Hepatitis C Treatment and Cure

Lugol's Iodine

Posted by Bonnie (Framingham, Ma.) on 12/31/2014

I have hepatitis C, Will taking Lugol's iodine bother my liver? Thank you.

Milk Thistle

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Posted by Leonhard (Columbus, GA) on 06/24/2009

I have been DXed w/ Hepatitis C. I have failed two treatment's. Milk Thistle is being touted as a supplement to use. Do you know any thing about Milk Thistle...? Are there many form's/dosage of the Milk Thistle...? How do I know which dosage is for my particular case. Thanking you in advance, I am.

Replied by Debi

Yes it does help heal hep c. I'm a Rev of the Genesis 2 Church. I work with it and have been taking it for two years. Helps kill the bad virus and bacteria in our bodies.

Replied by Oregano
(On, Canada)

My friend, As a parasitologist, I know that Hep C virus will take away your B12. The best therapy is as follow:

B12 injections.
Vitamin D
Vitamin C injection under supervised doctor
Milk Thistle at least 80% Sylmarin
Nacety cystein
Glutathion injection

You will be cure and feeling better in NO TIME. It is a therapy I took and developed after reading TONES of scientific ARTICLES from prestigious universities.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Oregano from Canada, of course I have read about milk thistle for hepatitis C. And I believe it is of value for liver detox.

BUT, it DOES severely degrade the BHT treatment. The two treatments do NOT work well together. That statement is based on the substantial feedback from those using the BHT treatment. Some treatments simply do NOT work well when used together. Those using milk thistle with the BHT treatment have consistantly shown very poor results. BHT is a reactive compound when digested and metabilized. Those showing the best results and there are many, KEEP IT SIMPLE.

So, if you choose to go the BHT route for hepatitis C, keep it simple and do not take milk thistle or it`s extracts. The same is true with grapefruit juice. Don't use it with BHT. Some treatments simply do not work well together. Is that so hard to understand ? ...Oscar

Replied by Oregano
(On, Canada)

Dear Oscar, as a parasitologist, I read many and I mean many articles about the best therapy for Hep C. I came up with the protocol I described. Sylmarin not only helps the liver but LITERALLY REDUCE THE VIRAL LOAD.

My protocol is as followed:

B12 INJECTION, Vitamin D, Vitamin C injection, N acety cystein and Sylmarin or at least 80% Sylmarin. Try it and you feel better in NO TIME.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Oregano from Canada, I want you to know meant no offense to you and am not questioning the value of your treatment for hepatitis C.

But the BHT treatment is obviously based on BHT. And certain compounds do NOT work well with BHT and silymarin is one of them. So for those people who choose the BHT approach to treating hepatitis C it is important that they know that. Again I am NOT questioning the value of your treatment which does not include BHT.

They are two different approaches to treating hepatitis C and there are other approaches also. Sincerely, ...Oscar

Replied by Mr. Ree

If you want to reduce your liver enzymes get a phlebotomy (removal of a pint of blood) It will reduce your iron level and therefore reduce your inflamation and therefore reduce your enzymes levels... And it's covered by insurance... My enzymes went from 185 ish for both to 45 and 80 in about 5 months worth of plabotomies... Hep-c makes your liver hold iron, something you do not want...

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
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If I might add my little two cents on the topic.

For many yrs, I have suffered complications consistent with Chronic Active Viral Hepatitis, although I have never been medically diagnosed thus. Also I have shown symptoms consistent with Fatty Liver as well as Primary Cirrhosis. I have used Milk Thistle, Artichoke, and Turmeric as primary herbs as well as many other herbs as supportive. Lots of nutrition like B-Vit, Lecithin, etc as well as Raw Liver Supplements. All this with marginal improvement (more like not getting worse). For some time the best results I got for the hep was glutathione precursor amino's plus Licorice, plus DMG. Eventually I had to drop the Lic protocol because of Hypertension/sodium retention, so I replaced with other anti-virals like St John'sWort and Echinacea but with not the net effect of the L. A couple yrs ago after reading about BHT here on E. C. I tried 250mg on empty stomach once daily with very good and noticeable results, but after couple months leveled off. All this time I continued with the other liver support herbs and take the BHT several hrs away. So I upped to 250 BHT to twice daily but with not much improvement. Desperate again, I began using Chanca Padra occasionally after having all but terminated the BHT. I experienced the best results with the Chaca Piegra than any other herb and rank it proly somewhere on the same level of BHT for effectiveness. Anyway, I now take 1 250 BHT wait 15 min and take one cap Chaca Piedra daily with as good a result as any other previous methods.

To sum up, personally I think some type rotation is the best method for especially those suffering severe or life-threatening situation/condition. A weekly rotations of Liver med protocol seems sensible although a monthly might be best (results will vary in individuals). In my case, I did not experience the anti-viral results with a somewhat identical protocol as Oregano recommended. I didn't experience deleterious effects of BHT plus the other nutrients Oscar recommends avoiding although I took those nutrients away from BHT. So, rotating on a daily basis (which is the method I am doing) may proove beneficial if done correctly and for specific cases. IMHO the BHT does it's thang 2-3 hrs fallowing ingestion. So I am suggesting BHT alone with no rotation is not going to produce the best results for the majoirty of patients, but again it's very much an issue of personal outcomes. Find what works best, like myself, even if it takes several yrs of testing/rotating.

Replied by Oregano
(On, Canada)

Hello Sir, Like I said, Sylmarin is a very good remedy against Hep C. It is APPROVED IN GERMANY as a liver detox and a liver aid drug. It has been proven to lower the viral load. The best treatment is : Sylmarin, B12 injection, Vitamin D, Vitamin C injection, N Acety cystein and Glutathion injection.I'm happy you are a living proof of Sylmarin against your Cirrhosis.All the best.

Replied by Oregano
(On, Canada)

Dear Oscar, I have nothing against BHT. BHT is an antioxidant known as a food preservative. It has some antiviral activities. But the protocol I described was from many scientific articles published in good medical journals. B12 and Vitamin D alone has been shown to reduce the viral load. N Acetyl cystein also has been shown to reduce the viral load though Glutathion production. Vitamin C also has been shown to inactivate the virus.

So I'm not against your apporoach but the best is what it is more sound and approved by science.

My protocol for curing Hep C or B is as follows:

Injections : Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Glutahtion

Supplements: Vitamin D, N acetyl cystein and Sylmarin or at least 80% Sylmarin standard extract.

All the best

Milk Thistle
Posted by Davey D (Victoria, BC Canada) on 07/30/2008

Hi Ted! I noticed that while reading one of your posts that you did not have an opinion about Milk Thistle because you did not have much info about it. I just wanted to inform you that this product taken twice a day at 4,750mlg has made me feel a whole lot better. Yes I have the dreaded h-c [hepatitis c] and don't like to mention it because people will avoid you. Before going on Milk Thistle after doing a 42 week pegatron therapy I was felling fluish all the time. Since I have been on the Milk Thistle the fluish feeling has all but gone and I feel much more normal.Two thumbs up for Milk Thistle. You will see it recommended on the hep c website. Thank you.
Davey D.

Replied by Marilyn
(Miami, FL)

I, too, have Hep-C and my doctor recommended Mild Thistle 200 mg at least 2x per day. I am not a consistent user, but do notice a difference in my energy level when I take it. Good luck to all with this insidious disease.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
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Hi Marilyn, Google miracle mineral supplement and pull up the one about "demystifying MMS" for a summary of what it can do. Hepatitis A, B, and C are also mentioned as cured by using MMS.

Milk Thistle, Fringe Tree, Turmeric, Cayenne

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Posted by Timotrio (West Seneca, Ny, Usa) on 04/15/2010

I have had hepatitis c for over 25 years. In the early 1980's I read an article about Milk Thistle from an herb company outside of NYC and it sounded like what I needed. There weren't a lot of herb stores around then so I ordered from them. Since then I have taken many different combination of herbs but mainly milk thistle. I now take a combination of milk thistle/fringe tree, Turmeric & cayenne pepper. The first two in equal doses and the pepper in small dose. I capsule my own alternative medications and mix a teaspoon of the first three and 1/2 a teaspoon of the third. Mix them very well and get a cheap capsule machine on the internet along with 00 capsules. I had a biopsy 4 years ago-I am still at stage one and have by no means maintained a healthy lifestyle until the past few years. I hope it helps.


Monolaurin, Lactoferrin, Garlic and Milk Thistle

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Posted by Sarah (Cornwall, Uk) on 09/26/2015

I cured myself of Hepatitis C by taking Monolaurin, 1,800mg daily, in combination with lactoferrin, extra high allicin garlic tablet 500 mg, and 3 milk thistle fruit capsules 450mg each daily.

My viral load levels reduced over 6 months and I was clear in 1 year..had tests over last 6 years..all..did not want to go down interferon etc route ...I contracted virus through blood transfusion 30 years ago in U.K.

Multiple Remedies

Posted by Curtis (Bellmawr, New Jersy) on 03/18/2012

Hi everybody, I have posted about HCV [Hepatitis C Virus] in the past, have good functioning I believe because I have used ACV, Hydrogen Peroxide and many herbals to keep it down , now using Lloyd Wrights regimen, but not tested lately, His Thymus /Natcell is very expensive and I have started taking freeze dried thymus extract that is very cheap, has anyone tried it? I am going to try the BHT next and will post on the results,

Ted, We are not clear on the lysine/aspirin protocol please explain better, Thank you, Curtis

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Tex_jimbo (Ft Davis, Tx) on 11/08/2009

I Read The Blog here and have extrapolated........

6 drops of 3% hydrogen Peroxide 1/4 tsp baking soda & 6 tsp Lemon Juice drank 2x's daily is an effective treatment for Hep C? I also take tumeric 3x's a week and 1 tsp powder cinn on the odd days of turmeric......
2x's a day, I take 2 175mg Milk Thistle
not within 1 hr of the Tonic........
Is this Helpful, Harmful or.........

Please HELP!, I found out at the end of Aug I Have Hep c stage 2, Is all I know. I have no Ins and am Unemployed, Live in a Rural area of the state and am drastically trying to heal myself. I see the Results of MED treatment and The Re Occurance % within 5 yrs.
Any Advice is apperciated!
[email protected]

Replied by Gean
(Salina, Ks)

I have read that MMS (miracle mineral supplement, or sodium chlorite) will cure Hepatitis A, B, and C. Look up Jim Humble's website at www.miraclemineral.org and download the free first half of his e-book.

New Drugs for Hep C

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Posted by Id (Edmonton, Alberta ) on 05/13/2015

I finish my 12 wk course of Harvoni in the first week of June. I started with a viral load of 359,000 in the first week of March. My viral load was 27 (yep...that is correct) in the first week of April. I will do another test the first week of June . The definitive answer to see if the virus has been cured will happen 12 wks after the final dose in the first week of September.

The company (Gilead) that produced the drug Harvoni initially listed minor side effects: headache, nausea & insomnia. They have now updated their site to reflect some lessor known side effects that I personally have experienced. My worst side effects occurred after the first week which I contributed to being healthier than most people in this program. At the current time my side effects are: severe congestion, bloat & easily tired. All worth it if I am cleared of this virus that I got from tainted blood during a surgery in 1976 when Bill Clinton, president of the blood board at that time, approved blood donations from prisoners in Arkansas...what?

I have been mostly organic with lots of supplements so I have not been as sick as most people that have had Hep C this long with viral counts in the millions.

If you are trying to decide whether or not to take this drug which costs about $75,000 for a 3 month course ( my insurance company: manulife covered it...bless this company for doing this) I would strongly advise this treatment as it is only 1 pill per day with or without food, with or without alcohol so your lifestyle does not have to change.

I hope this helps someone who is undecided. I will let you know if I am cleared in September.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Id form [ Edmonton, Alberta ]: Thank you for posting this life saving information. There are also some other new drugs with equally impressive results as treatments for hepatitis C.

Yes these treatments are expensive. But $60,000 to $ 75,000 dollars US is NOT all that much if it saves your life.

These NEW drugs are saving people's lives....Oscar

Replied by Roy

I have tried all natural holistic medicines for hep c ie: olive leaf, miracle mineral solution, bht, massive doses of vit c, b etc, iv's of hydrogen peroxide vit c and r-alpha lipoic acid all to no avail. Killing the virus doesn't work because it will mutate or go into hiding and come out stronger. The new drugs work ie: Harvoni by stopping the replicating process of the cv. I am on 12 week program with 4 weeks to go and have been non detected since 6 weeks previous viral load was 8.5 million. Harvoni is miracle drug we've all been praying for.

New Drugs for Hep C
Posted by Dan (Manchester Uk) on 06/10/2014

I was diagnosed with hepititis c and cirrhosis about five years ago, I have been keeping it under control with green juices, diet and exercise. I have just been told by my doctor that I qualify for the latest drug on the market, Sofosbuvir, which is supposed to have amazing results with minimal side effects. What should I do? Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Dan From UK, It does seem that the drug companies have come up with some relatively safe and effective treatments for hepatitis C. If you are fortunate enough to have access to said treatments I see no reason not to use them. In the past I promoted using BHT. But you will NOT get the carefully monitored results if you go the BHT route. From what you stated you have been holding your own with the supplements you discussed. But that could and often does change, get worse. It seems to me well worth giving these new drugs a try. Your doctor will be carefully monitoring the results. What more can you expect or ask for....Oscar

Replied by Dan
(Manchester, Uk)

Hi Oscar, thanks for getting back to me. I found your thoughts really useful. Just one question what is BHT?

New Drugs for Hep C
Posted by Diane (Sherborn,ma.) on 03/15/2014

HI Oscar, Read your post about a drug coming out this year for hep-c.I too have heard this. Do youh ave any knowledge of what the drug will be or the name of the Govt. test study?...I have signed up for a Govt. test study and am wondering if or what the drug is called...i don't want to get involved in anything that is not a likely cure...Please advise or whatever info you have...Thank you...You've been a blessing to many people on this site...I can't take BHT as it makes my heart fly even at low doses...wish I could ...

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Diane from Sherborn, MA, I am sorry you do not tolerate BHT very well. There is some very good news regarding these new treatments due to be available right now and some in the very near future also. There is more than one such treatment.

A discussion of these new hepatitis C treatments can be found here:


And here:


Short extract from above link:

"This has made me change the way I'm talking with patients. These regimens are essentially going to cure everybody, " said Muir, who has conducted related research but did not participate in these studies. "I had a patient in my office this morning who said, 'If I get cured, ' and I said to him, 'When you get cured," Muir added.

"I think the great thing about these new direct-acting antivirals is that with the right combinations of drugs, all patients appear to be cured, " said Muir.

So that is the level of confidence Dr. Muir and others who actually treat hepatitis C patients have in these new treatments. There are many other websites that discuss all this also. These new drugs are both much more effective and much safer....Oscar

Replied by Diane
(Sherborn, Ma)

Oscar, Thank you for the quick respnse. I AM a bit over 50 so it's likely the reason I don't respond to BHT, as you mentioned previously, older people don't respond as well. My enzymes are 88 and 180...However my viral load is 131,000 which is quite low...It would appear that I may be a good candidate for this new treatment...Thx again

New Hepatitis C Drugs

Posted by Susan (Albany, Ny) on 05/22/2014

I have hepatitis c. My Dr.told me today that there is a new drug out called SOLVALDI (sofosbuvir) and OLYSIO (simepraur?) It is a 12 weeks protocol where you take 2 pills a week. My Dr. also said there are no precentages about the cure rate..Does Oscar or anyone know of theis treatment?

I have tried to take BHT several times but can't take it. My Dr also said there is another drug coming in the fall. Of course I'm hesitant to take any drugs especially one with no cure rates...So if anyone has any feedback I'd be very, very greatful..Thank you.

Replied by Tina
(Dallas, Tx)

I just recently went thru this treatment, and it worked for me. At the end of 12 wks there were no signs of the virus, and that was in July 2014. I will be retested for hep c in Jan.

You have to understand though every person and case is different. It will depend a lot on what stage you are in. All I can say is it worked for me, and trust your doctor.

Hope this gives you some comfort and God Bless


Posted by Star (London, UK) on 01/01/2009

Hepatitis C (ailment): Oleander, available as Sutherlandia OPC works wonders in conjunction with a sugar free, low gluten diet. As directed for the weight and over 2 months. Regards

EC: Website referred to above: http://www.sutherlandiaopc.com/

WARNING! "Oleander is one of the most poisonous plants in the world and contains numerous toxic compounds, many of which can be deadly to people, especially young children."

"Despite a lack of any proven benefits[11], a range of Oleander-based treatments are being promoted on the Internet and in some alternative medicine circles, drawing a warning letter from the FDA in the US.[12]" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oleander

Replied by Sandy
(Dallas, TX USA)

I am thinking about trying Oleander as posted, but wanted to find out if anyone has used and what side effects to expect. I want to urge anyone to post any remedies used for Hep C and what success they had to lower their viral load. I am looking for any successful alternative treatments.

Replied by Nobel Metal
(Manila, Philippines)

Olive Leaf

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Posted by Laurie (Sumter, Sc) on 08/11/2010

When you click on hepatitis C, b and c highlight and you get the results for b. Is this supposed to be together? Do you have a separate C catagory? I was just checking on C and can not find anything here, but I do have additional info.

Have you heard of Olive Leaf as a hep C remedy? I used it briefly and reduced my counts by a large amount but the Dr talked me into the interferon which I regret immensly. I took the olive leaf (anti virus/anti fungal) along with the aminos for liver repair and milk thistle. I heard about the Olive leaf from a women with a holistic store in NH.

Also, do you have a remedy for interferon poisoning?


EC: Hi Laurie,

Thanks for bringing the broken link to our attention. Fixed!

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Laurie... Here is an entry by Ted from Bangkok regarding a cure for Hep C :

"This is just my experience of a Hepatitis C that was cured. It happened about 23 years ago during a war in Angola, when one of young soldier got a tick bite which caused him to get the hepatitis C. Because the soldier didn't take baths during war, the tick made it's way to his armpits and spread the hepatitis C that way. Upon checking with his doctor, the doctor said that if you got black or dark urine, you got Hepatitis C. So the soldier went on to check his urine, and it turns out he got it when his pee became black. The doctor said nothing can be done about to cure it.

23 years later the same soldier, who is now a businessman that had more than 1/2 of his life with a Hep C, came to see me. Apparently the attacks became more severe and more frequent. For example, last year it was an attack every 3 or 4 months, then just this year the attack was almost every month and the severity was worse. Eyes were yellow, energy level low, painful areas in liver, lymph node congestion causing pain.

The most important remedy that was used was a 55 minute 4 dose, for 4 days, using both the lysine and aspirin taken together, but before taking that vitamin C ascorbic acid was used (not perfect, I prefer sodium ascorbate).

The dose were continued for 4 days 4 dose each, and the attacks and symptoms disappeared. The HEP C viruses have two major weaknesses: mainly lysine and aspirin.

However, zinc was given but since most people have low tolerance of zinc if taken extended period of time. I just limit the zinc acetate to just 50 mg a day for 2 days.

To date he has not has any episode of Hep C at all after this remedy and his symptons are completely gone, including hallucinations, shaking hands, lack of energy, pain in the right abdominal area, fever and chills. Just to make sure, it's possible to take lysine 1200 mg twice a day as a maintenance dose, however, the person I talked to didn't take any maintenance dose at all.

The reason why he talked to me about his condition was I cured maybe 80% his mother of stroke, which left half of her body paralyzed, after no improvement for 6 months with conventional hospital treatment. More on that later. There are other small details in the remedy, but for Hep C, this is the most important remedy I have mentioned is just the vitamin C, lysine, aspirin and zinc. A lesson to be learn is we can get a virus from a tick bites.

The fact that viruses dies in ticks or mosquitoes may not entirely be true. Mosquitoes spreads the Chikungunya viruses too. Insects are considered vectors in spread of many viruses. "

See this link: https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/hep_c.html#TED

To clarify, the dosages for Ted's cure will be:

500 mgs Aspirin(just ordinary Acetylsalicylic Acid completely dissolved in half glass of water)

1000 mgs Lysine

1000 mgs Vitamin C(Sodium Ascorbate form)

50 mgs Zinc(taken twice only)

The Lysine/Aspirin/Vitamin C remedy is taken 4 times a day at 55 minute intervals. The Zinc is taken for two days only. This remedy is taken, as a whole, for four days only. Thereafter, take 1200 mgs twice a day as a maintenance dose.

It would also be advisable to take herbs such as Milk Thistle, Chanca Piedra, Cat's Claw or Dandelion in order to effect repair and to help regenerate the liver as well as to further protect the blood and gut. Olive leaf is also a strong and well respected antiviral and anti-bacterial and is worth taking.

Replied by Catpleasant
(Reno, Nv Usa)

Having a dangerously low platelet count (which can cause internal bleeding since my blood doesn't clot easily) is the only reason I'm adding this note.

Aspirin is a natural blood thinner - which can stop the blood from clotting.

Be sure that you know what your platelet count is and what it should be before you start taking aspirin. Aspirin can cause me to bleed to death internally.

Hep C at any stage starts to effect your platelet count. If you've had the chemo-therapy treatments for Hep C, you may have a lower platelet count. It's been a couple of years since it was drawn out as a picture so I don't remember all of it. The plateletts get trapped in the spleen, instead of being released into the blood stream --

Another "thought" motrin, ibuprophen, and tylenol are all metabolised by the liver and are extrememly hard on the liver.



Posted by Anon (Usa) on 07/09/2018

Mercola has an article https://foodfacts.mercola.com/onion.html that says onions have greater antioxidant and antimutagenic activity than BHT. If anyone wants to test their hepatitis status against onion I would be curious to know the result.

Oregano Oil

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Posted by Mohel (Hemet, Ca) on 01/06/2015

"Wild Mediterranean Oregano Oil"
Get 2 one gallon jugs of distiled water.
Put 20 drops of "Wild Mediterranean Oregano Oil" in each gallon and shake each gallon before taking a drink.
Every time you want a drink of water. Drink from one of the gallons.
This will take 2-3 days to get it finished.
Go get rechecked for HEP C.
Please my friend did this and was healed!

Replied by Rasheed
(Mesa, Az)

Are there any dangerous side effects with taking this?

Replied by Maria

Hi, please advise the brand name for the Mediterranean Oregano oil that was used. Thank you so much!

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