Itchy Skin Cures

Borax Foot Scrub  

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Posted by Jessica (Forest, VA, USA) on 12/19/2007
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I'm insulin resistant, so I have alot of the same problems that diabetics do, including rough feet. I've tried so many scrubs and files and lotions in hopes of softening my feet. I suspect that I also have a systemic Candida infection, so I thought Borax would be good for my itchy feet. It worked wonderfully! My feet were so soft after I got out of the shower and have not been itching since. Once you get your feet nice and soft, you'll want to follow with a good moisturizer: that's where my next project lies.

Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide  

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Posted by Drcbartley (Denver, Co) on 01/29/2014

What formulation between the two products, peroxide/borax solution? Want to try this wash. Apple Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree has had no effect. Thank you.

Problem: GSD has been scratching and chewing and now is licking at feet. Condition improved dramatically with elimination of chicken (already gluten free and on raw diet) and addition of sea meal, enzymes, omega 3s and pre/probiotics. Been over 1 month on above. Never stopped scratching completely. Coat and skin not dry and looks great. Previously treated for mites even though no evidence. She is 2.5 years old.

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn

Hey DrCBartley!

Ted's Mange remedy [borax/hydrogen peroxide solution] is as follows:


  • Borax laundry booster - the plain stuff with NO scent.
  • 1 -16 oz brown bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide

I get both of these from the grocery store.


Empty hydrogen peroxide into larger bottle - I use an empty 1 gallon vinegar jug. Add to this 32 oz filtered or distilled water - I just refill the hydrogen peroxide bottle twice - and dump into the jug. What this does is change your 3% hydrogen peroxide into 1% hydrogen peroxide.

Next add 1 cup of the borax crystals and shake. There should be some undissolved crystals in the mixed solution - this is just right. I try to use hot water from the kettle on the stove, that or sit the jug of mixture in the sink full of hot water while I bathe the dog.


Bathe the dog - use whatever shampoo and rinse well. Squeeze out excess water and make sure the tub is drained. I then plug up the tub. Now pour the mixed up solution over the dog. I use a small sponge to soak up the solution from the bottom of the tub and squeeze it out onto the dog again and again, making sure I get the head and underneath. Keep squeezing solution over and over onto the dog for about 15 minutes - 30 minutes is better. Then pull the stopper from the tub and let the excess drain. DO NOT DRY THE DOG OR RINSE THE DOG. The solution has to remain wet as it is still working. Allow the dog to air dry. I just pop mine into their crates and I remove any absorbent bedding.

If you are worried about poisoning your dog keep in mind that borax has the same toxicity as table salt. The solution doesn't seem to hurt the eyes or sting any sores on the skin. Some dogs feel instant relief!

Now, the above remedy is Ted's remedy for mange, but its a good start for troubled skin. Most dogs feel immediate relief right out of the tub, but if that doesn't seem to be working [try 3 baths every other day to start] and things do not look better you can make a topical skin solution for the troubled spots.

Ted's Anti fungal/staph skin solution - you will need:

  • Milk of Magnesia [magnesium hydroxide]
  • Epsom salts [magnesium sulfate]
  • Borax [sodium tetraborate]
  • 1% hydrogen peroxide solution


Mix 1 tbsp of MOM with 1 tbsp epsom salt and 1 tbsp borax into 1-1/2 cups of 1% hydrogen peroxide. Apply and do not rinse. This solution should knock out any staph infection or yeast infection going on in the skin. I have many dogs and when allergy season hits I mix this up in gallon jugs and follow the mange procedure, letting the solution 'work' on the dog for 10 minutes or so in the tub, and then no toweling off, just crating and allowing to air dry.

Now, other remedies may factor in as well. To paraphrase Ted's advice on an earlier post:

Sometimes we are dealing with internal/systemic yeast or an internal fungal infection - and sometimes despite the best nutrition out there we will experience an individual that for some reason is deficient in a mineral such as boron. If the dog is low in magnesium quite often allergies will arise. If you are dealing with yeast try adding 1/16 teaspoon of epsom salt in 1 liter of drinking water for 2-3 days - max; this is not intended for long term use, just to nip a break out in the bud. When you stop the epsom salt in the water you can then start adding 1 teaspoon baking soda to 1 liter of water; do this for 5-7 days. This is a 'break out' or crisis dose. After a week you can cut it back to a maintenance dose of 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to the water. If you suspect a fungal component you can add 1/16 teaspoon borax along with the baking soda in 1 liter of water. In acute and extreme cases 1/4 teaspoon of borax in 1 liter of water is indicated. Many humans take 1/8 - 1/4 teaspoon borax in 1 liter of water daily as a detox and antifungal/antiyeast, so long term use is not an issue, however all these remedies are something you should 'play by ear' and should be adjusted as you see fit. The water additives address mineral deficiency issues and these should be addressed first.

Posted by Luvjoypc (Beaverton, Oregon) on 02/05/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Borax, Hydrogen peroxide!

Whew. What a relief! I have been perplexed as to me and my children's ailment for over a month now. Started with intense itching after getting into bed one night. Then my children started exhibiting signs. Took them to dr first, as my dermatologist was booked until Feb 7. Their doctor said "folliculitis" and then took daughter again for a cough, doctor said "impetigo. " Then when I showed her my hand, she said "could it be fleas or scabies?" I freaked out! I really hoped it wasn't. To make a long story short, checked house and cleaned for fleas. No response with a home remedy check for fleas. Tonight while researching, found this info. Kids are asleep, but I mixed borax with hy. Peroxide. Mixed in a bowl and poured over body. Total relief. I have also been using tea tree oil mixed with coconut oil for a few weeks now, so I think that's why it wasn't getting worse, but wasn't getting better either! Tomorrow, my kids get the bath and we will continue to do mounds of laundry! Can't wait for this to be over!!!! There is relief in site for those of you looking. All the best!

Replied by Watcher
Digby, Nova Scotia

How much borax to how much H2O2 ?

Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx

I used about a cup of each (borax and h202). Seabucktorn oil is good for the scalp (although, I don't have scabies, something similar). Pycnogenol cream on the face works great. Rinse scalp with ACV diluted 1 part ACV to 4 parts water.

Replied by Janice
Toronto, On Canada

I'd like to try this Borax with Water and Hydrogen Peroxide all over the body, but a few years back, I bought Borax to rid of ants, there was a few small lines by the door opposite of my bedroom, and at 3am I had to vacuum it up as it was burning my would you still recommend this? It didn't burn your eyes??

Tonight I sprayed myself with Hydrogen Peroxide, 3%, and after I spray with a combo of 50% Club Soda, 25% Vodka and 25% White Vinegar (also makes a good air freshener and cleaner for mirrors, just put in any essential oils you like), but after this because I was itching non-stop constantly the last 17 hours I squeezed a Clementine on my forearms, elbows and hands, haven't itched since, and it's very cooling and soothing.

Calcium Bentonite Clay  

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Posted by Janice (Seminole, Florida) on 04/28/2008
5 out of 5 stars

My grandson is eleven years old and came visiting Saturday with a very bad case of chicken pox. He was extremely uncomfortable and itching himself allot, I hydrated a batch of calcium bentonite clay and smeared it all over his pox marks. I gave him a jar of it to take with him and told him to apply it whenever he starting itching. He had immediate relief. My son took him to the doctor's office monday morning and the doctor wanted to know what he had used to heal him so fast. He is all healed that fast and no scarring at all!


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Posted by David (Thailand) on 03/30/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I would be happy to write a post in appreciation for all the help others have given me!! I have suffered from regular itching on my body for many years (arms, shoulder, upper body) on what appears to be perfectly healthy skin. Nothing - absolutely NOTHING - helped or eased the problem... Until I rubbed on a good dose of chilli pepper with a damp cloth. After the heat, NO further itching!! Incredible! Now... It WILL get very hot (obviously!! ) so avoid sensitive areas... But it works!! It really does!! I had the itching problem for years... But no longer. It can sometimes come back after a few months, if so just reapply the chilli powder. Then... Gone!! I live in Thailand so we have the good, pure stuff here. But I reckon you should easily find some wherever you are. And it's cheap!

Cayenne Pepper  

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Posted by Mario (Dallas Tx) on 06/13/2014
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To Vitoria from San Diego who posted in the ACV section:

07/15/2009: Victoria from San Diego, CA: "I've had what I think is brachial radial pruritus for about 6 years. I first noticed while living in Thailand during my pregnancy. It is extremely itchy, especially at night and has some relationship with heat and/or humidity and may be related to problems with the cervical disk..."

I have similar itching like you, the only thing that work temporarily is get cayenne pepper powder, the strongest you can get, over 100 H.U "HOT UNITS". You can find this on the internet... with a little water, make a paste, and apply locally. Sometimes you have to repeat the next day or hours but it eliminates the itching. I find relief for a year now.

Check for Soap Allergies  

Posted by Chris (California ) on 05/28/2014

Any one have weird itchy or rashes on skin? Under arms, on sides, around legs where socks are? Try looking into your laundry soap and body soap. The more smells n colors, the more likely the irritation. I use almost everything that is perfume n dye free it has helped..not completely though. I have to switch my body soap to different brands and also my laundry soap as well. Definitely no fabric softener because it is added at rinse cycle n is designed to stay in the clothing, make loads smaller that way they rinse well. I use my wife's deodorant..powder scented n. anti-perspirant.

Replied by Kt

Make sure the rinse water is clear, then try adding a cup of white vinegar to the final rinse.

Coconut Oil  

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Posted by Mark (San Diego, California) on 08/23/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have had a really bad itch on my forearms for the last 4 or 5 years, every time the weather warms up. It is something that effects me on a daily basis. Since using the virgin coconut oil, it has basically gone away. The one day I didn't use it though, I itched a bit, but as long as I put it on my arms daily, no itch.

Replied by d.d.
Keokuk, IA

coconut oil: i have the same problem of itching/rash only on my forearms. please email me more details on how much, does brand matter etc... Dr's are all stumped while i still itch!

Replied by Esprit64
North Yarmouth, Maine
5 out of 5 stars

If your skin is breaking out in red, itchy rashes (particularly underarms, folds of skin, etc. ), bumps and welts, the likely sources are Candida overgrowth and/or allergies. I cannot recommend coconut oil highly enough, both for ingestion and for topical use for both conditions. Recommendations for coconut oil intake vary, I've seen 1 tsp to 1 Tbsp/3x daily. Not only will you cure or greatly relieve your current skin problems, but if you use coconut oil on your face and other skin areas, too, your youth and skin's vitality will be restored.

Detoxing the Liver, Selenium  

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Posted by Jb (Byron Bay, Australia) on 10/23/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I once suffered from night time itching which had a huge impact on my life as I was unable to sleep or function properly during the day. The itching occurred mostly on my back and was severe. I tried many different lotions and remedies, with only mild relief. I saw a chinese doctor who instantly told me there was an issue with my liver causing the itching. I have since found out that this is a condition that also affects some pregnant women (I was not pregnant). I traced my issue back to the overuse of painkillers for back problems. The doctor told me I must stop taking the painkillers. He put me onto a diet that included a lot of selenium such as brazil nuts and sweet potato. I also had to reduce sugar intake and avoid refined flour products. He prescribed some chinese medicines but I was unable to take them as they made me feel sick. Regardless, my problem was eliminated and I am forever grateful for his diagnosis. I can take painkillers without issues but I only take them rarely now. I was fortunate to find a good chiropractor so I don't need them as much. I wanted to share this with Earth Clinic as this website is a godsend.

Essential Oils  

Posted by Mamie (Huntsville, Al) on 07/22/2013

I am getting eaten up by something at my work--don't know if it's fleas or not, but itchy bites that then get a blister (yes, I scratch). I use tea tree oil and/or lavender oil at home, but I work with a strange bunch who say they can't take the smell (one of this bunch just got a puppy, so I'm thinking fleas). They are the boss's favorites, so I'm on my own. Will spray insecticide just before I leave today, but my poor legs and feet hurt and itch so bad I can't describe it. Any thoughts?

Replied by Mike Giller
Denver, Colorado

I had scabies once. Went to the doctor and he gave me an ointment that was from heaven. The stuff totally cured the itching immediately. At the Natural Grocery Store they have something for scabies. Coconut oil might work.

Replied by Mama To Many
Middle, Tennessee, Usa

Dear Mamie, Turmeric and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar might help the itching a lot. It has dramatically reduced the misery from tick bites for my family this summer. 2 turmeric capsules 2-3 times a day, internally. Externally, use a cotton ball to apply the vinegar to the bites 2-3 times a day.

I have heard that garlic (internally) will discourage fleas from biting, but if they don't like lavender and tea tree at work I doubt they will want you to smell like garlic. :( Brewer's Yeast, taken internally, I think is suppose to make you less desirable to biting insects.

Hope you get relief soon!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Joy
Battleground, Wash

First treat with hydrogen peroxide in case of infection , then put some activated charcoal over the peroxide and cover with a bandaid on each bite.... Charcoal is very messy stuff, use a q tip to apply to each bite, works wonders!

Replied by Tracy
San Augustine, Texas

If you think you're being bitten by something at work, take a 9"x11" cake pan or similar pan to work with you & fill it with soapy water (just add a little dishwashing soap to some water & fill the pan about half-way full). Place this pan of water right below you nearest electrical outlet. Keep other electrical plugs away. Plug a nightlight into the outlet & make sure it stays on all the time, including at night after you go home. If your office has a flea infestation, you will find dead fleas in the soapy water the next day. The fleas are attracted to the heat of the light & when they jump towards it they fall into the soapy water. The soap removes their protective coating & they drown. Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (original) is the best brand to use. You might make a gift of a small bottle of it to those employees who have pets telling them that it works great killing fleas as a pet soap for dogs & cats.

Fabric Softener or Hair Conditioner  

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Posted by Sue (Bismarck, ND) on 12/29/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Winter has arrived and so has itchy skin. The remedies I am trying are using hair conditioner or clothing fabric softener. The clothing fabric softener worked the best when I rubbed a diluted tablespoon amount on my skin then rinsed it off. I searched the internet for warnings of use on the skin and found none.

The hair creme rinse or conditioner also worked but did not last all day and night as the fabric softner did. I apply the watered down tablespoon-size excess from my hair and rub it on my skin. I would use a teaspoon rubbed together in my hands to cover both my legs. Then rinse off.

I read a post on another site that suggested using hair conditioner rather than shaving creme for women's legs.

Replied by libby
pleasanton, ca
1 out of 5 stars


Both of these products can contain very allergenic chemicals so be careful. a lot of people's skin might be way too sensitive even if they are watered down.

Fels Naptha Soap  

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Posted by Palal (Northern Illinois) on 03/14/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have in the past had extremely itchy skin without a rash or view able symptoms. My doctor gave me a possible solution. He had me use Fels Naptha soap. He said to scrub up with the soap all over then do not rinse off the soap. When the soap completely dries, turn shower back on and rinse completely. It took several treatments. It took at least 4 treatments but finnaly I had complete relief. He told me Fels Naptha soap was a laundry soap that did not have any perfume or any unnatural additives. Said as it dried it pulled poisons out of your skin to help healing.

General Feedback  

Posted by Scratchitch (Houston, Tx) on 09/18/2011

I'm not sure if I finally have this under control but I'm hoping with all my might that it's finally going away.

Back in May I visited a friend and we went to her lake house. When I came back home I started getting these "bites" on my torso. At first I thought they were chiggers as we were out in a woody area but as time went on these little bites started moving around my torso. It wasn't very itchy but I was worried about bugs so I went to my dermatologist's PA who didn't think it was chiggers but gave me Peremthrin just in case. I applied one application and didn't think much about it. Slowly the itchiness increased and spread from my torso to my arms. And I didn't think much about it until one morning I started feeling itchy on the skin around my pubic bone. The next day my vagina was swollen and was incredibly itchy along with my anus. I had a few yeast infections before and recognize the feeling and knew this could not be a yeast infection.

I saw my gynecologist who also didn't think it was a yeast infection but took a culture just in case. That came back negative. The husband and I started researching what it could be and feared scabies pinworms given that the itch was worse at night. My GP prescribed Abendazole for the pinworms (at my request) and Prednisone to help alleviate the itching. Prednisone temporarily relieved the itching but I started taking more than one tablet a day (as prescribed) because the itching began to return faster.

I saw another dermatologist who determined it was scabies and gave me more Permethrin. My husband and I both applied it that night. For one evening I didn't itch and assumed it was scabies (gross). The next day the itch came back with a vengeance. At this point, I'm losing sleep and my mind trying to fight the intense urge to itch.

I found this site: and began reading about how others have the same symptoms and their holistic remedies. I started to bathe in Borax, hydrogen peroxide, clove oil, orange oil and eucalyptus oil. After getting out I would mix clove oil with a carrier oil and apply it to my skin. It burned in areas where I scratched my skin raw but the burn was a nice departure from the urge to itch. Anytime the intense urge came back I would apply more clove oil mixture as a preventative to scratch. I began to cone myself like a dog by wrapping plastic food wrap around my arms and torso so I couldn't unconsciously scratch my skin at night. At this time I thought I was treating scabies and every night it was a fight to not tear my skin off.

I'm a home maker (thank goodness because I don't think I could go to work with this sort of miserable itching) and spent all day cleaning my house and washing sheets in fear that I might have an infestation of mites. One night it was so bad I scheduled a internal medicine doctor, 3rd dermatologist and return GP appointment the next day. I was prescribed Atarax by my GP, more Atarax and Prednisone by my Internal Medicine doctor and Hydroxyzine and Allegra by my 3rd Dermatologist. Both my Internal Medicine and dermatologist ordered a battery of lab work. All came back normal. So frustrated at this point. But my 3rd dermatologist, a former army doctor, said that he saw scabies all the time in the army and what I had was not scabies. He gave me the Allegra and Hydroxyzine to treat the symptoms of itching and asked me to come back in three weeks. I only took the medicine that he prescribed however the relief was so temporary I scheduled an appointment with an allergist - determined to find out a cause or a solution to this problem. The allergist was thorough in asking about the timeline, doctors I saw, symptoms I felt and a wide arrange of questions to really understand my problem. He said he would have ordered the same lab work as what my dermatologist and internal medicine doctor ordered. He prescribed Zyrtec to take in the morning and a double dose of Hydroxyzine at night. I asked him what could cause this and he suspects it might be the "scratch-itch cycle" (my GP also thought it might be this at the time of my second visit). I hoped the drugs would be enough but I still felt strong urges to itch and was still miserable. I hoped that given enough days maybe this would finally work but when every minute feels like days it doesn't take long for you to get really frustrated with waiting.

I started looking back at my planner and seeing what was going on around the time this started. Last November I had jaw surgery and had my mouth wired shut for six weeks. At that time I could not take Levoxyl and afterward forgot to resume to take it. So this April I returned to my Endocrinologist because I was feeling horrible again and she tested my blood and confirmed my thyroid was working overtime. I went back on Levoxyl 50 mcg and started feeling so much better. But then a month later the "bites" started. I then Googled "Levoxyl" and "itching" and found if you take more than you should people started feeling bad symptoms including itching around their labia. I know I shouldn't go off medication without consulting my doctor but I had to test the theory if Levoxyl was causing this - so I stopped taking it five days ago. I'm not 100% back to normal but the intense urge to itch ha been reduced to a mild nuisance of tingling. I prefer this over the former. Today I'm feeling so much better but I'm not entire sure as to what it can be attributed to. Either it's (1) I'm off Levoxyl (2) I'm taking Prednisone now (3) it's finally rained after months of drought in Houston and maybe it was something in the dry air that was agitating my skin or (4) the high dose of Turmeric I took - a natural anti-inflammatory. I just want this done and over with. If it is scratch-itch cycle I hope to break it soon because this itch is debilitating. Good luck everyone else and I hope you find the relief/solution to your discomfort.

Replied by Deborah
Newark, New Jersey Usa

I wanted to comment on intense itching all over. If you are experiensing this, please check what kinds of medications and over-the-counter medicines you are putting into your body. I went through a period of about 2 years (maybe more) of CRAZY itching all over my body without being able to get a doctor to tell me what was wrong with me (the diagnosis was eczema, which just means your skin itches--duh). I developed a secondary staph infection on my shins and nipples. After arguing with doctors about the cause of this mystery eczema I finally decided to insist that they take me off a bunch of oral meds I had been prescribed for blood pressure and an assortment of issues associated with kidney disease. I was taking TEKTURNA, AZOR, AND SENSIPAR. I, I, I finally determined that I was ALLERGIC to all this crap I was being made to take. None of my doctors would say that I was allegic. I have to be the one to tell them that I am allergic, being evidenced that I get the hives. If I don't remind them that I am allergic to these medications, they would precribe them to me all over again. The biggest point I am trying to make is that you must be an advocate for your own health. Not saying that doctors don't care, but they have so many things on their minds; you're not their only patient. Please inform yourself as best as you can so that YOU are the one telling your doctors what you are going to allow them to do to you.

Posted by Judy (Mesa, AZ. USA) on 02/15/2009

My skin itchs, after a shower, i have tried shower filter, all kinds of soaps, lotions. I have no rash, just an intense itch, as soon as I turn the water off which last for about 15 minutes. Any help would be a appreciated. Thank You, Judy

Replied by Dianna
Austin, TX

my skin used to always feel dry and tight after a shower with soap. however, since i have stopped using soap on my skin it no longer feels as dry or itchy. what i do now is soak in an epsom salt bath (1 to 2 cups epsom salts and 9 drops of lavender oil) and i just scrub my wet skin with a loofah or scrub brush. afterwards i put virgin coconut oil onto my still damp skin. soap is not really necessary unless you are extremely greasy or dirty. i have been doing this for years and i've also found that since i stopped washing my underarms with soap that my sweat smells less stinky - i could probably go without deodorant! but i use a crystal deodorant stone just in case...
good luck

Replied by Mary
Chicago, IL

I would stop using soap altogether. I bet that is part of the problem. Just use it on your private parts. Arizona is really dry, so you need to hydrate your skin inside and out. Might help if you drink more water, take omega 3s and stay away from soap!

Replied by Sonsa
Phoenix, AZ

Not all soap causes this reaction. I started making my own soap because my skin is so very sensitive. All natural, handmade soap is vastly different than the commercial variety. Shea butter, lavender and other skin soothing and moisturizing ingredients can be included. I make soap for friends and family too. If you would like more information, please contact me.

Cape Town, South Africa


Kindly share your natural soap recipe? Thanks in advance.

Replied by Libby
Pleasanton, CA

Someone said to use soap only on your "privates" but this is actually a very bad idea. These areas are even MORE sensitive than the rest of your body and several sources say not to use any soap at all unless you already know that it doesn't irritate you (you've been using it without a problem for years). It sounds weird but usually warm water and a washcloth is sufficient as long as you do it every day, obviously. Most "feminine" products actually have chemicals in them that can be very harsh and irritating. Personally I won't use anything that isn't 100% natural because I am so ridiculously careful about it.

Replied by C.S.M

These symptoms are most likely from the use of hot water and from dry skin:

Cholinergic Urticaria (Physical Urticaria, Sweat Allergy, Heat Hives)

Here's a good link:

Go halfway down the page to "Itchy Leg After A Shower":

Bottom Line:

Cholinergic Urticaria (Physical Urticaria, Sweat Allergy, Heat Hives)

Urticaria (hives) are red, swollen bumps or patches appearing on the skin due to allergic reaction to some substances or, as it is the case in cholinergic urticaria, physical stimuli like exercise, heat, sunlight, cold, pressure, vibration, water, spicy food, or emotional stress.

Try prevention first. Avoid the use of hot water. Use lukewarm water instead. (I know that is not a fun suggestion--Sorry!) Consider moisturizing the skin with a light coating of a natural oil--like coconut, jojoba or olive oil after showering. Other treatment involves medicines--Benedryl etc.

Best Wishes. Hope you feel better!

Replied by Dianna
Austin, TX

stop using soap. i used to be itchy every time i took a bath or shower until i stopped ALL soap. what i do now is bathe in a solution of 1 or 2 cups of epsom salts and a tub full of water. i scrub with a loofah and after i get out while my skin is still damp i rub virgin coconut oil all over my skin. then towel dry off the excess. since i have stopped using soap my skin isn't dry and i can even skip the coconut oil if i want to.

Replied by Rebecca
Grand Rapids, Mi

I have the same intense itch, no rash, that i believe you're talking about. It just started one day and i thought it was just sensitive skin. When it didn't go away after a couple of weeks I changed to hypoallergenic soaps, detergents, anything I could find. I even use all natural cleaning agents for the house. I stopped shaving because I thought that was the culprit. I wake up in the night (and wake up my partner) itching, in tears, trying to stop and having very little self control. Im told that if I can just stop the cycle, then it will go away. The only thing that seems to make it better is the steroid creme I use on my eczema outbreaks (which I try not to use but when it helps so much it's hard to stop). I don't wear shorts anymore because I'm ashamed of the scars and scabs all over my legs. Any ideas would be appreciated!!

Replied by Jc
Milpitas, Ca

Fill up the bath tub with water add 3/4 cup of bleach soak for 1 hour every day for 2 weeks, You should start to see big improvements if you really do have eczema... You might have Psoriasis

Zinc works very well on eczema......


Replied by Kyra
Cortlandt Manor, Ny, Usa

I would not suggest soaking in bleach, I would however suggest eliminating soap and using some borax, epsoms or sea salts, baking soda, peroxide, and tea tree oil in your bath regularly. Trust me you will be amazed at the difference in your skin. It has done wonders for my children's and my skin. I would also suggest using extra virgin coconut oil as a moisturizer. The initial reaction of people is that it is too oily, but you will find that your skin will absorb it very quickly. Taking the oil internally will also help to combat the itchy and dry skin. Good luck!

Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx

Add a couple of scoops of Virgin Coconut Oil to your bath water. It works great! Don't run the water very hot. Don't drink coffee or caffeinated sodas. Avoid perfume and makeup for a while. Don't use fabric softener sheets--use the perfume free dye free liquid kind. Hope this helps.

Replied by Anonymous
Honolulu, Hawaii

My integrative MD told me that itchiness can be from caused from several things, and that what is going on in the inside of body is being reflecte onto the skin, itching maybe the liver being overloaded and you need to detox or you could have systemic candida this a stool test will determine if you have it or not. It could be blood fungus. It can be thyroid. Even if your thyroid shows up normal you may be still be having low thyroid symptoms, it can be hormones see a bio-identical hormone specialist. Here are some possibilities : parasites , mercury fillings, lead poisioning (from lead paint or pipes) vitamins, prescribed medication, shampoo, soaps, detergent, plants, pets , your car interior, the paint in your house or plants around your house , the fibers that you wear, the area that you live or work may have issues or it could simply be vitamin deficiencies. I read recently that itchy skin could be from eating seafood which are mercury magnets! Anyhow, the list goes on, and on, but you see my point. There are so many causes

I had crazy itching for years, it felt like biting, itching burning and I felt total exhaustion. My MD had no answers I went an ND and I had low thyroid even though my thyroid test looked normal on the tests I had symptoms that all pointed to hypothyroidism ... I needed iodine, Lugols and Solid Hawthorne extract is what I take, I also had low ferritin when both of those issues were addressed I felt fine. But it took years and many doctors to get to this answer!

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If you suffer from uncontrollable, intense, itching biting, burning feeling all over the body and it is worse at night, it may be the liver . Ask the doctor for a full Liver work up. Itching may be a sign is of a deeper underlying problem and you want to know the cause of it so you can cure it. I know from experience I had itching I took high doses of Vitamin C to get rid of the itching, but there was a reason for the insane itching my body was telling me something! Silly me. A couple years later I got super sick I had a virus in the liver, curable in 95% of cases . My point is itching is a sign

Gluten-Free Diet  

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Posted by Gayle (Melbourne, Australia) on 06/29/2014
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For those people who have Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitus, Hives, Rashes, please look at your diet and what you put in your mouth. For the past 11 months, I have scratched myself silly and had endless sleepless nights, getting up and having showers to relieve my rash. The doctors only want to give you cortisone ointment which temporarily fixes the problem. I even went to a "so called dermatologist" who looked at me and said I had Scabies (made me feel so dirty) and put gloves on to which I replied I had tried Lyclear (scabie, bed bug cream here in Australia) and also even went as far as doing an apple core test (where they dig your skin and pull out a bit of flesh just like an apple) - I never went back to this woman as I felt her behaviour was not professional (cost meapprox. $500 AUD) for visit and test and I got an appointment within two days.

I then saw a naturopath who looked in my eyes and said he could help me. He still hasn't told me exactly what it is and said not to eat any gluten till next visit and has put me on a liver powder (1st visit) and month later two more medications. Not being a doctor person, I have not eaten gluten now for 4 weeks, and within a week, my itching - which was unbearable - has virtually disappeared.

Last night I was googling about this rash as I was eating chocolate - quite a bit as I am limited to foods now - and woke up through the night with an itch (bearable compared to what I had been having) and decided to google if chocolate has gluten and I found it has also - but you can get some without. One thing led to another and I came upon a site which said Dermatitus Herpetiformis and described my itch down to a tee. (Wikipedia) except my itch was on my neck.

Please please please readers, give up gluten (wheat flour cakes pastries etc etc.) look at labels, try and go gluten-free and I hope my information can help you. It is a lifelong diet, but also can help you lose weight. Some of the photos are much worse than I, but persevere and eat well and I am sure you benefit in the long run. Would love to hear if it helps anyone with the above skin rashes.