Natural Remedies for Liver Disease and Liver Damage

The Garlic Tea Cure

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Posted by Brenda (Georgia) on 08/21/2006

The recipe:

3 cloves of garlic cut up in pill sizes
3 tbls. apple cider vinigar and
reg. tea at night.

1 cup a day. Catch the garlic on spoon and swallow like pills, then drink before bed EVERY NIGHT.

This remedy honestly cured my liver, and polyps, acid reflux, gave me energy , made my nails and hair grow. I have taken medicine all my life for seizures, had surgery and the drs can't believe the difference. This drink detoxes your blood, cleans out your system. I have been drinking this for 6 years people and have yet to have a cold, sickness. It is a natural blood thinner, the garlic. It's an old Indian antibiotic. It was a blessing for me and my husband who has high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and prostate problems. It is a cure, I am living proof. my liver is fine for 5 yrs now, polyps are gone, and no other ailments, please try it. Pills are no good for your organs. The tea will heal them brenda t

Replied by Wendy
(Elizabethtown, PA)

Question for Brenda from Georgia or any one else that can help. The recipe for liver damage, is that for a fatty liver? Question about the recipe. Do you take 3 cloves of garlic a night. And do you mix the apple cider vinegar and tea together?

Replied by maureen
(portland, ME)

I read a post from Brenda from Georgia on 8/21/2006 who said she had seizures. But, she didnt' say much about what she does to control them. Or, if there is anyone who has success stories for their own seizure control? I am trying to get off my meds and go in the alternative medicine direction and any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you in advance! P.S. I LOVE your website!

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
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here are a great many remedies for liver damage depending on the cause. If I were to cover everything, the number of pages could reach well into the hundreds.

To make things simple, it depends on whether the damaged liver is caused by virus, fungus, chemical toxins, deficiency, or diets.

If the liver damage is a viral cause, then apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil, garlic lavender, for example are taken internally.

If it is a fungus issue, then it is the issue of raising your immune levels, which very likely be zinc, copper peptides (copper chloride reacted with a soy protein), manganese, hydrogen peroxide, for example should help.

If it is a chemical toxin issue, then great detoxifiers taken at different times of course, includes sodium thiosulfate, hydrogen peroxide, borax, apple cider vinegar, and indole-3-carbinol, should detoxify most known chemicals. Of course, I haven't had the time to find all the detoxifiers yet. A natural detoxifier, rather expensive here in Bangkok, which seems to work like a miracle for Parkinson's, Alzheimer, or MS is L-Gluthathione, but the dosage is fairly large and beyond the budget for most people. Curcumin and Milk Thistle also helps here too.

If the cause is one of deficiency, a common cure is usually vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, manganese, vitamin E, zinc and selenium. To complete the deficiency of liver damage, baking soda plus citric acid or baking soda plus vinegar, should complete most of the problems.

If the cause is a dietary one, then lecithin, apple cider vinegar, and garlic (contains DMSO) which allows nutrients to reach the deficient liver cells.

I could not possibly cover everything, it depends on the likelihood of the cause, as opposed to the traditional view of conventional medicine, which is to look at the symptoms and then to cover it up, or sweep it under the rug, e.g. give pain relievers to rid of pain. The cause of pain is ignored, which is a slipped disc on your back. You can guess at the consequences, a catastrophe waiting on your door.

Replied by Terry
(Mastic, NY)

Liver Remedies: did you mix the garlic, appple cider vinegar and tea together then drink? What type of tea did you use?

Replied by Robin
(Salisbury, Nc)

Hi, we have not tried the remedy for damaged liver as of yet. My boy friend has a damaged liver due to alcohol. Will the garlic apple cider vinegar and tea work for him? Also how much apple cider and tea, and is the tea just like ice tea? If I can get the exact ingredients and measurements I will start him on it at once. Thank for all you help

Replied by Greta
(Kamloops, Bc Canada)

Brenda from Georgia: What kind of tea is used in the garlic/ACV remedy for liver damage. Thanks.

Replied by Madhuri
(Cambridge, Cambs / Uk)

I have just been put on Growth hormone replacement therapy, I may have to take it for the rest of my life. I am 58 years old. I read on this site that Ted says Growth hormone destroys the liver. Ted, what can I do to help my liver, and also stop anything growing that shouldn't?

This is an incredible site, without a doubt the best for self help.You have helped and are helping so many people. Please keep up this wonderful work. Much love and success to you all.

Replied by Michele
(North Vancouver, British Columbia)


Regardless of what ailment you are dealing with, whether it be cancer or chronic illness, you should check out the Gerson Juicing diet. I have spent the last few months researching and watching a handful of videos on the topic. It has been proven to help and even cure a fast majority of cancers including liver disease.
The key component apart from juicing organic veggies every day is to have organic coffee enemas. this is a link that if you donate 5 dollars you can watch the documentary ' The Gerson Miracle'
'Dying to have known' you can rent from itunes and it is what started me on the whole process, it will outrage you what the drug companies are doing. this contains most books and dvds about Gerson but as I said you can rent from itunes a lot cheaper ;) this is a youtube video that explains some of the science.

Replied by Rochelle
(Montgomery, Texas)

You do not specify what kind of tea to use. Just plain old Lipton tea or what?

Replied by Sunny

Brenda from Georgia: can you please tell me how to make the recipe more specifically please, as I am confused. I would really like to try it, what kind of tea do you use>? Thanks!

Replied by Kamal
(New Jersey)

Request you to please give more details on how exactly this needs to be taken. Are the garlic, Apple cider vinegar and tea to be mixed together and taken before bed. Just black tea or tea with milk. Would really appreciate. Thanks

Replied by Leslie
(Rowland, NC)

How exactly do you make the tea? Did you put all that garlic in for a one day supply?

Replied by Nicole

Can you clarify how you make the tea? Do you swallow the garlic raw? Will appreciate the feedback... Tks

Replied by Racel
(Maramag, Bukidnon, Philippines)

I had a polyps measure 0. 30cm, and I had pain in my right upper abdomen connect to my back.. Plz. Help me find a cure for this..

Replied by Rob
(Cebu City, Philippines)

Hi are you still in good health? I am having liver problem and polyp.

Replied by Angelica
(Columbus, Oh/ Usa)

I have a question for you. Does this tea drink make your body or breath smell like garlic? What do you do to control it if it does? Thank you. -Angelica

Replied by Chontell
(South Africa)

Hi, can someone clarify how do I make this tea? can I use boiling water like I'm making a normal cup of tea and pour it over the ingredients?

Replied by Shawn
(Bella Vista, Ar)

How do you make the tea? Clarification garlic pills at night with tea of ginger and apple cider vinegar? Says tea 3 x a day ( how much?)

Replied by David

Do u have to blend the garlic or u can swallow the cut cloves?

Replied by Zinny

Good to know you are doing fine, did you continue on this regimen for the 5 years period or do you relapse each time you stop? What is reg.tea please? will appreciate an urgent response as it is an emergency. Continue to be in good health.


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Posted by Dawn002 (Calgary) on 04/02/2022

I have had Liver pain for the last six years. Ultrasound showed I have fatty liver which is the side effect of Hormone replacement pills I was on for years. I tried milk thistle and couple of other supplements they didn't help.I have started taking 1/4 of tsp of turmeric powder with oil or peanut butter. My triglyceride and liver enzymes showed normal in last two blood tests. After years of suffering, I finally feel relief. However, turmeric made my blood pressure drop so now I take it cautiously. Turmeric is apparently absorbed better by our body if taken with oil and black pepper and it also brings down your sugar level and is blood thinner too. I suggest doing your own research.

Replied by Terri

Also, I recently read on Mercola that choline, present in egg yolks, is beneficial in moving fat out of the liver.

Posted by Mom From Mo (Cape Girardeau Mo, Mo) on 12/08/2011

My liver panels were elevated off the chart two years ago. Family dr sent me to a liver transplant specialist who stated I would need biopsy and 80% chance of liver transplant. I said I'll call back to schedule that.

Instead, started eating turmeric every morning with an omelet and lots of black pepper. Did paste of turmeric with olive oil & rubbed it into the area directly over my liver and covered with an old towel and put a heating pad over it for a half hour and did the same with bottoms of my feet a few nights a week for a month or so (cover with old socks as turmeric will stain the bed sheets). I was getting monthly liver panels. 2nd mth after doing turmeric my panels stopped raising, then each month after that slowly started going down! After 10 months my levels were within normal limits.

My family doctor is in awe and is now using turmeric for his family. I will continue turmeric the rest of my life and suspect my panels will continue to go even lower. I can honestly say turmeric saved me from a liver transplant for non alchol fatty liver disease!

I have been giving it to all my dogs and the older ones with arthritis are running around like they did when they were pups and they never get any sores or lumps of any kind anywhere, only go to the vet for rabies shot as I live in the country (skunks, raccoons, possums, etc) Who would've thought an item u can get at the grocery store for less than $3. 00 a month would cure non alchol fatty liver disease! And no painful and dangerous surgical transplant!!!!

Replied by Just Chillin
(Vannes, France)

Hi There,

Thank you for sharing this info with us. I am so pleased that this has worked for you. I knew turmeric was a wonder spice, but didn't know how far it went. I have been taking curcumin tablets with green tea for awhile, for inflammation, and it does help, but maybe the actual spice it better. I have used turmeric with aloe vera to make a paste, and I put it on a scabby thing on my nose that wouldn't heal, and it fell off in just two days. Amazing. I wish you continued good health. Thanks again

Replied by Jen
(Bozeman, Mt, Us)

What great news. Thank you for sharing this with us. I think it will be very helpful to many. I will definitely start cooking with turmeric more.

Replied by Faith
(Forest Park, Ohio)

I would have LOVED to have seen the look on their faces... Just think of ALL that money and heartache you saved yourself... Lol!!! You Rock!

Replied by Hmmm
(Glendale, Ca)

Mom from Mo, thanks for the suggestions for topical turmeric. How much turmeric do you eat a day? I read it's a blood thinner, so I'd like to eat enough to get some benefit without overdoing it.

Replied by Gerardo From Mexico
(Mexico City, Mexico Df, Mexico)

To Paul from Seattle, you mention taking 400 selenium, do you mean mg? mcg? I read the average consumption for an adult is 100 - 200 mcg, 400 mcg would be double, now mg would be crazy of the charts. Help me out figuring out what you meant to say, please. Or let me know if it is correct and it was recommended due to your condition. Thank you.

Replied by Bishikesan

Hello, this is true. I have fatty liver.
Should I use fresh turmeric or powder, please answer.
Now how are you.. I hope enough good, thanks.

Replied by Dave

I have been adding turmeric daily for awhile now as a preventative. How much turmeric do you take per day? How much do you give each dog?

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