Leaky Gut Syndrome Remedies

| Modified on Dec 28, 2022
Glutamine, Quercitin, Probiotics
Posted by Jillybeans (somewhere in the south) on 12/02/2021 88 posts

I just listened to vegan Dr Klapper talk about the three supplements to take for 6 weeks to help resolve leaky gut syndrome. He didn't state the milligrams to take but the three items were:

  • glutamine
  • Quercitin
  • probiotics

Hope this helps someone. Maybe someone else will relisten to Klapper and add more specific info.

I'm also eating lots of fermented stuff like kombucha, kimChee, sauerkraut, kefir and lots of fermented Asian condiments. I really like stinky fermented bean curd. Tastes like blue cheese.


Posted by Casey (Il) on 03/03/2021

Hello Me.,

I just started the GAPS diet October of 2020 and I wondered how you are doing since 2013 and posted your Gaps comment on Earth Clinic.

After reading your comment I'm going to stop all of my supplements. I'm down to not being able to eat hardly anything and going to try to start on Biocult only.

Thank you for posting.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Emily (New York) on 10/09/2018

I also have leaky gut and had a TERRIBLE case of perioral dermatitis. I started washing my face with coconut oil and manuka honey (i get it at trader joes, way cheaper). I mix a small amount of the two in my hands and wash my face with it morning and night. Also do not use any soaps or products with sulfate in them as that can aggravate the perioral dermatitis. It worked like a charm! Skin looked awesome and clear after a week and a half.

B Vitamins
Posted by Tamara (Ga) on 09/24/2017

Epsom salt baths, progesterone creme, a half teaspoon of liquid Benadril in a pinch (but must be the brand name. The knock offs have something that wires you.) If you wake up at 2 or 3, half a glass of milk with a half of banana. Also some cardio that makes you actually sweat helps with sleep. Must be at least 3 hours before bed. I like to workout in the morning. Good Luck!

Leaky Gut Remedies
Posted by Heyjamieboy (Paramus Nj ) on 09/13/2017

Feel so bad the read your issues. Let me know how you are now. I am ill too.

Slippery Elm
Posted by Jaf (Yorkshire Uk) on 03/03/2017

Slippery Elm appears to help Leaky Gut too, I have been trying to heal my whole system, having bad skin problems (prescribed Ciclosporin immunosuppressants, which I refused) I started taking turmeric and slippery elm. Very bad chronic itchy scaly lesions on lower legs (had for 5 years) - are now almost healed within 3 months. I believe general inflammation of all body tissue (acidic diet) is the core issue - and ACV, gluten free, simple unprocessed foods as medicine, really helps re-balance whole body - from gut outwards.

B Vitamins
Posted by Desertpunky (Southern California Desert) on 02/13/2017

Hello. While killing parasites and candida, a great help for sleep is L-Ornithine. Ornithine will remove the ammonia from your brain produced by the kill-off of parasites and help you sleep. A couple 500mg capsules usually will do the trick. If not, take one extra.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Noni (San Luis Obispo County) on 10/30/2016

Hi Sylviag, I too have Leaky Gut, Systemic Candida and am insulin intolerant based on blood tests I had by a very good nutrition counselor I am going to. My pain is intolerable by my liver when I eat things I'm not supposed to which is most things. :( My counselor says no grains, no wheat, no bread, no milk, no vinegar (except ACV), no sugar, no fruit (or at least only 15 grams or less a day) and try and stay away from beef. Basically that leads me to just eating chicken and veggies (but no potatoes or heavy starch ladened potatoes). I noticed that organic saurkraut helped my stomach aches. She told me to take a Vitamin B Complex, Magnesium, pills that are called Flora Cleanse (or Candida Cleanse), and take Vitamin D3. The first 2 weeks was just basically a homemade organic vegetable broth and also drink lots of water, then introduced slowly some chicken, nuts and veggies. She said it takes about 2-3 months of a strict diet to get rid of Candida. I wish I could say I was that self-disciplined, but sometimes I cheat and I pay for it with pain. Anyway, for what it's worth, I feel for you. I did get rid of most of my granuloma annulare which was all over my hands for years. My counselor said almost all immune diseases she has ever studied ALL start with systemic candida (albicans). I knew immediately in my 'gut' that this is definitely true for me and am still battling to get rid of it. Best wishes.

Vitamin C
Posted by Kirsten (London ) on 10/01/2016

After getting root canals, my health declined including a diagnosis of leaky gut. As well as having the root canals removed, high dose vitamin C is what has healed my body the most. Ascorbic acid powder is available cheaply online. It is pure vitamin C as it has the same molecular structure. I took it neat although some people prefer to add some Bicarbonate of soda to make it pH neutral.

Each morning I take it to bowel tolerance, 5 g at a time. Some people take 3 g at a time. When my stomach started to rumble or I felt gassy, that is bowel tolerance and I stopped. This is the vitamin C telling you that your body is saturated and that's when it is most effective.

As you heal you will need less to reach bowel tolerance. Initially I was taking 25 g at a time, now I need much less. After taking it just once, I already felt better with less pain from the dental infection in my neck. It gave me bloating and gas for 2 to 3 weeks as it went to work on the pathogens in my gut but that suddenly stopped and I felt noticeably better.

After five months I realised that I could stop my proctitis medication as I no longer needed it. Digestion was a lot better, I had a lot more energy and was feeling better than I had in years. I am still healing the dental infections but will continue to take vitamin C for the rest of my life, it is like having a superpower.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Kitty (California) on 07/25/2016

Be careful with the bone broth if making it with chicken, which is very high in fluoride .... bad for leaky gut, thyroid and numerous other things.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Kim (Ca) on 05/15/2016


Not sure if you're still on this thread but please look into Histamine Intolerance for your son. I was horribly ill as a youngster and I searched for years to figure out my health; Histamine Intolerance was a huge component and your son's health sounds all too familiar. Hope that is helpful!

Best Wishes to all of you.

Leaky Gut Remedies
Posted by Wydo (Ca) on 12/22/2015

No Dan, this is a very good thing. Get the book Tissue Cleansing by Bernard Jensen and it will show you that colon cleansing is an old and effective way of clearing out a lot of built up junk in your intestines that can cause you a world of problems without side effects.

Imagine what that can do to you while sitting inside of you. No amount sunflower seeds is going to fix it. A better NSAID antidote is NAC and it has other benefits for the person with LGS.

Non-Forming Zonulin Diet, Supplements
Posted by Wydo (Ca, United States) on 12/22/2015

Hi, I like to introduce everyone who has LGS and this community to the culprit Zonulin. Those of you who have LGS probably have inherited difficulties with certain foods that create zonulin by the body. Zonulin breaks down cell adhesion in the intestinal lining which is the start of a leaky gut. Certainly other factors like candida outbreak, parasites or mercury from silver mercury amalgam fillings can increase the leaky gut problem. Cutting out gluten and a LGS diet are a must but taking certain supplements are necessary as well.

With a leaky gut, large food molecules inter the blood stream that compromise the immune system. Taking enzymes on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and before meals help to break down these molecules further so they free up the immune system. Taking a pancreatin 1300 capsule in the morning first thing (with lots of warm water) helps to breakdown large protein molecule in your system. Taking this with a multi-enzyme capsule for the other types of large food molecules will help your immune system out while a non forming zonulin diet is followed. If you take the enzymes with a meal it helps to digest the meal but not the large food particles in your system that has passed through your intestines. That's why you need to take on and empty stomach. Also take a betaine hydrochloride capsule during the meal to help you digest your meal. The other two supplements to take is 600 mg N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) and L-Taurine. These two supplements help to boost your system in multiple ways that greatly help you recover from from the damage of LGS. If taking the enzymes first thing in the morning cause you some burning then take them with the NAC and L-Taurine to dilute them. Take the NAC and L-Taurine together several times a day.

Always get your supplements in the purest forms you can get them in. If you can get them in pure powder then do yourself that favor. If you can't get them in powder get them as pure powder in a capsule. Always get supplement products without vegetable stearate, magnesium stearate, calcium stearate and stearic acid. If you look at labels you will find the products you need.

Other supplements are helpful but buy and start these first. The only other thing I can think of that has not been mentioned in this forum is to take a healthy fat and of course a pro biotic.

If this helps you please leave me some feedback here.

Leaky Gut Remedies
Posted by Analogal (California, US) on 05/28/2014

Hi Nicole, I too have severe Candida and leaky gut, but am getting better. You have to take a good probiotic, even though it will constipate you. However, you can remedy the constipation very easily with the nightly consumption of raw sunflower seeds. About two handfuls a night, on an empty stomach before you go to bed. If the two handfuls are not enough then go to three, and always the next day drink a lot of water. The seeds have a lot of fiber, and they taste great! The best thing is that they will help with the leaky gut, because sunflower seeds repair damaged tissue anywhere in the body. They helped me with both leaky gut, and an ulcer I got from taking NSAIDS. Once you get the leaky gut healed, just keep on taking the sunflower seeds and probiotic. You eventually will need to start taking anti-fungals like oregano oil, apple cider vinegar, and an enzyme that destroys the cell membrane of the yeast. Just take it one step at a time, and you will get better. Keep eating a very clean diet, b/c you def don't want to feed the yeast. There is a great website that is called yeastinfectionadvisor dot com. I can't do all the anti fungals that they recommend as I can't afford them right now. However, the rest of the advice on yeast I did follow and am getting better. I hope you start to feel better soon, b/c I know what it's like to live with this as I've had this for 20 years now. BTW, don't do the enemas, your body will become too dependent. Try the sunflower seeds at night and a lot of water during the day and see how that goes, it worked for me, and I used to be very constipated and just as toxic too. Good luck!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 05/25/2014

Dear Brad,

The herbs Slippery Elm and Comfrey are both healing to the digestive tract. They can be added to smoothies, taken in capsules or made into a tea. They are two of my favourite herbs.

Kefir, water or milk, is also a healing and nutritious thing to use. Not sure if those are compatible with Paleo.

~Mama to Many~

Dietary Changes
Posted by Kathy (Las Vegas, US) on 05/25/2014

Hi Brad

Just one month ago I went to a chiropractor that is also a kinesologist. He did muscle testing on me and told me what foods I was allergic to, then fixed the allergy! He also gave me some pills that I take 3 times a day. I am supposed to stay away from sugar. That's the hard part. However I am much better, after 4 days I was feeling better. So try to find a Dr like him and you'll be helped!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Brad (Rhode Island, US) on 05/25/2014

Just looking for a detailed, specific, super healing leaky gut diet food list. There are so many online that contradict each other. One site says yes to sweet potato and another says no. I am already paleo for months now. From what I gather acceptable foods are veggies, meats/flesh, and not much else. Some sources say nuts and seeds are fine and others say no. As far as fruit I pretty much don't eat them for the candida that I assume I have. Cacoa is a no go, no soy etc etc.. Just looking for a really clean list. Scd lifestyle put out a webinar recently that seemed accurate but it would not play for me. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

EC: On the Leaky Gut Syndrome page you will find Bill's Protocol with his suggestions. 


Bill's Protocol
Posted by Sadie (Manchester) on 05/05/2014


Bill, many thanks to you and everyone else who advised but you in particular. We have followed your protocol over a year and continue to do so with dosages reduced. I am delighted to say in addition to your protocol, a rotation diet and raw milk. My son has improved greatly and continues to make strides so there is hope but you have to be determined and single minded as it is hard but there is no greater reward than a healthy child. Once again thank you

Leaky Gut Remedies
Posted by Dan (Florida) on 12/06/2013

Nicole how are you doing now? I think the colon cleanses, even though you may feel better temporarily, are doing damage to your digestive system

Leaky Gut Remedies
Posted by Timh (Ky, Usa) on 08/20/2013 2063 posts

@Nicole: I was also pretty bad a couple yrs back w/ fungal and parasitic infection in the gut. I used a big list of natural remedies w/ little effect. Maybe not a "natural remedy" but I purchased some 50, 000 iu Nystatin caps and received immediate relief. After only 3 or 4 @ 1 per day my digestion improved dramatically. After this improvement the natural remedies became effective as they're said too. Nystatin can be purchased without an Rx but only a limited number of retailers. Three searches I recommend are Amazon, EBay, and Shopwiki.

On the other end, there are many kinds of colon cleanses but I will recommend one for you that will clean and heal dramatically and rapidly. Add 10 drops 3% H2O2 to a pint of warm water and administer rectally as an enema. Lay flat on your back and massage the colon area gently for a minute or two. The enema will proly expel in about 5 minutes so have a bed pan ready and you can observe the filth from the colon walls. You can repeat this on a daily basis and adjust the H2O2 drops accordingly. My first cleanse was a coffee enema and it was substantial but there was layers of filth in the colon walls that was removed by only 3 H2O2 enemas.

After these suggestions you should get good results from all the recommendations for Candida on this site.

Please provide an update as to your progress.

Leaky Gut Remedies
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 08/20/2013

Nicole, easy does it. Start slowly with ONE subject. Having a base of foods you know are "safe" for you, is very valuable. Now start with ONE thing at a time, read up on it and try ONE remedy at a time to see if it works before trying others.

Leaky Gut Remedies
Posted by Anonymous (Usa) on 08/19/2013

Perhaps goat's milk colostrum would help you if you are so inclined.

Leaky Gut Remedies
Posted by Nicole (Sewell, Nj) on 08/19/2013

Severe leaky gut and candida: I have been extremely unwell for about 3 years and I am at the point where I can't eat anything at all without having an allergic reaction. I am extremely toxic and desperately need to start cleansing. I am at the point where I have given up hope because I don't know where else to turn. I can't take supplements or eat or ingest anything at all that is processed in any way. I am severely allergic to gluten and diary and have horrible candida so even eating something with even 1 gram of sugar makes me look 6 months pregnant and break out in a rash all over my face. My kidney tests came back high so I'm scared to do a water or salt water enema and coffee is out of the question. Probiotics make me constipated for weeks and I've tried a lot of strains (even fermented foods). I also have a few swollen lymph nodes. My thyroid is low. The list goes on and on. I'm an absolute mess! I'm in desperate need of help because no doctors will help me. I just started NAET treatment a few days ago. I was thinking about starting with castor oil packs on my liver and stomach but I know I need much more than this. Does anyone have any suggestions or know of any other types of enemas that might be safe? Is there anything left? lol

Posted by Leah (Philly, Pa) on 07/10/2013

Congratulations on your success! I'm currently researching the negative side effects of water fluoidation. One such effect is leaky gut, crohns and colitis type disorders. You should check where your water comes from and wether it is fluoridated. If it is, you need to avoid drinking and cooking with it. Mountain spring water is best because it has all the minerals and structure your body prefers. The mercola website has a link to find springs near you. Other options are to use reverse osmosis or distillation systems on your tap water. If you do that, you will need to replace the missing minerals. You can buy mineral rocks from santevia specifically for this purpose. Wishing you well!

Posted by M.e. (Dallas & Berlin) on 07/10/2013

I was diagnosed with leaky gut syndome in 2010. Started eating gluten-free in March 2011 - but my health continued to decline. I was mostly bed-ridden and homebound in 2012-13 and felt like I could possibly die from leaky gut. I could hardly eat anything, had dangerous weight loss, constantly fatigued, migraines, headaches, always terrible stomach pain, alternating constipationa & diarrhea, gas, bloating, acid reflux, indigestion, heartburn, low blood pressure, and extreme rapid heart beat.

I finally ordered the book "Gut & Psychology Syndome" by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride and started following the GAPS introductory diet on May 7, 2013. In only 2 months my improvement has been practically miraculous. I am now able to eat full-size meals, I have no problems with digestion, have normal bowel movements, headaches are infrequent and I feel energetic and alive again. I am no longer losing weight, my heart rhythm has normalized, and no more problems with gas.

The GAPS diet is indeed difficult and very time consuming, requires total committment and is expensive to adhere to. That said, anything that helps me heal from this awful disorder is definitely worth the investment in energy, time and money.

The focus of the diet is using food as medicine. I was taking massive amounts of supplements and various other remedies for leaky gut - I now take only 1 probiotic (Bio-Kult); the food I eat does the healing work.

For anyone suffering from leaky gut syndrome I cannot recommend the GAPS diet enough. The book is very informative, interesting, and easy to follow. I am living proof that the diet works and that there is hope for a better life.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Sadie (Manchester) on 06/06/2013

I used bionetics online. As I am supplementing with quite high doses am not worried about test coming back clear as initially I had detailed stool and saliva test which confirmed the leaky gut, thanks to Bill improvements in three months have been huge. Question of time but hard waiting for healing but better than not at all.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Anthony (Philly , Pa) on 06/05/2013

Hi. Hope your son is better soon! I have proctitis. I had a hair analysis with analytical research labs and the results were way off but I felt they didn't test enough? I don't know? What company did you use? Thanks! Please let's share info; we may be able to help each other.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Sadie (Manchester) on 06/05/2013

Question for Bill or anyone else:

I had the hair analysis done and its clear except it indicates my son is low in caratenoids which is not a surprise given his issues with salicylates. He is improving and tolerance levels are better but I wondered of anyone had any suggestions in light of his results or is it a question of patience. Thank you.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Sadie (Manchester) on 05/12/2013

An update in case it helps others

nearly three months on Bill's protocol and huge improvements (I have done nearly everything recommended except for a few items either due to allergies/iintolerances. I recently added Epsom salts and I think it was the missing piece as my son is tolerating many more foods, sleep is hugely improved and although he was very bright anyway he is flying now. I cannot believe the change and its quick in comparison to the years of misery he endured. We have still a long way to go but I owe huge debt to Bill and others who gave me advice as well as other posters whose information was invaluable to me.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Sadie (Manchester) on 04/28/2013

Bill I tried cats claw and ala and he had severe reaction to the ala, assuming the salicylate. His eyes swelled up and behaviour was terrible so he is super sensitive to ALA

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Sadie (Manchester) on 04/23/2013

Thank you, Bill. I stopped the aloe after using twice as he reacted violently and I realised it was the salicylate. I will continue. With the mag chloride but will do the peso salt baths. He is on selenium already and the other vits recommended. I will get the others you recommended. He is improving but we are not getting further along re the salicylate and his diet is very restricted and I need to work to change this so will try whatever it takes.

Thank you again

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Phillipines) on 04/22/2013

Hi Sadie... If your son has salicylate sensitivity then dont use the Aloe vera or the Chanca piedra as they both contain salicylates.

Cat's Claw or Una de Gato is a highly useful amazon rainforest herb for the intestines which is very useful for healing leaky gut and other intestinal problems. Cat's Claw does not contain salicylates. Here is some Cat's Claw research. You should be able to buy the tea form or the powder capsule form of Cat's Claw in UK quite easily.

You can use the Epsom salts either in a bath or as a supplement but I would continue using the magnesium chloride because of its more widespread beneficial properties on the body.

Acetyl L-Cysteine, Alpha Lipoic Acid(ALA) and supplements like Glutathione also contain sulfur and are worth trying. Supplementing ALA, Acetyl cysteine and selenium also promotes the formation of glutathione and glutathione peroxidase in the the body. The Liver Support Protocol that I recommend in the anti-candida protocol uses these supplements anyway. Foods like garlic and onions also contain high amounts of sulfur as well.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 04/22/2013

Yes, Sadie, Magnesium Chloride doesn't have sulfur, whereas Epsom Salts are Magnesium Sulfite, which has sulfur.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Sadie (Manchester) on 04/22/2013

I am reporting to see if anyone can help. I am following Bill's protocol to heal my sons leaky gut. We are slowly making headway but he is still has major problems with phenols/salicylate a etc. he is on mag chloride but I read that issues with phenols can be linked to low levels of sulphate and can be resolved through use of Epsom salts.

My question is does anyone have any thoughts/advice and are the Epsom salts different to the mag chloride he is already on. Please help.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Sadie (Gwent) on 03/30/2013

Thank You Bill for your detailed response. I have not stopped the iodine and was going to continue as everything I have read previously on this site outlines its importance just as that article you referred me to. I think I was just worried about overdosing him on it. he is on the top dose recommended (6 drops) so I was wondering if his levels may be up quicker.

His skin is breaking out periodically which is probably the detox and I have been increasing his vitamin doses slowly - we are at the max for his age for everything except the B3 which I have been increasing slowly - he is nearly up to maximum. He is on a B complex as well as water and coconut milk kefir so I have hoping he is getting enough B 12 from all of those to aid his stomach acid since his secretory IgA was so low so I know I need to be patient (just hate him suffering though we have made a lot of progress). I am anxious about minimising the stress on his liver as there is significant history of liver cancer on my husbands side - many bereavements within the family at young age.

Thank you again.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 03/28/2013

Hi Sadie... Lugol's Iodine, in excess, can certainly cause a runny nose. But there are many other factors that can also cause a runny nose as well. So, by all means reduce the LI dose for your son if you think that excess LI is the culprit. But if you stop giving him LI then you are removing one of the most important regimens from his protocol because LI kills such a wide spectrum of bacteria, viruses, fungus and molds very quickly. There is nothing else in your son's protocols that is as useful as LI for removing pathogens. Borax kills fungus but will not kill the the bacteria involved with Leaky Gut. As proof of this, here is a table that shows Contact to Kill Time statistics for just bacteria, fungus and mold for Povidone Iodine. Lugols Iodine has exactly the same pathogen kill properties as Povidone Iodine(but you can't supplement Povidone Iodine internally). Please have a look at the table at the bottom of this web article, within the research citations -- this table clearly demonstrates the outright effectiveness of LI versus a very wide range of pathogens:

Bring Back the Universal Nutrient Medicine

Also, I must also add here that there is nothing within modern medicine's vast drug arsenal that compares or even comes close to the efficacy(and safety) of lugol's iodine in terms of broad spectrum kill and speed of kill against pathogens. What's more, LI kills so fast that pathogens simply cannot "adjust" to LI -- because they simply don't have enough time.

As regards how long you should supplement lugols iodine before normal and healthy iodine levels in the whole body(not just the thyroid) are attained, here is a comment from Dr Schactner, who frequently uses LI iodine supplementation in his medical practice:

"...it takes about 3 months to become iodine sufficient while ingesting a dosage of 50 mg of iodine[8 drops of 5% LI per day] and a year to become iodine sufficient while ingesting a dosage of 12. 5 mg of iodine[2 drops of 5% LI per day] daily."


So, in terms of becoming iodine sufficient in the body, you have your answer -- the higher the dose, the quicker you become iodine sufficient. And it isn't as quick as you think -- especially if your are taking only a low daily dose.

It also helps if people would stop thinking of Iodine as only ever necessary for the thyroid. Iodine is also necessary and essential for proper immune system functioning, for proper bone development and brain development in the young, and is also the governor of all the other hormones of the body -- because every single cell and every single hormone receptor in the body(and I'm not just talking about thyroid receptors here) needs iodine. Iodine is found in every mucus gland in the body which represents the first line of defense versus extraneous and incoming pathogens to the body. All this has nothing to do with the thyroid gland. That's why the body needs 100 times more daily iodine than the thyroid. For me the current recommended RDA of 150 - 200 micrograms of iodine per day hardly even comes anywhere close to fulfilling the realistic per diem maintenance needs of the whole human body with iodine.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Sadie (Gwent) on 03/27/2013

Bill, sorry to bother you again but my son has developed a runny nose for the last week. Could this be due to too much iodine? I am going to try the iodine painting but just wondering could his iodine levels be up to sufficient already after six or so weeks - I have been supplementing as recommended without fail. Thank you.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Sadie (Gwent) on 03/22/2013

Thank you Pip. He has been on low sals but I tried a higher sal veg and he reacted so am keeping him off them as there are alternatives as you said. Has your son been able to tolerate. It is tough as I am still breast feeding my second whose nearly two and am on a very restricted diet and it is hard.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Pip (Nz) on 03/21/2013

In my experience with this problem, which my son had for the first three years of his life, the only thing to do is stay off those foods. There are plenty of lists online showing foods that are very high, high, moderate etc. My son could only eat the things that are very low. Believe me it was painful for both of us as I was breast feeding so had to do it too. You are not doing him any favors letting him eat those things if his body is reacting, he will be much happier off them. Hope this helps, probably not what you want to hear but unfortunately it's the only solution - believe me I spent a LOT of time online trying to overcome it. The one thing that helped in his case as he had severe reflux too was 1/4 teaspoon baking soda in a little water every night before bed. He has since thankfully grown out of both issues.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Sadie (Gwent) on 03/21/2013

Thank you Bill. I will switch to the natural form of the fulvic/humic acid once current supply finishes. I will look into getting a mineral analysis done. It's hard one as his stool sample was clear for Candida albicans but he clearly had a leaky gut. There have definitely been improvements but it will be a few months before I feel confident that recovery is on the way as it will take a few years to heal the damage I have been advised. Ism just happy with every step forward we take.

The liver tablets may be tricky but I was considering looking into organ organic meats as an interim measure. It's very hard trying to fit everything in and go about daily lliving thank you again

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 03/21/2013

Hi Sadie... I don't think it matters what form of humic/fulvic acid you use. If you have bought just the organic fulvic acid liquid that's fine. I just object to paying ridiculous amounts of money for chemically standardized fulvic acid solutions. I don't like any form of chemical standardization(think Codex Alimentarius) and prefer to use the humic acid that comes directly from the Earth(I buy the garden form). By adding a little ordinary vinegar (2 tsps) to the HA/FA solution, the humic acid precipitates out(solution should be golden brown). It's the fulvic acid you want. Then I just add my daily dose of lugols iodine to it -- so the iodine will remove any fluorine, bromine, lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminium or arsenic from the fulvic solution and you can then drink it. But that's just the way I mainly do it.

I would completely agree with keeping your son on vit c, iodine, magnesium, b vits and selenium etc as maintenance. I know it can be bewildering what to supplement him with. Here are some further ideas for you which might help.

* I normaly take 4 dessicated liver tablets at mealtimes. Liver is hugely nutritious for the body -- every bit as nutritious as spirulina at a tenth the price. It contains all the amino acid proteins, Vitamins A, B, C, D, E & K (the liver stores lots of vitamins) and also has prime antioxidants enzymes like Glutathione, SOD, CoCQ10, Coenzyme A etc. You can buy dessicated liver at any health shop or weight training shop. They are big tablets -- so I just chew them to powder(a bit meaty!! ) and swish them down with water. I wouldn't start your son on dessicated liver tabs though until after he is cured of candida (liver is meat).

* Consider getting a hair analysis done on your son's hair(not expensive). Then you will know exactly what minerals he is lacking in his diet and you can adjust his supplements or diet accordingly. The hair analysis will also reveal what heavy metals and other poisons he may still have in excess in his body and if there is a problem then you will more adequately be able to focus on detox remedies that will get rid of any particular excess heavy metal or excess halide problem etc.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Ellen (London ) on 03/21/2013

There is no supplement cure, look into NAET?

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Sadie (Gwent) on 03/20/2013

Does anyone know of a remedy for salicylate allergy, I am treating my son's leaky gut but he is still reacting to foods containing high levels of these. Thank you.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Sadie (Gwent) on 03/20/2013

Bill, I have read your latest posts on humic/fulvic acid. I am using a liquid supplement with my son currently but want to try the powder form once that runs out. Is better to just purchase the humic acid and not a blend of humic and fulvic since you advise it's the humic acid that's of most use for the body. Also I order to remove any possible metals in the powder is it enough to use just the iodine as I do not have sodium thiosulphate and do not want to purchase unless really needed.

Lastly, you have helped me immensely in helping to heal my son's gut, I just wanted to check in terms of dosages can he remain on the vit c, iodine, magnesium, b vits and selenium etc etc once he is healed or should I reduce frequency once he is well. I give him two days off as recommended currently.

Thank you again

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Sadie (Gwent) on 03/14/2013

Just thought would give an update in case it's helpful to anyone else.

My son has been on Bill's protocol for a month now. The only omissions were pau d'arco -I did start him on them but it was too much with evrything else. The other omission was borax though he has had some doses I haven't been consistent again due to too many remedies. I will however be using this remedy in due course

Other things I did was homemade coconut milk for many months, cooked from scratch, bone broths, lots of fresh garlic, tumeric, ginger and onions in all his foods. More recently I added in homemade kefir (thank you for those who posted on EC about Kefir). There have been changes already. I think because we had been on the anti candida diet for months prior to the protocol it was easier although we still have a long way to go. Improvements with itchy scalp - he used to scratch his scalp every night in his sleep though there was nothing I could see, he used to have bad stomach cramps and skin breakouts on cheeks. Now there is hardly any scratching, he is sleeping so much better, his skin is improving. The biggest change came with the addition of kefir -coconut milk home made kefir. Within days of this addition the improvements came. He is tolerating more foods and we are making progress.

I want to thank Bill and everyone else who posts as much advice from EC helped me. We still have a long way to go but we are moving in the right direction.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Sadie (Gwent) on 03/04/2013

I have ordered the Borax and found an old post from ted regarding dosages. Am a bit nervous as dont want him to experience bad die off. I tried low dose probiotic with homemade coconut milk yoghurt which early days seems to be helping. I was debating between using a high dose probiotic or trying Kefir - I will attempt to make this at home!

Any advice appreciated. I know its going to be a long journey and I wont be giving up but would appreciate any advice

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Sadie (Gwent) on 02/28/2013

Thank you Bill and Ed. I have been reading as much as I can about borax and have ordered some in powder form. I have read the info from bill via the link he provided but bit confused. For my son do I make the concentrated solution of one teaspoon per Litre of water and then use 1/8th teaspoon of this concentrate in 100ml of water for my son to drink once a day outside meal times? Help please. After what I have read I want to try this especially as he is struggling to get rid of excess mucous which I think Isis body detoxing. On a plus side the dark circles that suddenly appeared are nearly gone soi think something is working - I hope it is!

Onanother note I want to make yoghurt to add his probiotic - can anyone recommend a good one in powder form that is dairy free as its coconut milk yoghurt I want to make

Thank you all your help.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines ) on 02/28/2013

Hi Baldev... Yes, you should really take borax water, as you say, outside mealtimes because of its alkalinity -- I always take it this way. The borax water dosage is used to kill fungus and helps arthritis.

You can also combine and mix in smaller amounts of borax into Ted's sodium bicarb and water or lemon/lime and SB alkalizing remedies and take the borax like that.

Another way to take borax is illustrated by the research of Dr Rex Newham, an Australian researcher, who discovered that borax, when taken in 60 mg dose every day, cured his own severe arthritis in only a few months -- because arthritis is usually associated with mycoplasma infection and, as you probably know, borax kills mycoplasma.

Walter Last also has much praise for Borax:

The Borax Conspiracy

Unfortunately, health shops still sell boron (same as borax) in only 3 mgs to 6 mgs per pill dosages according to the standard RDA. Such a low dosage won't kill much fungus and will have a very slow beneficial effect -- if any -- on arthritis.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Ed2010 (Oakville, Canada) on 02/27/2013

Once the gut infection is cured, vitamin B12 production will be normalized. I am following your thread. Good Health

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Sadie (Gwent) on 02/27/2013

Thank you, Bill. I will think about the borax-child dose being 100mg a day in water.

Lab results revealed high level of the e choli and klebsiella and low levels good bacteria. The rest was clear so am not sure. I will have to consider the borax if no improvement, just too much for him to take all vitamins etc at the moment. There is family history of low b12 levels and he has just developed slight dark circles under eyes so am bit worried. My doctors are not much help as physically and emotionally he presents very well and not atypical leaky gut candidate.

Thank you.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Baldev (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) on 02/27/2013 185 posts

Hi Bill, My question is on Borax, when it is recommended 1/4 teaspoon for men and 1/8 teaspoon for women with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in one litre of water to be consumed during the day for candida. Borax being highly alkaline, is it correct to be advised that this water be drank two hrs. before the meal and one hour after the meal or outside the meal time? I expect your advice soon. Thanks


Bill's Protocol
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 02/26/2013

Hi Sadie... I usually recommend the betaine, protease enzymes, sea salt and sodium bicarbonate remedy for people who either have GERD issues or for people who are losing weight too rapidly(insufficient digestion and insufficient nutrient absorption in the intestines.).

There are two main ways that infections can arise in the intestines -- either after a physical trauma like gastroenteritis(like your son had) -- and if your doctor also gave your son antibiotics for gastroenteritis then this will further act to kill all the beneficial bacteria in his gut and would also encourage the upward spread of both candida and other pathogens from his lower intestines. Use of anti-biotics is still the major cause of dysbiosis and the main cause of problems like candida and leaky gut syndrome.

The other way that intestinal infections occur is if the stomach acid is to weak. Bacteria and other pathogens then have free reign to pass into the upper intestines with the food without being first destroyed by the strong stomach acid. This outcome will also encourage the spread of candida and other pathogens in the intestines and throughout the body.

I see no reason why your son should not use the betaine/protease enzyme protocol -- this protocol will act to improve his digestion as well as act to kill all pathogens incoming with his food. This protocol will also stop the spread of candida and other pathogens into the stomach and esophageal regions.

If you still have trouble curing your sons leaky gut and candida then there may be several reasons for this. Candida, as well as other pathogens, can hide and can protect themselves from immune system or nutrient attack by hiding in biofilms in the mucus lining of the gut. The other reason is that mycoplasma -- a fungal-like bacteria -- can also be involved with leaky gut problems. Mycoplasma are hard to kill. Borax is a strong anti-fungal that also kills mycoplasma. Borax also has surfactant properties that disrupts biofilms which helps to more fully expose pathogens in the gut. So you should perhaps reconsider using borax if this is the case. Borax is the ultimate anti-fungal.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Satie (Gwent) on 02/26/2013

Thank you, Bill. We have done just over a week of your protocol but have been on the anti-candida diet for months. In the first week he developed a rash a temperature and huge amounts of mucous which he is struggling to expel. I had to use a liquid fulvic/humic supplement recommended on this site in the end. It's too early to say as his is a bad case but am hopeful as it will take time.

I am wondering should he be put on digestive enzymes and betaine as I am retreading all your previous posts or can I just stick to your recommended protocol for him. It's a challenge to get everything in him but I don't want to miss anything so double checking. I am hoping to start probiotics next week as his good bacteria levels came back very low Thank you again.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 02/22/2013

Hi Sadie... Just to be clear -- use no more than 4 drops of lugols iodine per day as four separate one drop doses with vitamin c. You could perhaps give your son up to 6 drops of LI but no more than that per day.

Kids are always catching colds etc -- I don't think this is caused by anything in the remedies advised. But because of the candida -- his immune system will be low. The rash might be due to bromine detox caused by taking the LI -- which detoxes bromide from cells and puts it into the blood. So if the liver is too stressed and cant handle excreting the bromine then the skin tries to excrete it and thats what can cause the rash.

The solution to the rash problems involves taking sea salt every day which helps to get rid of the bromine quickly.

See these links:

Bromide Dominance in the Body

Bromine Detox -- Symptoms and Strategies

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Sadie (Gwent) on 02/20/2013

Sorry to bother you again Bill, but I just want to double check the dosage for the Iodine - I have started him off slowly and we are at two drops a day (split dose). Is it 4 drops per vitamin c ascorbate solution a day (overall 12 for the day) that we need to work up to as this seems a lot.

He has come out with a cough and slight rash (I am starting all dosages slow and waiting to introduce other remedies eg pau d arco a little later). Is the cough likely detox?

Thank you.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Sadia (Gwent) on 02/15/2013

Thank You so much Bill, I have a lot to learn but am willing. I was just worried about potential detox symptoms whilst breastfeeding but I have started the remedies slowly as I dont want my second child to suffer as my first. It seems as if my eldest's leaky gut developed after a bout of gasteroenteritis - his only bout. Despite my best efforts genetics also has a role to play but I am confident with your protocol he will recover.

I am having trouble finding the fulvic/humic acid - the health store hadn't even heard of it! I will do my best to try and track it down. I have the glutamine powder and will convert to child dose.

Thank you for your help and God bless you.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 02/13/2013

Hi Sadie... Regarding child dosages -- if you are unsure then this is the way to calculate them.

My calculations are based on an average adult weight of 150 lbs. Say your child weighs 30 lbs. So, for example, to calculate a safe dose of nutrient for a 250 mg adult dose of magnesium gluconate for a child, here is the calculation:

30/150 X 250 (adult dose) = 50 mgs (child dose)

Regarding your worries over borax, the adult dose recommended on this site is between 500mgs(1/8 tspn) and 1000 mgs(1/4 tspn) per day in water. The boron capsules that you have bought from the health store will only have a per pill boron or borax content of between 3 mgs and 6 mgs -- so there's one heck of a difference between them. Add to this that the MSDS toxicity of boron is very nearly the same toxicity as for ordinary table salt and so I don't think you have much to worry about.

I also think that your health fears on breast feeding baby are unfounded. It makes complete sense to take nutrients while breast feeding your child - these nutrients are bound to make your baby healthier. Another essential aspect of breast feeding your own child is that the mother helps to protect the child by transferring elements of her own immune system via the milk into the child. This fact helps to train the baby's immune system and thereby protect the baby against illness. As well, I regard proper amounts of iodine in mother's milk absolutely essential for the baby's protection. This transfer of iodine from the mother to the child via breast milk is alsoknown, from research, to help proper brain development in the child. Research has also discovered that higher amounts of iodine in mother's milk has a direct and positive relationship with the eventual intelligence outcome of the child when it reaches adulthood.

For leaky gut - I would give your son glutamine (amino acid), fulvic/humic acid(aka shilajit) and aloe vera oil. I actually prefer using the fresh gel from the actual leaf of aloe vera but this can be difficult to get. This is a fairly strong protocol that should help to heal your son's intestines. The rest of the candida protocol that I have given you should work to stop the pathogens causing the leaky gut problem in the first place.

The nutrients (adult dosages) that I advise are shown here (from my anti-candida protocol):

Additional Support with Vitamin and Mineral Supplements (Optional)
* Vitamin C - Taken in the more alkaline form of Sodium Ascorbate -- at least 1000 mgs three times a day. Vit C is an anti-oxidant and also chelates heavy metals from the body as well.

* Magnesium -- Taken as Mag Chloride, Mag Citrate or Mag Gluconate. Dosage: 250 mgs twice a day. Magnesium Oil (40% water 60% magnesium chloride) cab also be used transdermally. Magnesium is involved in over 300 major enzyme and coenzyme body processes and also gets rid of any staph or strep bacteria quite well. Magnesium Chloride is the best form of magnesium to take in my opinion. See this link: http://curezone.com/art/...D=49&db=5&C0=74

* Take at least 2 tablespoons of Virgin Coconut Oil(VCO) per day with meals to help constipation and intestinal issues. VCO contains mainly medium chain saturated acids, very protective for the intestines, liver and blood. Contains lauric acid, caproic acid, capric acid, caprylic acid and myristic acid -- these act as anti-microbials helping to destroy the candida as well as protecting the intestines from any further external microbial invasion. I don't use vegetable oils anymore, I cook only with VCO now.

* Zinc gluconate or zinc acetate - Helps to support the immune system. 25mgs - 50mgs taken for one week, then take this dose once a week thereafter.

* Natural Sea Salt or Fulvic/Humic Acid. Both of these will act in the same way as absorption synergists as well as helping to create a healthy intestine and help to supply other important and much needed micro-minerals to your body. See these links:

* Selenium - 200 mcg twice a day at mealtimes. Selenium helps remove mercury and supports the liver and thyroid. There is no need to take this dose if you are also already taking the recommended liver support(which includes selenium).

* Vitamin B3 - as niacin or niacinamide. Dosage: 500 mgs twice a day. Be aware of the "niacin flush" effect if you take the niacin form. Niacin is anti-candida and supports the liver, digestion and is relaxing for the body.

* Take B50 Complex three times a week - this is beneficial for digestion and will also help fight candida. It also acts synergistically when higher dose B3 is also supplemented.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Sadie (Gwent) on 02/12/2013

Thank you for your previous advice, Bill, for my son. Which vitamins and minerals should I place him on in addition to your previous recommendations. He is on bone broth and I have started vitamin c and will start lugols, sodium bicarbonate soon and the magnesium. I am waiting for the boron and pau Darco. I am just a little anxious as naturopath said no die off as its leaky gut but having read everything here there must be something in his intestine.

I have not been able to find boron tablets with a child dose, is there anything else I can use for my son instead? I am worried my eighteen month old may have candida issue, he is still breastfed as was my eldest and I have started the anti candida diet but am wary of trying too many remedies as I am still breastfeeding. Is it safe for me to? I will start slow and use some of the remedies as a starting point. Is it ok to build up slowly or do I need to use all at once?

Thank you in advance and sorry for all my questions. I have nowhere else to turn.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Sadie (Gwent, Gwent, UK) on 02/07/2013

Thank you so much

We cut out all processed foods months ago and have been dairy, soya, egg, corn, sugar, fruit, nightshade free as well. His diet is very restricted because the leaky gut has caused so many allergies. I started bone broth two weeks ago and will slowly start the rest. We are also wheat, cereal grain free also. Bill I have faith your protocol will work. Will curing the leaky gut resolve the allergy issues?

Can I give magnesium baths to him or do I wait and start the recovery protocol recommended by bill

Thank you so much to you both

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Ed2010 (Oakville, Canada) on 02/07/2013

Before what to give, you should consider what to stop.

* Stop using microwave for heating foods. If you eat foods heated with microwave it is like eating tiny atomic bombs.
* No MSG, Dye, colors, preservatives.
* To rejuvenate the intestine drink green juices: Wheat Grass Juice, Cabbage Juice, Carrot Juice (Excellent Healer for intestine).
* Red Miso Soup - Provides amino acids to rebuild the intestine.
* Vitamin C Supplements starting from 1gm/day - 2 gm/day.
* Vitamin B-complex
* Bone Broth.

The aboves will slowly rejuvenate the intestines. There are thousands of remedies. Judge the best for the body.

Good Health.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 02/06/2013

Hi Sadie... The best thing you can do for your young son is to watch his diet -- absolutely no sugar, no fatty foods or junk foods, no sweets, no wheat and keep dairy to a minimum. The whole protocol(for adults) and anti-candida diet guidelines are shown at this link and the diet should be strictly followed.

Also the following protocol will help to kill off the candida:

* Vitamin C (Ascorbate powder form). Give him 500 mgs(1/8 tsp) three times a day together in water with 4 drops of SSKI (Saturated Solution of Potassium Iodide) at mealtimes. You can add this all together as a fresh drink for him. You can also use Nascent Iodine instead of SSKI if you prefer.

* Pau D'Arco capsules. This will also help to kill the candida. Take the recommended child dose on the bottle.

* Add 5 drops of Magnesium Oil to a glass of water for him to drink every day. This will help his leaky gut problem.

*Take boron tablets bought from a health store and take the recommended child dosage. Boron or borax is a wonderful fungal killer.

* Buy some sodium bicarbonate tablets from the chemist and give him one tablet(500 mgs approx) three times a day outside mealtimes with water. This will help to alkalize his intestines and body and will also help to kill off the candida.

* Taking a half tspn to one teaspoon of castor oil mixed 50/50 with coconut oil every day will also help to kill off the candida in his gut.

* Your son should also take a full range of vitamins and mineral nutrients every day to help raise his own immune system back to a healthy state again.

* Use an Iodine-based mouthwash like Betadine to get rid of any candida in the mouth.

There is also likely to be a die-off period when you suddenly kill such a large amount of candida and this tends to accentuate the candida symptoms for a while and is completely normal. But if the die-off becomes too severe you may have to reduce and/or vary the dosages for your son.

Bill's Protocol
Posted by Sadie (Gwent, Uk) on 02/06/2013

Bill, Please help. After nearly four years and multiple food allergies my four year old son has been diagnosed with leaky gut. Please can you advise of a suitable protocol for him. We are already on an anti candida diet and bone broth. His diagnosis came after I took him to naturopath whose testing confirmed what I by now suspected. Please can you help.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tanya (Kinnear, Wyoming) on 12/05/2012

Silvia, I hope you have found relief. You have the same symptoms as I had. My lips and eyes and the area around my mouth got to where if I touched the skin, it would flake off. All the diets conflict! I got to where I was literally scaring children with my swollen, scarred, bleeding face. I decided to go to an actual allergist. Upon first sight - he said I had food allergies (symptom of leaky gut). I did all the tests. I ended up on a vegetarian diet - sardines and raw milk are my only animal protien. After cutting out the culpret foods, it took only 3 days to clear up - really. I'm not completely free of the problem and am trying to find a M.D./Naturpath that deals with this. From my research I blame both antibiotics and genetically modified food, esp corn for the leaky gut. I recommend seeing an actual allergist first.

B Vitamins
Posted by Had (White River Jct, Vermont) on 06/02/2012

Sylviag from Vista, Ca; A fast result on leaky gut, to stop it NOW while you continue to clean out and detox yourself, just take Betaine (Hydrocholoric Acid-sp) w/ any meat in your diet. You mentioned in other posts about yogurt, have it be from RAW milkmake it at home, kefir is even better, or at minimum organic milk yogurt (commercial milk is extrememly bad for you, most don't realize many of their 'health issues' stem from this gross 'healthy' product and you are having allergic reactions to it) And about EVC, it is antiseptic/viral/bacterial, it has the best fats in the correct ratio for optimum health, it cleanses and detoxifies, you can use it for oil pulling, cooking, skin and hair care, and raw, just in a smoothie or coffee or straight. The key to making sure this works, organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil, it should smell like fresh coconut, if there is no smell it is not the good stuff. and the process for extraction shouldn't be through high heat, it kills what makes it so good.

B Vitamins
Posted by Had (White River Jct, Vermont) on 06/02/2012

connie, for the dry skin, put EVC in small wide mouth jar, add raw shea butter, and/or calandula oil. Put hot water in your sink, (cover jar tightly) put in jar of mix and in about 10-20 min you will have a melted mixture that is great for moisturizing. Also, I have dry skin, I found to pump this up for 'longer' moisture, put it on at the end of your shower, BEFORE you dry off. Then just 'blot' or air dry (you can do this just w/ EVC as well). you also may want to read remedies on this site for low thyroid, the dry skin is a symptom of this, pay attention to the iodine info--the best for long term results.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Had (White River Jct, Vermont) on 06/02/2012

Sylviag from Vista, Ca, oil of oregano is a systemic candida killer. take 1-2 caps a day for a month and no wheat/gluten, sugar, starches as they feed the candida.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Francisca (Zug, Zug, Switzerland) on 01/05/2012

Brad, from everything I have read lean meat is never a good idea. Fat phobia comes from governmental indoctrination and even them are changing their old mantra. If you are interested in the subject you might like to read Barry Grove's Trick and Treat or else Fat and Cholesterol are good for you. Two excellent books with loads of information!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sam (NY) on 01/04/2012

Hello Mary, I have been suffering from this condition since August 2011 - but had it 13 years ago as well. I now have it under control as I have identified the issue and hope to cure it. Did you manage to get help or information that you found fitting for you? You mentioned that you received a paper on how it would be treated by a physician - what was that treatment? I guess you did not like what they planned to do so that is the reason to seek folk remedies.

I was told that there is no cure - but I had been better for 13 years - back then I also suffered from urticaria as well. Via an elimination diet I have identified all the foods that trigger the angioedema - for me it is all proteins, some fruits and veggies. In addition, I take L-glutamine (1 tsp first thing in the morning and last thing at night). This is due to leaky gut syndrome - there is a lot of information on the internet about this.

As I have said before, my doctor told me there was no cure but I have been fine for 13 years. By not consuming the foods that irritate my intestines it can then regenerate itself. Therefore. I eat generous amounts of predigested (hydrolyzed) protein, fruits, non-starchy vegetables, and olive or coconut oil. I found this link - hope it is ok to post it. http://www.betterbodycare.com/Solutions/Causes/LeakyGut.htm I have been following this regimen and every so often - I test myself my eating protein (normal meals) to find out whether I am better or simply because I want to eat again like a normal person. I then have to take anti-histamines to reduce the angioedema which is not a good thing as my kidneys are then affected. I have learnt not to be hasty.

As I am currently living with this condition and I am not yet well - it would be great to learn how others are coping and whether the information I have provided is useful.

All the best,


Dietary Changes
Posted by Brad (Providence, Rhode Island) on 01/03/2012

Hi, my 2 cents is that you can take all the supplements in the world but you need to follow a Leaky gut healing diet. As long as you are putting the same toxins in your system it will probably exist. Try getting Dr. Robert youngs book The Ph Miracle. As far as leaky gut diet it will probably be veggies 80% of the time and lean meats, then after some time you can incorporate other things. Good luck. I am not a Dr. just putting my 2 cents in.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sylviag (Vista, Ca, Usa) on 11/03/2011

Regarding my post from 11/02--I bought potassium IODIDE -not OXIDE- sorry--that brain fog is still present!

Today will be my third day to take 2 drops in 8 oz of water and was hoping to hear that this was OK--have also read many past posts to give your body a rest--maybe 4-5 days on and then 2 days off? This was regarding the alkalzing formula and also the hydrogen peroxide---is it always a good thing to give your body a day or two OFF--no matter what you are treating?

With the candida--I know I cannot let up on the dietary plan--but was wondering about the supplements?

Dietary Changes
Posted by Jen (Bozeman, Mt, Us) on 11/03/2011

The compound that you have purchased is actually not iodine at all. It is potassium and oxygen. I don't know much about it but I believe it is a fertilizer of some sort. I would purchase lugol's from amazon if I were you. It has iodine and iodide in it. Our bodies need both forms for different organs and tissues. The form of iodine you will find in the medical section of your grocery store (betadine or iodine) should not be ingested as it has ingredients that are not meant to be ingested. This form of iodine has been used for wounds for many years but the FDA has "stabilizer's" put in it so that we do not consume it. You can apply it to your skin for transdermal absorption but it has alcohol in it and may cause some drying if you apply it to your face. I apply it to my thyroid when I have been forgetful with my iodorol (which is the pill form of lugol's). I prefer taking iodorol to lugol's for convenience reason's but I give my children the liquid form of lugol's and purchase it from amazon. You can take as many as 100 mg (some say as much as 200 mg)of lugol's/ iodorol per day if you want. I take 12.5 to 50 mg dailey. Here is a helpful website that shows some studies on dosage etc..


If you take 12.5 mg per day you should reach iodine sufficiency within a year.

If you take 50 mg you should reach iodine sufficiency within 3 months.

If you take 100 mg you should reach iodine sufficiency in under 7 weeks..

At sufficiency you can then use a maintanance dose of 6.25 to 12.5 mg daily. Or you can continue taking large doses as your body excretes any unused iodine through your kidneys though it is possibly a waste of money to do so.

Just be forwarned that the more you take the more severe the detox of bromide and flouride may be in the beginning. I became fairly ill when taking 100 mg and ended up taking 50 mg along with Vit c (1500 mg) Magnesium (400 mg) and Selenium (400 mcg) to keep the detox symptoms at bay. You should always take these three along with iodine to keep from causing an imbalance in these three vital nutrients. Omega 3's should be taken with iodine as well if you do not consume enough fish and/or flax regularly.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sylviag (Vista, Ca) on 11/02/2011

Hello all--have been working very hard at healing and getting back to my old self. Had a question about iodine as I have wanted to add things as I go along and did purchase some decolorized iodine at my local market and think I maybe should have just order the lugol's from Amazon.

This is potassium oxide (225 mcg) and says to take two drops in 8 oz of water. Yesterday was my first day and I thought I felt terrific---also applying with a q-tip to area around mouth and chin that still have inflammation-- not pimples as some have described their perioral derm--not red raised anymore--just the whole area is red and smooth and still is flaking due to the heat--then using Vit E.

I'm doing the borax/sea salt/peroxide 5 days on -2 days off and also still doing Ted's alkalizing formula am and pm.

The question is --is one form of the iodine better than another--should I use this and then switch to the 2% or 5% lugol's?

I am striving for "progress" not "perfection" as someone once told me---but this time has been a real struggle.. thanks for anyone's thoughts in advance.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sylviag (Vista, Ca, Usa) on 10/18/2011

Hello Timh, Thanks-I am not familiar with those two items but will research them and find out. I spend hours everyday reading old and new posts by TED and everyone else and when my eyes begin to glaze over--I know I've had enough information.

This morning I found an old post from Ted that suggested 1/4 tsp borax, 1 capful of (3%) hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 tsp sea salt in 1 liter of water--drink thru out the day---that I can do--when it starts getting too tech -or mag this, cal that--I start getting confused---thanks for your input--how long ago did you have candida and how did you know when you were RID of it---and the leaky gut?

Dietary Changes
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Usa) on 10/18/2011 2063 posts

Sylviag, as for the healing of the leaky gut, I use DGL and Allantoin with favorable results.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sylviag (Vista, Ca, Usa) on 10/17/2011

Reread my recent post and wanted to add--what is confusing for me--since there is so much information--I really get confused as to what to try and the strength and what you have to take with it to compliment or make it work efficently. So--it is the hydrogen peroxide or, iodine or borax specifically that I'm thinking about adding but do not know how much or with what--thanks--just wanted to clarify that!

I appreciate the feedback--I know compared to some people's trouble this doesn't seem like a big deal but it has about destroyed my self esteem to have my face look and feel so bad.. many blessings to you all.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sylviag (Vista, Ca,usa) on 10/17/2011

Hello--wanted to post an update on my problem (per derm, candida and leaky gut) and detail where I'm at.... Decided to try a 7 day nutritional cleanse as I'm not that good at putting together all of the right stuff. It was 4 days of a cleanse/intestinal rejuvinator) and then 3 days of a detox and I think it really has helped--while I was doing it I continued to use my vits and probiotics and I would say it is about 80% under control. I was still using the ACV topically as well as in my ears for the flaking but did not do lime/baking soda or ACV internally.

I finished the cleanse on Saturday and started on a anti-inflamatory diet and a liquid candida product on Sunday that you take 1 capful in the am and another in the pm--and I have also gone back on 3 tbls. of ACV in 12 oz that I drink thru the day and also the lime/baking soda am and pm.

I want to add something else but don't know which to try-iodine or borax? My Np is aware of the iodine use and said it is important to add magnesium citrate-I am taking a bath in Epsom salts every day--but am unclear if that is sufficient? My TSH, 3rd generation is 2. 31--and she said that was high? I'm glad for my progress and understand it can be months--I'm determined to get RDI of this--this time and not having to work has allowed me time to put ice on and a cream which calms it down. Oh, also still using coconut oil internally and externally and bought calendula oil. Thanks for all of you input--I really appreciate it!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 10/11/2011

Silvia, re the iodine you can get lugols online.. it is safe to take internally. Also for iodine you need the companion nutrients to have with it. Magnesium, selenium (brazil nuts), and vitamin c.

I use magnesium chloride in a bath or epsom salts. It's a better way to get magnesium into the body. I take 2 brazil nuts per day and between 1-3 gram vitamin c (sodium ascorbate)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sylviag (Vista, Ca Usa) on 10/10/2011

Hello --and thanks for the tip on how to navigate the pages--worked like a charm! I did not realize that I was missing some of the posts either and I also responded to Maria but it was Debbie re the orange powder--Ha--I'll get better at this I'm sure!

Anyway--have had sort of a break thru--have been thinking I was doing real well by eating yogurt with my frozen blueberries at night (instead of ice cream) and picked up Deepak Chopra's book last night to see if he says anything re oil pulling and I saw a reference to yogurt --so I thought I'd read what he had to say and yogurt is absolutely "OUT" for a Pitta personality--which supposedly I am---so no more yogurt. I am trying a colon cleanse and not eating bread or pasta and sticking with the brown rice/fish/chicken/veggies and one or two fruits a day and lots of water. I am off of work for a few weeks and trying to relax and I think if I can venture out tomorrow--will get the iodine-- I understand you can get the iodine that doesn't stain and to dab with a q-tip onto my chin (sounds horrendous--worse than the ACV! ) but how /how much to ingest if I were to try that?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Maria (Gippsland, Australia) on 10/10/2011

Hi Sylviag, I had the same problem with reading the screen, sometimes it was ok and others not. Then my Hubby showed me how to alter it. On your keyboard press the key Ctrl (control) and whilst still holding it down you press the - (minus) key. You can do it again if it is still not small enough. If it goes to small then you press the Ctrl key and hold it down whilst you press the (plus) key. Happy digesting!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sylviag (Vista, Ca, Usa) on 10/09/2011

Hello Maria--NOO I did not think you were being negative--I appreciate everyone's input. The orange stuff was to repair the intestines and I had used it before and thought it helped-- I am trying to keep up with all of the suggestions and you are right--you have to "digest them all! I'm going to read up on the iodine--that was never mentioned before.

I do have a problem navigating this site--I try to make the font as small as possible and still have to read and move the screen left and write--also the "donate" and "share your feedback" tabs do not go away and I have to "read" around them. Thanks! Sylvia

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Maria (Gippsland, Australia) on 10/09/2011

Hello again, Regarding juicing, what we ended up doing was taking barley grass or wheat grass powder mixed into 1/2 glass water followed by a glass of water as a chaser, 2x a day. I would buy a tub of one then the next time the other so as to get the benefits of both. We are about to start having some barley grass again. Anyway, I'll leave you to digest all the sugestions you have received. You will find your answers as you keep searching and trying things out. All the best, Maria

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Maria (Gippsland, Australia) on 10/09/2011

Hi Sylviag, I do not know the digestacure caps you mentioned but aloe vera juice is recommended for healing the gut so you may get better results from the juice. I remember using a particular brand of nutrients that was good but then I noticed they weren't working as well - found out later they were bought out by a different company. Slippery elm powder taken with aloe vera juice in water before meals is also beneficial.

Some people also add acidophilous powder (or just take capsules) and glutamine powder and drink it 1/2 hour before 2 meals a day. It may be easiest just to try them as one drink and see if you get any help. I have only just remembered a young man, who was diagnosed early, he took slippery elm and aloe juice in water before each meal with a probiotic and he is fine now. He also had peppermint tea during the day. We did not know about glutamine then. If you can take time off work it would help to lower your stress, stress being an aggravator of both your conditions. The main thing it would do is give you time to treat yourself and in between everything you have to do you might get some rest!

Seriously though leaky gut is a precursor to chronic fatigue. Before taking time off it would pay to work out what you are going to do and have everything you need before you start.

Bill (from the Philippines) has written about candida here, he is the 3rd post on the page. https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/mystery-diagnosis.html#BILL

It would be worth asking your Dr to do a blood test for celiacs and gluten intolerance seeing as you reacted to the birthday cake. Once you know either way it will make your diet decisions easier. If you do not have any problem with gluten but still have a problem with some grains then it might be the chemicals they use in storing them and in the bleaching process. Sleep is very important and I found that to break the sleepless cycle I have used tryptophan or 5htp. Taken 1 hour before bed, definitely not with any protein. Now I put a cd of music on to drop off too. All the best.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 10/09/2011

Silvia, not meaning to be negative, but why would you want to try an "orange flavoured product" to supplement your diet. What is the product flavoured/sweetened with? What are the ingredients? Especially if you have dermatitis, I would be wary of adding processed products to the mix, even if they are "healthy" products. The same applies to the protein mix you were adding to your juices. They probably have MSG and/or aspartame added.

You are better off adding "whole foods" to the mix spirulina/chlorella which are both good for the liver as well.

For the dermatitis, I read recently that idodine applied to the skin with "natural" vitamin E (not synthetic) will help dermatitis. You could try a small patch to test it. Iodine taken internally also will help your leaky gut.

From the iodine section on earthclinic:

"Using decolorized iodine for the face, take a q-tip and dab the dermatitis with iodine. If this is not on your face, you can use regular iodine. But it will stain you orange for a few hours. If your dermatitis is on sensitive skin around your nose, like me, it will burn like crazy when you apply the iodine. Don't inhale the fumes while it is drying (takes about 10 seconds to dry). After it dries, apply some natural vitamin e oil. I open a large capsule and use that for several days before it runs out. Your skin will redden from the iodine and dry out, but the vitamin e will heal it and keep it from flaking. Keep this area moist with vitamin e oil all day and night if possible. Do the topical iodine for 2 days, 3x a day. After the 2nd day, cut the iodine back to 1x a day. However, you will still want to keep the vitamin e oil on all day. After 3 days of 1x daily application of iodine, cut the iodine back to every other day. Continue every other day for 10 days (or less). Keep up the vitamin e oil every day until the dermatitis has disappear completely. Let me tell you, the iodine and vitamin 3 oil starts to work on clearing up the dermatitis in about 24 hours! Initially the skin will look red and inflamed, but don't worry... the vitamin e speeds up the healing process."

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sylviag (Vista, Ca, Usa) on 10/08/2011

Thank you for your post Maria--My husband just left for the store to get me some milk thistle--I have heard that was good for the liver--I'm also going to try a product I used before--it is an orange flavored powder-you mix with water--I think you can do just that for a few days or supplement to your "diet". It is supposed to repair your intestines. I never dreamed that I could be doing something bad for my body by juicing everyday--I'd use banana, strawberries, blueberries, orange, carrot, spinach, kale-whatever I had either fresh or frozen--added protein powder or yogurt and made a blender FULL and had it all day--I loved it. I have had a rash before and it wasn't just on my face--it showed up on my inner thigh and also on my arms--but this has just localized on my chin and throat and now involves my lips.... my Dr wants to "try" prednizone" --but I resisted--she is talking about writing me off work for a few weeks--I may do it.

I'm exhausted from the pain and itch and trying to keep up with all of the remedies--and then most of the time I don't know what to eat. Was going to have oatmeal (old fashioned kind you cook) but the box said it is processed in a facility with wheat and I don't know if I should try to stay gluten free or not. My son-in-law has celiacs and my daughter has been very helpful about what is or is no gluten free. Thanks again for the suggestions! Sylvia

Dietary Changes
Posted by Connie (Slc, Ut) on 10/08/2011

Hi Sylviag ; Yes, I believe that the B12, and other B's may be adjusted in quantity for an individual's particular needs. I've done that in the past, and I'm doing it again now that I've found what seems to be a proper amount of B12 for now. For instance, I increased B6 for a while to see if I could improve digestion, (it helps form HCL), fatigue, (I still have some), and sleep. ( getting proper sleep is my most complicated endeavor). I increased B6 to 50-75 mgs. daily, and it improved digestion and fatigue, but it worsened my sleep. I lowered the amount back to 35 mg. Or so. I increased B5 to 500 mgs. daily, and my energy and mood improved, but my sleep was shortened and delayed. I'm at about 250 mgs. of B5, (pantothenic acid), now. It's good for moods, fatigue, and regularity. I believe that some of us may need to customize our supplements. You may find as time goes, that the B12 will help make you more resistant to pollutants, such as nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, and molds. It has even been found to decrease one's sensitivity to glutamate (msg), along with B6. I have also found that my lung function is better, and I have fewer infections in my lungs and gums. (these areas have been my most vulnerable). Iodine has also been very helpful against toxins and infections. It's another substance that is most effective when the correct amount is discovered by the individual who takes it.

Now, as for dietary practices, Lentils are very nutrient dense and they don't need as much soaking to inactivate the enzyme inhibitors. They are also particularly active with enzymes and nutrients when sprouted. I like them both raw and cooked. I do flavor them with garlic and herbs. (I need alot of flavor. ) I make my own dressings because then I know what's in them. With grains, I know that many people have trouble digesting most of them, so they are wise to discover and avoid the ones that cause trouble. I believe that some grains, when prepared properly, can be good for certain people. Most grains need soaking, sprouting, and or fermenting to be available for digestion. Brown rice is considered to be the most easily digestible. ( I like to add wild rice to the mix). This discussion peaks my appetite, which is good!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sylviag (Vista, Ca Usa) on 10/07/2011

Dear Jess,

Thank you so much for your post --it is a wonderful thing that so many people are willing to share their stories!

I too have taken antibiotics but this time I only took them for 3 weeks (oracea) out of the 3 month supply because I'm taking alot of probiotics and thought it might be defeating the purpose. Do you recall what you took--the allergist said that the oracea was the new kid on the block--

My rash is supposedly a manifestation of the leaky gut and probably candida too--so my Dr thinks--and she is pretty homeopathic in her practice so we talk about how these meds and steroid creams can help at first but then when you stop... Who knows?

At my age (62)--I think it just takes longer to heal than it used to and I'm under considerable stress from my job--so I'm trying to relax and work on me for a change. Thanks again and I hope yours "stays" gone!


Dietary Changes
Posted by Sylviag (Vista, Ca, usa) on 10/07/2011

Hello Connie--not sure if I'm feeling anything from the B-12 and have been putting under the tongue as you suggested-because I have had alot of open skin this time--I'm concerned about picking up an infection of some sort--so have been trying to be careful in that way. The reason I asked about the dosage-am wondering if I could do more--?

I love making soup and will do that--hopefully the weather stays cooler now--altho in sunny Southern CA--we can have hot weather in Oct.. I only have been in CA for 12 yrs--originally from NY-accustomed to lots of snow- so I always have wondered if "it" is worse here because of no frost and different stuff in the air. What do you think about lentils--I have been avoiding any tomato type soups (and spagetti sauce) but I'd love to make a lentil or barley with chicken stock. Thanks for your help! Sylvia

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Maria (Gippsland, Australia) on 10/07/2011

Hi Sylviag, Your perioral dermatitis is probably caused by the leaky gut (Intestinal Permeability). Leaky gut can be caused by candida, parasites, poor digestion, bowel infections, certain drugs like NSAIDs or antibiotics, and I'd be sure there are many more. More than likely it's not just one but a combination. If your not sure about the cause but know you have candida then you could start to treat the candida and include something for parasites as well (like black walnut).

As your body is dealing with extra toxins due to the leaky gut it is important that you give your liver some extra help at this time (eg. Milk thistle, dandelion). You also need to help your digestion with things such as bitter herbs, dandelion, digestive enzymes and ginger.

Juicing is great but with a leaky gut you already have extra toxins (poisons) running around your system, so if the fruit and veg is not organic you will be adding more poisons in the form of herbicides and pesticides for your liver to try and deal with. Protein powders are often made using a bad process so you need to know it is pure and unadulterated. A lot of hydrolyzed protein is made using msg, genetically engineered bacteria and you won't find them on the ingredients list.



Many years ago I was adding an hydrolyzed protein to our veggie juice and I now know it did us more harm. The source they are made from also needs to have all the essential amino acids otherwise it is an incomplete protein. Yes I know there are studies out there that say hydrolyzed proteins are good for us but we also need to look at who funded those same studies!

With leaky gut you end up malnourished with toxic overload. I believe magnesium is an absolute must as it is involved in so many of the processes in the body. Also alkalizing may help, but do it 1/2 - 1 hr after a meal and don't eat for 2 hours after taking it. Both of these may also help your PD. With the PD I would avoid all petrochemicals on your skin. All the best.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Jess (Killeen, Texas) on 10/06/2011

Hi, I have been suffering from Perioral Dermatitis since I was fifteen. Many doctor visits with failed diagnoses. Many medications and lotions which provided minor help and when gone it came back being worse. It burned, itched and it looked like a diaper rash in the face. I had it from ear to ear, under my nose down to my chin.

I finally went to a different doctor. She diagnosed it and gave me a specific kind of antibiotics to take for three months. I had to stay out of sunlight which is hard here in Texas but I was willing to try anything. After about a month I started seeing a difference. After two months it was gone. I continued the antibiotics until finished as prescibed. My doctor also advised me to stay away from anything with fragrance. Perfume, soap, shower gel, make-up, lotion, anything with fragrance. It came down to a complete turnaround of my hygiene products.

I am now 34 years old and find myself having it under control. Its been three years since the three month treatment of antibiotics and I have only used plain water to wash my face, spray body spray on my clothes once pulled over my head (I don't let the spray touch my skin at all), and only use pure mineral make-up. At times I get small patches on the side of my nose or under my chin and notice that they come in times of stress or if I eat certain foods. Almost twenty years of misery and all it took was the right doc. What mine told me worked. I hope this helps. :) Just know your not alone.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Connie (Slc, Ut) on 10/06/2011

Hi Sylviag; I realized that I repeated myself when posting to you last, so I'll bring up some other suggestions that may help. Homemade broths are very soothing and contain amino acids that help rebuild the damaged gut lining. Sally Fallon's and Dr. Mary Enig's cookbook, " Nourishing Traditions", has many delicious recipes, including bone broths, and naturally fermented foods. The recipes are a bit "worky" at first, but the effort is worth it all. The amino acids in the gelatinous broths; proline, glycine, lysine, threonine, etc. help digestion, heal the gut, and are good for the skin, among other things. I make large batches and freeze them. I make them without the onions because we have cats that will eat any amount that I give them. Mostly, I make turkey broth. ( I should make more fish broth. ) My soups and sauces have never tasted so good. I highly recommend it.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Connie (Slc, Ut) on 10/06/2011

Hi Sylviag; I'm glad you're making progress, as it's a bumpy ride that seems to go backwards sometimes. I understand the dietary frustrations too; as I have tried many, so many, nutritious diets for over 25 yrs... Although each taught me something along the way, I still had to develop my own hybrid that will probably shift and change in time as I become more attuned to what works, and what doesn't. So, keep that chin up, and apply some Aloe Vera gel to it. Aloe Vera gel may also be used internally for many gut problems. I have some plants in the house that I snip. Aloe gel can also be found at the "natural store". It has many great properties, anti-inflammatory, for one. It has also been found to aid in the absorption of nutrients such as ; vitamins C, E, and B12. Cool.

As for the B12 supplement, if you feel more comfortable trying a smaller dosage, then, choose that. I'm a strong believer in people who find their own way. But, we need to lead ourselves to follow others, so that we may better lead ourselves, or somesuch.... So the tablet may be divided with a pill cutter. You may even begin with 250-500 mcg. daily in the morning. Let the lozenge dissolve in the mouth rather than swallowing it. Some people feel effects right away, such as increased energy, more joy, etc., and some may not have a change for a month or more. My experience was that some symptoms even worsened in the first month; but I was in a poor state. Many, maybe most people, need a much lower dosage than I take, 5000 mcg. daily. It's difficult to find the correct amount, particularly in the first months, so I encourage you to continue with the optimism you're showing.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sylviag (Vista, Ca Usa) on 10/06/2011

Well--as some have posted before--yesterday was pretty good--last night actually--and then woke up at 4 am with my chin on "FIRE"--all swollen and red-itchy and painful at the same time. Had to do a catered lunch yesterday at noon --so ate a small portion of beans/rice and chicken --and a few tortilla chips--no salsa or burrito-- dinner was a piece of stew beef (no gravy), a few carrots and some brown rice which seems to not bother me. Snack was plain and flavored yogurt-ralphs brand. I did find out my husband had put a few bouillon cubes in the very large casserole dish and they contain MSG--so it might be the culprit cause it certainly saturates the meat? Or the mexican meal?

I am really just about at my wits end--I put ice packs on and finally went back to sleep for about 1 1/2 hrs and it is still on fire--trying everything I can think of--what about hydrogen peroxide ingested? And again--this is supposedly perioral derm--caused by possible leaky gut/candida overgrowth.. Thanks for you help anyone, please!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sylviag (Vista, ca, Usa) on 10/05/2011

Well it has been pretty much of a roller coaster since my last post! I finally got the B-12 sublingual tabs in yesterday so will see what they do for me, Connie. I order thru puritan pride and they were backordered when I got my b-complex ordered. So you think start out with 1000 mcg/day for 6 months?

I actually think I may have had a backlash from the oracea which I tried for 3 weeks and I am doing ACV, coconut oil and also the lime/bs in 4 oz of water twice a day. No open sores but still lots of red, dry flaky. shiny tight skin (think- looks like a gottee! ).

I also tried hydrogen peroxide last night for the first time and that did seem very soothing. I have used H2O2 for yrs but never for this and I'm also thinking about ingesting it if I don't get a better handle on this--I don't think I have ever had as severe or prolonged flare as this episode. Food "diet" is going well---just don't eat anything that "might" be a trigger.

Also started back on the glutamine -a very knowledgeable guy from Henry's suggested that be the last thing you take at night so it lays in your intestines.... hope he is right! There almost are not enough waking hours of the day for me to DO all of this stuff---and work too! I am feeling better-just in case my cheerier mood isn't showing?!

Anyway--I'm fighting the good fight and thank you all so much for your input--I'm praying that this too shall soon pass....thanks!


B Vitamins
Posted by Sylviag (Vista, Ca) on 09/22/2011

Hello--Have just seen your post on getting a good nights sleep and found it intriguing... I don't fully understand how to use this site and missed your post--will try it tonight...thanks!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sylviag (Vista, Ca) on 09/15/2011

Thanks--I think you are right--I'm going to stick with a banana and blueberries in my yogurt--unless somebody thinks that I should do no dairy- but I think I'm ok with a little yogurt, cottage cheese?

I have never read anything regarding antihistamines and whether or not to use them?

B Vitamins
Posted by Sylviag (Vista, Ca) on 09/15/2011

Thank you Connie--I will get B-12 today and start on it and I do understand about the antibiotics and what they do--SOOO I took one this am and now I'll be done... I would say that my overall condition has improved about 60-70% and I'll continue with what I have learned from here and I think I'm on the right road...thanks!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 09/15/2011

Sylvia, be careful with the sugar in the fruit juices. I have stopped taking them!

B Vitamins
Posted by Connie (Slc, Ut) on 09/15/2011

Hi Sylviag ; I understand that people choose medications when they've reached the state of an extreme imbalance, such as bacterial overgrowth, whereby they use antibiotics. I also understand that some people get some relief from the use of ppi's for gerd, etc. But the side effects of these meds. need to be understood and compensated. PPI's lower stomach acid, which makes nutrients such as B12 unavailable. Antibiotics will destroy friendly as well as unfriendly bacteria. Its good that you continue to replace nutrients and probiotics for this. I still am of the opinion that some extra B12 in an easily absorbable form will help much of the inflammation that you are suffering. I again suggest that you add a sublingual lozenge of methylcobalamin, methyl-B12 to your regimen. Try 1000 mcg. daily for 6 mnths. Give it a google. I often use "B12 deficiency and (insert condition)". If there are too many of these.... dots, then I realize that I've pushed it too far. I also sometimes add the term "case reports" to my searches. A lot of medical jargon is used, so I keep a small medical dictionary at hand. I also use terms such as nutrients for.... , or natural treatments for.... etc. Of course, even with all of this information, in all, we must find what works with our own systems. Best to you and yours...

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sylviag (Vista, Ca) on 09/14/2011

Hello Connie--I actually do eat very sensibly-- have been juicing the past yr or two--where I'd put all kinds of fruits and vegs in the Vitamix with yogurt and protein powder and have that for breakfast and lunch-and then have a regular dinner. So maybe I was getting too much sugar right there--while I thought I was being Oh-SO healthy and not stopping for a burger and fries! I will have to work on the % of veg to protein---what do you think of healthy choice fudgecicles--that was my guilty pleasure every night--I've given them up now! We used to enjoy some wine every night and cosmos on the weekend--I knew the wine was causing a problem--and haven't had any alcohol for 8 weeks which I think bothers my husband more than me-its a social thing.

Don't know if you have read all of my posts but I had started on oracea (40 mgs-in the cycline family)--I still have one more week of the month that I had filled and I'm worried that this is causing me not to be able to heal the leaky gut this time--so maybe I should not take the last week of it while I'm taking bio-K (liquid probiotics-50 billion)and all of the ACV, lemon juice and coconut oil and aloe vera caps--am I making sense? I've never taken meds for this before so just thinking that maybe I should stop them.


B Vitamins
Posted by Gavin (Manganui, Northland, New Zealand) on 09/14/2011

At night when you go to bed, If you lay on your back feet slightly apart, hands by your side. Then breath in deeply about ten times till you feel your hands pusating slightly. You then concentrate on various parts of the body. IE. Concentrate on your left foot, tell youself that the left foot is relaxing and stay there until it does... Then your right foot. Then your left knee then the right knee and so on.. By the time you have finished you can then suggest that after you count down from ten till one you will fall asleep and wake refreshed the next morning. Its a form of self hypnosis that takes you down to the hypnogogic state where you will just drift off to sleep. This form of sleep induction stops the high brain chatter, by focusing on parts of the body. The quality of the relaxation is really good. You know you're getting there when you start to feel light to the point of not having a body.

Sleep is the best doctor of all, and a good nights rest is essential.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Connie (Slc, Ut) on 09/14/2011

Hi Sylviag ; What is there to eat? It's such a hot button to press when everything is inflamed. Ted has an address that can be found by clicking the Donate tab at the top of this page. He accepts donations, deservedly, but he is extraordinarily busy, so it may take time. There is also a "latest questions" tab that he also responds to when he can. Generally, Ted recommends a diet of 80% vegetables and fish, with an avoidance of sugars, even fruits. Avoid wheat, oils, other than coconut oil, etc. certain chemicals, such as MSG are most prohibited.

Bill from the Philippines has also made some wise dietary suggestions here. Debbie from Melbourne makes some very sensible suggestions as well. Using the search box here, you can enter their names and consider their posts. I understand that this transition can be most confusing, and that it is difficult to trust our food, but if we can continue to observe what may or may not "sit well", we'll improve with this.

B Vitamins
Posted by Sylviag (Vista, Ca) on 09/14/2011

Dear Connie-

Interesting about the coconut oil--when I bought it I thought-WOW-this is a big jar--but if I can use it internally too--even better---so I just went and had about a tsp. of it--how much of it can I use per day and how exactly does that help?

I think the main thing for me is the inflammation on my face and calming that down-- because I'm still working-and my job is stressful-it is tough to cover and is very painful--almost like a shingles pain--itchy, red raised oval spots.

And- It would almost be easier for me to just NOT eat--rather than eating something that would be a problem. I made mashed potatoes( white and sweet) on Sunday with salmon and a big salad--thought I was doing well and then read that sweet potatoes are NOT good! What about tofu--for candida, leaky gut, inflammation diet?

I just found this site a week or two ago and have only made a few posts but reading lots and am adding what I can to my regime --how do you contact Ted and/or does HE read everyones and comment on where he thinks he can help?--because I would appreciate his input as well... Thanks so much! Sylviag

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