Tooth Pain Remedies

Tissue Paper Trick
Posted by Flowing Hands (pensacola) on 09/21/2021
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I've tried all the remedies many times. I used to swear by garlic. I would just burn the toothache as much as I can with garlic and that helped the most of all these remedies. One day the garlic stopped working and I was screwed with no way to turn. I had the idea to stuff the hole with tissue paper to prevent more food debris ect from getting to it. When I did that the pain that was a 10 went to a 0 INSTANTLY!!!!! I have 2 other tooth infections and I used to tissue paper works on them too. So you have to find the spot where it hurts or is bleeding. Most likely it's bleeding and that's why it became an infection cuz bacteria got to the blood. So when u got blood in your mouth it's very hard to stop it cuz your mouth is so wet. So by applying tissue paper and stuffing it hard against the wounded area does 2 things. First, the pressure stops the bleeding. sScond, the dryness of the tissue paper sucks up everything it contacts. Just replace it every 1-2 days. I like to clear out the area with baking soda before applying the tissue. Trust me this is the ultimate cure a million times better than any remedy.

Posted by Pam (Northern Ca) on 12/15/2017
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I have been doing the OP, Black Walnut extract, rinsing mouth out with half drop of tea tree oil and water, dash of salt-cayenne pepper-baking soda, trying to get gums to grow back, re-mineralize teeth w/homemade toothpaste to up minerals needed {teeth were looking transparent, now don't}. molar on upper left of jaw hurt so bad, could wiggle it.(wiggleing it once was quite enough}

I put a whole clove in pastic sandwich bag and mashed it with a hammer, put clove on tooth, chewed it gingerly. Did not realize tooth was swollen-but swelling and pain is gone now! Will be able to make and wait for dental appt. without being in exceeding pain.

Silver Nanoparticles
Posted by Art (California ) on 11/04/2018 1233 posts

Ana (Texas),

I make my own, but you can order it on line from some supplement suppliers and Amazon. Places like Whole Foods also stock it on their shelves. You can also use ionic silver for this purpose as it will likely get reduced to colloidal silver in the mouth through interaction with the bacteria in the mouth. Commercial products are expensive, but for this particular application I do not use too much so it can last quite awhile. Here is a typical product from Amazon for a manufacturer who has been around quite awhile.


Posted by Gaiamuse (Massachusetts) on 05/22/2016
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Homeopathic Hypericum can be a great remedy for a toothache. It's the homeopathic version of St. John's Wort. I have hypersensitivity -- particularly in the tooth area -- so if there is even a minor irritation it can blossom into a lot of pain. Once when my dentist packed a cavity too tight the nerve was throbbing until I tried hypericum. I would have had to have a root canal or an extraction otherwise! Try hypericum 30c every 3 hours until the pain goes away. If it doesn't after a couple of days then another remedy is called for.

Posted by Davina (Los Angeles) on 02/22/2014
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I have a toothache. Been going off and on for a few weeks. I am waiting until the dentist can see me. I read about the clove oil and ground cloves. All I had was ground cloves. I put some ground clove around the tooth and the pain is quite diminished. Tastes nasty though but anything to stop the pain.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Michelle (Melbourne Australia ) on 03/09/2018
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Omg this works! I was in excruciating pain and over the counter medication wasn't working, a few mouthfuls of this held in my mouth and then spat out and the pain went away. Thank you

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Issie (Jax, Fl) on 07/02/2011
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wow I now know the meaning of trying anything to make the pain stop. my tooth has been hurting on and off for a couple of days now. but I was using over the counter meds til I could get in to dentist last night it became unbareable. I was in sooo much pain. I almost got the tool box out and pulled my own tooth.

Instead I hopped on internet and found this thread. I used what I had in closet to get me through night. (honey, cinnamon, tea, garlic and I threw in oats too. This helped to draw some of the infection out. Cause around 4am I was spitting it blood that had a yellow color to it) around 9am I went to health foods store and got the charcoal and slippery elm clove oil and pick up some cayanne pepper at grocey store. Came home made a paste out of all of it and put it in my gum and tooth and pain free wooohooo. so I am hoping this will draw infection out and that I can go to denist with it under control instead of having to pay for two appts but who ever started all of this thank you cause I am going to make it through holiday weekend now.

Vitamin C
Posted by Robert (Orlando, FL) on 12/24/2006
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Whenever I get a toothache I think back to see if I took large amounts of vitamins, especially C, and then suddenly stopped. Toothaches can be the result of sudden withdrawal from vitamin C. If so, it's best to return to using it and gradually withdraw from its use rather than do it all at once. Sudden withdrawal from C can cause joint pains as well. Such pains are normally temporary, but they can be quite disconcerting if one doesn't know their source.

Oil Pulling
Posted by JC Mors (Ontario) on 12/30/2021
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I tried oil pulling for a toothache and to my amazement, it worked.

I used Olive Oil 3 times a day and in 3 days my pain was completely gone.

I am continuing the process for further healing.


Tissue Paper Trick
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 09/28/2021

Garlic and vitamin c are blood thinners and can cause mouth bleeding. As far as your infection goes, you have a fight on your careful how you tackle it. I am fighting mine in the spirit realm as all natural cures won't fix mine anymore, only keep them controlled.

Activated charcoal will suck up the infection and use some castor oil with it and salt, I use the pink salt. The teeth also have a connection to the sinus cavity and jaw bone. Pulling teeth is the answer they say is best but then you watch those denture cream commercials and they spell out all the suffering and then implants are an accident waiting to happen. You are gambling with your heart and liver and brain here. Turmeric is good. Ginger is good for oral and gut health. Neem works only when using the brie< I think it is. People who used neem, not from area where brie from goats was eaten did not get dental benefits. Can't find the article I read. coconut oil works wonders too. As far as what is going on behind the scenes here, is it your gut health, emotional health affecting gut health, tonsil stones, or is it exposure to toxins? Find the source so you can put out the fire. Cover face in castor oil at night and cover pillowcase with an old t-shirt.

Healing Teeth Natural without Drugs, Surgery or Dentists (

Symptoms of Mineral Deficiencies (

Cell Salts #12 Silicea 6x
Posted by Becky (Laporte, Tx) on 07/22/2021 2 posts

Update: the swelling has come back a little, but it is still so much better. Still using all supplements listed plus the cell salts.

Posted by mia (lakewood, ca) on 05/11/2021
5 out of 5 stars

This works!! I was in agony last night from a throbbing toothache, I couldn't even sleep let alone lay down. My head was throbbing due to my toothache then I thought about my handy dandy site Earth Clinic and boom! I keep herbs and stuff on hand so I had cloves in my kitchen cabinet, I used the whole clove and crushed it a bit or you can just remove the sharp part and put it right on your gums where the pain is and it's gone! Took about 5-10 minutes. Now I will be able to get some sleep tonight.. Thank you guys for this gem!!

Posted by Deirdre (CT) on 11/19/2020

Hi David,

When I had extreme tooth nerve sensitivity last summer, it was from detoxing too much too fast. I took a potassium supplement and within half an hour, completely better. I continued to take one tablet a day for the next few days.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Karen (Florida) on 08/20/2017

Using goldenseal liquid is also excellent in healing oral issues. Put 2-5 drops in 4oz water and swish until gone. It works great. You may use it 2-6 times daily, but not over 10 days. We have healed abcessed tooth infections with this. The tooth still needs dental assistance from a dentist, but it does end the infection.

Clove Oil, Baking Soda
Posted by Sparks (Pennsylvania) on 07/04/2017
4 out of 5 stars

I practice alternative medicine whenever I can. Ironically, the more you see a dentist, the more pain you have. Despite a high pain tolerance, I had excruciating radiating pain (to ear, jaw, neck) from an old partially restored crown that needs revision. Hot foods and liquids particularly irritating. Q-tip dipped in clove oil, -- rinse this out after letting it sit a minute -- don't swallow clove oil, --then a swab of baking soda gave me temporary relief.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kellie (Usa) on 10/12/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I had a horrible toothache and I mixed about 2 Tbsp ACV with the Mother and about 1 tsp of raw honey with about 1/4 cup of lukewarm water and I swished it around my teeth and then swallowed it. that was about 30 minutes ago and the pain was GONE within 15 minutes. Completely gone. I don't know how long the pain will be gone, but I am amazed and so grateful. I am concerned about the enamel damage possible by ACV so I might just swallow the mixture next time and see if that works as well. I am so amazed that this worked.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Rita (Somewhere In Tx) on 12/22/2015

Stephanie - I hope by now u got into the dentist and took care of the problems.

There are plenty of us out here that have that problem of simply getting into that chair-speaking for myself, I simply can't take it anymore.

My blood pressure agrees with ME and spikes incredibly HIGH leading to even the dentist refusing to work-upper number greater than 210--and yeah this is even w/the antihypertensives-

Finally 1 dentist witnessed me taking the medications, waited for a workable reading and continued working even though it started to rise AND GOT THEM OUT and then of course the blood pressure came down--you're not the only one having difficulties and you will find a dentist that YOU can work with.

See if there is someone to get you home after the office visit and then the dentist can give you a little "something" besides the nitrous that will RELAX YOU and get you through the visit nice and easy.

Oil Pulling
Posted by T Huck (Frederick, Md) on 11/23/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I did a combination of oil pulling and a clove of finely chopped garlic and pulled the combo for ten min. I did this three times day one and 95% of the pain and swelling was gone. Today I woke up and plan on doing it two more times just to make sure that I knock out the balance oc any infection that may be left. I was shocked at how effective this was and really excited to share with all of you. So next time you have a tooth ache try this method to see if it is as effective for you as it was for me. Not only did my pain go away but my teeth are cleaner and my breath could knock a buzzard off a sh-- wagon

Posted by Cecilia (Craftsbury, Vt) on 07/02/2015

I would strongly suggest not using alum, it is an aluminum salt and toxic to injest.

Posted by Prioris (Fl, Usa) on 02/02/2014

Cloves acts just to numb the tooth so it is good just for the pain. It doesn't address the streptococcus mutans bacteria etc. Oxygen is what can kill these anaerobic bacteria.

I have experimented with various things. So far 1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed with 1 part water seems like the best. You can add 25% DMSO. I would use colloidal silver in place of the water.

The water is used to make HP more gentle and more seemingly stable in mouth. I haven't experimented with stabilized oxygen because the expense is absurd.

Posted by Rachael (Salmon, Idaho, Usa) on 09/21/2013
5 out of 5 stars

WOW!!! That is all I can say for CLOVES!!! I found this site after searching for a home remedy for this cavity pain I have been having for days.... And everyone kept saying to use cloves.... Typically skeptical, I continued just the use of the prescription pain medication I use normally for my lower lumbar pain and Orajel... The meds seemed to not have any effect on the pain whatsoever and the Orajel only lasted for a few minutes.... At this point I was willing to try anything to just tolerate the pain! So, to the cupboard I went and found a jar of whole cloves.... Put the whole clove inside the hole of the cavity and INSTANTLY the pain seemed to subside!!! I only held the clove there momentarily and I am still in shock that it worked so fast! It has been over an hour and I still barely feel the pain... So THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I cannot wait to tell everyone how well this worked!! I believe I will make certain I always have a jar of cloves for an emergency like this again in the future!!!

Posted by KT (Usa) on 09/21/2013
5 out of 5 stars

YES RACHAEL, WOW for the cloves. It worked... I too had to resort to using a whole clove in attempts to stop the pain! Incredible... I have a tooth that has a cracked root that went undetected until after a root canal and crown. The garlic clove worked on the pain of an abscess of another tooth so I started using the garlic for the one I had the crown removed but it was not woking as well. I used the teabag remedy that worked a little but when I saw this post and tried the whole clove... VOILA! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU EC!

Almond Extract
Posted by Benita (Canada) on 07/22/2015
5 out of 5 stars

My cracked tooth gave me almost unbearable pain. I wasn't able to see a dentist for a couple of days. Tried the almond extract. It worked almost immediately and provided about three hours of pain relief. Thanks!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by James (Edgewater , Florida) on 02/18/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you so much. I've been doing ice water for over a week now and could not get to a dentist. I did exactly what you said, two tablespoons vinegar one big tablespoon of honey and warm water. The toothache pain disappeared in 10 seconds and has not been back. It's been over two hours now I honestly think I'll get some sleep tonight thanks again

Posted by Wexcellent (Oregon City, Oregon, Usa) on 05/15/2011
5 out of 5 stars

About 2 months ago I started developing a toothache in a tooth I already have had a root canal and crown on. It was very sensitive to pressure (not to cold - which tells me the nerves inside are dead) and was starting to throb and ache more and more. I had almost resigned myself to go to the dentist where the solution would likely have been to pull it - what else would they do? Maybe they would have tried to treat it first with antibiotics. Anyway, I got on Earth Link looking for advice on temporary relief. After reading through a bunch of what people said I decided to synthesize a couple of the solutions. I spent about $18 on activated charcoal capsules and clove oil and mixed the two with a little olive oil into a paste. I put it in an emptied tea bag and used it as a compress between my cheek and gum next to the affected tooth. I left it there about an hour in the evening. I also put a couple of drops of clove oil on a cotton ball and held it against the area on the with my tongue for awhile at the same time. I just spit the nasty saliva in a cup because I didn't want to swallow it and I was worried the cloves might upset my stomach. That night it provided temporary relief, though I could still tell something was wrong and I still had the referred pain in my cheek and lower teeth on the same side.

However, in the morning I woke up early and went out to breakfast with someone. It wasn't until I got home that I realized my tooth not only didn't hurt anymore but that I'd been chewing on that side of mouth without even thinking about it. I was expecting the pain to return but it hasnt yet - there has been no recurrence at all in the last two months.

Since then I provided this information to a friends wife who was suffering with a temporary crown and she had similar results, she treated the area twice.

NOTE: My local store didn't have clove oil so the first try I just put ground cloves in with the activated charcoal. It might have provided some relief but it was negligible.


Oil of Oregano
Posted by Max (Bayside, Ny) on 04/11/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I saw oil of oregano and olive oil for toothache on your site. I decided to take a piece of floss and drench it in the mixture. I used about 4-5 drops of oregano oil to 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil. I moved the floss thru the mixture in the top of a prescription bottle cap. I put the floss thru my teeth where it hurt. Did this for 2-3 days and pain went away. Thanks for your beginning Earth Clinic. My favorite health site.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Teresa (Spanaway, Washington) on 07/22/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Yes! The activated charcoal STOPPED my TOOTH ACHE within minutes. I opened 1 activated charcoal capsule, poured on saucer, added drops of water, which a made runny paste, put it on my finger and then rub it on the gum above my aching tooth. When the tooth would start to feel like it was beginning to ache again, I added this charcoal mixture, and it stopped the pain.

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