Holistic Therapy: Lupus (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus)

Electromagnetic Frequencies, Cold Weather

Posted by rhonda (tallahassee, usa) on 07/31/2007

... Also, for Lupus people, they tend to be sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies. I have personally found that simply not putting a cell phone or a cordless telephone up to my head greatly improved my autoimmune symptoms than just with diet alone. It turns out, that electromagnetic frequencies also block melatonin synthesis.

Finally, if you have lupus and Raynaud's and live somewhere where it is cold, Raynaud's is closely linked to low thyroid function on exposure to cold weather. Raynaud's has been cured by treating the thyroid. City tapwater has caused most of the lupus symptoms for me...its the pipes and the water that flows through them.

Replied by Steve
(Lowell, Ma.)

The floride used to kill bacteria is actually harming you. Good Luck

General Feedback

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Posted by Bret (Phoenix, Arizona) on 05/05/2008

Tulane Medical School has recently isolated Type A retro virus in people who have Lupus, Jouvenile R.Arthritis, Graves disease. This is the first time Type A retrovirus has been found in humans. Lupus apparently is not caused by auto-antigen or nucleic acid deficiency. But we really didn't need Tulane Medical School to prove this, Just look at the disease patterns. The disease patterns truly match those patterns of viral infections. Dormancy vs Active cycles, non-specific tissue inflamation that starts with pockets of tissue not entire system of tissues. Spreading to adjacent tissues and organs. Most alternative treatments being used today can be found on this site and others. For Lupus they either contain alkaline substances which inhibbit viral replication,or polyphenols which donate oxygen to the cell, (after losing H+ ions,)or chlorophyll which potentiates oxygen, or quinones which are strong industrial oxidizers. DMSO is another oxygen donor exploiting sulfate molecule's oxygen binding properties. Just examine these structures they all have one thing in common,...oxygen. The truth is anything that increases alkalinity also increases oxygen perfusion into cells as oxygen carries negative polarity and will be attracted to a more alkaline cellular environments. (Otto Warburg Nobel Prize) You can't change the ph of blood, but you can change the ph inside of cells. The very latest in research proving Lupus is caused by a virus can be found at: AmericanCancerAdvocates.com, a research site. Sincerely Bret Peirce

Holistic Approach

Posted by Gloria (Spart., S.c.) on 10/09/2012

Natural medicine for lupus. I have a friend who was diagnosed with lupus 36 yrs ago developed kidney cancer and given 6 months to live. He went to natural, herbal medicine and here 36 yrs later still dealing w/ certain symtoms but still at 73 working and living faily normal life cancer gone. I do believe in holistic medicine. I know of more cases of lupus w/ same result.

Replied by Debra
(Middletown, Usa)

Instead of Plaquenil, what did she do?

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Kokil (Roslyn Heights, NY) on 07/15/2013

Hi, I cured myself of Lupus within months by taking 25 drops hydrogen peroxide (food grade 35%) in 8oz water 3 times a day as well as this cured my vasculitis on my legs! I also combined this treatment with a purely homemade vegan diet (the RAVE diet) as well as green smoothies every day! Of course supplements helped as well, but I really feel the hydrogen peroxide cured me, as I was disparing 6 months ago with a lot of pain/swelling and fatigue and very high C-reactive protein levels in my blood.

Hope this helps others...


Replied by Ellen
(White Plains, Ny)

Hello...I tried the HP 35% food grade once and after the 2nd day...(only 3 drops) I was light headed and dizzy. I would like to try this again. Would you be so kind and advise where you bought your HP 35% FG, as I am sure it is a reputable site.

Thank you and Best of health to you!


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Posted by Dolly (Los Angeles, Ca) on 08/03/2020

I take Hydroxycloroquine once a day. It has stopped my Lupus from worsening. I also use Tylenol Arthritis as needed for pain.

Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIg)

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Posted by Susan (Ca) on 11/25/2015

I've had SLE since I was 18 but at that time there wasn't much information and it was still in the beginning stages researching symptoms, I know now but didn't know at the time, LUPUS can have a false positive syphilis test and I was treated for it at that time. I was going to HARBOR GENERAL UCLA IN CARSON CALIF.

I had the butterfly patch, I also had hair falling out where my hair was parted, a patch on the back of my arm round that looked like my butterfly a cross my nose and under my eyes and another one on the back of my calf that was the same size as the one on my arm.

I also had severe pain in my joints and getting out of bed was extremely difficult as my day progress movement became easier.. I was spilling protein in my urine around +2'.

My doctor told me I wouldn't be able to take birth control any more so 2 months after taking me off of them I became pregnant 2 months later. While I was pregnant, my doctor explained to me that having my baby was very risky, I felt wonderful pregnant and if I had it my way I wanted to be pregnant forever... I had complications during my 6th month and was in the hospital for a week. I had my baby 2 days before my due date and she and I were healthy.

Right after giving birth the put me on prednisone and several other medications. I've been in and out of the hospital several times. I also was on dialysis for 6 1/2 yrs then I received a kidney from my sister. During the work up, they cross match you with the donor, then after they're done working up the smoothest cross match both of you again and I didn't match. They asked if I would like to be in a study called IVIg STUDY (Intravenous Immunoglobulin). I agreed. YOU get 4 treatments and you know after the first one if it's working,

I was blessed and it worked. The last treatment is done when the transplant itself is being performed. It's been 15 yrs, 4/11/00 and my kidney, function is still working and my labs are well as expected.

I have developed other problems through the years, DVT GERD, COPD, HYPERTENSION, CHRONIC PAIN IN MY LOWER EXTREMITIES. There are more pills I take, just more then I want to explain.

If you would like to ask questions feel free to ask. I did clot almost every other treatment on dialysis. I take roughly 30 pills a day now.

Replied by Anna
(Burbank, Ca)

I was diagnosed with Graves disease 18 years ago. My thyroid was removed with radioactive iodine treatment. I was put on synthroid and have been on it since. Was never 100 per cent healthy again. Recently started getting sick. I was diagnosed with Lupus yesterday. After spending hours reading on this wonderful site, I feel I have hope. Thank you to everyone!

Jacquelyn's Lupus Remedies

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Posted by Jacquelyn (Ocala, Florida) on 03/01/2009

Just in response to Ted's info on Lupus (Ted if you're reading this I hope you'll add any new info you have) I am in serious stages of Systemic Lupus (most all organs involved) along with Gulf War Illness. I work hard to use as many natural things as I can to help my condition and have used some of Ted's suggestions. Here's my two-cents worth: (1)-in reference to SUGARS-definitely stay away from as much as possible. People with Lupus are very Sugar sensitive and I think it damages Lupus sufferers greatly. GO ORGANIC WITH AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE IN ALL AREAS of your food because chemicals, hormones, pesticides...are deadly for us. With SUGARs-go with "BROWN RICE SYRUP or XYLITOL or fructose or glycerin" in SMALL, tiny amounts only once a day or less...but NOT WHITE SUGAR or sadly even honey and all natural jams and syrups cause great problems too. NO CHEMICAL SWEETNERS either (2)-GRAINS--GO ORGANIC and yes stay away from the high GLUTEN grains. I do best with MILLET which is a protein and not a grain. STAY AWAY FROM YEAST AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE---go with yeast free breads (try Millet Zuchini Bread from the Deland Bakery in Deland Florida--they ship to alot of Health Food stores--most of their breads are yeast free and Millet. (3) THYROID--I found with myself and others that Lupus sufferers have very inflammed Thyroids and terribly malfunctioning ADRENAL glands. For my Thyroid I take Armour Thyroid a natural Thyroid gland extract (presciption) and IODINE drops--I take about 7 drops of Iodine a day in a glass of water. For my Adrenal glands I have yet to find anything that helps except SALT--use SEA SALT WHEN YOU FEEL WEAK---also LOTS OF SLEEP and NO STRESS...that is the only thing that helps so far...I hope for a better answer but NO STEROIDS especially if you are in more advanced stages like myself and have bone and muscle wasting from the Raynauds--dont take steroids it will worsen. I do take 7-Keto DHEA but it only helps a little. Many Lupus sufferers have been through alot of abuse--like family or spousal abuse---GET AWAY FROM IT ALL if you have to. If the people around you dont understand and help you to lead a stress-free life, you have to get away from them to save your life (Sad to say but so true and necessary--find supportive friends or counselors that will let you talk--People with Lupus tend to be the ones to help everyone else and hold their problems inside. You cant live that way and value your life enough to find good, stable-minded friends) (4)In reference to ORGANIC FOODS--I find concerning DAIRY and MEATS that if I go ORGANIC it solves the problem. Regular foods are so high in pesticides and hormones and chemicals--that is what is causing the problem NOT THE FOOD ITSELF. I eat ORGANIC DAIRY like organic milk, cheese, goat cheese, plain yogurt and butter. The PROTEINS AND CALCIUM are CRUCIAL for helping Lupus. YOU NEED PROTEIN AND CALCIUM. Same with your MEATS--go ORGANIC--you NEED THE PROTEIN and healthy FATS--they are all CRUCIAL. I know Organic is more expensive but the prices are getting better all the time...your body is worth it. At many Health Food Markets they have many items you can buy in BULK and the SAVINGS there will offset the higher costs of dairy, meats and produce (fruits and veg). BUT I do recommend LESSENING the GRAINS--I stay mostly with Millet and a little Brown Rice and Spelt is OK--you just have to try them and see what works best for you...but go with no/low gluten and yeast free and organic if possible. (5) I've tried balancing my PH like Ted recommends and it is hard to stay with that to get results but I do think it is important I just havent figured out the best way to stay with it (6) And YES--go through a TOXIC METAL cleanse--I've tried many including I.V. EDTA and it only helped a little. I'm presently doing "METAL SHIELD" sold by SWANSON vitamins and am hopeing for good results there but dont know yet. (7) Find a doctor or naturopath that can work with BALANCING YOUR HORMONE LEVELS and can get a Hair Follicle test done to see embalances---then look for natural ways to balance (8) My only other suggestion is to GO THROUGH LIFE VERY SLOWLY !! DONT RUSH AT ANYTHING YOU DO and if others dont understand it, they will have to learn to. The Immune System revs up with fast movement and your Immune System is already attacking you own body--FAST MOVEMENT like working, walking, speaking, and exercising fast make you worse and it attacks the body worse and raises your fever. Yes have some movement through out your day but go through it slowly like kind of slow motion...even allow yourself to THINK slowly. People with Lupus have probably gone through life at a very FAST PACE and always used to accomplishing ALOT in life...your body is worn out--let it rest and move slowly --YOU MUST GET RECUPERATIVE SLEEP AND REST>. (9) TMJ and neck and back problems can be an issue. If you have a TMJ problem-find a dentist to make you what is called an "ANTERIOR ORTHOTIC SPLINT" where at night when you sleep, you only touch the anterior teeth to balance your jaw like a FULCRUM. That is all with that --I wouldnt do anything else they suggest because these dentist can make the problem worse !! LASTLY -- the only medicines I recommend are to help you sleep better, natural Thyroid medicine and maybe Lasix for body swelling although there are natural diuretics too. Nothing else has helped me. If you sleep fine without an aid then go without those, but sleep is important. GOD BLESS and I hope this helps someone--jacquelyn (Hi to Ted if you're out there)"

03/01/2009: Jacquelyn from Ocala, Florida writes, "Also for Lupus sufferers, I forgot to mention--IF YOU SUFFER WITH YOUR "BOWELS" NOT WORKING...try a little teaspoon of PSYLLIUM and 1/2 MAGNESIUM CITRITE tablet of 200mg in the morning with fruit in a blender...then at your evening take 1/2 to whole MAGNESIUM tablet with your evening MEAL. NOTHING else has ever worked for me. It's important to keep your bowels moving daily. If the magnesium makes your bowels to liquid then just cut back a little on dose but dont stop taking or increase if not moving well. Also dont be hesitant about using suppositories and saline enemas--do what is necessary to keep your bowels moving. God bless, Jacquelyn"

03/01/2009: Jacquelyn from Ocala, Florida writes, "More on Lupus---(I keep thinking of things to suggest) Eat alot of RAW ORGANIC VEGETABLES especially anthing Green EXCEPT Lettuces and Green Peppers or difficult to digest vegetables. RAW ASPARAGUSS and RAW CELERY help to rid the body of excess fluids. I just put them in the blender with water and drink it down no matter how it tastes. Green LEAFY vegetables have lots of digestive enzymes...like Spinach, Dandelion, Or mixed Baby Greens...I also throw in Zucchini...anything GREEN except the lettuces and I've read where Kale inhibits Iodine from absorbing into your Thyroid so I dont generally use that one. BUT RAW and ORGANIC IS SO IMPORTANT to get daily. Not too much of the Starchy ones like potatoes and carrots or beats--just limit them. VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT__STAY AWAY FROM COOKED TOMATOES AND TOMATO SAUCES especially combined with white flour pastas...and no raw onions, no raw peppers...The body just cant digest well. Cooked Tomatoes and white pasta are LETHAL --I dont know why, they just are...can cause lots of joint swelling and inflammation. No alfalfa sprouts either. Hope this helps--Jacquelyn

Replied by Parhat
(Bangkok, Thailand)

Yes, most suggestions sound reasonable. However, two major remedies deserved mentioned, one is a baking soda with malic acid, which is reacted to be malate, such as 500 mg of malic acid with baking soda, say 1000 mg, will help chronic fatigue to some extent, but magnesium is needed too, such as 500 mg to 1000 mg of magnesium chloride. Generally an inflammed thyroid in a lupus is a fungus condition responsible. I have been lately experimenting with a newer remedy to rid of that inflammed which can be applied two ways to reduce the inflammation. A 10% solution of ammonium chloride applied to the throat areas perhaps mixed with a little 5% of milk of magnesia, or a stronger 10% solution of ammonium bicarbonate. It should be noted that a lupus may not observe themselve but I can see improvement when baking soda and borax was supplement over the course of a week, unknown to them since its positive effect while not immediate were very clear. Hence baking soda and borax still remains the major remedy. The other issue is the weakness and lack of energy can be restored mostly with 5-10 drops of 3% H2O2. Steaks and overcooked meat even organic were problematic still. However, most foods, if organic can't be found can be neutralized by 90% by soaking in a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide, such as 0.5% H2O2 soaking for roughly 5 minutes. The meat may pale in a few case from the peroxide, but it does neutralize insecticides and antibiotics. As well as hydrogen peroxide usually 5-10 drops will have an effect in lifting the energy for 2-3 hours, and hence is taken every 2-3 hours. Too much hydrogen peroxide taken too long may deplete vitamin C, and caused headaches and vitamin C sodium ascorbate is often taken at 1000 mg a day, to balance off this.

Nearly every lupus sufferers I have found were all exposed to heavy metals of some kind, either mercury amalgam, vaccines mercury from Gulf War Syndrome vaccines used, from heavy metals in faulty showers, old faucets, old metal water filter and even one person was working in metal working and another was a metal inspector, or another lived near ships where water has high heavy metals. Hence chlorella and spirulina helps and forms the foundation for lupus.

The newer remedy against this fungus lupus, is the ammonium chloride. Is applied to throat area at 10% solution to reduce inflammation. In my opinion a low dose ammonium chloride such as 1/16 teaspoon or 1/10 teaspoon ammonium chloride dissolved in 1 glass of water is drank at only 1/3 of that and then later at 1/3 and finally in evening at 1/3 or whatever left over. This is a fairly low dose to killing off the fungus. The ammonium chloride is a diuretic, clears fungus from the system, and may cause warming initially as the body detox and should clear up some of the skin problem. In any event application on the thryoid externally is one way to do it, although a mild approach will reduce inflammation s thyroid can produce normally without excess reliance on hormone replacelement. In excess the body become to dependent and cause a thyroid shutdown, which can last for days in some cases, even a natural Amour thyroid.

Another remedy that seems to digest certain kinds of lupus is the bloodroot tincture. The remedy is 2-6 drops of bloodroot tincture in ethanol (not methanol) dissolved in 1/2 glass of water three times a day. The bloodroot tincture will digest certain lupus that caused inflammation and most notably reduce up to 90% of pain in a couple of cases I encountered.

If there is anything I like to add, I would just say the important remedy is always borax, hydrogen peroxide, bloodroot tincture, baking soda, potassium citrate (as used in alkalizing remedies) chlorella and spirulina and magnesium. Iodine drops helps thyroid functions, as in lugols solution for example. The newest remedy I am updating here is the ammonium chloride or ammonium bicarbonate to reduce glandular inflammation so that once inflammation isn't there, the glandular functions can work, especially when taken at very small amount internally can turn on many glandular functions as is borax. In fact the antifungal that neutralize fungus are the borax and ammonium chloride. Hydrogen peroxide helps, but it's effect are short term lasting a couple of hours on energy. It clears the blood for all three - namely borax, ammonium chloride and hydrogen peroxide, not taken at the same time, of course. The hydrogen peroxide drops is taken separately. The ammonium is divided in three dose, and borax is in dirnking water. But a borax and hydrogen peroxide can be combined in practice. For example, in one liter of water 30 drops of 3% H2O2 (some like 20 drops) plus 1/8 teaspoon of borax (or 1/4 depending on the size and the results).

A xylitol is an interesting one that deserves mentioned in itself. If the body is properly alkalize the xylitol will prevent further infection, but if taken alone leads to pain, if not propearly alkalized. It helps reduce infection by preventing attachment. So it's a two edge sword. I used them for urinary tract infection.

Sea salt is an important remedy in lupus and the dose is between 1/8 to 1/2 teaspoon per glass. Preferable dose is likely to be closer to 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon per day. The dose can also be mixed in the borax/hydrogen peroxide in the drinking water also. So we can call this borax/hydrogen peroxide/sea salt in one liter of drinking water solution.

Diet control are important to avoid a flare up, especially white sugar, honey, white flour and overcooked meats, and steaks. Fish and vegetables are generally safer and yes, millet and brown rice are generally the best grains, but taken not too much.

A supporting remedy not mentioned but support liver function is granulated lecithin taken at one tablespoon a day which reduces liver congestion and also help reduce blood sugar. Drinking plenty of water during meals prevent blood sugar spikes that normally result in inflammation during lunch that occurs around afternoon. Thus if liquids were driank before during and after meal, the inflammation would redusce as liquies would reduce the blood sugar spikes that caused the inflammation and weakness that occured after meals.

A good pH balance needs potassium also, not just baking soda and muscle pain may be most helpful with the magnesium.


Replied by Mara

Please help. I just purchased bloodroot tincture and the bottle says external use only. I am afraid to ingest it. Are they forced to say that on the bottle?

Has anyone had good results with its use? Thank you for any help you can offer.

LDN Plus Immune Supplements

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Posted by Candybeagle (Ohio) on 01/12/2018

I have lupus/scleroderma. I went on low dose Naltrexone about a year ago. I find I have very good results with this. Plus I take a lot of supplements. My disease I feel has not progressed as others have. I decided after my forth Rheum. that I was NOT going to go the synthetic drug route. All of which do destruction to organs and the immune system. I found that immune modulating supplements really help.

Borax, ACV, Colostrum, D3, Taurine, Selenium, magnesium, Vit C, Lecithin, Ubiquinol, fermented fish oil, B complex, inhaled peroxide, etc...have all helped me to make this disease bearable.

When ever you go DRs and they say...there is no cure for this...I start asking myself...then why should I take the drugs? At the risk of damaging other parts of my body. My alternative med. Dr.said, You can take the drugs but it will kill you faster than the disease. He was right. I had to have some Depomedrol in my ear for hearing loss, I developed all sorts of side effects. That was enough for me. I found that using the information from this website and other natural forums have proven invaluable to me. Am I cured...no but is my quality of life good...yes and I have had this for 7 years. I feel blessed to have found this site and recommend to my other AI sufferers also. WE who have these diseases know from experience what is helping and by sharing can possibly help others. God Bless all of you who contribute to this site. It's an invaluable resource.

Lupus Caused by Medication

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Posted by Janet (UK) on 06/13/2006

I would like to say that I totally agree with Ted's solution to this disease. Only thing is, I believe lupus is caused by the medication that they give you in the first place. Let's face it, the drugs they give out have been tested on animals. We do not have the same metabolism as these creatures that they test on. You cannot compare a rat's immune system to an adult's. We all know that these venom can eat from contaminated substances. "We can't," not without some awful result. A rat's immune system is probably over a thousand times stronger than any human being. So how can they compare drugs and these levels. I have lupus and I do not take anything anymore. I have been taking Pharmerton vitamins. And also been adviced on getting Hempseed oil, Pumpkinseed oil and Hemp Tea. It detoxes the body. I stopped taking the medication 4 months ago. I was getting so ill, and taking so many pills, loss of memory, all the things that go with rheumatoid. Then I realised that if I did not stop taking these drugs, I would definately die. I have not felt this good for two years. I won't even let them take a blood test. they are not sticking another needle in me. Taking blood from the system on a regular basis, cannot possibly to the human body any favours, especially if one is poorly, the last thing we should do to a sick person is to take a lot of blood. One drop of blood can tell so much. When are we going to learn. All lupus is caused by anti-inflammateries. etc., Your immune system lets them take over their work, so the immune system forgets how to protect, because something else has done it for it. I could go on forever. I will be writing and letting everyone know the true awful experience of the last 12 years of so called trusting NHS. So Ted, good on you my dear friend. I am spreading the word.

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
388 posts

Yes lupus can also be caused by all the dangerous medication we take. I agree, I nearly died because of it.

If medication is the cause, detoxification will work for you. One extra bit of information about detoxification is that my list of detox medicine I use is short, but effective. Here is my own list of things that if I would detox I would take:

Detoxification of harmful chemicals, I would use: MSM (allow removal of toxic chemical out of cells), disodium EDTA (removes heavy metal), sodium thiosulfate (detox chlorine), indole 3 carbinol (detoxes Dioxin TCDD and pseudoestrogen), borax (removes fluoride), citric acid+baking soda (removes free radical metals and reduce inflammation, while maintains stable pH), and creatine monohydrate (removes formaldehyde). Intestinal detoxification, no need to mention here, other websites has good info. Usually a simple way to induce a major loose stool is baking soda + sea salt at one half teaspoon each. Do not go anywhere for the next 3 hours! If dose is too low, just double it. To restore liver function, just tumeric or curcumin and milk thristle. To restore immune function & support, just try seaweed, kelp as a good iodine source, and take echinacea to increase body immune system. Taking some secretogens to increase human growth hormones such as L-glutamine (2 grams) or possibly niacin + aspirin (taken 30 minutes before to prevent flushing) and L-glycine will help restore and rebuild cellular functions. And since most of people who has been sick for a long time, adrenal exhaustion is quite common. Taking licorice extract and DHEA, all components of adrenal glands will really help. Just my own short list of supplements that will detoxify. You mentioned the use of Hempseed oil, Pumpkinseed oil and Hemp Tea. Those you mentioned are good, but in some countries, hemp is illegal. I would like to get it myself, but it is illegal here also.

Lupus Nephritis

Posted by Jeremy (Maavern, Ohio) on 09/01/2011

I was diagnosed in 2007 with severe Lupus Nephritis which was causing renal failure. I was put on cytoxin treatment and everthing was going great until my recent flare here in march. I'm back on prednizone which helps but my kidney function is starting to go again. Any advice would help greatly. I'm kind of afraid of taking too many things different because I have so many filter in my kidneys completely scarred over. Please post some thought on this subject. Or someone who has this type of Lupus.

Replied by Angel
(Quezon City, Philippines)

Good day! We read about the posts, comments, and questions about SLE.

My daughter was hospitalized and shown symptoms of SLE like hair loss since her elemenatry days and continous at present at her age 21. And the doctor test the ANA and the result shown positive. Her face have a a butterfly rash together her shoulder and her back. I'm very worried about her because I don't have any idea what kind of disease is this. I just want to ask help on how we can cure her. Hope that you can give suggestions of medicines that she need to take. Thank you and hope that you response as soon as possible. Were still in the hospital right now. Thank you and God Bless

Replied by Art
(Tustin, Ca. Usa)

In reply to Angel from Quezon City, Philippines: The following new abstract shows that supplementing with 2000 iu of vitamin D a day can reduce symptoms and inflammatory markers of SLE:


That is important, but what is more important than the dose of vitamin D is taking enough vitamin D to get your vitamin D serum level (25 OH D serum level) well into the reference range of 30ng/ml to 100 ng/ml. Some people require more vitamin D than others to achieve a specific 25 OH D level, or to say that a little differently some people simply require more vitamin d than others so it is the actual serum levels that are more important than just saying to take a specific amount of vitamin D.

This next abstract tested vitamin D at large weekly and monthly doses. The test started out at 100, 000 iu of vitamin D per week for 4 weeks and then was followed up with 100, 000 iu of vitamin D each month for 6 months. So roughly 1, 000, 000 iu of vitamin d was given over a 7 month period if I understood it correctly or roughly about , 4, 600iu per day over the 7 month period. Again, a reduction in inflammatory cytokines and markers of SLE were found and improvement seen, adding some confirmation to the finding of the first study above. One significant difference with this second study at the higher dosing than the 2, 000 iu per day in the first study, was that there were no observed SLE flares during the 6 month follow up period and that seems pretty significant to me!


Man normally makes vitamin D from full sun exposure on a daily basis when your shadow is shorter than you are tall and could never naturally produce 100, 000 iu of vitamin d in one day, so this is not a natural amount for the body to handle in such a short period of time. Mainly this kind of dosing is used in these studies to help with study medication adherence and possibly to speed the buildup of 25 OH D in the serum which can generally take about 2 months. I think daily supplementing or daily full sun exposure is more natural to the human body and is possibly easier for the body to handle.

Best wishes!


Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Low dose naltrexone is effective for systemic lupus. A doctor cited in the book "Honest Medicine" asked his two aunts who had lupus if they would like to try LDN. They did and in a month they were both much better. LDN is not a cure but will moderate the immune system so that many autoimmune diseases can become a non-issue as long as the LDN is taken at very low doses daily. MS will not progress in most cases, Parkinson's can be helped, Crohn's has over a 67% remission rate, many bowel and cystitis problems improve. It has No side effects. Please see www.ldninfo.org for more information. It is also very inexpensive! It can also be beneficial for cancer, along with other treatment strategies. (It is not a stand alone treatment for cancer) It can be taken with any other drugs except opiate based medicines.



LDN absolutely has side effects. I couldn't tolerate staying on it. It gave me horrific nightmares and insomnia.

Replied by Katherine

Hi Jeremy, is there a new update on your condition? I just be diagnosed with class 4 lupus nephritis and is about to go through the same treatment. I am very keen to know how you are doing ? Is your 2nd flare up in 2011 under control? Thanks


I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with LDN. Research shows that some people will have vivid dreams, but almost everyone says they enjoyed these, and they don't last more than less a week or so. I, too, have found it difficult to sleep taking it at night, so like most people suggest, I take it in the morning. I hope you can find something that gives you some relief soon. Best wishes.

Lupus Theories

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Posted by Rich (Boca Raton, Fl) on 01/24/2009

Fungal infections are sometimes associated with Lupus. There is a case from 100 years ago of Lupus being cured with iodine.
Treatment of Lupus with Sodium Iodide:

Mega-Iodine Supplementation info:
http://www.vrp.com/articles.aspx?page=LIST&ProdID=1781&qid=&zTYPE=2 (Gets rid of Bromine, Mercury, Lead, Aluminum) (kills fungus as well)

Aspergillus Mastoiditis in a Patient with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A Case Report http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?artid=1150873

Aspergillus can be a devastating fungus if it gets a foothold in humans. Ergot is a particularly nasty mycotoxin.

Note: I don't have Lupus or know of anybody being cured, like this one case study from 100 years ago. I would suggest taking Ted's advice, first. However, an Iodine supplement like Lugols or Iodoral may not be a bad additional supplement.

Replied by Tom
(Seneca, Sc)

The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases published a paper in 2005 asserting a likely link with the Epstein-Barr Virus in triggering Lupus. Molecular Mimicry resulted from the anti bodies produced by the immune system with some people (predisposed?) to create the antibody and in the creation of the antibody which was to kill the EB Virus, the antibody attacked a protein in the body instead: hence molecular mimicry. The article is on line and can be accessed by googling the National Institute above with search words "virus" and "lupus."

The first course of treatment then would recommend ridding the body of the virus to make the anitbodies stop their search and destroy mission... Accidentally shooting their own. Get rid of the trigger. Get rid of the virus. The article did not comment on how to treat. This is my own consideration.

So consider the colloidal silver solution consumed twice daily at a tablespoon each dose. Do this for a two month treatment and closely monitor to determine a change in symptoms. If better, keep up the protocol for up to a year. Yes a year. I take CS every day for the past 10 years. If one takes a properly diluted liquid no argyria results. Again the NIAMS only discussed the viral trigger. It did not suggest a treatment. The treatment suggestion is mine, not the Institute.

Lupus Theories
Posted by Nancy (San Diego, California,USA) on 03/25/2008

I was diagnosed w/SLE at 12. I'm 43 now and 20+ years on hemodialysis. No kidney function,transplant didn't work,EVER. Chems A+. Still have some sort of autoimmune disease. unknown. Going gluten free,etc. I think diet, environment, bad DNA caused my lupus. They plugged me full of prednisone, which caused ESRD--dialysis. Now I'm stuck because my kidneys don't exist, and I'm trying to fight off another autoimmune. Ted, you're a genius. I hate American Medicine and their 'pimps'. ADVICE: Get lupus before it gets your organs--dialysis, transplant,death.

Margaret's Lupus Remedies

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Posted by Margaret (Lockport, Il America) on 01/12/2009

Hello, I had suffered with Lupus for two years before dietary changes improved my condition immensely.

First, you must stop drinking alcohol and smoking. It hinders all other things you are doing to improve your health.

Next, change your diet. Start including salmon, fruits, vegetables and green leafy salads. Drink lots of water. And finally add these supplements: vitamin E-100 IUs, Panothenic Acid -500 mgs and Manganese- 50mgs. Take these daily. I also took a strong multi-vitamin called "Stress tabs."

Although I can't get a doctor to say I am "cured." I have gotten them to use the words: "in remission."

My medical doctor said there is now research that vitamin E negatively affects the heart but temporarily it should be fine. (right?)

My Lupus disease was severe with rheumatoid arthritis, hair loss, blood clotting and severe fatigue. Now, you would never know I was ever sick. I am healthier than most women I know my age and younger.

Thank you for this website...you have changed my life for the better.

Replied by Joanne
(Toronto, On)

Hi Margaret. I am responding to a posting you submitted to Earth Clinic regarding lupus remedies.

Can you tell me how long it took before your lupus disappeared? For the stress tabs -what brand and what dosage mgs per day? Also, what made you take these supplements.

Replied by Sherry
(Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Just wanted to share my story on lupus. In Dec of 2010 I went to see a intergrated doctor. Found my gluten numbers really high along with antibodies for lupus. Went gluten free and in only 2 months my lupus antibodies were gone! Just had a follow up visit and my antibodies are still gone. I say go gluten free. I also had my Vit D checked along with b12 and iron. If you live near a intergrated doctor I would recommend going. Good luck to all out there, Sherry

Replied by Kelle
(Lafayette, In)

Hi Sherry from Ft. Wayne. I just read your post. Any suggestions on an integrated doctor. I live in Indiana also. Thank you.

Replied by Lillian
(Vass, North Carolina)

Thank you, Margaret. Your thread made me feel like there is definite hope. I had no idea lupus could be caused by all these other elements. I'm very grateful for Ted's assistance. He's a gem!

Replied by David
(Las Vegas, Nv Usa)

to margaret: my wife has lupus and it's in her brain. Our doctor told us in 2005 that he had 2 other patients that had lupus in their brain and they both died within 2 years of diagnosis. I read a book by a Dr.Strand from colorado, and he had a list of vitamins and supplements to take. My wife takes a multi-vitamin, vitamins e and b complex, and c. She also takes grape seed extract, co-q10, fish oil, and l_glutathione. This may (2013) will be 8 years since she was diagnosed with lupus. also and the big thing for us is, as we are both christians, there have been a lot of friends and family praying for us. david


Posted by Bobbie (Jamestown, Pa) on 01/20/2011

Ted, I recently read an post on here answering a question about Miracle Mineral Supplement, & as I have thought of trying it to help get rid of my candida, I read it. I noticed you mentioned it has been used to treat malaria, as my Plaquenils also are. I have been on Plaquenil for a few years to treat the lupus I have.

Is there a danger if I take the MMS while I am on Plaquenil?

I am trying to remedy my Lupus by being on a candida diet, (since I have found this site) & I am doing the Borax thing along with the baking soda also. I have bought some probiotics, liquid, from the health food store, but noticed there is sugar in it, I am holding off on taking it.

Replied by Tom
(Regina, Sk)


Have you looked on Jim Humble's site yet for things?:


He now calls MMS "Master Mineral Solution" to try to answer his critics and detractors who say, among other things, that he is peddling snake oil!

Some links on his site are not active, but the 1000, 2000, & 3000 protocols even have videos up on You-tube.

An excellent search site for videos is www.zapom.com, which will find vids from every site on the net including the main ones like GoogleVid, Youtube, etc. Here is the example search for MMS:

http://zapom.com/mms mineral miracle supplement

There are many books on lupus, this one from 2004 with all high reviews, a rarity:


Also, there are many articles in a good search that show studies even within NIH that show a correlation of very low Vitamin D levels and lupus.

Replied by Bobbie
(Jamestown, Pa)

Tom, are you saying you think it is safe to take both my plaquenils & this mms stuff? The reason I asking is because they are both supposedly used to kill malaria, & I want to make sure they are safe to take together. I cannot find anything on Mr. Humble's site addressing this issue.


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Posted by Ingrid (Lawndale, California, USA) on 05/04/2009

I suffer SLE & DLE Fibromyalgia and have a congested heart (regurgitating valves) for 6 years I am also Hispanic, NOT from Mexico, in my family there is no history what so ever of any immune diseases, the food we ate as children and the nutritional value was very high and healthy. I have taken all medicine there is or will be out to treat the decease, compounds, combined, cocktails nothing worked, I felt like a guinea pig, was 111 Lbs.when I started taking the meds, gained 70 Lbs. in less than 3 months with the steroids, which put more than I could handle anl along with the pain, was horrible. I was told about Organic Sulfer (Pure MSM) not combined with anything else in pill form but I had to take to many it was 45 pills a day, and still did not have relief, then someone else told me to take it in powder form, to take it untill the pain was gone, to start with one teaspoon, and increase the dosage untill my stomack felt warm and I felt as if I was going to get the runs, but not quite get them. So I did, got the powder form MSM (organic sulfer) not to be confused with "Sulfa" very diferent one from the other; I take 3 tablespoons in 2 ounces of warm water (to disolve faster) it's bitter, and I mean it, but when you have experienced the type of pain associated with Lupus you are willing to take almost anything, then I chase it with fresh squeezed orange juice vitamin "C" helps your body absorb it better and helps get read of the bitterness in your mouth after ingestion; my goodness that was the PANACEA of all inflamation in and out of my body. Doctors do not recomend it and will sometimes tell you that it does not work because they make no profit from it. Simple fact. This powder is totaly organic, no additives, no drugs of any kind I am not adverticing MSM, I don't sell it, I am just passing the information along; I doi the same way it was passed on to me, I can only tell you what it has done for me and the people I have shared it with. I even tell them not to buy it, I give them the powder to try, if they see the effect they need, then they can buy it, it's not expensive (compared to the meds Dr.s prescribe) I can move again, I am not cured, this powder makes my life livable and bearable, not simptom free, or decease free, but it allows me to leave and enjoy a bit of a better quality of life.

Replied by Mara

Do you take the 3 tablespoons of MSM just once a day? Can it be divided into more frequent doses?

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