Natural Remedies for Liver Disease and Liver Damage


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Posted by Dawn002 (Calgary) on 04/02/2022
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I have had Liver pain for the last six years. Ultrasound showed I have fatty liver which is the side effect of Hormone replacement pills I was on for years. I tried milk thistle and couple of other supplements they didn't help.I have started taking 1/4 of tsp of turmeric powder with oil or peanut butter. My triglyceride and liver enzymes showed normal in last two blood tests. After years of suffering, I finally feel relief. However, turmeric made my blood pressure drop so now I take it cautiously. Turmeric is apparently absorbed better by our body if taken with oil and black pepper and it also brings down your sugar level and is blood thinner too. I suggest doing your own research.

Replied by Terri

Also, I recently read on Mercola that choline, present in egg yolks, is beneficial in moving fat out of the liver.

Posted by Mom From Mo (Cape Girardeau Mo, Mo) on 12/08/2011
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My liver panels were elevated off the chart two years ago. Family dr sent me to a liver transplant specialist who stated I would need biopsy and 80% chance of liver transplant. I said I'll call back to schedule that.

Instead, started eating turmeric every morning with an omelet and lots of black pepper. Did paste of turmeric with olive oil & rubbed it into the area directly over my liver and covered with an old towel and put a heating pad over it for a half hour and did the same with bottoms of my feet a few nights a week for a month or so (cover with old socks as turmeric will stain the bed sheets). I was getting monthly liver panels. 2nd mth after doing turmeric my panels stopped raising, then each month after that slowly started going down! After 10 months my levels were within normal limits.

My family doctor is in awe and is now using turmeric for his family. I will continue turmeric the rest of my life and suspect my panels will continue to go even lower. I can honestly say turmeric saved me from a liver transplant for non alchol fatty liver disease!

I have been giving it to all my dogs and the older ones with arthritis are running around like they did when they were pups and they never get any sores or lumps of any kind anywhere, only go to the vet for rabies shot as I live in the country (skunks, raccoons, possums, etc) Who would've thought an item u can get at the grocery store for less than $3. 00 a month would cure non alchol fatty liver disease! And no painful and dangerous surgical transplant!!!!

Replied by Just Chillin
(Vannes, France)

Hi There,

Thank you for sharing this info with us. I am so pleased that this has worked for you. I knew turmeric was a wonder spice, but didn't know how far it went. I have been taking curcumin tablets with green tea for awhile, for inflammation, and it does help, but maybe the actual spice it better. I have used turmeric with aloe vera to make a paste, and I put it on a scabby thing on my nose that wouldn't heal, and it fell off in just two days. Amazing. I wish you continued good health. Thanks again

Replied by Jen
(Bozeman, Mt, Us)

What great news. Thank you for sharing this with us. I think it will be very helpful to many. I will definitely start cooking with turmeric more.

Replied by Faith
(Forest Park, Ohio)

I would have LOVED to have seen the look on their faces... Just think of ALL that money and heartache you saved yourself... Lol!!! You Rock!

Replied by Hmmm
(Glendale, Ca)

Mom from Mo, thanks for the suggestions for topical turmeric. How much turmeric do you eat a day? I read it's a blood thinner, so I'd like to eat enough to get some benefit without overdoing it.

Replied by Gerardo From Mexico
(Mexico City, Mexico Df, Mexico)

To Paul from Seattle, you mention taking 400 selenium, do you mean mg? mcg? I read the average consumption for an adult is 100 - 200 mcg, 400 mcg would be double, now mg would be crazy of the charts. Help me out figuring out what you meant to say, please. Or let me know if it is correct and it was recommended due to your condition. Thank you.

Replied by Bishikesan

Hello, this is true. I have fatty liver.
Should I use fresh turmeric or powder, please answer.
Now how are you.. I hope enough good, thanks.

Replied by Dave

I have been adding turmeric daily for awhile now as a preventative. How much turmeric do you take per day? How much do you give each dog?

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