Holistic Therapy: Lupus (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus)

Lupus Nephritis

Posted by Jeremy (Maavern, Ohio) on 09/01/2011

I was diagnosed in 2007 with severe Lupus Nephritis which was causing renal failure. I was put on cytoxin treatment and everthing was going great until my recent flare here in march. I'm back on prednizone which helps but my kidney function is starting to go again. Any advice would help greatly. I'm kind of afraid of taking too many things different because I have so many filter in my kidneys completely scarred over. Please post some thought on this subject. Or someone who has this type of Lupus.

Replied by Angel
(Quezon City, Philippines)

Good day! We read about the posts, comments, and questions about SLE.

My daughter was hospitalized and shown symptoms of SLE like hair loss since her elemenatry days and continous at present at her age 21. And the doctor test the ANA and the result shown positive. Her face have a a butterfly rash together her shoulder and her back. I'm very worried about her because I don't have any idea what kind of disease is this. I just want to ask help on how we can cure her. Hope that you can give suggestions of medicines that she need to take. Thank you and hope that you response as soon as possible. Were still in the hospital right now. Thank you and God Bless

Replied by Art
(Tustin, Ca. Usa)

In reply to Angel from Quezon City, Philippines: The following new abstract shows that supplementing with 2000 iu of vitamin D a day can reduce symptoms and inflammatory markers of SLE:


That is important, but what is more important than the dose of vitamin D is taking enough vitamin D to get your vitamin D serum level (25 OH D serum level) well into the reference range of 30ng/ml to 100 ng/ml. Some people require more vitamin D than others to achieve a specific 25 OH D level, or to say that a little differently some people simply require more vitamin d than others so it is the actual serum levels that are more important than just saying to take a specific amount of vitamin D.

This next abstract tested vitamin D at large weekly and monthly doses. The test started out at 100, 000 iu of vitamin D per week for 4 weeks and then was followed up with 100, 000 iu of vitamin D each month for 6 months. So roughly 1, 000, 000 iu of vitamin d was given over a 7 month period if I understood it correctly or roughly about , 4, 600iu per day over the 7 month period. Again, a reduction in inflammatory cytokines and markers of SLE were found and improvement seen, adding some confirmation to the finding of the first study above. One significant difference with this second study at the higher dosing than the 2, 000 iu per day in the first study, was that there were no observed SLE flares during the 6 month follow up period and that seems pretty significant to me!


Man normally makes vitamin D from full sun exposure on a daily basis when your shadow is shorter than you are tall and could never naturally produce 100, 000 iu of vitamin d in one day, so this is not a natural amount for the body to handle in such a short period of time. Mainly this kind of dosing is used in these studies to help with study medication adherence and possibly to speed the buildup of 25 OH D in the serum which can generally take about 2 months. I think daily supplementing or daily full sun exposure is more natural to the human body and is possibly easier for the body to handle.

Best wishes!


Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Low dose naltrexone is effective for systemic lupus. A doctor cited in the book "Honest Medicine" asked his two aunts who had lupus if they would like to try LDN. They did and in a month they were both much better. LDN is not a cure but will moderate the immune system so that many autoimmune diseases can become a non-issue as long as the LDN is taken at very low doses daily. MS will not progress in most cases, Parkinson's can be helped, Crohn's has over a 67% remission rate, many bowel and cystitis problems improve. It has No side effects. Please see www.ldninfo.org for more information. It is also very inexpensive! It can also be beneficial for cancer, along with other treatment strategies. (It is not a stand alone treatment for cancer) It can be taken with any other drugs except opiate based medicines.

Replied by Katherine

Hi Jeremy, is there a new update on your condition? I just be diagnosed with class 4 lupus nephritis and is about to go through the same treatment. I am very keen to know how you are doing ? Is your 2nd flare up in 2011 under control? Thanks

Lupus Theories

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Posted by Rich (Boca Raton, Fl) on 01/24/2009

Fungal infections are sometimes associated with Lupus. There is a case from 100 years ago of Lupus being cured with iodine.
Treatment of Lupus with Sodium Iodide:

Mega-Iodine Supplementation info:
http://www.vrp.com/articles.aspx?page=LIST&ProdID=1781&qid=&zTYPE=2 (Gets rid of Bromine, Mercury, Lead, Aluminum) (kills fungus as well)

Aspergillus Mastoiditis in a Patient with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A Case Report http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?artid=1150873

Aspergillus can be a devastating fungus if it gets a foothold in humans. Ergot is a particularly nasty mycotoxin.

Note: I don't have Lupus or know of anybody being cured, like this one case study from 100 years ago. I would suggest taking Ted's advice, first. However, an Iodine supplement like Lugols or Iodoral may not be a bad additional supplement.

Replied by Tom
(Seneca, Sc)

The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases published a paper in 2005 asserting a likely link with the Epstein-Barr Virus in triggering Lupus. Molecular Mimicry resulted from the anti bodies produced by the immune system with some people (predisposed?) to create the antibody and in the creation of the antibody which was to kill the EB Virus, the antibody attacked a protein in the body instead: hence molecular mimicry. The article is on line and can be accessed by googling the National Institute above with search words "virus" and "lupus."

The first course of treatment then would recommend ridding the body of the virus to make the anitbodies stop their search and destroy mission... Accidentally shooting their own. Get rid of the trigger. Get rid of the virus. The article did not comment on how to treat. This is my own consideration.

So consider the colloidal silver solution consumed twice daily at a tablespoon each dose. Do this for a two month treatment and closely monitor to determine a change in symptoms. If better, keep up the protocol for up to a year. Yes a year. I take CS every day for the past 10 years. If one takes a properly diluted liquid no argyria results. Again the NIAMS only discussed the viral trigger. It did not suggest a treatment. The treatment suggestion is mine, not the Institute.

Lupus Theories
Posted by Nancy (San Diego, California,USA) on 03/25/2008
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I was diagnosed w/SLE at 12. I'm 43 now and 20+ years on hemodialysis. No kidney function,transplant didn't work,EVER. Chems A+. Still have some sort of autoimmune disease. unknown. Going gluten free,etc. I think diet, environment, bad DNA caused my lupus. They plugged me full of prednisone, which caused ESRD--dialysis. Now I'm stuck because my kidneys don't exist, and I'm trying to fight off another autoimmune. Ted, you're a genius. I hate American Medicine and their 'pimps'. ADVICE: Get lupus before it gets your organs--dialysis, transplant,death.

Margaret's Lupus Remedies

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Posted by Margaret (Lockport, Il America) on 01/12/2009
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Hello, I had suffered with Lupus for two years before dietary changes improved my condition immensely.

First, you must stop drinking alcohol and smoking. It hinders all other things you are doing to improve your health.

Next, change your diet. Start including salmon, fruits, vegetables and green leafy salads. Drink lots of water. And finally add these supplements: vitamin E-100 IUs, Panothenic Acid -500 mgs and Manganese- 50mgs. Take these daily. I also took a strong multi-vitamin called "Stress tabs."

Although I can't get a doctor to say I am "cured." I have gotten them to use the words: "in remission."

My medical doctor said there is now research that vitamin E negatively affects the heart but temporarily it should be fine. (right?)

My Lupus disease was severe with rheumatoid arthritis, hair loss, blood clotting and severe fatigue. Now, you would never know I was ever sick. I am healthier than most women I know my age and younger.

Thank you for this website...you have changed my life for the better.

Replied by Joanne
(Toronto, On)

Hi Margaret. I am responding to a posting you submitted to Earth Clinic regarding lupus remedies.

Can you tell me how long it took before your lupus disappeared? For the stress tabs -what brand and what dosage mgs per day? Also, what made you take these supplements.

Replied by Sherry
(Fort Wayne, Indiana)
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Just wanted to share my story on lupus. In Dec of 2010 I went to see a intergrated doctor. Found my gluten numbers really high along with antibodies for lupus. Went gluten free and in only 2 months my lupus antibodies were gone! Just had a follow up visit and my antibodies are still gone. I say go gluten free. I also had my Vit D checked along with b12 and iron. If you live near a intergrated doctor I would recommend going. Good luck to all out there, Sherry

Replied by Kelle
(Lafayette, In)

Hi Sherry from Ft. Wayne. I just read your post. Any suggestions on an integrated doctor. I live in Indiana also. Thank you.

Replied by Lillian
(Vass, North Carolina)

Thank you, Margaret. Your thread made me feel like there is definite hope. I had no idea lupus could be caused by all these other elements. I'm very grateful for Ted's assistance. He's a gem!

Replied by David
(Las Vegas, Nv Usa)

to margaret: my wife has lupus and it's in her brain. Our doctor told us in 2005 that he had 2 other patients that had lupus in their brain and they both died within 2 years of diagnosis. I read a book by a Dr.Strand from colorado, and he had a list of vitamins and supplements to take. My wife takes a multi-vitamin, vitamins e and b complex, and c. She also takes grape seed extract, co-q10, fish oil, and l_glutathione. This may (2013) will be 8 years since she was diagnosed with lupus. also and the big thing for us is, as we are both christians, there have been a lot of friends and family praying for us. david


Posted by Bobbie (Jamestown, Pa) on 01/20/2011

Ted, I recently read an post on here answering a question about Miracle Mineral Supplement, & as I have thought of trying it to help get rid of my candida, I read it. I noticed you mentioned it has been used to treat malaria, as my Plaquenils also are. I have been on Plaquenil for a few years to treat the lupus I have.

Is there a danger if I take the MMS while I am on Plaquenil?

I am trying to remedy my Lupus by being on a candida diet, (since I have found this site) & I am doing the Borax thing along with the baking soda also. I have bought some probiotics, liquid, from the health food store, but noticed there is sugar in it, I am holding off on taking it.

Replied by Tom
(Regina, Sk)


Have you looked on Jim Humble's site yet for things?:


He now calls MMS "Master Mineral Solution" to try to answer his critics and detractors who say, among other things, that he is peddling snake oil!

Some links on his site are not active, but the 1000, 2000, & 3000 protocols even have videos up on You-tube.

An excellent search site for videos is www.zapom.com, which will find vids from every site on the net including the main ones like GoogleVid, Youtube, etc. Here is the example search for MMS:

http://zapom.com/mms mineral miracle supplement

There are many books on lupus, this one from 2004 with all high reviews, a rarity:


Also, there are many articles in a good search that show studies even within NIH that show a correlation of very low Vitamin D levels and lupus.

Replied by Bobbie
(Jamestown, Pa)

Tom, are you saying you think it is safe to take both my plaquenils & this mms stuff? The reason I asking is because they are both supposedly used to kill malaria, & I want to make sure they are safe to take together. I cannot find anything on Mr. Humble's site addressing this issue.


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Posted by Ingrid (Lawndale, California, USA) on 05/04/2009
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I suffer SLE & DLE Fibromyalgia and have a congested heart (regurgitating valves) for 6 years I am also Hispanic, NOT from Mexico, in my family there is no history what so ever of any immune diseases, the food we ate as children and the nutritional value was very high and healthy. I have taken all medicine there is or will be out to treat the decease, compounds, combined, cocktails nothing worked, I felt like a guinea pig, was 111 Lbs.when I started taking the meds, gained 70 Lbs. in less than 3 months with the steroids, which put more than I could handle anl along with the pain, was horrible. I was told about Organic Sulfer (Pure MSM) not combined with anything else in pill form but I had to take to many it was 45 pills a day, and still did not have relief, then someone else told me to take it in powder form, to take it untill the pain was gone, to start with one teaspoon, and increase the dosage untill my stomack felt warm and I felt as if I was going to get the runs, but not quite get them. So I did, got the powder form MSM (organic sulfer) not to be confused with "Sulfa" very diferent one from the other; I take 3 tablespoons in 2 ounces of warm water (to disolve faster) it's bitter, and I mean it, but when you have experienced the type of pain associated with Lupus you are willing to take almost anything, then I chase it with fresh squeezed orange juice vitamin "C" helps your body absorb it better and helps get read of the bitterness in your mouth after ingestion; my goodness that was the PANACEA of all inflamation in and out of my body. Doctors do not recomend it and will sometimes tell you that it does not work because they make no profit from it. Simple fact. This powder is totaly organic, no additives, no drugs of any kind I am not adverticing MSM, I don't sell it, I am just passing the information along; I doi the same way it was passed on to me, I can only tell you what it has done for me and the people I have shared it with. I even tell them not to buy it, I give them the powder to try, if they see the effect they need, then they can buy it, it's not expensive (compared to the meds Dr.s prescribe) I can move again, I am not cured, this powder makes my life livable and bearable, not simptom free, or decease free, but it allows me to leave and enjoy a bit of a better quality of life.

Replied by Mara

Do you take the 3 tablespoons of MSM just once a day? Can it be divided into more frequent doses?

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Shell (California) on 10/29/2017
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My 12 yr. old daughter was hospitalized in late Nov'16 (23rd Nov). She spent 48d ays in the UCSF hospital fighting for her life. Drs. has diagnosed her with lupus nephritis and ANCA vasculitis. As a result, her kidneys(CKD5) are affected and she went for dialysis until July'17. She was treated with and was treated with steroids, Rituximab(one dose), Cytoxan (6 doses). With lots of prayers and support, she came off from dialysis and is presently being treated at LPCH(Stanford). She was a perfectly healthy child up to this incidence and has never been sick. Recently her creatinine started going up she is losing her appetite and pain in her legs she is hardly able to walk. It seems her lupus flaring up causing her kidneys affected as well pain in legs and joints.

We are using a natural path where she is on many protocols such as magnesium, Galactose, mannose, Vitamin D, Mineral waters etc. we were hoping with the help of natural path and regular treatment we will be able to save her not to flare up. But it seems not happening. Her blood test results haven't shown any lupus or ANCA yet but we could she because it happened same when she was diagnosed and hospitalized. My husband and I can't sleep and very worried about her. However, very sure that there must be some solution for her kidneys and disease. Looking for ways to revive it and keep her safe from dialysis as much as possible.re

Dr is asking to give her IV steroid that might help her stopping the flare up and in kidneys as well.

Any Help or similar situations anyone have deal and were able to solve will be appreciated.

Replied by Tom


My prayers are with you and hope your daughter gets well really soon. I know it must be really difficult for your daughter and your family and as a parent you are doing your best.

My 11 year old daughter has been diagnosed with Lupus/Crohns last year. Doctors cannot pinpoint whether it is crohns or lupus since she had all the symptoms related to crohns and lupus both.

We started her on SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) this year since Feb 2018. She has weaned off all her medication since Feb 2018 except proguanil which is given to Malaria patients. However this medication has shown good benefits with Lupus also.

Since Mar 2018 we are doing her blood test every 2 months and she is 100 % normal. All her results are coming as normal. I think the major benefit is because of SCD diet. You can google this to know more about SCD. I'm not sure whether it will help your daughter or please look into that.

Hope your daughter get well soon. Take care.

Replied by Timh
2100 posts

Shell: Need to find the root cause of Kidney disease. You need to do some medical history especially vaccines.

Basically there is a major toxicity issue going on here, which is why she is responding so poorly to conventional and alternative treatments. To help detox her body, in addition to her current ND regimen, add a very high quality multivitamin/mineral with added nutrients like green foods, digestive enzymes, etc. To eradicate infection in the gut, Oil of Oregano softgels plus Milled Flax Seed 2x daily with meals. Eat lots of Pineapple (ether fresh whole or canned) to help digestion and reduce inflammation) To help the Kidneys particularly, in addition to the Mannose, take a minimal dose of Dr Christopher's herbal "Kidney/Bladder" formula, and slowly increase to recommended dose for children or adults. Before retiring, take either Bentonite Clay or Activated Charcoal to remove toxins from the body.

Clean up the diet as much as possible. Very little or no processed sugars or food additives, and add healthy fats like Fish, Evening Primrose, and Borage Oil will help. Clean up house of organic or inorganic material. All chemical fragrances, perfumes, etc, must go. Replace air filter with something of high quality like a permanent washable filter or HEPA filter, or purchase a whole house indoor Air Purifier; also purify all water. Organic only household & body products can be found at most health-food stores, one online store I highly recommend is Mike Adam's (The Health Ranger) Natural News & Foods. Find healthy here . Hemp/CBD Oil will improve most any disease condition.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Shell,

I am so sorry - I am sure it is hard to sleep when you see your daughter suffer so much.

The thing that come to mind as I read your post that I would be considering if this were my daughter would be charcoal poultices over the kidney area at night.

Here is an interesting study about the use of charcoal in kidney disease and its ability to decrease creatinine levels. Now, the specific kidney disease, age of patient and way of administering charcoal are different in this study, but it does make me thing that charcoal would be something to consider. Especially since external poultices should not come with interactions with any medications.

And here is a story about a child with vasculitis on the brain with suspected lupus that was healed with charcoal. (Look about 1/5 of the way down the page.)

Some other things to consider would be nettle tea as a blood purifier; we have seen it do some wonderful things for children in our house. But I would make sure with the doctor that that was okay.

Please do keep us posted. I am praying for her!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Janet

Shell I have not had experience with these issues. For our family we use Teds information as he has been spot on through the years.

Here is his extensive information from Earth Clinic. The first email is his most recent re lupus. Janet


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Peggy (Cresskill, NJ) on 09/19/2012

Hello all~~~ First let me say, I am glad to have stumbled on you all. Other patients, contributors, I have never soaked up so much information in all my life. Even with a strong medical background, instant connections were swirling around so quickly - I didn't know what I wanted to do first! The last twelve years has been a struggle living with SLE. My lungs & bones are affected, chronic pain due to bone degeneration, herniations, and compression fractures has left me but a sliver of the person I used to be. At 38, with three small children, my life seemed to be so far away. I knew the treatment was killing me. Treatment for my complications always involved high dose steroids, then chemotherapy, then supposedly a Lifetime of Immunosuppressive drugs..... If for nothing else, don't tell me I can't do something, or there isn't anything else you can do for me. Funny, that's exactly when Professionals start to blame symptoms on depression!

I found the closest, most trusted homeopath I could get to - now disabled & in a wheelchair due to pain. She was my first angel & I started on the road less traveled. I still don't believe that if anyone else had heard this prognosis they wouldn't have looked elsewhere for help. My journey began with alkalinizing & purifying all water, a liver detox and immune support. This truly was the only time I had feelings of what I used to be. I was capable of so little, I'm not sure how I got through with so little home support. Now, friends & family jumped on the "crazy" bandwagon. As they kept themselves busy, I improved. With the support of a pain interventionist, I can now walk 50 feet with a cane, food shop holding on to the cart & cook 5 nights/wk, the decent food my family needs too.

This year I found a second angel to build on the routine, I wanted to feel better & knew I could with support. Then I found you, found the first true hope & healing in all these years.... Now, if I can organize this plan, I will be very busy. I continue ph Balance, through clean, ionized water mixed with baking soda & ACV, candida support, dairy free probiotics & enzymes with meals, immune modulation with colostrum & peptides, neurological support with B vitamins & Antioxidants & free radical scavengers. I continue liver support & use DMSO for pain & inflammation. I have seen a glimpse of how good I will feel, as I have also had to move slowly due to Herxheimer reaction. I read as much as I can & see that many recommend following a celiac diet & new suggestions for vitamins & amino acids for energy & acupuncture for ongoing pain. I really needed to thank all of you for taking the time to post & care. I have never felt this level of hope. I know I have a long way to go, positivity seems to make all the difference. I only hope as I improve I can inspire someone as you all did for me & continue to pay it Forward... Thanks again~~~~~~~

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Dr. Gluck (a Harvard educated expert on LDN) had two aunts with lupus. He asked them if they wanted to try Low dose naltrexone. They did, and in a month they were both doing well. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that responds very well to LDN, a harmless, no side effect FDA approved drug. See www.ldninfo.org or read Julia Schopick's best seller, "Honest Medicine. ". Be well.

Probiotics in Fermented Food

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Posted by Nico (Australia) on 09/22/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I have Lupus Nephritis. It has at times been very serious.

I have found that a vegan gluten fee diet helps, but what really makes a difference to the kidney involvement is daily consumption of natural probiotics in fermented food. This includes coconut yogurt or kefir (I found out early on that avoiding dairy helped my lupus tremendously), cultured vegetables with live cultures (not to be confused with vinegar preserved veggies) and small amounts of kombucha (tart, not too sweet). If I eat these daily in small amounts the kidney inflammation is non existent. When starting out be gradual and add each slowly to your diet as they are powerful, and can cause a detox reaction. Eat well, eat fresh, avoid sugar and fast foods/drinks.

Good luck!

Salt Therapy

Posted by Neal (Asheville, North Carolina Usa) on 02/20/2013

Hello Ted, I was wondering if you had any information about using salt therapy in the treatment of Lupus? By salt therapy I am referring to a manufactured salt micro climate similar to what is found in a salt mine. I have 'built' a micro climate of Himalayan and Polish salt from approximately 20 tons of salt mined from approximately 1-2 miles underground from salt that is about 200 million years old. This 'cave' is a controlled environment kept at between 67-72 degrees fahrenheit and 50-60% humidity. This mimics the conditions in a salt mine.

This type of treatment has been shown to be beneficial for respiratory problems (asthma, bronchitis, allergies), dermatologic problems (eczema, psoriasis, acne), hypertension, stomach disorders, stress, and some autoimmune diseases, but have not found specific guidelines for Lupus.

Could you let me know of any findings you have that might support this treatment for sufferers of Lupus. Thank you, Neal from Sola

Replied by Keri
(West Virginia)

Did the salt cave therapy ever help?


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Posted by Gricel (Dallas, Tx) on 01/11/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have lupus, with kidney related problems, I was on dialysis for 6 months and taking steroids before I started my road to recovery with natural remedies, my DNA us still positive but overall I feel good most of the time, I have taken many products over the years, but the ones that have worked the most are a multi vitamin with minerals.

I am a woman so I feel that hormones play a role in my lupus as well, so I also take DNA 50mg a day in combination with dong quai, damiana, and maca, I use half the dose as directed by the bottle.

For the inflammation I use fish oil, 2,000 mg per day or more sometimes, and for kidney I use kidney support from Tibetan Herbal Balance.

Even though my lupus is still active I don't have to take all the crap from the doctors, hope this helps other people

Replied by Truself

What is DNA you mention? A supplement?

Posted by Deborah (New York, NY) on 04/01/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Last year I was diagnosed with cutaneous lupus. I have two large skin patches one on my arm and one on my left butt cheek. These are itchy and feel bruised and have also atrophied to leave a concave indentation in my flesh. I am told that this is because the inflammation is in my subcutanaeous fat. I'd like to say I have found a cure for these but I have not - yet. HOWEVER. I began to have accompanying joint pain - terrible nipping pains and feeling constantly like I had been in a car accident - an all over feeling off stiffness and bad bruising. It was debilitating and depressing. Through exhaustive research, trial and error I have found two supplements that are working for me and have decreased the pain SIGNIFICANTLY. One is CM - cetyl myristoleate. I would advise Googling it and doing your own research but I could find no down side. The other is Perna - green lipped mussel extract - a fairly high dose. I began taking these two things together and initially my symptoms worsened but suddenly and quite dramatically the pain lifted. I do think these are worth a try for anyone suffering from chronic joint pain. They certainly changed my life.

One more note on the lupus. I have recently been seeing a new and very good naturopath. Through stool testing for parasites we discovered that I have a very high level of the parasite blastocystis hominis. Also of candida. I knew about the candida and that it was probably part of the lupus causing package but the parasite is a new and interesting development. I will be treating both of these things appropriately with herbs and continued healthy diet (I am completely gluten, caffeine, dairy, soy, alcohol, sugar, nightshade and red meat free; I am a great cook and its really not as hard as it sounds) and will be very curious to see the health benefits of getting rid of these critters. My naturopath feels that they could very likely be a major contributing factor to the jangling of my nervous/immune system that caused the lupus. I will report back with results and would love to hear if anyone else has discovered a parasite/lupus link. If I can help or support anyone else in their healing journey please let me know. Thanks and good health to all.

Replied by Chris
(San Luis Obispo, Ca)

I would live to try something homeopathic, but my body us so reactive right now. My Dr.Is not supportive of supplements. This site actually made me more scared. Reading people with Lupus die 10 years after diagnosis? I have never read that. The lists of suppliments and ideas are great but where do you begin? It so overwhelming!

Replied by Rsw

Hi Chris,

The first thing I would try for Lupus is LDN (low dose naltrexone). It will help moderate your immune system, not kill your immune system like many of the current medical options do. It has been known to be effective for Lupus. It can be taken with any other drug EXCEPT opiate based drugs, because they both compete for the same receptor sites, and LDN will always win, potentially throwing an opiate drug user into a dangerous withdrawal. It is a FDA approved drug at 50mg/day for addicts, but has been found to be very effective for a wide range of autoimmune, and other diseases at 1- 4.5mg/ day by a Harvard educated physician. It is out of patent and very inexpensive. You can read the official LDN site here:


That site will enable you to sign up for a Yahoo LDN Group with over 12,000 members who use LDN for various reasons, many with MS. They are very helpful and willing to answer any questions you may have. It is a non-toxic, non-addictive, no side effects drug that can be taken any time of day, so if sleep issues are a problem, it can be taken in the morning. I hope you will check it out. I have taken it myself for six years. You can also read about it in Julia Shoepick's best seller, "Honest Medicine." Best wishes.

Replied by Margie
(Harrison, Arkansas)

Wondering how the parasite results went?

Replied by Desma
(Knoxville, Tn)

Hi Deborah,

Curious to see how the blastocystis hominis treatment worked for you. I am also trying this.

Posted by Ineke Leer (Walker, MN) on 04/10/2009

Hi: My name is Ineke, I found out I had Lupus 4 weeks ago. I am on predisone and hydroxychoroquine. What a combo.....The predisone only works if taken in doses of 30 mg a day or higher. Its not the drug for me to be on. Can't sleep through the night and it makes me very edgy. Anyway I started taking Olive Leaf extract 2 capsules twice daily, msm 2000 mg twice daily, probiotic enzyme two tablets a day, purce bovine colostrum from first milking, and I had adjusted my diet, I do notice that sugar.....bad......refined carbs, bad.....so far it hasn't made a difference, buts its only been 5 days since I started the natural supplements,, but, I am hopeful for results.

Any advise is welcomed.

Replied by Theola Williams
(Gainesville, Florida)

Stay Motivated and try not to stress!!! MESSAGE TO ALL!!!

Posted by Ineke Leer (Walker, MN) on 04/10/2009

Hi: My name is Ineke, I found out I had Lupus 4 weeks ago. I am on predisone and hydroxychoroquine. What a combo.....The predisone only works if taken in doses of 30 mg a day or higher. Its not the drug for me to be on. Can't sleep through the night and it makes me very edgy. Anyway I started taking Olive Leaf extract 2 capsules twice daily, msm 2000 mg twice daily, probiotic enzyme two tablets a day, purce bovine colostrum from first milking, and I had adjusted my diet, I do notice that sugar.....bad......refined carbs, bad.....so far it hasn't made a difference, buts its only been 5 days since I started the natural supplements,, but, I am hopeful for results.

Any advise is welcomed.

Replied by Mona
(Ny, Us)

I caught an infection from trying on pants in a store that someone had before and now I have the disease. I find that if you try homeopathy, there was clearly no other choice after trying traditional medicine. I also find that with homeopathic medicine, nothing happens at first until 6mo-1 yr. later and then it finally works. Problem is with that though, if you don't know what you're doing and you're just testing alternative therapies, you can waste a long time on the wrong alternative medicine.

Replied by Theola Williams
(Gainesville, Florida)
5 out of 5 stars

My name is Theola, from Gainesville, FL. I have been dx with Lupus for two years, and it has been a real long journey. I have been drinking hot sage tea which helps with my inflamation and joint pain. I hate taking steroids bc it makes me eat like a run away slave and gain weight. I'm starting to take more vitamins, and its really helping. Im thanking god im still here. Bless all!!!

Replied by Marie
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Can someone please help me? I have been dealing with a skin burning problem for over 10 years when exposed to UV computer screens, TVs, lighting in stores, regular light, and sun. It's feels like a burn/inflammation. I think it might be connected to lupus as I had the rash 10 years ago. The rash never came back but the burning is relentless. I've tried fish oil, turmeric, acv, eating only veggies, vit e (which helps a little), cinnamon, and so so many other things to no avail. I work at a computer for 8 hours so I can't escape the burn. My whole life revolves around avoiding any kind of light, cooking in the dark, going blind b/c I have to turn down my computer screen so dark so I don't burn. Has anyone heard of this? Is there a cure? I'll try anything!

Replied by Rush

you haven't been around any giant hogweed have you? Contact can make your skin still sensitive and burn in light even years later


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have you tried evo (coconut oil)?

Replied by William

If it were me, I would try tomato paste mixed with olive oil. Google that and see what you think.

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Look into Electromagnetic Frequency poisoning.....happens with smart meters on your house and other electronics......computer routers, smart cell phones, digital home phones, etc.

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Sounds like porphyria.

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Posted by Altaf (Mumbai, India) on 08/17/2013

Ted: my sister aged 32 yrs was diagnosed of systemic lupus erythromatosis (SLE) in 2007 and has been on med: steroid (Prednisolone), non-steroid (methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine), warfarin (Acitrome), metaxcel (for endocarditis) and much more with some improvement in the past 6 years. Recently I came across this website with natural remedies which I got interested to try for my sister. I have recently (13/08/2013) started her with baking soda (Na-bi-carbonate) (1/2 tea spoon in half glass of filtered water) in the morning on empty stomach and before bedtime (at least 2hrs after dinner). Today (17/08/2013) morning (it was baking soda off day) when she took 2 teaspoons of sea salt with one glass of water on empty stomach (as suggested by you in one of your article on 'want to know top 10 lupus supplements') which I thought worth trying. But she could hold this in her stomach for an hour before she vomitted and soon followed by diarrhoea. Is this expected and okay? I plan to start her on borax (1/8th tea spoon in one liter of water throughout the day) from next week (26/08/2013) so that she can have enough pH buffering from baking soda. I would appreciate your comment on the sea salt issue and any suggestions or changes to help us implement these remedies correctly and efficiently. Thanks. God bless!

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Altaf, Here is a database for users of Low Dose Naltrexone and Lupus: http://www.ldndatabase.com/Lupus.html

If you google LDN and lupus you will see other experiences of people with lupus successfully using FDA approved, low cost, no side effects LDN. And the best part, for you, is that it can be bought without a prescription at any pharmacy in India. (Trade names Revia, Naltima, etc.) If you get 50 mg. Tablets, simply dissolve one tablet in 50 ml. distilled water. Buy a children's syringe and withdraw from 3 to 4 ml of the solution and take it once every 24 hours, usually before bed. (No more often than this.) So easy. Store the rest of the solution in the refrigerator. Best wishes for improved health for your sister. For others reading this, look at www.ldninfo.org to see how it successfully treats a host of autoimmune diseases, including MS, Crohn's disease, UC, and many more. Published clinical trial are shown for Crohn's, AIDS and ongoing for MS and Fibro.

Replied by Altaf
(Mumbai, India)

Hi: Any suggestion on whether should she stop her steroid and non-steroid meds before starting LDN OR can she start LDN and continue using her other meds and gradually get off them after seeing the response of LDN (since her regular meds are in the morning and this LDN would be at bedtime, amply spaced out) OR should she first gradually pull off all her other meds (possibly cleared from system) and then start LDN? Thanks again!

Replied by Altaf
(Mumbai, India)

Thank you so much for this precious piece of information! I read the links tha info on LDN its simply amazing and I am surprised why docs do not metion about it. I will buy them and start from today itself and keep updating at earthclinic. God bless!!

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Hi Altaf, LDN can be taken with steroids and any other medication EXCEPT opiate based drugs. LDN and opiates both compete for the same receptors, and LDN will always win. This could put someone who is taking opiates into a serious and dangerous withdrawal. So, any medication is OK with LDN EXCEPT opiates. You can also join the Yahoo LDN Group that is mentioned at the www.ldninfo.org site, and the other members (over 10,000 people) are always willing to answer any questions you may have. Please let us know how your sister is doing. Best wishes!

Replied by Noma
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

Hello everyone ; I was diagnosed with Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) in 2012; and I had difficulty accepting the diagnosis as I have always been a health freak. My 2 weaknesses were dairy products and chocolates. I was diagnosed by my GP, then went to a homeopath who confirmed the diagnosis a year later. I then discovered that there are ways to manage this sickness, of which one is to go the natural way.

I am a good cook, but sometimes I find it challenging to stay away from red meat, since I am also in the food industry. My problem is I do not pass any stools, I can go on for more than a month without going to the loo. My diet is mostly veggies, fruits, grains and beans, chicken and fish. I dont get constipated but my question is where is this food that I eat going to? I have a huge appetite, but its like there is a worm inside me that is moving up and down, and the sad part is I can feel it moving, is this normal for lupus patients? I feel like its eating me up inside especially since I am always heating up in my waist area and in my kidneys.

I am taking my meds and supplements, but I prefer the natural way. If and when I do go to the loo, there is there is practically nothing that reflects the amount of food that I eat all this time. I take a lot of detoxifying herbs, but I just urinate a lot but no stools. Any advice would be welcomed as I am always having a pain and heaviness)) in my groin especially the right side. Thanking you all in advance.

Replied by Timh
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Noma: Parasite infestations almost always cause both digestive & immune disorders as a consequence. Here is a link to the E.C. page for this condition. https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/parasites.html

Roundworm & Tapeworms are the worst, although the Flukes can kill the host over time. Try all the herbal wormers first and if you're not feeling any better after a few weeks or couple of months, you will need pharmaceutical grade meds to eradicate the devils. CureZone has extensive post on this condition.

Replied by Angelina

Hi, I have been diagnosed with lupus since 2008. I am on prednisone 5mg Cell Cell Cept and choroquine, vita D

Please advise how can use the borax and baking soda supplement?