Holistic Therapy: Lupus (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus)

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 06/03/2008 391 posts

Dear Bret:

My own experience in dealing with lupus after taking certain supplements, pus reduces within matter of hours, condition is noticeably reduced within a week. However, most of the lupus I encountered were in line mostly with the mycoplasma or fungus like organism as being the prime cause because they more responsive to anti-fungal remedies as opposed to anti-viral remedies.

For instance anti-viral remedies, such as zinc and magnesium wasn't so responsive as the antifungal remedies used in borax, chromium, and alkalization. Both antiviral and antifungal remedies were responsive with alkaline remedy.

This means the best remedies I have found so far that worked the best is baking soda, sodium carbonate, and borax in general, while zinc and magnesium were somewhat less responsive. The remedies I mentioned were laid out in details as mentioned.

As to apple cider vinegar, containing polyphenols, etc. alkalization involves alkalizing both extracellular fluids and intracellular fluids. Therefore, sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate will resolve the extracellular fluids and intracellular fluids are potassium bicarbonate. The pH in monitoring lupus help is the urinary pH for extracellular fluids and salivary pH for intracellular fluids.

Therefore the theory on the basis of responsiveness to remedy were more in line with fungus, nanoinsects, and mycoplasma more so than virus. The only viral cause I have found were very much due to Morgellon's disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, astenia, and Epstein Barr Virus.

In which case most virus conditions are more responsive to zinc, magnesium, vitamin B complex, but also to alkalizing.

It's difficult to cover all possible cases for different conditions, but for lupus it appears to be one of mycoplasma and fungus like organism.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Bret (Phoenix, Arizona) on 05/30/2008

Follow up on Viral Theory Of Autoimmune: Reading all of these postings can be tiresome. Nobody can possibly take all the substances and institute all the diets recommended by alternative do-gooders. We as a whole do not understand how and why these therapies appear to work. Unless we use an anaerobic disease model. Suddenly, everything seems so logical and simple.

The problem with all of these therapies is that Lupus, all by itself, can go into remission. In fact it almost always has dormancy phases. How do we know in our hearts that our alternative regime is why "our Lupus got better." Time, in this instance, will be our friend. Over time we will see for sure if our alternative protocols are effectively battling this bizarre disease.

One thing that is for certain. Lupus is not a case of our bodies attacking ourselves and then suddenly stopping. Besides being inconsistent with all laws of biology, independant laboratory studies have confirmed that in more than one autoimmune disease, the immune markers and antibodies that are over produced are exactly identicle to those found in severe viral infection. Beta Interferon, antibody proteins, other cytokines are no different in severe viral infections as autoimmune. Ok! Why? Why should we overlook the obvious link here?

Then, when seeing that Tulane has in fact isolated a Type A retrovirus in several autoimmune diseases we should should really move past this now outdated notion that our bodies are committing suicide. This leads us back to the anaerobic disease model. Viruses hate oxygen! Almost every alternative protocol in this forum actually boosts the immune system and exploits the respiratory mechanism of anaerbic organisms.

Sarcoidosis, is not a virus, was/is called autoimmune and has been proven to be cause by a rare bacterium. (Anaerobic). Ask yourself why an infection can be mistaken for an autoimmune? Answer,...Autoimmunes are infections.

Black strap molasses is very high in potassium. Potassium readily will enter cells and alter the Ph. Higher ph is in fact anti viral. Black strap Molasses also contains iron, improving our hemoglobin production, increasing oxygen delivery. Apple cider vinegar contains very concentrated and potent polyphenols. Apple skin extract itself is high in these compounds but the fermentation process actually produces even more of these molecules. These complex molecules have many oxygen donor sites. I have made these chemical structures available to the public on a research website.

Gluten is poorly digested by many of us. Most people with autoimmune disease and cancer have higher levels of anti-gluten antibodies, meaning they are allergic to gluten. Chronic allergic stress has proven to lower immune system, lower oxygen levels in cells, cause general tissue inflamation in the gut, etc. Heck, any viral infection will get worse if the patient undergoes stressors.

Eliminating gluten is a good thing but understanding why is crucial so we can maximize our regimes. Just remember this. Viruses hate oxygen and our immune systems must keep viruses dormant so any protocol that decreases toxicities and increases Oxygen perfusion will theoretically improve symptoms of autoimmune disease.

Finally, Coq10 is molecule that grabs oxygen from cell cytoplams and pulls it into the mitochondria to make ATP. Burning glucose with oxygen is so important in this regard as anaerobic respiration produces acid and lowers Oxygen levels. Any oxygen therapy can be enhanced by taking this enzyme. After all, what good is high O2 fuel if there is no fuel pump to utilize the fuel?
Always take Coq10 with any alternative protocol.