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6/3/2008: We are proud of this site's collaboration with Jason Uttley on fibromyalgia and fluoride poisoning, and we would like to do more with this new page, created in direct response to a reader who discovered the Advair she was taking for asthma contained fluoride as a stabilizer, after she had trusted her doctor to protect her from that sort of health conflict.

If you are concerned about fluoride in your own medications, the Fluoride Toxicity Research Collaborative has an excellent compilation of medications that contain fluorine, listed by drug category. You might also check out this list of fluorinated pharmaceuticals. Here are several antibiotics containing fluoride compounds:

Generic Name Common Name
Ciprofloxacin Cipro
Enoxacin Penetrex
Flucloxacillin There are several
Gatifloxacin Tequin
Gemifloxacin mesylate Factive
Grepafloxacin HCI Raxar
Levofloxacin Levaquin
Linezolid There are several
Lomefloxacin Maxaquin
Moxifloxacin HCL Avelox
Norfloxacin Noroxin
Ofloxacin Floxin
Sparfloxacin Zagam
Trovafloxacin mesylate Trovan

Other chemical additives in common pharmaceuticals are just as questionable as fluoride; however, an easily accessed list is not readily available. What drugs and chemicals are of concern to you? Have you had any uncomfortable experiences with hidden chemical components?


Posted by Caroline (Ut) on 03/17/2017
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My 21 year old son had severe acne and went on accutane 3 to 4 years ago. It was my biggest regret. He lost zeal for life, has been depressed, and has not recovered. He gets angry and stressed easily. Can anyone help?

Acid Reflux and Heartburn Medications

Posted by Rita (Covington, Louisiana) on 09/11/2010

Protonix (causes cancer), Prevacid and Prilosec are called the IT's. If anyone over 50, takes for long periods of time, the side effect is a HIP FRACTURE. I know people suffering right now with hip fractures, including my son age 31. My husb. Suffers SO much from Acid Reflux/Heartburn, but I will not allow him to take any of the above 3 meds. Please assist. Rita

Ambien Detox

Posted by Rick (Va) on 12/09/2013

I've been taking ambien for several years now to sleep. Have noticed some memory issues--blank mind, not with it, not as sharp as I once was, pain in my toe. Had a close call while driving recently. I want to get off the ambien and am trying many herbal, etc, supplements with little success. but I have one question: how do I get all the ambien out of my system? Is it possible to reverse these side effects? Some websites indicate that some side effects cannot be reversed, but I am hopeful they can over time. thanks for any help you can give me.

Replied by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado

Rick: There are a lot of people like you in this world. I was one of them a short while ago. My brother has a fish tank. He has to feed them properly. The problems are very complicated. The solution is very simple. Feed the cells properly with rejuvelac. Rejuvelac turbocharges food. Put 30g raw sprouted flour, 30g organic whole cane sugar, and some water kefir grains in 1 quart spring water and let brew. The info is online. Take nondenatured whey isolate for protein. Take 1tbsp black chia seeds, 1tsp coconut oil, and 1tsp sesame oil 2x per day for fats. You can eat raw wildflower honey when hungry. The more rejuvelac you take the better. I make 2 gallons and take 1 pint per hour with some superfoods mixed in.

Replied by Jillery
North America
83 posts

Look into 5HTP and GABA to help with sleep. I also still take benedryl of some sort or another to help with sinus etc and it also makes me a bit sleepy-- Yes, I have tried plenty of other things too. I believe I have a high histamine level and that is why I do okay with taking benedryl also. And input appreciated...

Replied by Rick

I wish it was as simple as taking 5-htp, gaba and benadryl. I take those for sleep, along with melatonin, taurnine, glycine, l-glutamate, cal/mag, l-theanine and astaxanthin (for arthritis pain). I may or may not fall asleep within 1 hour, then I may or may not sleep 1 1/2 hrs, wake and read a boring book or turn on sleep sounds, doze off for another hour or so, until after about 5 or 6 hours I finally get up. I drink green tea during the day, before bed I drink a sleepytime tea or golden milk (which is very good for arthritis and to make you sleepy). But, my question was how to get all the ambien out of my system. Half life is about 6 hours, I think, so 1/2 mg should be all gone after 24 hrs, but I can still feel residual out of it brain loss. Just wondering if the effects ever go totally away or if I damaged somehting irreparably.

Replied by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado

Rick: Getting dozens of nutrients and hundreds of cofactors from rejuvelac activates the bodies detoxification pathways.

Replied by Rick

I have a source for homemade milk kefir, would that be almost as good as the rejuvelac? I read the how to make it and don't know if I'd be at home enough for the rinsing, etc.

Replied by Jillery
North America
83 posts

Hi Rick from VA! (Lynchburg?)-- yes I continue to struggle with sleep on and off and have some of the symptoms you do. I weaned myself off psych drugs years ago via 'truehope' system (google it)- I was on a ton of meds and it took me about a year to get off them and then another year to feel more or less ok. I sleep best when my bf comes over fri to mondays-- I guess the company does me good. lol I think it is a very individual thing on how long it takes to detox from meds-- drink tons of water and drink a lot of organic teas-- do you mediate? I find that helpful during times of stress. keep on doing what you're doing-- feel free to write me at dancingpretzels at y a h o o and we can chat more- ~j

Replied by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado

Rick: Raw milk kefir is excellent for oil soluable nutrients and protein. Too much of this gives me constipation. 80% of the food people eat is burned as fuel to make atp. Carbs are best because they increase the respiratory quotient. You do not have to sprout grains. You can buy sprouted flour. 30g sprouted flour and 30g whole cane sugar per quart. Fructose from sugar, not starch, performs necessary functions. There are 2 types of water kefir grains. One is ready and the other is dormant. The dormant one takes 3 or 4 days to fully wake up. Taste the brew periodically. The kefir gradually changes from sour to vinegary. When vinegary the kefir is fully awake. Watch how to make water kefir in 2 minutes or less video. For additional carbs I take raw wildflower honey. I take 600g carbs daily. You can watch raw food videos and study the Andrew Kim blogs, carbon dioxide and insulin revisited.

Posted by Trudyg (Somewhere In The South, South) on 04/30/2013

I have terrible insomnia and was given ambien - took rarely at first but now am up to 5 nights/week. am noticing memory issues, like fog and forgetfull. I've got a pretty good diet - mostly veg's, some fruits, very little meat. Eggs from my own chickens. Rarely eat away from home. I posted here some time ago about everything I've tried for insomnia, but nothing has worked. Please, someone, tell me how to detox from ambien (I want it cleared out of my system). I think if I ever got myself squared away I'd be okay - take acv, 3 tbs/day + borax, take b3 and b12, multivitamin, serrapeptase + astaxanthin for arthritis. Any ideas? Thanks

Replied by Vicci
Surprise Az

I feel for you!!! I have had same ex. there are lots of detoxes you can buy at local herb store, but google hilda clark cleanse, its easy, add bentonite clay and charcoal to absorb toxins. I use 5htp for sleep it works by releasing serotonin in brain, you can take up to 400 mg da. for me when I took at night had reverse affect and kept me awake. I now take last dose by 2. Nice thing is you fall asleep within 30 min and go 8 hrs. I do take zanax and working to get off it also. try passion flower, there is valarian, lemon balm all this stuff helps but nothing compaired to drug. but if you start with the 5http 400 a day and go down from there sometimes I take 2 sometimes 3. really helped me. lol


Posted by Cindy In Houston (Houston, Tx) on 05/10/2012

What can I do to clear up hairy tongue I got from taking antibiotics for an ear infection? I don't want to take another antibiotic to clear this up.

It is not black hairy tongue yet, but the papillae are starting to grow long on my tongue and are beige to light brown. I've been scrubbing vigorously with my toothbrush but it is making my tongue sore. I would be grateful if someone had a idea for me.

Replied by Lisa
Jax, Fl

Hi - I had this also and gargled with hydrogen peroxide, then gargled with Jason's mouthwash which has clove oil, glycerin, etc in it. Apparently the glycerin gets ride of the brown fur. Sometimes smoker's get this also. I ordered some glycerin to water and added a little tea tree oil, but it had almost disappeared before then. I think the glycerin is key.

Posted by Johnnie (Toronto, Ontario) on 08/09/2011
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I have been getting hp's for last 25 years, but ever increased in the last 2 mos, happening daily, after eating, after strenuous work, etc,

I was on an antibiotic cipro which I thought caused it, and changed to clarithromycin, which seemed to make the hp's continue, don't know what its from, but I am going to checked out


Aromatase Inhibitors

Posted by Petunia (Or, United States) on 03/05/2014

Hello, In 2012 I had breast cancer was treated with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. It was stage 3. Now I am on an aromatase inhibitor AI, which destroys estrogen. The treatment is usually 5 years. I have terrible leg pain and now hair loss. My oncologist had prescribed morphine during chemo and I am still on it, a very low dose. I am considering stopping the AI. Is there anyone else on earthclinic dealing with this. Let's talk, please. Thank you.

Replied by Mike62

Petunia: I don't have what you have but I would like to assist you. Eating cooked conventionally grown food creates the states of acidic and fermentation. This is the root cause. The components of the cell mutate into cancer to survive. All you have to do is change the states to respiration and alkaline. You can start getting better in 5 minutes. Eat raw organic fruits for fuel. Make green smoothies from organic baby leaves. Take 1/2 saturated fat, expeller pressed coconut oil is best, and 1/2 unsaturated, black chia or flax oil are best. Keep fat below 5%/g. For example 100g/ carbs, 5g fat. People who have graduate degrees in cellular biology have shown that cancer does not eat sugar in the presence of nutrients and insulin when fat is below 5%/g. For protein take non denatured whey, concentrate or isolate. You can take colostrum, 17 mushroom extract blend from Washington, 3000iu vitamin d/day, unrefined sea salt, and organic chili. For saponins you can take yucca liquid. Raw organic fruit has high energy water, a very potent remedy. The super foods you can take are Hawaiian spirulina and raw cocoa powder.

Replied by Redwine
Usa, Usa

I too was on Aromasin (exemestane) for 2 years after a lumpectomy for breast cancer. It made it almost impossible to walk due to the pain in my knees, shins and thigh bones. At night, the bone pain woke me. I complained of the pain at my last visit to the oncologist and he took me off the Aromasin. The pain is somewhat better and I can get by with taking only one Ibuprophen a day for pain. Now I am gaining weight. I didn't have trouble with hair loss, however I did not have chemo, just radiation.

Replied by Fcs
Los Angeles, Ca

I suggest you do some research on an chinese herbal product called Myomin. I and my husband have been taking this for 3 months with much success.


Posted by Alain (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) on 06/16/2011

Articles about side effects of medical drugs

-Average drug label lists whopping 70 side effects

-Bad Events From Drugs Are Common

More Than 700,000 People per Year Visit ERs Due to Adverse Drug Events

Oct. 17, 2006 -- Experts from the CDC and FDA estimate that every year, more than 700,000 people visit U. S. emergency departments because of side effects, accidental overdoses, and other adverse drug events.

Conclusions Adverse drug events among outpatients that lead to emergency department visits are an important cause of morbidity in the United States, particularly among individuals aged 65 years or older. Ongoing, population-based surveillance can help monitor these events and target prevention strategies.



Posted by Joann (Marrowbone, Ky) on 07/02/2010

can you take atenolol and eat a high potassium diet?

EC: According to this website, it is contraindicated:

B-50 for Novocaine Shot Side Effects

Posted by Danka (Chelsea, Ma) on 09/30/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Numbness after dental procedure:

I had dental procedure and got Novocain shots, came home and waited numbness to go away. And waited and waited, next day started panicking so I went to my dentist. He checked it out told me how its called when that happens, and said its rare but sometimes can happen. When I asked him what should I do he just shrugged. Worst thing is this was front upper tooth, so every movement hurt plus I hurt my gums because I cant feel anything. I didn't do anything because I thought dentist would tell me if there is anything to be done. At last I got sick of it and spent hours of research and found the solution. Vitamin B-50 complex and follow the instructions on the bottle, if you dont feel any change in several days take Vit B-100 complex. You will feel change little by little, sometimes nothing will happen for days but keep at it. It took me several months, some people got better in few days. I know its rare but you never know. So if you are that one person in millions I hope it helps you. Good luck

Birth Control Pills

Posted by Arnz (Cebu, Philippines) on 08/12/2011
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i would like to ask, thanks for having time in reading and answering this one.. I was on contraceptive pill for about 4 months now and I was wondering if I could take a diet pill with a couple of hours in interval, because I really do gain weight, please... Thank you so much


Posted by Katie (Carmel, In) on 08/19/2012
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Hello, I just came across your sight and did not see anything mentioned about prescription meds. I see that antibiotics can cause brain fog, but what about Bupropion (Generic Wellbutrin)? I have been on this for 6 months now and it has helped tremendously in certain areas and would hate to stop taking it due to the brain fog side effect. I am worried since I am starting nursing school and have to be sharp as a nail. Any suggestions? Is this categorized as the same type of brain fog? Do you know what causes it? Any suggestions as to how to get rid of it would be much appreciated! Thanks, Katie.


Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 03/08/2015

Yesterday, I was re-reading Mark Sircus' book Transdermal Magnesium Therapy wherein I stumbled across an interesting story concerning George Eby's daughter who was suffering the terrible longterm destructuve effects of Cipro poisoning. Here's how they quickly resolved the Cipro problem:

"I received a letter from a professional colleague named George Eby in 2007 that stated that his daughter had been destroyed by the terrible side effects of a special type of antibiotic called fluoroquinolones (Cipro). He said, "My daughter was stricken with this horrible affliction. Cipro sensitivity causes long-term (multiple years to life) chronic pain, muscle weakness, and tendon weakness leading to tendon breakage and many other horrible effects, some physical and some mental. This is something that everyone needs to know about. We have been destroyed by Cipro. I don't think there is much anyone can do except to give her magnesium, which is somewhat of an antidote. I am very worried but I haven't lost hope, yet I am being realistic. Some of the tendon damage is necrotic and permanent. However, we have studies with rattlesnake venom that produce necrosis on animals and simply applying magnesium (chloride) and zinc (gluconate) topically, the necrosis vanishes." Ten days later I received an email from George saying:

"Topical magnesium chloride for 10 days = well daughter! "

I've also read that Walter Last also recommends that Magnesium Oil(70% magnesium chloride crystals + 30% Water) can be mixed with 70% DMSO or 99% DMSO in a 50-50 mix and used topically for even better absorption into the blood. Used topically just on its own, about 60% of mag oil gets absorbed into the blood. If you use it with DMSO then about 80%-90% of the magnesium chloride gets absorbed into the blood.

In case some people are wondering why using topical magnesium oil is any better than oral, remember that, at some point when you take increasing dosages of magnesium orally, you will get diarrhea. So taking magnesium chloride orally restricts your oral dose.

By using magnesium oil topically you are therefore able to safely take much larger and more useful amounts or dosages of magnesium chloride which get absorbed directly into the blood with no diarrhea side-effects in the intestines whatsoever.

Replied by Timh
2109 posts

B: As you know, I am a big proponent of the foot or whole body baths w/ primarily Magnesium Sulfate and/or Borax for detox and alkalization. As you may also know, I am also a big proponent of "both" not "either or", so will not promote my brand over yours.

It is simple logic, those who are deficient in Magnesium experience many toxic syndromes from pharmaceuticals or the environment in general.

More simple logic, the more types or chelates of Magnesium one takes the better, and topical administration is taking the therapy to another level.

Replied by Diane
Sherborn, Ma

Great post Bill!

I have terrible PN caused by Cipro.I'm wondering how you can use zinc gluconate topically with the cipro? Or did George say JUST magnesium chloride for 10 days=well daughter?

I have magnesium oil and magnesium cream...Is one better than the other...The oil is very strong on my skin..

Thank you much.

Replied by Denise

Hi Bill, I have terrible PN from Cipro and would like to know if you have any idea how long the "daughter" left the magnesium oil on her legs? I wonder of mag cream will work just as well? And how do you put zinc gluconate on topically? Thank you much.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando

Hi Diane...For your Cipro, please use only magnesium chloride as magnesium oil and zinc gluconate. Do not use the magnesium cream. Just apply the magnesium oil on the skin over the painful tissue areas. You can also use 50-50 mag oil(50% water-50% magnesium chloride) as a daily massage oil which will probably give you the best whole body benefit. If you are going to massage it into your whole body, best to dilute the magnesium oil to 50%(from 70%) by adding 30% more water.

I would simply supplement 25 mgs to 50 mgs zinc gluconate per day as it isn't usually sold in creams.

Cipro is also a uniquely destructive antibiotic because it also contains fluorine which is a poison for the body. So using both lugol's iodine and borax every day will also help you to remove the fluorine from your body. Take up to 8 drops 5% lugols iodine per day in water. You should also ensure that you take the full iodine protocol for best results.

To make the borax water -- add 1/8 tsp borax to a liter of water and drink the borax water slowly throughout the day. Take this remedy for 5 days and then take 2 days off the protocol and do this on a weekly basis like that.

It 's also very likely that your thyroid will be completely shot with hypo symptoms because of your fluoride contamination. That's where supplementing lugols iodine is so important because not only will it help to remove the dangerous fluorine from your body but it will also act to revive and restore your thyroid at the same time.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando

Hi Denise...i would simply use exactly what George Eby so successfully used for his daughter -- Magnesium Oil and Zinc Gluconate.

Magnesium cream will not be absorbed so well into the body so that's why I would not use it. Magnesium Oil is much better to use -- because it is efficiently absorbed from the skin directly into the blood. Just rub the mag oil over the painful areas or you can use the mag oil as a massage oil for the whole body for best effect.

Take the zinc gluconate as a supplement at 25 mgs to 50 mgs daily.

Since Cipro also contains fluorine then you will have to detox fluorine out of your body as well to feel better. Use the Iodine Protocol and Ted's Borax Water Protocol shown on EC. Both these protocols will act to help remove the excess fluoride accumulation in your body and will also help to revive the thyroid.

Replied by Betsy
San Diego, US

Hi Bill, If what you're saying is true then fluoride poisoning is not the problem with Cipro causing Peripheral neuropathy. Would you please elaborate with regard to where and how long you put the magnesium on. I have it throughout my body. Also don't understand the applying of zinc. Thank you soooo much for this valuable information. From what I've researched there are thousands of us out there...

Replied by Denise

Hi Bill, Thank you so much for the feedback...One other question. How long do I leave the magnesium oil on? The bottle says remove after 20 minutes...Would you agree with that? I just do not want to make a mistake...

Replied by Bill
San Fernando

Denise...Whenever I paint my skin with magnesium oil(which is frequently), sometimes I leave it on for 4 or 5 hours before I have a shower. So it doesn't bother me. But the fact that my old skin is somewhat akin to Mexican leather might have something to do with it. So I can't promote this for everyone. Some people with more sensitive skin are bound to feel the prickly or itchy effect that some report while using the magnesium oil.

And if you are sensitive to it and hate the prickliness -- then just dilute the magnesium oil down by adding 30% more water to it and the prickliness should go away.

My rule is that when the magnesium oil has dried completely on your skin(no oiliness) then no more is going to be absorbed and so you can just wash it off at your leisure. So you can usually wash the magnesium oil off your skin after about 1/2 hour.

Replied by Denise

Bill, I can't thank you enough...God bless you for the information with regard to magnesium oil for peripheral neuropathy caused by Cipro. Again I think you a trillion, trillion times over! I used it last night and can feel the difference with ONE treatment. I have spent close to 20 K searching for a remedy and getting NOWHERE. Last night I did not wake up with IMMENSE pain at 4:00AM or 5:00AM for the first time on 3 1/2 years..

Posted by Denise (Seattle, WA) on 11/11/2014

Does Bill or anyone know what's in Cipro that causes Achilles tendons to tear? My tendons on both feet feel at times like their going to tear out of the heels...And this can occur when sitting, lying down or just walking...If I know the ingredients or drug that causes this I could address this issue...It's very scary and dangerous. Thank you.

Replied by Myway
Wilmington, De

There are fluoride molecules in Cipro that head for the joints and tendons when ingested. Once ingested, the molecules crystalize and cause pain and cause the soft tissues in the joints and tendons to rupture. The MD, ND who has researched this area for over 30 years is Dr. Carolyn Dean. Look up her site...and read her free ebooks on this topic. A large number of people who take "statin" drugs have joint issues because of this one problem. Research...beware!

Replied by Denise

Myway, Thank you for that information. I will certainly investigate Dr. Carolyn Deans articles.

In the meantime is it the safe assumption that fluorine is the culprit in causing peripheral neuropathy? That is something I could address. Many thanks.

Replied by Helen From Houston
Texas, US

Yes, fluorine can cause neuropathy. Whether *your* neuropathy is primarily from fluorine, who knows.

Dr. Carolyn Dean says fluoride depletes magnesium (by replacing the magnesium with fluoride in the bones and cartilage). Magnesium is essential for proper nerve function. Most of us lack proper amount of magnesium in the diet - starting with too low magnesium, then depleting the magnesium by absorbing fluorine, can cause a lot of problems including muscle pains, joint pains, stiffness, rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, brain fog, low energy, and all sorts of neural issues.

Replied by Myway
Delaware, US

Denise, I am so sorry for not answering earlier on this topic I am very, very interested in. Getting to the root of health problems is really the gold standard in resolving health issues and I do think Magnesium RBCs (red blood cells) really give us a good indicator of our magnesium levels. Serum magnesium tests do not give us good information. Please use a liquid magnesium product, not the pill form. I do use Dr. Deans liquid magnesium but using other sources can be useful as well to get our levels up. MyWay, :D

Posted by Laurat (Durham, Nc, United States) on 03/11/2012

I have read the posts here and they have been helpful. Every tendon in my entire body is inflammed, every joint is swollen and casing me pain! The veins in my hands and feet are huge. I have pain from my neck to my toes. I've seen 2 doctors and have a follow up my a physician today.

I stopped taking Cipro on Feb 23 afer taking it for 6-7 days. I had no idea what was making me feel so horrible and this nightmare started with tingling/burning/numbness in my hands and feet and arms, and since I didn't read up on this drug, I was following what was on the bottle and didn't read the info on the printout until I had been having the tingling, numbness. This has progressed into the tendon pain and inflammation, joint swelling, you name it it hurts! Unfortunately I did not reduce my caffeine intake while on Cipro (I didn't know and had been on NSAIDS for a few months before taking Cipro! At first I had a few "pops" in the tops of my hands after the tendons were inflamed, now it seems like everything is popping. I'm scared to death of rupturing a tendon right now!!! Since my tendons everywhere are inflamed and it seems like all of my joints are swollen, it's very hard to not use either my hands, arms, or my feet/legs.

I'm on a multi vitamin, ibuprofen 600mg, magneisum supplements, fish oil, vitamin C supplements, Glucosamine/Chondroitin, alpha-Lipoic Acid 200mg. I've read here that some have benfitted from MSM in powder form and lotion applied directly to the painful area (my whole body). Where can I get MSM powder and the lotion in the US? Can it be ordered?

Right now I'm struggling getting a doctor to take this Floxing thing seriously. I was given a script for Neurontin 100 mg to help with the tingling and numbness and told to take the ibuprofen and wear hand/wrist braces. I'm putting ace bandages on my ankles and legs. This is the worst thing I've ever been thru. I'm feeling worse not better.

Thanks and please someone let me know about the MSM and anything else I can do to get some relief!

Replied by Grateful
Appreciate Earth Clinic, Usa

Hope you feel better really fast and heal up quickly!

Found this on the internet so hope it is helpful:

How do you make MSM Lotion?

Just stir in a heaping teaspoon of our bulk MSM powder for every 4 ounces of your favorite skin cream or lotion with a popsicle stick (or a spoon). Then wait an hour or more for the powder to dissolve, and stir again. That's it!

Also, does Cipro still have fluoride in it? It may have depleted your iodine levels which affects different areas of your body.

Wishing you wisdom and wellness!

Replied by Dud
Up The Creek In, Wv, Usa

In reply to: 03/11/2012: Laurat from Durham, Nc, ---I just came across a website that sells information about how to detox from quinolonine based anti-biotics, using natural substances.

NOTE- I do not have the problem, and have never used their methods. I do not know if they work. But this may offer some hope to you.

internet search for: < The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution > and click on a link to a website. will be probably the 1st site on the search engine list.


some quotes:

Are you suffering from:
Muscle pain and/or weakness
Ruptured tendon, tendonosis, tendonitis, etc
Neurologic symptoms like headache or memory loss
Depression, anxiety, insomnia
Or any of a vast variety of other symptoms

These are all possible side effects of taking Levaquin, Cipro, or any of the other Quinolone family of antibiotics that the pharmaceutical/medical industry prescribes by the thousands every day.
Are you afraid that you are never going to heal?
Are you afraid that you are going to get MORE injured from the Quinolone poisoning?

Speaking bluntly... Your fears are well founded. People have hurt for YEARS, and their pain has gotten worse down the road.

Replied by Ni
Emerald, Wa

You shouldn't be taking ibuprofen. I wouldn't. NO NSAIDS it makes it worse no matter if it's been a while since you've taken the floxes.