Leaky Gut Syndrome Remedies

Non-Forming Zonulin Diet, Supplements

Posted by Wydo (Ca, United States) on 12/22/2015

Hi, I like to introduce everyone who has LGS and this community to the culprit Zonulin. Those of you who have LGS probably have inherited difficulties with certain foods that create zonulin by the body. Zonulin breaks down cell adhesion in the intestinal lining which is the start of a leaky gut. Certainly other factors like candida outbreak, parasites or mercury from silver mercury amalgam fillings can increase the leaky gut problem. Cutting out gluten and a LGS diet are a must but taking certain supplements are necessary as well.

With a leaky gut, large food molecules inter the blood stream that compromise the immune system. Taking enzymes on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and before meals help to break down these molecules further so they free up the immune system. Taking a pancreatin 1300 capsule in the morning first thing (with lots of warm water) helps to breakdown large protein molecule in your system. Taking this with a multi-enzyme capsule for the other types of large food molecules will help your immune system out while a non forming zonulin diet is followed. If you take the enzymes with a meal it helps to digest the meal but not the large food particles in your system that has passed through your intestines. That's why you need to take on and empty stomach. Also take a betaine hydrochloride capsule during the meal to help you digest your meal. The other two supplements to take is 600 mg N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) and L-Taurine. These two supplements help to boost your system in multiple ways that greatly help you recover from from the damage of LGS. If taking the enzymes first thing in the morning cause you some burning then take them with the NAC and L-Taurine to dilute them. Take the NAC and L-Taurine together several times a day.

Always get your supplements in the purest forms you can get them in. If you can get them in pure powder then do yourself that favor. If you can't get them in powder get them as pure powder in a capsule. Always get supplement products without vegetable stearate, magnesium stearate, calcium stearate and stearic acid. If you look at labels you will find the products you need.

Other supplements are helpful but buy and start these first. The only other thing I can think of that has not been mentioned in this forum is to take a healthy fat and of course a pro biotic.

If this helps you please leave me some feedback here.

Slippery Elm

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Posted by Jaf (Yorkshire Uk) on 03/03/2017

Slippery Elm appears to help Leaky Gut too, I have been trying to heal my whole system, having bad skin problems (prescribed Ciclosporin immunosuppressants, which I refused) I started taking turmeric and slippery elm. Very bad chronic itchy scaly lesions on lower legs (had for 5 years) - are now almost healed within 3 months. I believe general inflammation of all body tissue (acidic diet) is the core issue - and ACV, gluten free, simple unprocessed foods as medicine, really helps re-balance whole body - from gut outwards.

Vitamin C

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Posted by Kirsten (London ) on 10/01/2016

After getting root canals, my health declined including a diagnosis of leaky gut. As well as having the root canals removed, high dose vitamin C is what has healed my body the most. Ascorbic acid powder is available cheaply online. It is pure vitamin C as it has the same molecular structure. I took it neat although some people prefer to add some Bicarbonate of soda to make it pH neutral.

Each morning I take it to bowel tolerance, 5 g at a time. Some people take 3 g at a time. When my stomach started to rumble or I felt gassy, that is bowel tolerance and I stopped. This is the vitamin C telling you that your body is saturated and that's when it is most effective.

As you heal you will need less to reach bowel tolerance. Initially I was taking 25 g at a time, now I need much less. After taking it just once, I already felt better with less pain from the dental infection in my neck. It gave me bloating and gas for 2 to 3 weeks as it went to work on the pathogens in my gut but that suddenly stopped and I felt noticeably better.

After five months I realised that I could stop my proctitis medication as I no longer needed it. Digestion was a lot better, I had a lot more energy and was feeling better than I had in years. I am still healing the dental infections but will continue to take vitamin C for the rest of my life, it is like having a superpower.

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