Hyperthyroidism Treatment and Remedies

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Damon (California, US) on 04/19/2015

At 37 and in great health (so I thought) I developed hyperthyroidism. I first noticed it after intense workouts. I would get the tremors. Then I couldn't sleep, was always overheating, etc. I went from a muscular 170 to a dangerously thin 140. My first reaction was to go to the doctor. Their solution was to put me on a heavy dose of medications. They said if this didn't work, they would remove my thyroid. I knew not to do this ever. I went to see a natural doctor who's been practicing for 60 years and she put me on a large array of supplements. After six months I am completely healed! I want to share with everyone exactly what I was on and did. First off I want to let everyone know that she tested every supplement to me because she said some brands work better than others on certain people. the Brown I was on worked for about 80 percent of all people. I don't know if I can get brand names but I will if they let me. I'm only going to stick to the stuff I believe was for my hyperthyroidism because apparently I had several other issues as well that I didn't know about.

First my lifestyle changes that started with my sister (a registered dietitian) that helped right away.

Eliminate the following: caffeine (aside from white tea), sugar (I had some coconut sugar, black strap mollases and stevia when I needed a fix) and gluten. I found out later that I was not gluten intolerant so I switched to sprouted breads.

Everyday (recommended by the health doc): you can skip this but I wouldn't.

White tea (she put me on a cheap brand called tenren)

Fresh juice : 1/2 of a carrot, beet, lemon, lime cucumber and apple. I also added a bit of ginger and either or both of spinach and kale. I sometimes would add a small slice of jalapeno....but it's spicy.

Exercise. Dr. recommended the mini trampoline to jump on for at least five minutes a day because it's the only way to clear out your lymph nodes. However, I usually did some running and some lifting.

Supplements: taken with every meal. I was religious about it and only missed a few times, but never more than one time a day. I just carried around a little pill holder full of stuff and measured out daily:

- magnesium MG zyme by biotic research or Douglas labs

-adrenal complex by professional formulas

-super krill omega


- milk thistle v max, it's either Douglas or biotic research again.

I was also on the following that I would recommend because 90% of Americans have poor digestion. if you can't digest the nutrients they will do you little good.

-pan ox 5 , I think it's also Douglas labs

-Quadra zyme ( they do 50% off a few times a year)

I also was on the following droppers from professional formulas. these were hard to take since you have to take them 3 times a day at 10 drops but you have to be 15 minutes before or after meals or brushing your teeth. each one is taken individually under the tounge and swish it around in your mouth.

- pituitary stimulus

- liver stimulus

-kidney stimulus

If you still have silver fillings you should add


I pray this helps somebody. today I'm completely better except I still get the tremors on rare occasions. Oddly enough my coworker has had them his whole life and tried the adrenal complex that I was on and it almost completely eliminated them. God bless