle) on 03/10/2015

Hi Bill, Thank you so much for the feedback...One other question. How long do I leave the magnesium oil on? The bottle says remove after 20 minutes...Would you agree with that? I just do not want to make a mistake...

Posted by Betsy (San Diego, US) on 03/09/2015

Hi Bill, If what you're saying is true then fluoride poisoning is not the problem with Cipro causing Peripheral neuropathy. Would you please elaborate with regard to where and how long you put the magnesium on. I have it throughout my body. Also don't understand the applying of zinc. Thank you soooo much for this valuable information. From what I've researched there are thousands of us out there...

Posted by Bill (San Fernando) on 03/09/2015

Hi Denise...i would simply use exactly what George Eby so successfully used for his daughter -- Magnesium Oil and Zinc Gluconate.

Magnesium cream will not be absorbed so well into the body so that's why I would not use it. Magnesium Oil is much better to use -- because it is efficiently absorbed from the skin directly into the blood. Just rub the mag oil over the painful areas or you can use the mag oil as a massage oil for the whole body for best effect.

Take the zinc gluconate as a supplement at 25 mgs to 50 mgs daily.

Since Cipro also contains fluorine then you will have to detox fluorine out of your body as well to feel better. Use the Iodine Protocol and Ted's Borax Water Protocol shown on EC. Both these protocols will act to help remove the excess fluoride accumulation in your body and will also help to revive the thyroid.

Posted by Bill (San Fernando) on 03/09/2015

Hi Diane...For your Cipro, please use only magnesium chloride as magnesium oil and zinc gluconate. Do not use the magnesium cream. Just apply the magnesium oil on the skin over the painful tissue areas. You can also use 50-50 mag oil(50% water-50% magnesium chloride) as a daily massage oil which will probably give you the best whole body benefit. If you are going to massage it into your whole body, best to dilute the magnesium oil to 50%(from 70%) by adding 30% more water.

I would simply supplement 25 mgs to 50 mgs zinc gluconate per day as it isn't usually sold in creams.

Cipro is also a uniquely destructive antibiotic because it also contains fluorine which is a poison for the body. So using both lugol's iodine and borax every day will also help you to remove the fluorine from your body. Take up to 8 drops 5% lugols iodine per day in water. You should also ensure that you take the full iodine protocol for best results.

To make the borax water -- add 1/8 tsp borax to a liter of water and drink the borax water slowly throughout the day. Take this remedy for 5 days and then take 2 days off the protocol and do this on a weekly basis like that.

It 's also very likely that your thyroid will be completely shot with hypo symptoms because of your fluoride contamination. That's where supplementing lugols iodine is so important because not only will it help to remove the dangerous fluorine from your body but it will also act to revive and restore your thyroid at the same time.

Posted by Denise (Seattle) on 03/09/2015

Hi Bill, I have terrible PN from Cipro and would like to know if you have any idea how long the "daughter" left the magnesium oil on her legs? I wonder of mag cream will work just as well? And how do you put zinc gluconate on topically? Thank you much.

Posted by Diane (Sherborn, Ma) on 03/09/2015

Great post Bill!

I have terrible PN caused by Cipro.I'm wondering how you can use zinc gluconate topically with the cipro? Or did George say JUST magnesium chloride for 10 days=well daughter?

I have magnesium oil and magnesium cream...Is one better than the other...The oil is very strong on my skin..

Thank you much.

Posted by Timh (KY) on 03/09/2015 2075 posts

B: As you know, I am a big proponent of the foot or whole body baths w/ primarily Magnesium Sulfate and/or Borax for detox and alkalization. As you may also know, I am also a big proponent of "both" not "either or", so will not promote my brand over yours.

It is simple logic, those who are deficient in Magnesium experience many toxic syndromes from pharmaceuticals or the environment in general.

More simple logic, the more types or chelates of Magnesium one takes the better, and topical administration is taking the therapy to another level.

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