Natural Remedies for Liver Disease and Liver Damage

| Modified on Jun 11, 2024

The Liver is located on the right side of the abdomen, just below the rib cage, and is crucial for digesting food, absorbing nutrients, and eliminating toxins from the body. Some people are genetically prone to liver trouble, but many liver problems are a result of viruses or chemicals causing damage.

Common afflictions of the liver are hepatitis (A, B, C, D, E), alcohol damage, fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, cancer, and liver damage from acetaminophen.

Natural remedies like milk thistle can be very helpful at detoxing the liver, according to Earth Clinic readers.

People who are exposed to others' blood and bodily fluids, have body piercings, have diabetes, use alcohol heavily, are on prescription medications, share needles, are obese, or have tattoos are at risk for liver damage.

Symptoms of liver damage include elevated liver enzymes (shown through a blood test), jaundice or a yellowing of the skin and eyes, abdominal pain and swelling, itchy skin, dark urine coloring, pale stool coloring, chronic fatigue, nausea, and loss of appetite.

Natural Remedies for Liver Disease

On this page, you can find a number of different user-submitted natural remedies for liver disease and/or liver damage.

Some of our popular treatments for liver disease are castor oil, coconut oil, turmeric, and a garlic tea recipe. In addition, we have a number of discussions concerning dietary suggestions and detox options for your liver.

Let us know what you try and how it works for you; and if you know a remedy that's not yet listed here, please don't hesitate to share it with us!

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ALA, Milk Thistle

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Posted by Walter A. (Australia) on 02/04/2018

My GGT in liver blood tests were 400 u/l. After taking ALA and Milk Thistle, they have dropped to below 90 u/l in 6 months.

ALA, NAC, Selenium, Milk Thistle

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Posted by Dee (United States) on 12/19/2021

20+ years ago I was diagnosed and treated for Hep C. At end of treatment tests still showed infection, and that it would most likely come back years later. After starting a regimen of ALA, NAC, Milk Thistle and Selenium I no longer show any infection - and the "professionals" said testing would always show an infection, even if my viral load level was below 10 (it was over 1 millions when I started treatment).

I still take these supplements today and have recently added Sam-E. Don't know if it would work for everyone, but it sure worked for me!

ALA, Selenium, Milk Thistle

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Posted by Mirella (Netherlands) on 12/17/2021

I had liver damage partly probably due eating the bad fats I guess and partly due to auto immune reaction and I noticed it due to pain in liver area and cat pee smelling urine. I have followed one month of 200 mgs selenium, milk thistle, vitamin E, Choline and added after 2 weeks ALA and pain is gone and urine smells normal.

It was especially the ALA that made the difference, only milk thistle and selenium were not enough. After I added the ALA, it took only two weeks to release most of the problems.

I continue this protocol for a couple of weeks to make the liver strong again and eat healthy.

ALA, Selenium, Milk Thistle
Posted by Lynn (Alvin, Texas) on 11/08/2013

My husband was diagnosed with fatty liver; started routine of ALA, selenium, milk thistle 2 weeks now; also suffers from nausea, dry heaves. Any idea of a projected time for any improvement or is that just a futile wish on my part? Acites is horrible, 9 liters removed last time; the water pills are not working

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
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Lynn: Definitely add SAM-e to the protocol your currently using. L-Carnitine is also indicated for fatty liver. This should help.

Replied by Art

The following abstracts may be applicable for your husbands condition and gives an approximation of an expected response time.

Melatonin is liver protective and is naturally produced by the body, but production declines as we age.

Melatonin also helps protect the stomach.

Melatonin has a very good safety profile.


Jerry R.
(Sugar Land, Texas)

I've read many articles about melatonin, it can cause irritation to the stomach...all of you check your facts.

2218 posts

In reply to Jerry R. (Sugar Land, Texas),

Yes, checking facts is important! Melatonin is on my list of very useful supplements for multiple health issues. Here are several abstracts and studies on melatonin suggesting it is gastroprotective among many other health benefits. Something that might be expected from a hormone that is naturally produced by the human body:


Replied by Steve

I went through something similar with nausea and some chest pain as well. Liver flushes and coffee enemas are the fastest cure for fatty liver and nausea. It may take doing a few of them to get the best results.

Replied by Lynn
(Alvin, Texas)

Fatty liver and ALA: I need more information about ALA and selenium; how do we know it is working? Will normal liver enzymes show up in a blood panel test in a few months? Am just flying blind here...

Replied by Corky


I was also diagnosed with fatty liver disease, and found the thing that helped me the most is organic, non-GMO soy lecithin granules. I took 2 teaspoons in the morning for two days and the liver discomfort was gone. I also added milk thistle, ALA and Selenium after a while along with ACV. I have only minor occasional discomfort now, usually when I eat too many bad foods.

Replied by William
(Nc, US)

I am using the plan with ALA and Milk thistle on my father who got his liver damaged from a dose of chemo therapy while his bioduct stent was clogged and it damaged his liver and kidneys.

We are having problems with him swallowing pills and I need to know if it is safe to take the contents of the ALA out of the capsule and put it in something like applesauce for him to take.

Please Help, William

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear William, We have done this with many different supplements for my children, though we have never used ALA. Since the medicine will still be going straight to the stomach, it seems like it should be fine. ~Mama to Many~

Replied by William Rossell
(North Carolina, US)

OK next question

I have read a lot on the Budwig diet and I got the book.

??? Is it safe to do the Flax seed oil and cottage cheese plan along with doing the ALA , SAMe , L Carnatine, Milk thistle and the other item that were mentioned????

Hardest thing to get under control is my fathers Sodium level dropping toooo low and the retention of fluids.

Need some good advise, Doctors are not helping anymore they have given up on my father. Can't understand it his blood pressure is great and heart is in great shape along with his lungs.

Replied by Rocky
(Washington, US)

Reishi Mushroom Tea

Replied by Pony
(Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX)

I was diagnosed with Hep-C in November 2014.

I have been taking Goldenseal and everyday detox liver tea simmer together with honey, lemon is good too. Milk Thistle as well. I take Echineacha 400 mg 2 caps daily to build your immune system to help fight the virus.. I am feeling better. I have always done natural remedys/herbs all of my life..The hot tea settles smoothly in my body and I am not nauseated when I keep drinking it.

Replied by The Dane Man

Anyone have an opinion on food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide, baking soda or borax?

Replied by Dave
(Wichita, Ks)

Green juices are the only way to help the liver to start healing itself. Then, milk thistle and raw garlic after stress is taken off liver and healing has begun.

Alkalizing the Blood

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Posted by Martin (Miami, Florida) on 12/14/2013

Do you have a cure for renal failure? I know one has to alkalize the blood. I need to know how.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Martin,

You say you are looking for alkalizing formulas...the how to do it...just go to "Remedies" on Earth Clinic and under "A" you'll find alkalizing formulas...all Ted's stuff. I know this renal failure issue is frightening but keep up the fight and never quit looking and trying out solutions.

Replied by Beth
(Happytown, Usa)

1/2-1 tsp baking soda, 1/2 hr before meals and bed.

Replied by Kat
(South Africa)

What does the baking soda help for?

Replied by Jonathan

Baking soda is not advised just before meals as it is highly alkaline and therefore interferes with stomach acids required for good digestion.

Replied by Azna Dharini

Sorry, I just saw this post. I am not sure if after seven years, Martin is still interested in something to treat renal failure.

Cleansing of the colon first, followed by cleansing of either the liver or bladder/kidneys. Colon cleansing has to be done first, before cleansing any of the other organs of elimination. Since we absorb so many toxins through the air, water, environment, etc., doing a colon cleanse, followed by a liver cleanse, kidney/bladder cleanse once a season, four times a year, can be extremely beneficial for our health. This applies to everyone, regardless of where we are living. We could be living on an island far away from civilization and we still are going to have to cleanse our organs of elimination due to the prevalence of toxins in the atmosphere, etc. An organic only, whole-foods, unprocessed, vegan, plant-based diet is extremely helpful.

A raw vegan diet consisting of high-raw foods is even more beneficial. Drinking organic greens juices and organic vegetable juices in the morning, along with organic green smoothies.

Do not eat anything between 4:00am and 12:00pm other than organic fruit, or drinking organic vegetable juices or drinking green smoothies. This is because our bodies go through an elimination cycle at this time. Do not eat after 7:00pm.

See herb doc for more info.

Alpha Lipoic Acid, Selenium, Milk Thistle

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Posted by Wecair2 (Moose Jaw, Sk.) on 03/27/2013

Thank you! I have been sick without a diagnosis for several years. Recently I was finally diagnosed with an oversized liver from non alcholic fatty liver. The Dr. was no help , so I checked Earth Clinic and tried this treatment about Alpha Lipoic Acid, Selenium, Milk Thistle. It has been about 2 weeks and I can not believe how much better I feel! No more pain in the liver, I feel stronger and generally on my way to good health. Next month is my DR. appointment and I am anxious to hear her feedback. THANKS AGAIN!

Alpha Lipoic Acid, Selenium, Milk Thistle
Posted by Puneeth (Hyderabad, Ap/india) on 09/23/2012

Hi Every One, My Father is suffering from Liver cirrhosis and water accumulation started an year back. Since an year the water was suctioned for 7 times and Doctors now tell Liver transplant is the only way out. I cant take him to DR Berkson as I am from India. Can you help me with the dosages of ALA, selenium and milk thistle as well as any way out any any exists. I am emotionally down and need you help ASAP.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Puneeth... Normally the Berkson protocol also includes ALA by IV several times a month, but his essential internal protocol is the following:

ALA -- 300 mgs taken twice a day at mealtimes.
Selenium -- 200 micrograms taken twice a day with meals.
Milk Thistle -- 900 mgs taken twice a day at meals.

Dr Berkson also uses Low Dose Naltrexone, Cysteine and a full vitamin and mineral protocol as well in his remedy. Also taking all the B vitamins daily is important because ALA tends to use up the B vitamns in the body. And if you can't go to Dr Berkson's Clinic in New Mexico, then perhaps your local doctor in India can just contact him by email or phone to find out the exact details of how he administers ALA by IV so that your local doctor can do the IV procedure for your father locally in India. Here is Dr Berksons webstite:

Replied by Wayseeker
(Modesto, Ca/ Usa)

Have you looked into BHT? It could really help with this condition, according to results people are getting. But, I think it isn't as effective when used with milk thistle extract, as I recall. --T.


I question the safety of BHT..............can anyone elaborate?

Replied by Puneeth
(Hyderabad, Ap/india)

Hi Bill, Thanks for you reply. Have some quick question regarding the dosage of Milk Thistle. is it 900mg per day or 900 X 2 per day?

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Puneeth... The dosage for Milk Thistle is 900 mgs which is taken twice a day. The total dosage per day is 1800 mgs.

Replied by Reggie
(Secunderabad. Andhra Pradesh, India, Andhra Prades)

Dear Friends, My wife is 53 years old and is suffering from liver cirrhosis. She has been in hospital for times and is now back at home. She has become very weak and requires help to be walk to the toilet, dining table etc. The doctors have said that she should undergo a liver transplant and it is frightfully expensive 20 Lakh Rupees and there is no gurantee if the operation wil be successful.

I am very worried for her. We have two small children (twin) girls of age 9 and I would have to sell everything that I have to put up for the operation. Also since she is soo weak, I am not sure if she they would be able to do a operation.

I have seen a Mail from Punneth who lives in Hyderabad and his father had a problem with his liver. Would want to know how if he got cured and also as to how to get ALA and the rest of the suggested remidial medicines.

Would greatly appreciate your help and advice.


Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Reggie from India, There have been some people reporting success with BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] for advanced cases of liver damage. As sick as your wife is, she needs to use caution if she chooses to try this treatment. By that I mean start out with a very low dose of BHT and slowly work up to the larger doses discussed here and elsewhere. I would think no more than 50mg of BHT per day and over a week ramp up the dose used to 250mg of BHT per day. See how she does at 250mg per day for at least two weeks to see how it effects her. If her condition gets worse always lower the dose of BHT used. Here is what S. From Sacramento has to say about BHT and advanced liver disease as reported here in this forum:

03/23/2012: S from Sacramento, California replies: "Hello everyone, I
would like to post my results after a little over a month of BHT 2x a day 350.
These results are amazing. I have normal liver function thanks to this forum.
Thank you, Oscar!!

> > Now
> > Ast 19 (13-39)
> > Alt 30 (7-52)
> > Ggt 20 (9-64)
> > Bilirubin total 0. 2 Low ( 0. 3-2. 0)
> > Before I was told in 2006 that I had stage 4 liver damage due to my hepC
that my counts were in the millions with this other test done by oncologist."

I think this BHT treatment just might work for your wife also because of BHT`s proven and well documented ability to deactivate harmful chemical entities know as free radicals and reactive oxygen species. These harmful chemical entities are assoociated with liver damage and play a big role in causing such damage. The BHT has worked for S. From Sacramento and some others with very damaged livers also. Of course I can NOT guarantee success. But from what you have reported your wife is running out of other options....Oscar

Replied by Reggie
(Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India)

Dear Oscar, Thank You for your reply. My wife has been diagnosed with liver cirrhosis grade II. She has never ever had alcohol in her life. Please let me know as to how does one get the BHT as recommended by you, in India. Is there a place that I can purchase this medicine from in India? Appreciate your reply. Regards, Reggie

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Reggie from India, Here is the website of a company that claims to be a " Worldwide Distributor " of BHT and other health supplements:

If for any reason that company does not sell to India try a google search to find one that does.

Also, do you know the cause of your wife`s cirrhosis ? What have the doctors told you the cause of your wife`s cirrhosis is ? I am surprised that these doctors are talking about a liver transplant for someone with stage 2 liver cirrhosis. Though obviously any cirrhosis is not good, stage 2 is not as bad as stage 4. Stage 4 is where S. From Sacramento was when he or she pulled through, got well with this BHT treatment. So don`t get so discouraged. I think there is a very good chance your wife can recover and am hoping this BHT can help her a lot. She should also be taking some vitamin B12 in a dose of 1mg per day. Vitamin B12 is sold in micrograms [ mcg ] dosages. One mg is the same as 1,000mcg. So do not confuse that. She wants to be taking 1,000mcg [ micrograms ] of vitamin B12 per day. Some vitamin C will also help. I think 500mg of vitamin C is a safe and effective dose to take. Also, a low fat diet is recommended for people with liver disease. Eating a healthy diet with some moderate use of vitamins can go a long ways in helping people with liver disease. If she has hepatitis vitamin E supplements should NOT be taken. Does your wife have hepatitis ? Has she been tested for hepatitis B and C or not ? It is important to know what caused this cirrhosis of her liver to occur. The BHT can also help a lot with hepatitis B and C. Give the BHT a try along with the vitamins I discussed. 250mg of BHT with water on an empty stomach has worked for many people. If she tolerates that dosage well it may help to go to the two doses of BHT per day. But only if she tolerates the one dose per day with no problems. There is THE NEW BHT CURES GROUP if you wish to join. I am a moderator there and there are other people there focusing on helping people with liver disease. Here is that website:

Stay in touch and keep this forum updated on your wife`s condition. I very much hope this BHT treatment works as well for your wife as it has for many other people. Sincerely, ...Oscar

Replied by Baldev
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

Hi Raggie, I am in Mumbai and I had procured BHT some time ago and it is for " LAB USE ONLY ". If Oscar could confirm for it's use, and if you have some one to collect it from me, I will be more than happy to give it. Baldev (09322887066)

Replied by Reggie
(Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh India)

Dear Mr Baldev, Thank You So Much, Shall call and speak with you and also shall make arrangements for some one to collect it from you.

Dear Oscar, My wife was tested for Hepatitis B&C and it was negative. The doctors do not know as to what is the cause of the Cirrhosis. One Gastro doctor who we were consulting said that it could be due to fatty liver. I will surely join the group and keep you updated about the health of my wife. I will definitely like to use your recommendation as mentioned in your mail.

Thank You So Much

Replied by Reggie
(Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh India)

Dear Mike, Thank You so much for writing in. Shall surely use your input. Shall keep you and the team posted about her progress. Regards, Reggie

Replied by Catherine
(Wellington, New Zealand)

Dear Reggie, I have great sympathy for your wife's predicament and I'm sure she has had numerous tests to find out why she has cirrhosis, but possible that an iron storage disorder could be implicated. Apparently, severe liver damage occurs above ferritin levels of 1000.

Replied by Sandy
(Naperville, Chicago)

Hello Reggie,

What kind of medicines you need from USA? and which you do not get in India. Please let me know, I can send it. My friend's parents are coming to Hyderabad on 3rd October. I can buy it here and send it to you. Please reply immediately.

Replied by Roy

Its worth while googling RSO Rick Simpson Oil and cancer. If you are in India then finding the ingredients to make some oil or at least some cannabis butter. many 'terminal patients' who'd been sent home to die by their doctors have had the cancer completely clear up By putting drop of oil under their tongue a few times a day. Amazing results!

I have HCV and my liver has been thru a lot over the years but I've also been fasting and juicing regularly for 3 decades. Which maybe why I'm still alive when many of my old friends aren't. Sadly where I live it's very illegal to use cannabis oil.

I recommend taking some turmeric everyday and selenium, milk thistle, and ALA if u can get some (I mix a drink everyday of turmeric cinnamon cayenne black pepper and flaxseed oil in water or freshly juiced veg which goes down very nicely and can feel it doing good inside) best of luck to you both.

Replied by Mike
(Rocklin, Ca)

If you are still looking for BHT, you can get it off eBay, Amazon, or online in general. I mean let me know what's up.

Replied by Jamie
(San Diego)

hi my name is Jamie and my brother has A.L.L leukemia and after about 8 rounds of chemo he now has liver damage and kidney problems. I have been reading about the A.L.A milk thistle and selenium and would like to know if we can treat him with this combination will the fact that he has leukemia change anything and if I can give him this combination, what is the does please help of yesterday the hospital he is in is saying there is nothing else they can do for him.

I am leaving to go to him tomorrow and I have gotten the selenium 200mcg the milk thistle in 1300 mg and the A.L.A in 600 mg please let me know asap thank you.

Replied by Elaine

I would certainly try it. See also castor oil packs on this site. Very helpful for the liver.

Alpha Lipoic Acid, Selenium, Milk Thistle
Posted by Peter (Seattle, Wa., Usa) on 10/11/2011

Alpha Lipoic Acid, along with selenium and milk thistle are a very helpful treatment for liver problems includidng cirrhosis. Burt Berkson, M. D, Ph. D., of Las Cruces, New Mexico has been treating patient with it for decades and has written a book and several monographs on the subject. I was very ill from cirrhosis, had severe ascites, could not walk witihout a cane--and only then a few yards-- and told I had to have a liver transplant or I would be dead in a month or two.

I began taking these subtances orally (600 mg. ALA with breakfast, 300 with dinner, along with selenium and milk thistle) annd immediately began to improve. I then went to Dr. Berkson's clinic and took a course of I.V. Alpha Lipoic Acid from him. It's been two years later and I am still well and able to walk miles, excercise, work and lead a normal life. You can find Dr. Berkson's monographs on line. It saved my life.

Replied by Laura
(Weatherford, Texas)

What is this stuff and where could I find it? Could you explain a little more detail about how it is suppose to be taken? And is it safe for peoples with hcv?

Replied by Peter
(Seattle, Washington, Usa)

Sorry for the delayed response. You can purchase ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid), Selenium and Milk Thistle at virtually any vitamin store in the U. S. And many other countires as well. I took (and take) 600 mg. ALA with breakfast and 300 with dinner. I also took/take 400 each of selenium and Milk Thistle twice a day with meals. It's a good idea to take a B vitamin if your taking the ALA because it seems to deplete B a bit in its metabolism. Obviously a number of other things help liver health as well including a number of things on this site (good low fat diet, beets, tumeric, castor oil packs, etc.)

ALA is also being praised as a superior anti-oxident by Bruce Ames, Ph. D. Of University of California who may be the most respected researcher of anti-oxidents in the world. For that purpose he recommends you take it 250 mg. Along with 500 mg. Carnitine. They market a commercial mix of the two called Juvenon that Dr. Weil sells on his web site though you could probably buy the items cheaper on your own.

Peter F. In Seattle, USA

Replied by Anne
(San Antonio , Tx)

Did this eliminate your ascites or did you have to be tapped also? Did you have edema and was that eliminated also? Because your have used this combination, how are your liver enzymes and blood test results? Please respond asap, as my husband was recently diagnosed as having liver cirrhosis - no biopsy as yet, but has these symptoms. He has been tapped but the ascites comes right back. We need your input.

Replied by Peter
(Seattle, Washington)

I had severe bloating (ascites) and could only walk a few steps. I was at death's door step. I was "tapped"(paracentisis) about six times--the last time they removed about 7 liters of fluid from my abdomen. The Berkson protocol (Alpha Lipoic Acid, Selenium, and Milk Thistle) worked for me. It did not cure my hepatitis C but all my enzymes improved dramatically along with my health. I went from not being able to walk without a cane to being able to walk 3 miles plus, and reasonably good health. I started to recover within a week or two and went to his clinic in Las Cruces, New Mexico where he administers the ALA intervenously--twice a day. If you type in his name on line (Dr. Burt Berkson) you should come up with some articles as well as the Integrative Medical Clinic of New Mexico. If you are in Texas you are not too far from him.

Replied by Gokhan
(Istanbul, --, Turkey)

Dear Peter, thanks information you gave... I am from Turkey. My mother has Liver cirrhosis. I read lots of good things about Dr. Burt Berkson's protocol. I want to try ALA, Selenium, Sylmarian with B complex on my mother. But I am confused about dose... I will try to give 100mg ALA 3x in a day (total 300mg in a day). Than go up to 300mg ALA 3x in a day (total 900mg in a day). is it reasonable ? when we must stop to give ALA?

ps. I found that, Dr. Berkson recommends Metabolic Maintenance, Carlsons, and Biotech vitamin manufacturers. One of the interview he says dose about ALA.. "he has never gone above 15 mg/kg. For primates it takes about 90 mg/kg to kill a primate.

Replied by Peter From Seattle
(Seattle, Wa.. Usa)

Gokkan, I don't think there is any need for a "slow" introduction to Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). Dr. Berkson recommends 600 mg. In A.M. and 300 in P.M. Taking it and other vitamins with your largest meals of the day (Dr. Berkson gives these amount I.V. in his clinic in New Mexico, USA). It probably doesn't matter if the doses are split in 3-300mg. doses. May even be more absorbable that way. There is no particular harm in continuing the ALA after her liver problems are under control. ALA acts as an enzyme, as well as a liver protectant, and facilitates many positive chemical reactions in our bodies.

Replied by Anup
(Mumbai, Ap/india)

Hi Peter, what are the dosages for the ALA IV and was it the only infusion given or any other IV was given to you. Did the water accumulation stop for you?

Replied by Peter From Seattle
(Seattle, Washington)

Re: Appha Lipoic Acid I.V.: The I. V. Dosage I recieved (and I believe What Dr. Berkson used for the majority of patients) was 600 mg. Am and 300 pm. Given in 100c. c. D5W drip I. V. Over 45 minutes to an hour. One should eat an hour or two before the I. V. And the physician should be aware of possible hypoglycemic side effects. I know Dr. Berkson uses (or used) McGuff Compounding Pharmacy in Santa Ana, California, USA as a supplier for the Apha Lipoic Acid he administers I. V. He also give a 1c. c. B complex or B12 shot after the I. V. Remember the ALA solution has the potential to lower blood suger--if this happens a teaspoon of honey and a protein bar will be helpful

Replied by Alisha
(Little Rock, Ar)

Please let me know how this works. I have same issues with doctor saying the same thing.. Please help

Ammonia Odor Remedies

Posted by Valerie (US) on 03/21/2020

For the last couple of weeks, I have noticed an ammonia type odor coming from my husband. It is an odor I am familiar with when I take care of elderly people in a nursing home, but my husband is only 66 and in good health. He takes no meds, except naproxin for his knee that was repaired of a meniscus tear. He does take a good vitamin. He is a bit heavy but not obese. For years he has had liver tenderness when we lay together and my arm is on his liver area. Could this be the beginning of increased symptoms of the liver?

Replied by Dianne
(Ontario Canada)

Naproxin not easy/kind on your liver, nor is aspirin or aleve. Tylenol is safer to use for pain

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Faithinhealing (Forest Park, Ohio, Usa) on 02/26/2010

I use the apple cider vinegar for liver support and it really helps with detoxification. I use this, one tablespoon, three time a day in a glass of water with raw honey, as well as a number of other natural things to detox. But this one helps a great deal to keep me regular. I also use it thirty minutes before a meal to help metabolize the fat.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil

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Posted by Arlene (Ripon, Calif/ USA) on 11/12/2009

I have been drinking ACV 3 times a day and taking coconut oil-3tsp. a day- I have a fatty liver- nonalchoholic- I have fibro, chronic fatigue and have had cancer 4 times. I cannot get my liver cleaned up .... any suggestions?

Replied by Sarah
(Denver, Co, Usa)

If you have not yet tried it, I will suggest going to a homeopathic practitioner. After having elevated liver enzymes due to fatty liver, I talked to my regular homeopath as well as a medical energy reader. They both prescribed tinctures and homeopathic remedies, and a month later my enzyme levels are normal and the pain is almost gone...It's worth a shot. Good luck!

Replied by Tashimoto
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

See the mini beet protocol elsewhere on this site. Proceed with small amounts of beet juice at first as it seems to be quite a powerful cleanser for some people.

EC: Here's the link for the mini beet protocol:

Apple Cider Vinegar, Cranberry, Lemon

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Posted by Michelle (Houston, TX) on 06/24/2008

I take a daily concoction of 1 tsp ACV, 4 ounces of unsweetened cranberry juice, 12 ounces of water, and half of a squeezed lemon. It's part of an eating plan and it's said to help cleanse the liver. All I know about it after seven days is that I feel generally better. I am prone to UTI's so the cranberry is definitely helping, and I've lost 4 pounds in eight days. (Of course, I'm following a prescribed plan of eating all natural foods and eating every three hours). It's a bitter drink, but I'm still drinking it!

Beet Juice, Tomato Juice, Sage Tea

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Posted by Susan (Syracuse, Utah) on 08/15/2012

Hola Oscar, este mensaje va para (ImReady) en jahoo foro, siento mucha pena que el no halla tenido resultado con el BHT, aqui le voy a dar remedio para curar su higado, con el cual yo he tenido exelente resultado, tiene que tener un extracto de jugos 1/4 de taza de jugo de remolacha, 3/4 taza de jufo de tomate fresco y 1/2 taza de te de sage afficinalis creo que asi se escribe, la que se usa para cosinar, fresco, juntarlo todo y tomarlo todos los dias en ayuna, puedes tomarlo varias veces si desea, es un rescontitullente del higado, espero que tu puedas tener tan buenos resultados como yo, mis mejores deseos.

Hi Oscar, This message is for (ImReady) in Jahoo forum, I feel very sorry that is not had results with BHT, here I'll give remedy to cure his liver, with whom I have had excellent results, must have a extract juice 1/4 cup of beet juice, 3/4 cup fresh tomato jufo and 1/2 cup of sage tea afficinalis think so is written, the cosinar used to cool and put it all together take it every day in fasting, you can take it multiple times if desired, is a liver rescontitullente, I hope that you can perform so well as I, my best wishes.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

I am pretty sure you are Alicia, Is that true? Anyway, thank you for your helpful advice. How are you doing Alicia? I will post your advise over at the BHT CURES group. I hope you are well. Please let me know how you are doing. Your Freind, ...Oscar

Carbonated Water, Lemon Juice, Sea Salt

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Posted by Taylor (Tollhouse, Ca) on 08/30/2009

Stage 4 cirrhosis of the Liver: Carbonated Water, Lemon Juice, Sea Salt​

Internal Body Cleanser, disenfectant & Rejuvenator
Water (Carbonated Spring, mineral) it has to be carbonated.
Pure Lemon Juice ( from lemons, a lemon squeeze, bottled 100% lemon juice)
Sea Salt

If you are not a fan of the salty food this may take some getting use to.This elixir is a rejuvenator for a sick,dying liver. Not for the healthy.

Mix sea salt into water in large glass, until it is salty to the taste but still drinkable add lemon juice until you taste salty lemon. Drink it slowly. First time you drink it, it will give you severe diarhea. Drink it slowly & have 2 to 3 glasses a day.

Warning: I took lots of slack from the family. The medical professionals won't like the idea either. I knew. I just knew after much research on cirrohsis, that a very sick liver will begin to recover slowly at first & then your blood tests will begin to come back with much better numbers in the various catagories they check for. This is not a quick fix but is meant to be done over a long period of time. You will see an improvement after about 8 weeks. In between drinking this eleixer make sure you drink plenty of water. Eat lots of vegetsbles, fruit & the leaner meats.Stay away from breads, tortillas & eat sweets in strict moderation especially at first.

You need to take care of yourself & make your health a priority.Something that has probably been missing from your life. I have to take monthly blood tests now 4 years after I was diagnosed with stage 4 cirrohisis. Say goodbeye to any alcohol addicition, if that's why you got this terrible disease.Your liver is sick, slow & lazy. This elixer will wake it up again.Your blood tests should begin to improve in their results within a few short months.. I went from being on the transplant list, to being moved to hepatology & now a family practitioner for monthly visits & blood tests. I have now had quite a few blood tests come back near normal except for slight anemia.I continue with lasix & spirolactone, also laculose although as time passes in less doses. I once thought myself fortunate to survive 2 years after my terminal diagnosis but now going on 5 yeras, I'm no longer consider myself terminal in any sense of the word. I do not have an expiration date any longer!

Replied by Shawn
(Tustin, Ca)

Reg: your liver remedy.. I'm 33 but have really lived life in the fast lane.. I have been experiencing the following: Swollen belly, dramatic weight loss, nausea, blurry vision, sharp paines in the liver area, extreme migranes, havent been officially diagnosed but symptoms started 7yrs ago.. Did you experience any of these and what else should I do more of or eliminate from my diet? Any feed back would be appreciated. Thanks..

Replied by Yankee
(Houston, Tx, Usa)

You don't say how much of salt or lemon you add to the carbonated water. Just as a healthy tonic, I made this up with a tall glass of the carb. water, then I added one teaspoon of sea salt and 1/2 juiced lemon. It was delicious and I could drink it all day; love the salty sweet. But I'm curious... Why do you say the doctors won't like you drinking this. Is it bad for you? Can I take in too much salt this way? should I limit it? Also, am I even adding enough salt and lemon to be of good use? And what, since your article does not say, is the benefit of the salt? Thanks so much.

Replied by Anglii
(Edmonton, Alberta)

A swollen belly is ascites and you should never take sodium (salt) for ascites. You need to follow a low sodium diet.

Replied by Ann
(Deer Park, Wa)

Thank you for the formula. I've been taking one glass after meals and it seems to help my digestion. I have also made a drink of salt, ACV and seltzer water that I drink a couple of hours before bed. After reading more about ACV and the need to add baking soda for best results, I am thinking of adding that to my nightly drink.

Replied by Rachellelvn
(Covina, Ca/usa)

Sodium is only bad in its MANMADE form, sea salt is natural including all its naturally occuring elements included, it thins the bile, which is the livers way of detoxing, this is why it helps.

Replied by Chris
(Yelm, Wa)

My husband is stage 4 liver cirrhosis. I'm going to be trying this for him. Is there anything else I can do to help him get better? Please let me know, Thank you.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Chris...You could also try giving you husband daily amounts of the following supplements:

Shown dosages should be taken twice a day at mealtimes:

Alpha Lipoic Acid(ALA) -- 300 mgs

Selenium -- 200 mcgs

Milk thistle -- 500 mg

Low dose naltrexone(LDN) should be taken once a day in the evening with water. Dosage is between 1.75 mgs to 4.5 mgs per day.

Other nutrients that should be taken are Vitamin C(1000 mgs 3 times a day) and B50 complex twice a day with meals.

This simple treatment is based on research evidence from Dr Burt Berkson's Triple Anti-oxidant Therapy for Cirrhosis, Hepatitis C etc.

Dr Berkson's Triple Anti-oxidant Therapy

Dr Berkson also uses ALA by IV in his own therapy at his clinic. So if you are interested in arranging an appointment at his clinic in Las Crusces, New Mexico then see this link.

Dr Berkson has had tremendous success with curing Cirrhosis, Hepatitis C etc and his treatment will not cost you an arm and a leg. Dr Berkson uses no dangerous or expensive drugs in his treatment. This is just another option for you.

Replied by Timh
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Also, as important as any nutrient yet often disregarded, is consuming cooked chicken or calf liver Or taking Raw Bovine Liver Tablets to ensure proper & speedy replication of new liver cells. A sick liver cannot properly convert food proteins into non-essential amino acids, thereby depleting the very amino's needed for new liver cells.

Replied by Krystal
(Temecula, California)

I tried before pink Himalayan salt, sodium bicarbonate and both were very detrimental to my ascites. Potassium bicarbonate is OK and potassium chloride as salt substitute.

Replied by Gloria

Thank you for this info. I was diagnosed with hep c last November. I am on my last 3 weeks of a 12 week regiment of Mayvert. Last 2 blood test came out no more hep c virus. However, come to find out I have stage 4 cirrhosis. I have been researching everything I can about this. I truly believe with faith in Our Lord and these natural remedies will heal me I'm going to fight this. If I lose the battle no sadness it just means Our Lord has called me home.

Replied by Yogita
(UP, India)

Please explain and detail about sea salt .. Was your sea salt iodized? What were the components of your sea salt? I have liver issues.
Please help me.

Replied by Ariana
(SF, California)

Hi…can you give any exact measurements of the salt drink? My mom is in end stage liver failure and I really need help. Thank you!

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You and your mom might talk to her doctor about adding melatonin as an adjunctive to her treatment plan based on the following review that discusses the effects of melatonin in early stage cirrhosis and late stage cirrhosis :

Here is a relevant quote from the study :

>>> ' Current evidence shows that MT protects against liver injury by inhibiting oxidation, inflammation, HSC proliferation and hepatocyte apoptosis, thereby inhibiting the progression of liver cirrhosis. ' <<<

It is important to keep in mind that melatonin has a very good safety profile even at very high dosing levels.


(USA, Pa)

The ocean's salt and mineral content is bio-identical to human blood. Look up SOL salt. It's a Himalayan rock salt solution with the proper amounts of sodium and chloride. (Ratio) I use Omni Blue mineral drops in my water. It has magnesium too. It is sourced from clean Ocean water in Australia.

Along with the vitamins suggested above: (i.e. Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, ALA, selenium, B-complex and B-12)

These helped me the most:

Tudca, Biomagscience HGH amino acids, and zeolite with humic and fulvic acid have given me my life back.

Castor Oil

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Posted by Brooke (Montgomery, TX) on 03/09/2008

I have always used Castor Oil Packs to strengthen my liver and kidneys. The liver can grow itself back if you take the time to do it.

You get cold pressed castor oil, wool flannel, a heating pad and a piece of plastic - I use a garbage bag. There are sites online that will explain it in details.

I put the castor oil into a sealed container with the wool flannel and shake it up. You want the castor oil to e dripping from it slowly. I then put the container into the microwave for about 15 or 20 seconds - just to get it heated up. I then put a couple of towels onto my bed or couch and lay down on them. Then I take the wool flannel and put it on my stomach. If you are trying to heal the liver, put it a little bit more over your liver, if you are trying to heal the kidneys, put it over that area. Then I put the garbage bag onto th flannel and then the heating pad - all the way on high (or as high as you can handle). Leave it on for at least one hour and meditate on what you are trying to achieve. After you are finished, wipe your self off with a mixture of Baking soda and water,to get your skin back to the proper ph.

Do this for 4-5 days on and then leave off for the remaining days.

The is a good book calld Edgar Cayce and the Palma Christi. It tells of all the wonderful things that Castor Oil (the Palma Christi) does!

Replied by Lois
(Portland, ME)

I am a little confused on the directions for the castor oil. I would presume the garbage bag would burn with the heating pad. Please go into more detail. Thank you.

EC: We prefer using a hot water bottle for castor oil packs rather than a heating pad. We place a thin kitchen towel in between the plastic bag and the hot water bottle to prevent scalding!

Replied by Faithinhealing
(Forest Park, Ohio)

Castor oil has greatly improved my liver function! I've been using the castor oil packs for over a month nightly. I've noticed that the swelling has gone down dramatically, and my appetite is returning, and I'm beginning to lose weight. I also have candida and I notice that this really helps to dump the yeast. It's actually very relaxing so I do it right before bed. Castor oil is very inexpensive and can be found in the laxative section of your pharmacy.

Replied by Faithinhealing
(Forest Park, Ohio)

I just wanted to add that you can also add SLICES OF GINGER to the flannel and castor oil... I just put the castor oil on the flannel and the ginger on my skin and cover... It detoxifies the liver in better with the GINGER!!!

Replied by Tricia
(Silver Spring, Md)

I think what you do is great. I do want to suggest looking into the overwhelming negatives related to using a microwave and what it does to anything inside of it. If your intention is - to heal - I would avoid using a microwave all together, period.

Replied by Michael A
(Central Florida)

I love your ginger idea, but isn't it kind of spicy hot?

Also, a general question to all - I think it's either my gallbladder or my liver acting up right now (illeosecal valve is staying stuck open) & I have seemingly inflamed, maybe referred discomfort under left breast/stomach. I'm ready to do castor oil pack, which worked for me for something so long ago that I've forgotten. But where do I do it? Where I feel the seeming inflammation on left side, or where my liver or gallbladder are? Any thoughts?


There is a manipulation to put your ICD back into the correct location. And the chiropractor Or a knowledgeable massage therapist can show you how to do this, or you may be able to research it online. You can find where it's located, between your right hip and belly button.

I put mine back in place by lying down, bending knees (as if you are sitting with feet flat on ground) ). With your fist, push slightly below the ICV which feels like a knot and guide your fist in the imaginary line between hip and navel. My massage therapist taught me how to do this after consuming a parasite from sushi. (If anyone is interested on how to get rid of parasites, it was 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine. Dr. Jennifer Daniels and The Candida Cure book both explain it.

In my case, I was extremely sick from the parasite. 8 months of doctors who laughed when I asked them to check for them. Upon taking matters into my own hands is when my healing occurred. Btw, slaves consumed turpentine 2 times a year to eradicate worms and it was even in Merck's book over 100 years ago. If you decide to use it, research the amount to take. I started with 2 drops in almond milk every other day because I had become so frail, and worked up to 1 teaspoon in a month.)

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