Hyperthyroidism Treatment and Remedies


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Posted by Terry (Ok) on 02/11/2018 6 posts

I take Iodine for hyperthyroid. I started taking it less than a year ago as the pharmaceutical meds were killing me. The Iodine has CURED my hyperthyroid. Iodine has helped me a lot. My doctor is open minded and said everyone needs to take Iodine.

Iodoral Iodine, Magnesium and Selenium

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Posted by Sara (Crescent City, Fl) on 02/11/2013

My husband was in the hospital a year and a half ago thinking he was having a heart attack (he was only 38). Turned out to be hyperthyroid/possible Graves Disease. Endocrinologist put him on methimazole. All of this time through monthly changes to meds, his TSH level stayed around 0.006 (range should be 0.270-4.200 according to the lab report) and T4 around 2.01 (should be 0.93-1.70). Nothing ever moved!

I had run across info about taking iodine for this, but was scared off by the wrong info that iodine was the worst thing for hyperthyroid, but at my wits end, I dug deeper.

In the meantime, doctor told my husband to consider killing his thyroid, as something should have happened by now. He told hubby to up meds to 30. Also said that iodine would do nothing. For some reason he set his next appointment for 3 months away, which he never had done before.

So, on our end, and behind the doctors back, my dear hubby agreed to try iodine therapy for 3 months, which was 50 mg Iodoral (normal daily dose is said to be 20 I think). Also took magnesium for better absorption and selenium to bind the heavy metals the iodine collected. We did nothing different for 3 months accept for the iodine and company. He did continue the 20 mg. of methimazole, but now I wish he had not.

So, time for lab results after the 3 months. We were nervous because his neck was swollen, he was having swallowing trouble and hubby was convinced he had thyroid cancer. Awesome news! For the 1st time in a year and a half, movement in his levels! Now his TSH is 7.590 (to HIGH) and T4 compensated by switching to low .79. Doctor got excited and said " we have movement". He thinks he did this with the poison meds. Really?

The swelling in his neck was because the med was too much. I also now know that we should have upped his selenium along with the iodine. We are so excited and feel confident that he will be able to discontinue his meds. We also know that when hubby started to sleep better was when his range was "normal", so now we don't have to rely solely on lab results to know how he is doing.

Replied by Jayhyper
(Paphos, Cyprus)

Hi, can you tell us how your husband is after the iodine treatment?

Replied by Tricia
(Union City, Ca, Usa)

I have been doing so much research this year trying to find a way to make my thyroid get back to normal. You post gave me hope that this might work for me. My tsh is -0.000 and my t4 is in normal range I am priscribed 40mg of methemizole a day told highest dose available. I was also told stay away from iodized and shrimp. Endo is pushing e to have surgery or radio active iodine and that scares me because I researched radio active iodine and it increases cancer risk by 20% according to studies done in the uk. I know this is a long post but any advise you could give me I would love!

Replied by Maria Jane
(Cornwall, Uk)

Hi, that is great!! Did his t4 rise before it went down? I was taking iodine for a week without selenium and my thyroid swelled but no thyroid feelings if that makes sense! What effects did your husband get when he started taking it and how long was he on if for and how is he now? Cheers Maria.

Krill Oil

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Posted by Irina (New York) on 09/13/2015

I have hyperthyroid and I took Krill Oil just for basic health, I had read positive and negative reports about it, decided to try it, and in 1 day taking ONE pill my heart stopped racing and my hyperthyroid symptoms completely disappeared - the jitteriness, insomnia, anxiety, heart racing, everything - gone in 1 day. I know this sounds incredulous, I can hardly believe it myself!

I have been taking 1 capsule of krill oil now for 5 days and I am sleeping 10 hours a night and I feel totally calm for the first time in many years.

I highly recommend if you suffer from hyperthyroidism (or heart palpitations) that you try this! It has been a true miracle so far for me!

Replied by Patty

Is krill still helping you? Do you take any prescribed medication? Looking for any safe healthy alternatives to Hyperthyroidism.

Lemon Balm, Bugleweed

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Posted by Sc (Me, Dubai, United Arab Emirates) on 05/30/2011

Dear Folks,

I was having acute hyperthyroism with one of the days getting into almost a coma due to raise in one of the T (t3 or t4 raised to 22 normallly is around 4?. I was told... by the doctor...)

Started taking twice per day 30 drops of melissa lemon balm and 30 drops of bugleweed. After 45 days I did blood test. Totally cure as per doctor. He was amazed. Didnt take care of diet too much. I like veggies, yogurt, nuts, etc. healthy.

Replied by Vem
(Daly City, California)

Hi.. I would like to ask an update regarding your hyperthyroidism.. My husband is scheduled to have RAI next couple months, and I am actually anxious about the procedure.. I would like for him to try a natural remedy first before going (or seeing if he still needs RAI).. We will try this remedy of lemon balm and bugle weed.. But can he take this with his PTU also?

And will lemon balm alone, without the buggleweed be enough? thank you, I hope you can reply :)

Replied by Joan
(Kansas City, Mo)

I would encourage your husband to seek other advise. I regret having the RAI procedure done. Now I have many (small) but very irritating issues.

Replied by Maryanne
(Winthrop, Massachusetts)

Sorry this is months later, but is there a difference between "melissa lemon balm" and regular old lemon balm? I have lemon balm in my freezer now, and I can easily make a tincture. Just wondering, since I thought that Melissa was an entirely different herb than Lemon Balm. I've had Grave's Disease for 5 years, and I'm so sick of them trying to kill my thyroid with RAI! So far I have vehemently refused, and I've switched over to a naturopath. We'll see how it goes. I appreciate any other tips you guys can give. I'll try them all!

Thanks! Oh, also - how long did you have to take this combo to see results? How are your thyroid levels when you don't take this?

Replied by Sc
(Dubai, Uae)

Dear folks, after exactly one year of the first diagnosis of ht my tsh has gone to 0.243. Diagnosis was subclinical ht. So first thing I did was buy mogwort lemon balm and bugleweed. Don't take any medicine other than herbs for your ht. There is another formula lemon juice with baking soda. Ted has shared it long time. Say no no killing medicines. Never remove your thyroid. Do your best with herbs.

Replied by Sc
(Dubai, Uae)

Dear folks, after exactly one year of the first diagnosis of ht my tsh has gone to 0.243. Diagnosis was subclinical ht. So first thing I did was buy motherwort, lemon balm and bugleweed. Don't take any medicine other than herbs for your ht. There is another formula lemon juice with baking soda. Ted has shared it long time. Say no no killing medicines. Never remove your thyroid. Do your best with herbs.

Replied by Sc
(Dubai, Uae)

It has been okay until recently I have tsh low level. After one week of taking it u can feel better. Not sure about the melissa lb or lb.

Replied by Leila

After 2 years with this problem, now got tsh down to 0.03 :( lowest ever. i realize that Melissa lemon balm doesn't cure only correct. Once you leave it problem comes back again. i would like to know about the selenium and l-lysine. is the problem gone forever?

Replied by Cag
(Ocean County, Nj)

These herbs are used to treat the symptoms. The underlying issue is usually autoimmune. So work has to be done to find the trigger.

Replied by Juliet

The testimony above is faith strengthening. I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and have done extensive research. Problem is I don't know where to get Bugle weed and motherwort here in the UAE. Still searching

Lemon Balm, Bugleweed, Motherwort

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Posted by Needing Answers (Dubai) on 03/13/2013

Dear Folks! After 3 years of having issues with my thyroid this is my current situation: Hot toxic nodules and ths: 0.06 ft 3:256 and ft 4:0.9

Internist mentioned hyperthyroidism. How can it be when ft3 and ft4 is so low?

I have tried lemon balm and bugleweed motherwort. TSH and FT3 seems to improve but not ft4.

I really need answers. I am planing to go to 2 different endo but I know already their answers. To remove or to take RAI. This is not an option for me. I really need answers. First how can I know the right diagnosis? Second, what will it the be the right protocole? Thanks in advance. Regards, Needing answers

Replied by Joy
(Battleground , Wash)

There is a new book at the library, I like to read to quench my curiosity. My sis has these issues, so I wanted to understand more about it. There is a woman who has had this for a long time, Mary Shomon and she does research into all the available programs and meds available. Her book is a review of what helps and what doesn't, she has a facebook page too. I don't do facebook.

Replied by Needing Answers From Dubai

Thank you so much, still very much struggling.


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Posted by Alyssa (Boston, MA) on 07/25/2014

I have Hyperthyroidism and Moringa has helped me to feel very calm and sleep well. I have not gotten my levels re-checked or anything, just feel a LOT better! I also have been getting my periods longer, something that is shortened when I get a hyperthyroid episode. I read this about Moringa:


Moringa oleifera leaf extract has been observed to decrease the conversion of T4 to T3 in female but not in male adult Swiss rats, therefore increasing the T4/T3 ratio, [7] indicating a potential use for therapy of hyperthyroidism

Replied by Tanyavw
(Az, US)

I was curious. Do you know how much moringa one must consume and how long one must take it?

Replied by Alyssa
(Boston, Ma)

I have learned NOT to take Moringa in powdered form - don't even make your own from the powder into capsules. Just buy the Moringa already in capsule form. I would start with 1 capsule per week and build up to desired dose, to where you feel good. I'm only taking 2 capsules and just that small amount makes me feel calm and have a great night's sleep!

Replied by Hubz

@Tanyavw - Moringa is the most nutritious plant on earth. nowadays you will find different product form. I highly suggest to visit http://www.hubzomri.myzija.com/moringa/index.html?country= and do further readings. You're in the right path of regimen.

@Alyssa - powder form is best to have specially when it's processed properly and consumed it enzymatically alive.

Replied by Alyssa
(Boston, Ma)

The powdered form gave me acid reflux, the capsules I'm fine on.

Replied by Amanda
(New York, Ny)


I tried Moringa for insomnia and it made me very depressed, so be careful. I hope I am alone in having this reaction but wanted to warn people in case I'm not. I have never had depression before, and I suffer from no mood disorders or anything. My experience with Moringa was very scary, I think because it lowers the T3 thyroid levels it can cause depression. I saw on Earth Clinic a few people complaining that they had depression and were trying to elevate their T3 levels to help treat it. So be careful out there, even natural substances can cause reactions in some people unfortunately.

Replied by Gabbi

Hi, Have you rechecked the levels? I heard it's not good for hyperthyroidism?

Replied by Zander
(Anytown, USA)

I tried moringa for what seems to be the hyperthyroid phase of self-limiting thyroiditis. The high iodine content in it made my hyperthyroid symptoms worse than they had been in weeks and it lasted for days: insomnia, shakes, tachycardia.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Damon (California, US) on 04/19/2015

At 37 and in great health (so I thought) I developed hyperthyroidism. I first noticed it after intense workouts. I would get the tremors. Then I couldn't sleep, was always overheating, etc. I went from a muscular 170 to a dangerously thin 140. My first reaction was to go to the doctor. Their solution was to put me on a heavy dose of medications. They said if this didn't work, they would remove my thyroid. I knew not to do this ever. I went to see a natural doctor who's been practicing for 60 years and she put me on a large array of supplements. After six months I am completely healed! I want to share with everyone exactly what I was on and did. First off I want to let everyone know that she tested every supplement to me because she said some brands work better than others on certain people. the Brown I was on worked for about 80 percent of all people. I don't know if I can get brand names but I will if they let me. I'm only going to stick to the stuff I believe was for my hyperthyroidism because apparently I had several other issues as well that I didn't know about.

First my lifestyle changes that started with my sister (a registered dietitian) that helped right away.

Eliminate the following: caffeine (aside from white tea), sugar (I had some coconut sugar, black strap mollases and stevia when I needed a fix) and gluten. I found out later that I was not gluten intolerant so I switched to sprouted breads.

Everyday (recommended by the health doc): you can skip this but I wouldn't.

White tea (she put me on a cheap brand called tenren)

Fresh juice : 1/2 of a carrot, beet, lemon, lime cucumber and apple. I also added a bit of ginger and either or both of spinach and kale. I sometimes would add a small slice of jalapeno....but it's spicy.

Exercise. Dr. recommended the mini trampoline to jump on for at least five minutes a day because it's the only way to clear out your lymph nodes. However, I usually did some running and some lifting.

Supplements: taken with every meal. I was religious about it and only missed a few times, but never more than one time a day. I just carried around a little pill holder full of stuff and measured out daily:

- magnesium MG zyme by biotic research or Douglas labs

-adrenal complex by professional formulas

-super krill omega


- milk thistle v max, it's either Douglas or biotic research again.

I was also on the following that I would recommend because 90% of Americans have poor digestion. if you can't digest the nutrients they will do you little good.

-pan ox 5 , I think it's also Douglas labs

-Quadra zyme ( they do 50% off a few times a year)

I also was on the following droppers from professional formulas. these were hard to take since you have to take them 3 times a day at 10 drops but you have to be 15 minutes before or after meals or brushing your teeth. each one is taken individually under the tounge and swish it around in your mouth.

- pituitary stimulus

- liver stimulus

-kidney stimulus

If you still have silver fillings you should add


I pray this helps somebody. today I'm completely better except I still get the tremors on rare occasions. Oddly enough my coworker has had them his whole life and tried the adrenal complex that I was on and it almost completely eliminated them. God bless

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Scopa (Brooklyn, New York) on 10/04/2014

Hello All,

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in November last year. Since then I have been on methimazole various dosages because either I ended up as hypothroid or my levels were not changing. I am somewhat stable now forever my hair fell out so much since before I was officially diagnosed. It is so sorry now it's depressing. I had really really long hair. I was on metoprolol for one month but not any more. I would like for my hair to grow back and still have energy and eventually get off this medication before they say I need surgery or radioiodine therapy. I started taking 5000mcg biotin, along with omega 3-6-9 everyday but yet no change in my hair growth. I am also using Apple cider vinegar and blackstrap molasses for the past two weeks that I learned about on this site for fibroids. The fibroids were diagnosed in December. All this really took me by surprise because I pride myself on eating health and just being healthy overall. What do you suggest?

Thank you.

From At my wits end.

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, US)

Lugols iodine. Lot of information on internet.

Replied by Wendy
(Maryland, US)

Hello, Regarding your hair loss, my dermatologist put me on extra strength Rogaine for men (not women), and my hair stopped falling out. Supposedly, there are no side effects except a healthier looking head of hair and I have not seen any side-effects except occasional scalp itching (that is manageable with another foam my dermatologist prescribed for me as needed), so please try this for the hair issue to see if there is improvements. Talk to your dermatologist so that you feel safe about it.

Parasite Cleanse

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Posted by Maryanne (Columbus, Oh) on 06/02/2013

I cured my " hyperthyroid" condition using a parasite cleanse! My symptoms had begun rather suddenly with chronic, explosive, watery, yellow diarrhea. My doctor sent me for a stool test, at my request. It came back negative. The next 8 months were so difficult. I lost almost 30 lbs, my eyesight was going downhill fast, and any time I ate the smallest bit of sugar, my heart would pound and race so badly I thought I was going to die. I eventually had to wear adult diapers if I left the house, and I couldn't work. I had to run to the bathroom 30 or more times in a 24 hours period. It was so scary. I was finally tested and diagnosed with hyperthyroid and put on methimizole. During the first 10 days of taking it, I just decided to go ahead with a parasite cleanse, even though my stool test had come back negative. I took a good one, the one that costs about $40 at Whole Foods Market. From the first dose of the wormwood tincture (one part of the cleanse), I could feel a significant calming in my body. I think it was stunning or paralyzing the parasites, just as sugar caused them to have a party! As I continued the cleanse I observed 3 different kinds of parasites leaving my body. Within another week I went off the medicine. I completed the cleanse, I think it was a 30 day cleanse, and I have never had another symptom.

Those stool tests are sometimes absolutely worthless, as in my case. I later realized that if parasites came out in your stool, you wouldn't have parasites! I am so happy to be well again and have decided to do a parasite cleanse at least once a year from now on, just as a preventative from ever being so sick and scared again. I had read and tried almost everything mentioned for hyperthyroid conditions here on Earth Clinic and I had nothing else to try. I only wish I would have followed my first instinct and taken the parasite cleanse at the first sign of problems. I believe that if I hadn't fixed the problem, it would have eventually been fatal, as I was not getting any nutrients from what I was eating. The parasites were getting it all. I looked like a walking dead person, and I'm sure other people thought I had cancer. I have waited 5 months to post this so that I could be sure I am cured. I have regained almost all my weight, my eyesight is back to normal, and I never have the racing heart anymore. If parasites can do what they did to me, I believe they can cause numerous other problems in the body. Anyone can get parasites. I have read that everyone has them. If you eat out and your food is prepared by someone that has parasites and hasn't properly washed their hands, you will get them. I guess the symptoms you develop depend on the type you are infested with. I am almost 62 years old and this is the 4th major health issue I had to fix myself, as the doctor's couldn't or didn't help me.

Replied by KT
(The USA)

Thank you, Maryanne, for this post. Parasite infestation is a reality even though there are many who deny it. I appreciate your report and hope others will take the advice because there are parasites that are not always visible.

Replied by Em
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Hi Marryanne, I too am suffering from a hyperthyroid condition (originally Hashimoto's that was in remission), and I strongly suspect a gastrointestinal link to this problem. I suspect a bacterial/fungal gut infection. I would love to know what exactly you purchased from whole foods and how you took it to achieve your results! Thanks for your post. It caught my attention and opened my eyes to a possible cause of my hyperthyroidism.

Potassium Iodide

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Posted by Jen (RnR, California, Usa) on 08/01/2010

Hello EC,

I am inquiring about potassium iodide for hyperthyroidism. I have read that potassium iodide is a cure, this is what the antithyroid drugs are. But I have also read that hyperthyroid people should avoid iodine at all costs. I'm confused. Any clarification would be appreciated. And also, if potassium iodide should be taken how much, for how long. Thanks. Peace, love and life, Jen.

Replied by J
(Santa Ana, Ca)

A little iodine juices your thyroid up. A lot slows it down. And I do mean regular supplemental iodine, not the radioactive stuff. Somewhere on the net is a protocol for doing this but I can't recall where I saw it. An afternoon surfing should turn it up. Be sure to get a scan first to make sure you don't have a nodule or some kind of toxicity issue causing the problem.

Replied by Marisa
(Halifax, England, Uk)

There's lots of contradictory advice out there on the net. One of the people who seems to know what he's talking about is Dr Brownstein - though I don't have a scientific background, so I'm just trusting his judgments. From what I've read some people fear iodine because the thyroid needs iodine to function properly and if there is too much iodine in the system, this could cause the thyroid to go hyper - according to one viewpoint. Brownstein contradicts this and says that one of the causes of both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism is lack of iodine in the diet. And far from needing the recommended daily dose of 150 micrograms, we actually need roundabout 13 miligrams a day, which is what the Japanese consume, to maintain a healthy system. If we're deficient in iodine, Brownstein claims we need booster doses (of something like 50 mg a day with other mineral supplements) for around a year to restore our depleted stores. After this, the amount needs reducing.

If you google 'Dr Brownstein and iodine' you should be able to research more. According to this doctor, he's had patients who can testify to being cured from cancer and fibromyalgia as well as thyroid conditions by taking iodine supplements. Hope you find a cure soon. I'm hoping to start an iodine supplement routine for my goitre and hyperthyroid condition as soon as I recover from a virus. :-)

Replied by Anomale
(Winchester, Virginia)

Hi everyone. I have not been diagnosed with hyper yet but Last year I was taking a supplement called chlorella. This is great stuff on the whole but it sent me into some sort of metabolic overload. I shook for 3-4 months. My body shook from the inside out and no one could see it. I was an absolute mess. My anxiety dwarfed anything I have ever experienced or ever read about. I honestly dont know how I survived. I think it was a thyroid storm. I am still not well and after a year they did an US and found a nodule. I go in tomorrow to see what treatment to do. As a nurse I will probably go holistic. I just wanted to warn those about taking supplements. Not that supplements are bad but DO BE careful. Take them slowly to see how they affect you. THe chlorella had lots of iodine in it. I know there is talk on the web that iodine helps hyper but I experineced it differently. I will continue to search for herbal remedies. JUST BE CAREFUL! GOOD LUCK TO ALL SEARCHING!

Replied by Pete
(St. Paul, Mn, Usa)


I have been taking Iodoral for over 3 years. I started VERY cautiously with a lugol solution first, tiny, tiny amounts of iodine and took thyroid tests that were fine, then carefully went up, first 6 mg. then 12.5, then 18 mg. I rarely, occasionally would try 25 but felt it wasn't needed. I also took iodine tests to see how much was being retained (urinalyses). I was fine until this week. Suddenly hyperthyroid. Heart rate was over 130 so I went to ER, where they found this in blood tests. Now I am afraid to take the iodine, will stop for the foreseeable future. I'm hoping this is a temporary thing brought on by screwed up sleep patterns for the past few weeks, and maybe a local throat infection or inflammation--I was having to shout for hours at a time at loud parties while entertaining people in my work. Am on a fruit and raw veg juice diet today, maybe a full fast this weekend. I keep wondering if anyone else has tried fasting for this, since it shows so much benefit to any kind of inflammation or auto-immune conditions.

Replied by Nanowriter
(Hotspot, Texas)

I am a big fan of supplementation but one problem with it is that we can induce deficiencies of other nutrients, creating an imbalance. The key is to bring those other nutrient levels up.

I ignore numbers and look at symptoms. Your sleep problems, heart rate issue and history of loud noise exposure and stress point to magnesium deficiency.

Taking iodine May have caused your selenium levels to become depleted. Consider researching this connection and supplement with selenium for your symptom of hyperthyroid.

Replied by Harmen
(Groningen, The Netherlands)

@ Pete:

Did you take selenium, magnesium, vitamin c and sea-salt with the iodoral / lugol's iodine?
It is mandatory in the iodine protocol.

@ all hyper and hypothyroid patients
I think Dr. Brownstein is right that both hypo and hyperthyroid are caused by iodine deficiency and too much fluoride and bromide. Iodine pushes fluoride and bromide out, the salt and vitamin c are to help with that. The selenium is to prevent toxicity of iodine to the thyroid [1]

Iodine as alternative treatment for breast cancer

The guide to supplementing iodine:

Google the guide to supplementing iodine here:

[1]. Selenium is important to prevent iodine to be toxic to the thyroid http://perfecthealthdiet.com/2011/05/iodine-and-hashimotos-thyroiditis-part-i/

Rooibos Tea

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Posted by Adriana (Los Angeles, Ca) on 04/16/2014

I take lots of Rooibos tea when I'm stressed out or can't sleep and I have a tendency towards hyperthyroid, which makes everything worse. Rooibos tea and magnesium are my "go to" natural remedies for this. They really work!

Tryptophan, Magnesium

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Posted by Trevor (Miami, Florida) on 04/08/2013

Try these L-Tryptophan & Magnesium Chloride or Magnesium Citrate for hyperthyroid symptoms - racing heart, anxiety, insomnia, etc.

Vitamin C

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Posted by Annabelle (California ) on 12/28/2021

Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid form powdered form liposomal C) has completely calmed me down and abated my hyperthyroid symptoms. I feel so much calmer, less stressed, and much more even-keeled since the first day of taking it. I need very little to feel a relief - 1/4 tsp twice a day of the powdered form or 1/8 - 1/4 tsp of the liposomal form twice a day. I read that vitamin C helps anxiety, and my hyperthyroid symptoms made me feel extremely anxious, so I'm wondering if there is some sort of overlap/correlation.

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