H1N1 Flu Treatment

Posted by Barry (Blountville, Tennessee) on 11/03/2009

To President Obama, Dear Friends, Fellow Americans

From Barry W. Bittinger Sr

My life was saved by a mistake I made (concerning Garlic) Im now trying to inform you about that mistake

[email protected]

I Know of the flu threat of many innocent fellow Americans you are now making an effort to defend against serious attacks of Diseases, Swine flu especially. I can help by suggesting something that has been very helpful to me and my family

This has been used before by other countries to defend against similar attacts of diseases.

I am aware of an emergency remedy to use against swine flu, also now known as H1N1,: I am speaking of GARLIC &/OR GARLIC OIL, also known as "Russian Penicillan." Garlic is readily available and can easily be obtained by most anyone.

I am a cancer survivor because of a mistake I made (with GARLIC). I was dying of cancer when I made the mistake that saved my life. My daughter, Barrie Lynn had strongly suggested that I take a clove of garlic a week to cleanse my blood. I mostly ignored anything about garlic until the cancerous growth in my right underarm lymph nodes turned into blood poison. But instead of eating a clove, I misunderstood what was a clove and mistakenly ate the whole bulb, I ATE THE WHOLE THING AT ONCE!, THE WHOLE BULB OF GARLIC! This mistake immediately changed my life expectancy from dying in only a matter of hours to still alive now some 16 yrs later. Read my story at www.earthclinic.com under Garlic Bulbs.

I now know and I now understand why garlic is so powerful against a disease or flu or sickness. Garlic alone has been used against an epidemic before in Russia. It is called "Russia Penicillin" because transports of garlic flown in to turn the tide of an epidemic.

Garlic is so powerful and effective because it can still work wonders (miraculously), not only as a whole food, but also when used as garlic oil - applied topically on the exterior of the body, especially on the feet.

I am writing you this message as an emergency safeguard that all people can use, even on an infant by way of drops of garlic oil on an infant's feet. It will save life harmlessly, painlessly, miraculously, and effectively.

My name is Barry W. Bittinger, SR. I am known as "Boone Doggie" by my friends who now call me "Doctor Garlic" because I tell everyone I can. And because of garlic alone several others have escaped death!

You may call my garlic Cry to help you "Boone Doggie Penicillin."

I am also aware of the power of these new diseases to reach anyone no matter what there status is, from presidents to the children - even the bum on the street, there is no distinction of nobility, we are all at risk, and many of us will die

As a last comment on this important letter I am sending to you. I am telling you that GARLIC CAN AND WILL STOP THE THREAT IMEDIATELY, even before the vacine arrives and is available Garlic can help You and will save you!

From Your concerned friend and fellow American.
Barry W, Bittinger Sr

EC: You can find Barry's 04/11/2007 post on the cancer page here: https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/cancer3.html#GARLIC

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Swine Flu Cases: CBS reports CDC deception on swine flu cases


Swine Flu Remedies for Children
Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 10/30/2009 509 posts

Hello Trisha,

I would go easy on that Motrin for the fever since they blamed the GB following the flu in the l970's on the aspirin, and aspirin and motrin are both NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and there might be a cross over in reactions. I usually tell people to leave the fever alone as along as it doesn't go above l04 F. The fever is one of the bodies defense mechanisms, so don't kill off your good guys for doing such a good job. If it does go higher, Put some ice in freezer bags, wrap each in a bath cloth or small hand towel so it won't be such a shock to her, and place one icebag under each armpit and one across each side of the groin. This usually drops the fever within 30 minutes and doesn't need to be replaced except for every 3-4 hours.

If you don't have some L-lysine, get some. The adult dose would be 2 grams l-lysine with l gram vitamin C four times a day. For a 40 pound child the dosage would be 40lbs/l50 lbs or about 1/4th of the adult dose so l/4 of 2 grams lysine would be 500 mgm. and for the Vitamin C 250 mgm. 4 times a day. Don't worry if she isn't eating much, but do keep some fluids going frequently. If she has trouble swallowing pills, they can be dissolved in water.

If you have some SSKI, 4 drops in water once a day x 3 days should stop it also but don't try everything at once. The ice for fever is safe to use with anything but I don't like throwing a bunch of medicine down at the same time.

If you have MMS, and want to try it, the dose would be 3 gtts MMS with twice as many drops of fresh lemon juice. You can pull up information of all of the above on internet, but my first choice would be the lysine & Vitamin C for any virus.

Swine Flu Remedies for Children
Posted by Celteyes (Pearland, Texas) on 10/30/2009

They said it is Ok so the name of the homeopathic cold and flu is Nelsons. I've gotten it at Wholefoods and HEB. I have also used Actonite as soon as I felt the symptoms of flu coming on. Which for some reason has been twice this year uugh. Before this I had the flu once in 20 years!

I also recommend that everyone have an emergency kit always with things you should never be without in case of acute illness or injury. My naturopath gave me this list years ago and I try my best to keep it full and updated. I have that and an emergency kit for each person in my family in case we have to run from something or stay in place for several weeks.

Now a days you never know.

Swine Flu Remedies for Children
Posted by Celteyes (Pearland, Texas) on 10/30/2009

Re: swine flu in the little one

Get some elderberry liquid and give 1 tsp three times daily. Also Olive leaf extract. This one tastes awful but extremely effective against viral illnesses. You must mix this one with something that will kill the taste.

I have also given my kids homeopathic cold and flu tabs that I have bought at Whole foods. The name begins with an "N". Not sure if I'm suppose to say that or not.

EC: Sure, tell us!

Swine Flu Remedies for Children
Posted by Trisha (Kearney, Ne) on 10/30/2009

I need help ASAP for my 5 year old daughter. She has all the symptoms of H1N1 and is absolutely miserable. Her fever has not went over 102; but we are giving her Motrin every 6 hours. We are also doing Colloidal Silver, Vitamin C, and are currently trying egg whites on her feet to reduce the fever. She is miserable when I ask her to sit up to take something, she cries and says she can't. Anybody have a quick remedy that would be beneficial for my 5 year old? She is 40lbs.

Posted by Tricia (Ireland) on 10/29/2009 84 posts

My daughter is 4 and less than 3 stone in weight. I base this on Teds advice to use body weight as the divider. . When giving her anything that I am taking myself I divide it by 1/3. In a drink recipe as above I would make as for an adult (water included) then tip 1/3 into a glass and fill again with more water. And give her as much as she will take. For vitamins, I try to buy in capsule form - open the capsule and tip up to 1/3 into her breakfast food or drink. this goes unnoticed by her. If it is a cooked breakfast I wait till it has cooled so as not to damage the actual vitamin through heat.I have put it on sandwiches when I forget to do it in the morning making sure it is well spread out. So as not to wastes the balance of the vitamin put the rest of the capsule/s on a spoon then lower into a heavy cup that won't be knocked over. Leave the capsule on the spoon in the cup for easy retrieval next day. And out of the way from little fingers. I'll post this to the other thread as well to make sure you see it.

Anise Seed Tea
Posted by Lita209 (Sanford, Fl, USA) on 10/29/2009

I don't know about Tamiflu, but anise seed tea should be fine. I use to give to my babies when they had colics. The oldest is now 30 and the youngest is 25.

Posted by Laurie (Sudbury, Ontario) on 10/28/2009

Ok I do not understand any of those ingredients in grams or whatever for Lysine, please pleae put it in simple form and explain what it is and how much to give to children under 6-7. like on table half or so on. thanks

How do you give a child Vitamin C , your only supposed to give them their one a days. They dont sell Vitamin C for children so please explain this too, thanks

Anise Seed Tea
Posted by Laurie (Sudbury, Ontario) on 10/28/2009

Can a young child take this tea or tamiflu, thanks

Posted by Mariah (Atlanta, Ga) on 10/28/2009

Hello EC 2 garlic cloves a little bit smashed in 3/4 cup of warm water after 2 hours take garlic out and drink 1 tea every 8 hours no less than 2 days or 3 x a day = to 6 cups of tea in 48 hours . This is what I understand 0_0

EC: Thanks, Mariah!

Posted by Laurie (Sudbury, Ontario) on 10/28/2009

When you say drink 6x every 8 hours do you actually mean take 6 sips or mouthfuls every 8 hours, thank you

EC: Good question. Can anyone who drinks garlic tea regularly take a guess at this - lost in translation - remedy?

Posted by Laurie (Toronto, Ontario) on 10/27/2009

I have no clue what you just said, two garlic bits smashed, put them to luke water in the glas, (two desilitres). Let them be there two hours. Filter. Drink in every eight hours the same kind made hit. Y must take the cures, six no less. The garlic kills the viruses, but if the cure lasts less than 48 hours, otherwise it is vain."

Can you explain this please please especially the "Y must take the cures sorry, but to me it makes no sense along with lots of sentences on this swine flue site.

Can you please (if you know what the heck lysine and/or BHT thanks, could you email me as I can never again find where the question is I asked. Thanks again

EC: Ah, a great challenge! Okay, here's what we think Hannele means....  If anyone disagrees with this or can improve upon it, please resubmit...

Against Swine Flu

Against inflammation is a Russian recipe: take two garlic cloves and smash/mash them (mortar and pestle), then add the garlic to approximately 3/4 cup warm water (2 deciliters = 0.85 cup). Wait two hours, then filter the garlic out. Drink some of the water every eight hours. (Doesn't say how much of the water to drink.) You must drink the water 6 times every 8 hours or the garlic won't be effective in killing the virus.

P.S. L-Lysine: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L-Lysine
BHT: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butylated_hydroxytoluene


L-Lysine, Vitamin C, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Tina (Dayton, Oh) on 10/24/2009

I am wondering what can be used in children around 8-15 years old for curing swine flu. Most remedies on here refer to adults. Swine is really hitting our area now...Please advice with dosage amounts also. Thank you so much!

General Feedback
Posted by Sassy (Sarasota, Florida) on 10/22/2009

I received this in a forwarded email this morning. Thought some might find it helpful:

Dr. Vinay Goyal is an MBBS, DRM, DNB (Intensivist and Thyroid specialist) having clinical experience of over 20 years. He has worked in institutions like Hinduja Hospital, Bombay Hospital, SaifeeHospital, Tata Memorial etc. Presently, he is heading our Nuclear Medicine Department and Thyroid clinic at Riddhivinayak Cardiac and Critical Centre, Malad (W).

The following message given by him, I feel makes a lot of sense and is important for all to know

The only portals of entry are the nostrils and mouth/throat. In a global epidemic of this nature, it's almost impossible to avoid coming into contact with H1N1 in spite of all precautions. Contact with H1N1 is not so much of a problem as proliferation is.

While you are still healthy and not showing any symptoms of H1N1 infection, in order to prevent proliferation, aggravation of symptoms and development of secondary infections, some very simple steps, not fully highlighted in most official communications, can be practiced (instead of focusing on how to stock N95 or Tamiflu):

1. Frequent hand-washing (well highlighted in all official communications).

2. "Hands-off-the-face" approach. Resist all temptations to touch any part of face (unless you want to eat, bathe or slap).

3. *Gargle twice a day with warm salt water (use Listerine if you don't trust salt). *H1N1 takes 2-3 days after initial infection in the throat/ nasal cavity to proliferate and show characteristic symptoms. Simple gargling prevents proliferation. In a way, gargling with salt water has the same effect on a healthy individual that Tamiflu has on an infected one. Don't underestimate this simple, inexpensive and powerful preventative method.

4. Similar to 3 above, *clean your nostrils at least once every day with warm salt water . *Not everybody may be good at Jala Neti or Sutra Neti (very good Yoga asanas to clean nasal cavities), but *blowing the nose hard once a day and swabbing both nostrils with cotton buds dipped in warm salt water is very effective in bringing down viral population.*

Neti pots and sinus rinse kits are available at the drug store and relatively inexpensive - under $15.

5. *Boost your natural immunity with foods that are rich in Vitamin C (Amla and other citrus fruits). *If you have to supplement with Vitamin C tablets, make sure that it also has Zinc to boost absorption.

6. *Drink as much of warm liquids (tea, coffee, etc) as you can. *Drinking warm liquids has the same effect as gargling, but in the reverse direction. They wash off proliferating viruses from the throat into the stomach where they cannot survive, proliferate or do any harm.

Posted by Bleu (Russell Springs, Usa) on 10/15/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have had, what I believe to be the swine flu. There was just ton's of fluid running down my throat, my ears were congested, and then my lungs were filling up. Taking a lot of vitamin c, I would have a good day and then a bad day.

Allergy medicine didn't help. Although the drainage was like allergies. I couldn't sleep at night because there was so much drainage; I would have to cough to clear my throat and then wake up.

In misery and desperation I tried the aspirin and it helped. I used a brand of powered aspirin here and made a concoction with powered vitamin c.

The really weird thing is this. I had preeclampsia with both of my pregnancies. The reaction I had with this flu was exactly like my preeclampsia. And aspirin is used with preeclampsia.

My theory is that what ever immune or other physical reaction that women have with pre-eclampsia; this swine flu is the same type of reaction.

Posted by Sandy (In The Sticks, Nevada) on 10/12/2009
1 out of 5 stars


With all due respect to Ted, I have included the info below, because I think we all need to research a bit on our home health cures -- especially when exploring cures for more serious problems. I noticed the dosage used in 1918 was much higher than what Ted recommends, but as I received this info today, I thought it was worth sharing. These comments are clipped from a newsletter I receive from Mayer Eisenstein MD,JD,MPH. Here is the link to his website: http://www.homefirst.com/

Salicylates and Pandemic Influenza Mortality, 1918-1919 Pharmacology, Pathology, and Historic Evidence
Clinical Infectious Diseases 2009;49:000-000
Clinical Infectious Diseases 2009;49:000-000
Karen M. M.D.

The high case fatality rate especially among young adults during the 1918-1919 influenza pandemic is incompletely understood. Although late deaths showed bacterial pneumonia, early deaths exhibited extremely "wet," sometimes hemorrhagic lungs.

The hypothesis presented herein is that aspirin contributed to the incidence and severity of viral pathology, bacterial infection, and death, because physicians of the day were unaware that the regimens (8.0-31.2 g per day) produce levels associated with hyperventilation and pulmonary edema in 33% and 3% of recipients, respectively. Recently, pulmonary edema was found at autopsy in 46% of 26 salicylate intoxicated adults. Experimentally, salicylates increase lung fluid and protein levels and impair mucociliary clearance.

In 1918, the US Surgeon General, the US Navy, and the Journal of the American Medical Association recommended use of aspirin just before the October death spike. If these recommendations were followed, and if pulmonary edema occurred in 3% of persons, a significant proportion of the deaths may be attributable to aspirin.

Dr. Eisenstein's Comments:

This evidence from The British Medical Journal shows that antipyretics such as Tylenol, aspirin (Bufferin, Bayer, Excedrin), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, Nuprin), ketoprofen (Actron, Orudis), and naproxen (Aleve), should not be given for any type of flu and may be responsible for many of the deaths associated with the H1N1 Flu.

In 1918, the US Surgeon General, the US Navy, and the Journal of the American Medical Association recommended use of aspirin just before the October death spike. This recommendation may have been responsible for a significant proportion of the deaths.

My recommendations:

1. Vitamin D levels greater than 60ng/ml
2. No aspirin, Tylenol, Aleve etc. for fever
3. Lots of fluids and chicken soup
4. And "NO" Swine or Seasonal flu vaccines

L-Lysine, Vitamin C, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Valeriec (Coconut Creek, Fl) on 10/12/2009
4 out of 5 stars

My son is 17 and has had a fever, some congestion and a little bit of cough since yesterday. I gave him 1g L-Lysine and 1 g vit C every hour for about 5 hours, and also 10 drops of hydrogen peroxide in juice (since I had no way of obtaining food-grade HP I used the regular one - tried on myself first, no problems). He won't do the dissolved aspirin or the hp inhalation. The fever went down from 103 to 99.5 but everything else is still the same. I'm thinking it may be bronchitis (he had it before) and just in case I just started giving him garlic, cayenne and oregano oil. The fever is still 99.5, though, and I'm getting really worried. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Posted by Lita209 (Sanford, Fl) on 10/12/2009

To Kathy from Dubois: You say that what bothers you is that Ted doesn't warn about Reyes Syndrome, etc.; here is a quote from Ted's "As a standard warning, people who have problems of inability to tolerate aspirin, probably know anyway, such as Reye's syndrome which should be avoided. Another is people with malaria and hemorrhagic fever should avoid aspirin use. A suitable substitute for aspirin, should people have intolerance of aspirin, is hydrogen peroxide 3%, one capful in one liter of drinking water, taken at 1/2 glass taken every 30 minutes for a total doses of 10, also completely kills off the virus. However, some vitamin C helps a lot, whether it's using the hydrogen peroxide or the aspirin or lysine when getting a cure for flu. You don't need vaccines. Hydrogen peroxide doesn't seem to work as fantastic as lysine or aspirin, perhaps because the vitamin C was needed on top of that, but it does work too."

I don't know Ted and I haven't had flu (Thank God), but I just thought to make this observation.

L-Lysine, D-3
Posted by Shelley (North Aurora, Il) on 10/11/2009

Tt from WV,

I will say that if you read Ted's remedies he also says to use Hydrogen Peroxide. Find Ted's remedy on this an go with it. My 7 year old son had the flu on Friday and I did Ted's remedy of H2O2 and L-Lysine and it was the best! Woke up on Saturday morning completely better. His temp was up to 104.0 but it came down and went away by morning. Thank you Ted...we really appreciate all your time and efforts!

L-Lysine, D-3
Posted by Kari (Phoenix, Arizona) on 10/11/2009

Fever should not be reduced in cases of the flu. Fever stimulates the white blood cells to increase, organize, and defeat the invading virus. That is what the immune system does. Fevers are helpful unless they go to 105 for a prolonged time. You will be better sooner by not reducing fever. Let it run its course.

L-Lysine, D-3
Posted by Merryanne (Orange City, Florida, USA) on 10/10/2009 117 posts

I believe you should be giving also asporin about 1000mg with the 1000mg of lysine and if sick with fever this should be given every hour for about 5 hours,,please read Ted's post on flue treatment,,Merryanne

Posted by Tessa (South Bay, California) on 10/09/2009

Thank you Candy, I absolutely agree with you. An overly-hysterical response to a great cure for the flu. Give me aspirin any day over acetaminophen and ibuprofen, which can cause liver damage.

Posted by Daryl (North, Louisiana) on 10/09/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My 19 yr old daughter was diagnosed with Flu Wednesday Oct 7th having 104 fever and typical symptoms. Her college roommate is recovering from Swine Flu which she had for a couple weeks. Daughter came home after doctor visit was prescribed Tamiflu which she took dosage as instructed. Once I came home Wednesday evening I researched Earth Clinic and read Ted's aspirin remedy.

I dissolved 500 mg aspirin in water and gave her one Vitamin C tablet with instructions to do the same every hour until she fell asleep. She slept well and yesterday all symptoms were dramatically improved and had no fever. She took aspirin/vitamin C remedy a couple times today and went back to school AFTER ONLY TWO DAYS !!!!

Regardless of naysayers, if you or someone you love (over 12 yrs old) has the FLU by all means try this remedy! I am totally convinced and feel grateful to have this knowledge in case my wife or I come down with symptoms.

L-Lysine, D-3
Posted by Tt (Charleston, Wv) on 10/09/2009
1 out of 5 stars

My son has been coughing a good deal since October 7, 2009. This is not unusual for him this time of year because he has asthma. We were giving him Albuterol and the Pulmicort steriod, this helps some, but very little sometimes. I took him to school late yesterday as we were both up late the night before. I went to work and his school called me within 2 hrs and stated he had a fever of 99.9. I have been reading a lot of Ted's post as well. I became concerned about the Swine Flu, and I purchased D3 and Lysine. Gave him about 4,000 iu of D3 tablets crushed up in water, 500 mg of L-Lysine crushed up in water and 100 mg of V-C as well as his fever was now at 100.1 at 1:00pm.

6:15 500mg Lysine 100.4
6:35 /100.2
6:55/ 101.5
7:03 500 mg Lysine 101.0
8:04 500mg Lysine 102.9 (put him in a cold shower and wife insisted on Tylenol)
8:10/ 102.5
8:20/ 102.0

Also gave Lysine at 9:03, his temp stabilized for awhile but started to go up again. Gave him Advil at 11:00 pm and temp went down again.

*** I thought the L-Lysine was for fevers, and would reduce this fast. It does not semm to have. Was I doing something wrong ? I have also been given him V-C. My son is 9 years old and is 101 lbs. My wife is now at this time buying the D3 in liquid form and the L-Lysine in caps instead of tabs. Any ideas on how it seems that maybe the Lysine did not work, or I did something wrong maybe ? Not sure if he has the Flu though. His nose is not running and there seems to be no congestion. Coughing a lot and fevered. Thanks TT

Posted by Candy (Ofallon, Mo) on 10/09/2009

Why some people put down aspirin is strictly from not understanding anything, nor bothering to read about it. Reyes Syndrome is VERY RARE in people over 18 look it up, read it on the internet. It is pretty much only something that affects the young under 18 .If it was as bad as they say would they be telling adults to take an aspirin a day? Use your head before you repeat something you have heard. The great miracle of the internet is here use it, do research. If you are giving it to a child then think twice it may be dangerous, but for someone who is an adult even research and doctors are not against it.

Posted by Ilvia (Garland, Tx, Usa) on 10/06/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Hello everyone,

My eight year old came down with cough, fever (103), body aches. Gave her aspirin yesterday starting with 325 mg at Noon followed by 1/2 gram of vitamin C (in juice hourly). Fever responded (99.4). Half an aspirin every two hrs (-/ 170 mg). Backed off on vitamin C at 8 due to gastro upset (which I was shooting for, she hadn't had a BM for two days). She had a small BM before dinner. But, threw up dinner-she was hungry, but tummy wasn't ready.

Last aspirin at bedtime with cough medicine. Slept fine.

This morning freaked out about the aspirin due to Reyes Syndrome. So Aspirin until noon wanted monitor for new symptoms. She was hot this morning with bloodshot eye. Gave prune/apple juice because gastro upset continued with flatuence but no BM. She had a sizable BM an hour or so later. She ate, singing.

Sorry so long, but despite my Reyes Syndrome freak out, the aspirin seems to be effective. Make sure to make them drink (at the top of the hr I give water and juice) so as to flush the system and keep the bowels open.

Hope this helpful.

Posted by Tinks (Christchurch, Nz) on 10/04/2009

I just love this site. I am not sure about asprin for treating swine flu. My understanding is that in the flu epidemic it was aspirin that was responsible for many of the deaths. Please do your own research before trying asprin for swine flu.

Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 10/04/2009
5 out of 5 stars

The truth is the popularity in aspirin was the very fact that 1918 Spanish flu viruse STOPPED the epidemic. It didn't just stopped by itself. I learned this only AFTER I have found that independently that aspirin did kill the bird flu, swine flu and dengue fever. I have as yet looking over the possibility of use in Hanta viruses, but that I don't know. What the aspirin does is it just digest the viruses when I look over a very high powered electron microscope during my student days even in very weak solutions. May I also remind you that I have seen (I can't say I cured for legal reason) that I have this person with a two year Chlamydia, which resists ALL KINDS of antibiotics (you name it, azithromycin, terramycine, amoxcillin, etc) and I finally gave up and aspirin was tried. The dose was 500 mg of aspirin, taken hourly for four tablets, each tablets is DISSOLVED in a cup of warm water. It was completely gone. The uniqueness of the aspirin is the salicyclic acid portion that dissolves any bacteria and many viruses sight. The chlamydia NEVER came back! Imagine a man with chlamydia eating up his testicles and you can imagine the pain he's suffering with the Chlamydia.

People who goes to talk shows are likely have vested financial interests, I DON'T go to any talk shows and rather tell the truth under the radar or scrutiny of the pharma industry and I think this is the best approach for me. For the unbelievers, I have plenty of people here who can vouch that the aspirin did work and it's synergistic with the vitamin C. It wasn't easy finding the cure, but once it's found I hope people will find some benefit, especially the fact that vaccinations are dangerous with highly dangerous bacteria and viruses, and they are live bacteria and viruses. Hence, to neutralize these, I only expect at least just taking ASPIRIN (or lysine) hourly for only 4 times in one day. It's the bare minimum so that the vaccination should it be mandatory there is A WAY AROUND this problem. The use of digestive enzyme works too, but it is not nearly as dramatic as lysine or aspirin. Perhaps I have to look into this further with dose/frequency issue.

Thank you for your support!


Posted by Anon (California) on 10/04/2009

Dear Ted, I really like Earth Clinic and have learned a lot from it that I share with others. Your article about aspirin for the flu really intrigued me, and I want you to know I believe you and that you are sincere, but tonight on Coast to Coast Am some guy was talking and saying that whatever you do don't take aspirin for the bird flu as the doctors during 1918 prescribed it all the time as they really had no cure, and that this caused people to die quicker. But then again they also did not know how to take it. I don't believe this guy but maybe he is just trying to put out false propaganda. I wanted you to know, and if you care to respond to this e-mail Thank You very much for all that you do! I'm in California.

Posted by Arturo (San Jose, Ca) on 10/02/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Update: 100% cured from the swine flu. I can't prove it, but my wife and I had all the symptoms of the swine flu and now it's gone. The aspirin works in my book.

I know a person that got the flu a week before I did and she didn't do the aspirin treatment and now she has developed pneomonia for the second time in two weeks. She has been under a doctors care from the beginning.

Thanks Ted.

Posted by Arturo (San Jose, Ca) on 09/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Better, but not cured. My sinuses started draining on Sunday by Monday I felt like I was coming down with something. I did the aspirin remedy on Monday afternoon and felt better the next day. I started feeling crappy again on Wednesday and did the Aspirin remedy again. I felt good for another couple of days, but then it came back again. I did the aspirin remedy a third time, but I felt like the virus moved down to my chest. I was wheezing and coughing up gunk and it scared me so I started taking penicilin that I had picked up in Mexico. I took 1000 mg every four hours and am finally feeling better as of today (10 days into this virus)

My wife had the same symptoms I did and she took the aspirin remedy and it worked well for her. She took the aspirin remedy as soon as she felt the first symptoms and only took it one day.

I think the key to this remedy is starting it as soon as you get the first sign of a cold. I've learned a lot from this board. Thanks

General Feedback
Posted by Tricia (Ireland) on 09/14/2009 84 posts

Wha-hey.........you're way ahead of the possie Deirdre. good thinking.

EC: Thanks!

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 09/14/2009 509 posts

for adults: 2 grams Lysine & 2 grams Vitamin C 4 times a day (meals and bedtime) if having any viral symptoms. However would probably be even better if taking 1 gram of each every 1 -2 hours while awake.

Linus Paulings recommendation for keeping the cardiovascular system healthy was 3 to 6 grams daily of both, of both lysine and vitamin C.

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 09/13/2009 509 posts

Remember the adult dosage is figured on 150 pounds, so using Dr. Schultzs' body weight method: put 25/150 for the baby & reduce to lowest fraction=1/6th of adult dose=333mgm

for the 5yo put his 45/150 & reduce to lowest fraction=3/10=600mgm.

Another way to look at the math is to put 2000mgm/150 lbs : Xmgms/25 lbs (read as 2000 mgm is to l50 lbs as Xmgm is to 25 lbs)
easier to see when written as fractions but 150X= 50,000mgm
my keyboard is not geared for scientific or X=333mgm for the baby
or math figures

Posted by Alyson (Plano, Tx Usa) on 09/12/2009

I have a 19 month old who weighs about 25 lbs, and a 5yo who weighs about 45lbs. How much Lysine should I give them to prevent the flu, swine or otherwise? Im very allergic to aspirin, so we dont have that in our house at all.

Thank you so much for this and for other guidance!! The remedies I have tried here have been AMAZING!!!

Posted by Lee (New York, New York) on 09/13/2009

I also would be interested in knowing how much lysine to take - as well as any other preventative remedies that are suggested. I do not intend to get the vaccine. Thanks so much. Wonderful website.

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Posted by Tahiti (Monroeville, Pa, united states of america) on 09/13/2009

Merryanne1947, I totally agree with you. We know it is coming and we have been provided with enough information from this earthclinic site to get us through the upcoming 'health holocausts'. It would be a help if earthclinic information could be compiled into some sort of health journal or book. Short of that, it should behoove us to put together as much information that we can from this site, on everything that pertains to H1N1 and any other health problems we could face in the near future! Thanks earthclinic! You'll never know how many lives you have saved and changed...... I am one of them!

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Posted by Janice (Coloma, Mi) on 09/12/2009

I was thinking the same thing!!! Too much great information to lose!

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Posted by Tricia (Ireland) on 09/12/2009 84 posts

I'm still sitting on the wing as to whether there is a "great conspiracy" or not. I am probobly overly optimistic on this one (my glass is alays half-full not half-empty )but I don' see how, with so many organisations to control that a world scheme could come into operation. However, your belief that the swine flu is a human caused outbreak is most likely to be true. Wasn't the last outbreak of foot and mouth in the U.K. attributed directly to a laboratory near the sites of infection. Although Alaska is a long way from Mexico where the first outbreaks of swine flu were, I think. Only a full OPEN investigation willl tell us the truth and how many of those have we ever heard of.

I have only in recent years been taking note of health issues probobly because I now have kids but every two years there seems to be a new issue giving us major worries. 1st one being all the problems that year 00 would bring then foot and mouth. Next was SARS and now swine flu. I'm convinced that the vast majority of people would never have even heard of these issues for them to create a worry if it wsn't for the Internet and other media sources but I thank my lucky stars for these resources because they also give the give me the means to learn about precautions we can take.

I also thank my stars for people like you whe make us sit up and think - thank you.

BTW - your link to the H1N1 page only goes to the home page, people can use the site search engine to look up H1N1 descendant.

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Posted by Merryanne (Orange City, Florida, USA) on 09/12/2009 117 posts

Also let me add this for our on studies that we do for our health, if you are like me I can't alway remember everything I read tody, next week I usally look again to be sure I remember correctly,,do you.??? Well I believe the day is coming, and not to far away that we may not have this site or any like it because of government control. I hope I am wrong. But I plan on starting to copy a few general Instructions and putting together in a note book, for my own reference.

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Posted by Merryanne (Orange City, Florida, USA) on 09/12/2009 117 posts

To Joyce of Tn. I do agree with you, we need to stock up on the health products we will need, and get as much stocked up each month as you can buy. I am afaird there are going to be so many chages in this country in the next year.

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Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 09/11/2009 509 posts

First off, I apologize for the fact that what I am going to say is probably going to destroy your peace of mind, but please read on. I gather some may think Ted is off-base on the New World Order thing ("the great conspiracy"). I wish I could agree but I became a believer several years back. I was still fighting against believing it back during the "flesh eating organism" scare several years back. Remember that - you couldn't pick up a newspaper, a magazine or turn on the radio or TV without seeing or hearing something about the flesh eating organism. No mention had been made of a causitive organism until some doctor at Vanderbilt told a reporter that he didn't know why everyone was so scared of this organism. It was the same old streptococcus that had been around at least 40 or 50 years causing problems, only this one was harboring a virus. It was printed in our newspaper (don't remember whether it was The Nasville Tennessean or Nashville Banner- believe we still had both at that time altho the Banner has been defunct for several years now. I had been suspecting that someone had been doing some genetic engineering before, but now I was sure that they had. I remember remarking to a co-worker, "Aha, somebody's been doing some genetic engineering. Now the question is: Did it escape the laboratory accidentally or accidentally on purpose?" All of a sudden, it was like somebody turned off the faucet, I never saw another article on the flesh eating organism or heard another mention of it on radio or TV after that was published. The sudden shut down of any further mention of it in any of the media sources, told me that what ever or who ever had that kind of power must be both large, strong and very wealthy.

The flesh eating organism is still around but it is now being tagged as "necrotizing fascitis". I saw how fast it worked one night at the VA Hospital in Nashville. As my xray tech told me the next night when I went in, "If I hadn't taken both chest xrays myself, no one would ever convince me they were on the same patient". The man came in complaining his right arm was killing him & writhing in agony. Had a heck of a time trying to keep him still enough to get vital signs, EKG and CXR while the doctor was on the way. The only abnormal thing on the first CXR was a very small pocket of empysema in the soft tissue outside the right rib cage. It was so small that both the doctor and I missed it. I didn't have to press my doctor too hard to send him to medical ICU instead of sending him home. I told him that I didn't think the man was acting, was in agony and that I didn't have any idea what was going on with him either but if he was going to err, err in the direction of good medical care for the patient. There was nothing to find on external examination of his right chest/arm either. The second CXR in MICU probably no more than 3 hours past the first one, shortly before the man died. They got the second one because the surgeon called up there to consult told them they had better get a CXR because the patient's entire chest was emphysematous. In this CXR, the small gas pocket had progressed into so much gas formation that both lungs and his heart were pushed over against his left chest wall & you can imagine the compression of these vital organs.

Today I was told that years ago The National Geographic Magazine made an expose report on WHO going all over the world in search of the H1N1 virus that caused the flu epidemic in 1918 & finally found it in flu victims buried in perma frost (in Soviet Russis) and thus remained frozen which preserved the virus for WHO to retrieve. As yet, I have not found that article on line but if you go to Wikipedia and read what is there, you will read that the H1N1 virus was found in the
exhumed flu victims body (soldier) buried in permafrost in Alaska. This confirms that some information is on file somewhere for wikipedia to find it. But where?

Another site I'll refer you to for reading ASAP is "curezone.com/forums/m.asp.?f=3749i=38" re "CDC Lies About Flu Statistics" and the guy refers you to sites that prove it. They have really been working hard at escalating "swine flue" to pandemic and once CDC does that they you can expect us to suddenly be under United Nations and World Health O. rule, probably martial law declared and anyone who rebels against their flu shots or anything else they say you should do can be fined, quarantined, and incarcerated.

These are all little things, but there are so many other little things I haven't mentioned here, but all these little things look like they add up to "the great conspiracy". Another question is why is CDC trying to cause great fear in people? Another one is "What is in those vaccines"?

Natural Solutions Foundation is probably the best site to go to for reading on what has already happened in Europe with this H1N1 flu vaccine. But I have been finding more on other sites this evening.

I think I have told everyone before to get a good supply of vitamin C, L-lysine, MMS, and have a couple bottles of SSKI or Lugol's solution, and a quart or two of food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide on hand. Vitamin C boosts the immune system, l-lysine keeps the virus from replicating, and they should already know what SSKI or Lugol's solution and H202 does. The Iodine preparations kill many pathogens (bacterial, viral, molds and parasites) but they also are what will save their thyroid glands if we start seeing any nuclear displays or accidents.

Posted by Cindy (Ch, Wi) on 09/06/2009

Joyce, can l-lysine be taken in the powdered form and how much? thanks

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Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 09/05/2009 509 posts

Hello T,

Some of us are alarmed and others are still sleeping apparently. I am getting more alarmed by the day and it's not just happening in Mass. Other states have already got the same as you. Not only that, but papers have already been signed by present administration, to place us under rule by UN and WHO (United Nations and World Health Organization) any time that UN and WHO declares a pandemic situation and it certainly looks like they are trying hard to make swine flu into a pandemic so they can declare martial law and do all that you said (fine, quarantine, incarcerate, etc) and more.

It seems papers have already been signed to let United Nations decide what our children and all others will be taught in school (WOW - how do you like that one for keeping government out of education?) I don't know about the rest of you, but I think America should maintain control over American Education.

After what happened with vaccines during the past year, who wants mandatory vaccinations? After many deaths following vaccinations, several doctors and nurses who administered the vaccines were charged with homicide, but haven't seen where they have gone to trial yet.

Swine flu vaccines shipped to Europe landed in the hands of an astute person who decided to test this untested vaccine sent to them. Every ferret it was given to died. When Baxter was contacted about the problem, they first said they had accidentally contaminated the vaccine with the live virus. When questioned closely on how that could have happened, they changed it to they had accidentally shipped the live virus instead of the vaccine. I still have not found an answer to why our federal government has ruled that the company producing the vaccines cannot be sued and our government will be responsible. To date, I have read of 2 cases where the government has admitted harm to the children. The CDC, WHO and others are still arguing that vaccines have nothing to do with autism, but the fact remains that Autism is still escalating among our vaccinated children, while the Amish and others who do not vaccinate their children are not blessed with autistic children.

Did any of you in Mass. ask for these new changes? Or did you learn about them after they were shoved through without any previous warning? When you read Codex Alimentarius or Obama's Health Reform Bill and others, they are worded so ambiguously that they can be interpreted to be in your best interest, but as you have now learned they are also worded so as to be interpreted to cover a lot of changes you don't need or want. Don't leave out our FDA who is supposed to keep our food and drugs safe, did you read about where they approved a drug recommended by a dog? Ingredients will soon not be required on our foods. GMO and irradiated foods will not be marked so you can't know what is and what isn't. Organic food laws will be so cumbersome and detrimental to the small home or organic farmer as to put them out of business. Seems someone wanted to know if they really bothered to read or check anything so they sent their bogus study through and found out that they apparently don't bother. How about the FDA jumping on the guy for checking every cow for mad cow disease before shipping them, telling him to cease and desist because he was inspecting far more than required.

There are lots of places to go and read about more of this stuff and I have stumbled onto quite a few good sites: Natural Solutions Foundation, CFIF (Citizens for Individual Freedom), Educate yourself.com, IMVA (International Medical Veritas Assn), and WorldNetDaily.com among others. Watching some of the videos made at some of the Town Hall Meetings re Obama's Health Care Reform Bill was very revealing. Their attitude seems to be "We don't care what you think or want so shut up and listen to us". You have probably heard or seen the video of the security guard at one of these Town Hall Meetings told a man holding a poster outside the building. When the man protested at his threats to arrest him for the poster, and the man responded with "This used to be America", the guards response was "It ain't no more, OK".

Wake up American voters! We already have our Washington representatives trying to ram through a bill that few if any of them have read, and that one asked what good it did to read the bill unless you had a couple of weeks to read it in (1005 pages) and a couple of lawyers to tell you what was in it after reading it, and he could have added "and 2 or 3 hundred more pages of pork are attached to the bills in the last hour or two before it comes up for vote". T from Mass. has already learned what happens next. Don't be surprised to learn it has already been passed in your state.

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Posted by T (Maryland, Usa) on 09/05/2009

The news story I posted was about the Massachusetts bill. It hasn't passed the house (yet). I saw nothing indicating that it mandates everyone to take a swine flu shot or go to jail. What is alarming is that the bill is giving outrageous powers *in the event of a pandemic*. I suppose they could end up trying to force shots on everyone if they decide to declare some emergency, but there is no mandate in place there now for people to get a shot or be jailed.

We need to be careful about rumors; these are serious issues and we need to know the truth to make informed decisions. Scaremongering on any side should be avoided at all costs. There's a lot of sites out there whipping up hysteria and I expect to see that grow exponentially as we move into autumn. We need to stay focused on *facts* - they are all that will truly serve us.

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Posted by Mary (St. Paul, Minnesota) on 09/05/2009

Please read the entire law that already exists before commenting on what the media has stated. The original law that is in existence is much stricter than this modification and already allows for this type of thing...just no fines for doing so. It is a modification for ALL epidemics/pandemics, not just H1N1 and is needed for those that refuse medical treatment when others are at risk as well. I'm not saying I like the original law, it needs modification and this may not be the best...but before stating how outrageous it is, you might want to check the law that you're already living under - it's worse.

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Posted by Janice (Coloma, Mi) on 09/05/2009

I have also read that Massachusetts has passed a bill that everyone must have a swine flu shot or face imprisonment.

Posted by Connie (Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA) on 09/05/2009

I don't recall. I think it was a tablet with bioflavonoids. I had also mixed some apple cider vinegar with ascorbic acid powder and was drinking that just before I tried it. Today I'm still clearing my throat a lot and have a mostly stuffy sinus with drainage. Maybe I'll do it again and see how it goes. I'm nervous about the aspirin's blood thinning ability at such a high dose.

Swine Flu Alerts
Posted by T (Baltimore, Md, USA) on 09/04/2009

Swine flu - state bill proposes forced quarantine and worse

This is VERY alarming:

"Boston - A new proposed bill designed to combat the threat of the H1N1 virus would allow the state to forcefully quarantine people in the event of a pandemic.

Anyone who refuses to comply with the quarantine order could face jail time or a $1000 per day fine. The "Pandemic Response Bill" would also force health providers to vaccinate people, authorize forcible entry into private homes, and impose fines or prison sentences on anyone not complying with isolation or quarantine orders."

Full story: http://www1.whdh.com/news/articles/local/BO123558/

This is in Massachusetts. If it passes there, I could see it being taken up by other states. Our rights are under serious threat here.

Posted by Roslyn (Okc, Ok) on 09/03/2009

Connie, Was the asorbic acid (vit c) in power form?

Posted by Connie (Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA) on 09/03/2009
4 out of 5 stars

After trying the aspirin cure last night the symptoms are much improved. There is still considerable stuffyness, a *tiny* bit of sore throat, and some coughing. The coughing is more productive. The sneezing and watery eyes are gone. Don't know if it is the flu. I weigh considerably more than Ted's 120lb estimation, but taking so much aspirin seemed potentially dangerous. My head was feeling swimmy after taking it. Much much improved though. Thank you, Ted!!

EC: Thank you for pointing this out, Connie!

The maximum dosage of aspirin per day is 4g according to this website: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_maximum_dosage_of_aspirin_per_day

Maximum 4g daily.
Aspirin tablets dispersible 300mg: ADULT, 300-900mg, every 4-6 hours.
CHILD "Do not give to children under 12 years, and avoid up to and including 15 years of age if feverish".

From the Mayo Clinic's website:


Side effects and complications of taking aspirin include:

* Hemorrhagic stroke. While daily aspirin can help prevent a clot-related stroke, it may increase your risk of a bleeding stroke (hemorrhagic stroke).
 * Gastrointestinal bleeding. Daily aspirin use increases your risk of developing a stomach ulcer. And, if you have a bleeding ulcer, taking aspirin will cause it to bleed more, perhaps to a life-threatening extent.
 * Allergic reaction. If you're allergic to aspirin, taking any amount of aspirin can trigger a serious allergic reaction.
 * Ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and hearing loss. Too much aspirin (overdosing) can cause tinnitus and eventual hearing loss in some people.

Posted by Connie (Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA) on 09/03/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I just tried the aspirin for flu. I have had coughing, sneezing, stuffy sinus, running nose, fatigue, achyness, watery eyes, and sore throat on and off for a few days. I've been living on vitamin C, ginseng, marshmallow root capsules, activated charcoal, and chicken curry soup for a few days. Initially I misread the bottle of aspirin and took 3 325mg tablets for the first two doses plus one dose of 1,000mg ascorbic acid. Subsequently I took 2 325mg tablets of aspirin. Four doses in all. Also took ACV in some water and vitamin C. All the symptoms are gone except for a stuffy sinus and a hint of cough/sneeze. Taking dose #5... 3 325mg tablets as I weigh considerably more than 120lbs.

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