Effective Natural Remedies for H. Pylori: Herbal and Dietary Solutions

| Modified on Jan 19, 2024
Multiple Remedies
Posted by Kimmy (Columbia, South Carolina, Usa) on 06/23/2012

I had h. Pylori bacteria and was on ranitidine and other antibiotics for a few months. When I finished taking the medication, I consulted with a naturopathic doctor and decided to use a natural homeopathic method to heal my stomach, strengthen my immune system, and eliminate the bacteria from returning. I currently drink 2-4 oz of 100% aloe vera juice daily and apply magnesium chloride oil topically to my body daily. I have also used manuka honey successfully to ease the discomfort in my stomach. I feel alot better now and do not take any medication. My energy level has increased and I can eat food without any discomfort. My overall health has greatly improved. I am a believer in God and know that prayer works. Along with my health regimen, I pray and read bible scriptures regarding healing. God is good and provides us with natural foods, herbs, and plants to heal our bodies. I hope this helps someone out there.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Joel (Washington, Dc) on 07/14/2012

I've had problems with H. Pylori due to multiple overseas tours. Got it in Iraq in 2006, had it untreated for a couple of years and then a doctor friend who had also been over there told me to get checked for h. Pylori. Sure enough, there it was. Went on antibiotics for a month and it went away. My symptoms were frequent, multiple attacks of almost purely liquid diarrhea, no matter what I ate. After raw/pure foods like sushi, it was less than 20 minutes between eating and elimination. Probably got it again last year in either Iraq or Afg. It's gotten really bad again, with frequent, uncontrollable, and watery eliminations. Between four and six a night after eating. My wife was telling me to go to the doctor, but I wanted to beat it naturally and I, like many of you, hate antibiotics.

Saw someone talking about coconut oil. I always have some on standby. The kind I used was unrefined, cold-pressed, whole kernel. Two nights ago, before eating dinner (I fast about 16 hours every day), I scooped about 1.5-2 tablespoons of coconut oil into my mouth and ate it. I had my first solid elimination in I can't remember how long. I make sure to have a large scoop every day before breaking my fast, and I haven't had a problem since. I am so happy. To all sufferers out there, I'm telling you, this is the cure. No meds, no big pharma, just good old fashioned Mother Nature. Don't be afraid to have too much. Organic coconut oil is a miracle food. Just take a big dumb scoop before you eat. Thank you for this site.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Shweta (Denmark) on 07/06/2016

Hi All,

I feel happy to tell all out there suffering from H-Pylori that its naturally treatable!

please do not get scared or feel depressed by this infection and its presence. I know its hard to say but here is my own experience with fighting H-pylori with all natural way. We dont have to rely on antibiotics which are not even sure 100% to treat it. They subside the infection but do not kill it completely in many cases. I was also reported infected with H-pylori and doctor gave me antibiotics. After just three months I retested positive again! Of course I too become depressed by seeing myself in such a recurring mode. But decided to fight this bacteria with natural ways.

I started taking two spoons extra virgin coldpressed Coconut oil three times a day for a week. After two weeks I increased the intake to three table spoons three times a day empty stomach or one hour before food. I really thanks God for such a miracle food, that it completely disappear all my symptoms in just 2 days!

I am still on the treatment continuation and will update as I will complete two months and get it retested. But looking at the positive and remarkable cure in myself I am sure I will retest negative.

So all out there, dont loose hope and be happy that universe has solutions to all our problems. We just need to try it. Its completely safe. May be some individuals have to start taking coconut oil slowly as it can loosen the bowel. But its still part of detoxification.

I wish you all super health.

Thanks, Shweta

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Franky (Beirut, Lebanon) on 12/29/2012

Hi guys, I'm an alternative healer and after reading so many posts on H-pylori, I cant help myself but mention a few things that people might be missing. First of all, Hpylori can be healed, for all those who keep saying or thinking they are stuck with it for life. I've done it many times.

Second: With H-pylori, its more important to know what not to eat, then what to eat. And the problem is there arent many things you can eat. Also when on a strict diet, lets say youve been on this diet for week or two. One mistake of eating the worng food, and you have to start all over again. Its like a cancer. And a very similar cancer diet should be applied. And to make things worse these bacteria usually make your environment very succeptible to other very dangerous non detecable bacteria and fungus.

Basically: you should stay away from all wheat products, other grains, rice, anything with gluten , nuts, mushrooms, cheese, potatoes, anything with sugar or that ferments, candy, chocolates, cakes, pizzas, burgers, fastfood, junk food, supermarket food are all dead food that lowers the bodys internal frequency and slowly kills it attracting many diseases and cancer once the body frequency is low. No tomatoes, no fruits except for pineapple, Fruits that are raw and not ripe yet, like raw papaya, raw mango are very good. And may be a green apple. You have a sweet tooth, go for carrot juice, half a cup a day. And dont worry youre craving will decrease. You have to eat pretty much high protein diet, fish , chicken , meat, sea food. You can eat eggs twice a week for breakfast. But not much of the yellow as you cant digest bot white and yoke together yet. Vegetables all are allowed. And juicing them like cucumber, wheatgrass, basil, any lettuce, beetroot, celery and any leaf or dark greens. Only castor oil, coconut oil and olive oil can be cosumed. Castor oil for a short period, 1-2 weeks max 1 small spoon a day. Coconut and olive one big spoon a day each for as long as required but not more than a month without taking a short break.

Herbs are very good, all herbs, spice is good too.

What works best are the following:
Very effective: Grape fruit seed oil, cloves, clove oil, Oregano oil, Borax (Look for Ted's borax mixes- Ted truly is a God send, Colloidal silver, vegetable juice, Herb Teas, almost any flower tea, Orange peel, Cinnamon, Thyme, Sodium bicarbonate, ACV. Echinacea, Olive leaf extract or simply eat 10-20 olive leaves a day---start with 10 a day divided, Green tea extract, Raw papaya & raw mango, cabbage juice, aloevera, coconut oil (Milk thistle for liver, Horsetail and sodium bicarbonate for kidney along the way) (Nettle, horsetail, Echinacea & little bit licorice root powder 1/8 spoon should be taken also for Proper thymus immune function, The thymus gland is the most ignored organ in conventional medicine I believe, and is one of the most important for immunity WBC and hormone balance)

Effective: Any meat chicken or fish or animal (organic). Probiotics and probiotic food collustrum milk, whey protein, magnesium, zinc, molybdenum, Oxgen, Vit C, Vit D, fish oil, flax seeds, sun flower seeds, sessame seeds, pumpkin seed, all seeds raw ofcourse, turmeric, lettuce, mint, basil, ginger, Turmeric spirulina, Garlic, onion, and most herb pills, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower and brussel sprouts, and any sprouts. But for beans only use mung bean sprouts for salads. Anise, Fennel, Corriander, rosemary alfalfa,

Necessary: Betaine Hcl is necessary for complete digestion sometimes, and most importantly, a colon cleanse should be done every week. ( take 1 spn granulated lechitin everyday) Slippery elm and mastic gum or acacia gum also helps alot speeding healing as it is necessary to heal the guys and intestines and colon walls that are being eaten by the hpylori -- castor oil is very good also for this regard.

To remove excess sugar eat apple peels with seeds, cinnamon tea, Thermos seeds -raw (hard as stone) grounded to powder in a grinder and eaten raw (added to drink or food).

About sodium bicarbonate: Drink soda B half a spoon with water in orning, And, half a spoon soda b with vitamin c in pm. Half Acv with salad or drink Apple Cider Vinegar also with half a spoon soda b anytime you wish once a day. Always take soda b and XXXXX also half hour after you eat or one hour after you eat. Do this soda b drinks every other day. Do this for 2 weeks only and then takeor one sodium bicarbonate mix or 2 max a day. Either sodab is taken alone with water or mixed with vitamin c. Or even Apple Cider Vinegar or lime. More info on soda B: please refer to ted A work of warning: when I say herb teas, I dont mean supermarket junk tea bags. When I saw vegetables. I mean Organic vegetables. One organic apple whill give you 3-5 times the vitamins than an inorganic one, with less pesticides and god know what else these days.

Alcohol nicotine and caffeie should be avoided. Drink lots of water through out day, 2 cups as soon as you open your eyes in the morning, but drink only half a cup while eating. Remember its more important to know what not to eat than what supplements to take so hang in there. You will be able to eat more variety when this hpylori is erradicated. It is very dangerous and the cause of more cancers than anyone can physically imagine.

One last advice which I learned from the current Master "Ted", whom with his indirect guidance I have helped heal many cancers and numerous medical conditions , is: When taking supplements or power foods, it is very important to taek them repeatedly divided in to 5 or 6 doses a day. Its the frequency abd quality of herb or medication that makes a difference. As compared a little of each herb taken 2 or three times a day. Although I must admit the combinations of the right herbs or medications does increase potency of treatment; especially with the very effective list above

Also I would love it if everyone that reads this message takes just 3 seconds to Thank god for the existence of Ted, and say a small prayer for him as well, as words cannot express how wonderful and important this person have been to sick people all around the world. A special place in heaven is reserved for Ted.

Best Regards to all, Good luck and by the way a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all. Franky :)

Oregano Oil
Posted by Mary (Oakland, Ca) on 09/25/2015

I completely cured my H. Pylori with super strength Oil of Oregano. 15 drops in 1/2 cup of juice last thing at night for 2 weeks. I was on a light diet of soups and herb teas during these 2 weeks. The Oregano completely removed all traces of H. Pylori since 2011. I have not had any symptoms since and am able to eat anything.

Cranberry Juice
Posted by April (Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA) on 09/09/2012

For anyone suffering with h pylori, as I am, I have discovered (from a medical school study in England) that any remedy used should be taken with cranberry juice. Cranberry juice makes it much more difficult for h pylori to stick to and hide in tissue. H pylori is hard to get rid of because it first destroys your protective mucous, then hides deep in tissue cells when a remedy comes to fight it. I am using tumeric, ginger, and coconut oil. Adding the cranberry juice has decresed my suffering a lot. I hope this info will help someone.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera, Lemon Water
Posted by Pat (San Diego, Ca) on 08/21/2009

How long do you take the Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe and lemon combination for the H. Pylori?

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Steve (Niwot, Co, Usa) on 06/23/2011

I actually spent 12 years in the laboratory researching the uses of colloidal silver. One of the more difficult projects was the effect on H. Pylori since it is an anaerobe (doesn't like oxygen) so we had to culture in a CO2 environment. However... We were testing a product called Super Neti Juice (which is a powerful colloidal silver) and found that it worked very well on H. Pylori even down to a stomach pH of about 3.0.

The trick is to take about 1 ounce on and empty stomach three times per day for about a week. If you take it with anything else... It will bond with that and not work. If you add sugar... It will not work. If you take it once a day it will not work. But when we tested just this simple product by itself, on an empty stomach, three times per day, it dropped the H. Pylori titer down to un-measurable. Even months later.

Hope this helps you. I have since used it on a few friends with ulcers and it has dumb-founded hte folks at the hospital because when they use the endoscope and see the ulcer and then the titer comes back for negative H. Pylori, they just shake their heads. Then... of course, the ulcers heal very quickly and everyone is happy.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Cayenne
Posted by Anu (India) on 09/24/2015

For H. Pylori:

Could you please give the quantities of ACV, baking soda and cayenne pepper which should be taken.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, SC) on 04/23/2013

My three fold remedy for H. Pylori is as follows:

1. Three tablespoons of high ppm colloidal silver morning and night on empty stomach. The silver solution will kill the infection.
2. DGL tablets fifteen minutes after the silver. Three per dose twice a day. This is a licorice extract and is effective in healing.
3. Aloe Vera fifteen minutes after the DGL. Take five tablespoons per dose, twice a day. All three on an empty stomach. That way the effect in the stomach is maximized.

Do this for two months. Next, while doing this, consume no coffee of any kind (get off acidic drinks) and no carbonated drinks. No acidic foods like tomatoes, chili, hot peppers while the two months of treatment is going on. Over thirty years of recommending this remedy I've never seen it fail. By the way, my silver is home made using filtered water and a few grains of salt to allow for conductivity. In minutes you have a cloudy solution. I dilute with distilled water until nothing can be see in the glass container and no metallic taste is apparent. That diluted content is about 200 ppm silver atoms to a million water molecules.

Manuka Honey
Posted by Rmr (M, Ct) on 01/21/2013

I am writing this hoping to help others. I'm replying to all forums I can find abou HP. Anyone suffering with it needs to do some research on Manuka honey. My husband suffered over 10 years and was convinced he had a tumor or cancer. After finally confronting the unknown, he tested for H. Pylori. Refusing to take antibiotics, we researched natural products and gave Manuka a try (Whole Foods carries it). He took a heaping tablespoon daily. He felt better in 3-4 weeks. 6 months into his honey treatment he visited the GI doc, that said he was symptom free. FYI, after contracting HP, the antibody stays in the system and you will continue to test on future blood exams. It's been 2 years post honey (he hasn't taken it in 1 years) and he remains symptom free.

Acidophilus, Coconut Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lucy (Brisbane, Qld, Australia) on 09/29/2011

I hope my post helps someone. I had Helicobacter Pylori for almost 2years, I am not sure how I picked up although I do suspect it may have been at the nursing home where I spent many days with my mother before she passed. Anyway after 3 failed rounds of antibiotics I resorted to antibiotics which they used to give H, Pylori patients back in the late 70's made up at a compound chemist, you take 17 antibiotics and acid lowering drugs per day. I made it through one day and had a bad reaction which resulted in a migraine for 1 week. After I recovered, I tried to accept there was nothing I could do and live with it (as one doctor told me), so I went home depressed and feeling sorry for myself.

Then I thought I don't have to accept this I wasn't born with it so I can get rid of it. Long story short I started taking Acidophilus "I.... H..... " sold here in Australia the dosage is 1 per day but I took 5 - 6 per day for the first week then alternated between 1 - 4 after that (Please note this is the dosage I took I am not suggesting that you take that many) its what you feel comfortable with. Then I took VCO (virgin coconut oil), the dosage varied from 1 teaspoon 3 x times a day to sometimes just 1 or 2 tablespoons the trick is to be consistant and take it every day no matter what dosage. I also took ACV with the mother regulary at first then every other day. And I am happy to say I cured it I no longer have Helicobacter Pylori, I have been tested and it came back negative and you couldn't wipe the smile off my face. If you have had no luck with antibiotics don't give up- this way may take a little longer but it was worth it. PS. I still take Acidophilus every day (1per day) and the occaional VCO & ACV.

Matula Tea
Posted by Linda (Orlando, FL) on 01/31/2009

I am a nurse, and about a year ago I was seriously ill. The doctors did every test... then blood test which tested positive for H-pylori... I was soooo desperate for a cure... because I could not tolerate the "standard" treatment of antibiotics, antacids; I turned to the internet and found Matula Tea... it saved my life. You have to understand this nasty bacteria had me bedbound for 6 weeks... with one 2 day stay in the hospital for dehydration. After one month of taking the tea, I was tested again and no sign of H-Pylori. I started to feel "Alive"again.

But here I am yet again with the bacteria. I believe I know the source now, because people too can be carriers of this disease with no symptoms. Well this time I decided to try the "Standard treatment" and had a severe allergic reation to the antibiotics, and still have H-pylori positive. I have learned my lesson, I am ordering Matula Tea once again, and the person who I believe infected me is to be tested and treated.

Matula Tea
Posted by Alib (Swansea, Wales, Uk) on 10/26/2010

You have to be careful about condemning the product when you get a bad reaction - because the reaction may not have been to the tea itself but could have been the bugs reacting to it and throwing out some kind of toxin that your body reacted to. We assume when we get an 'allergic' reaction that it is to some kind of food, but is our body reacting to the food, or a toxin that is being produced by the microbes?

Some people need to start with a very small amount and gradually build up to the full dose. I have found this with other things - many react to things like eggs, or coconut oil when they first start a Candida diet, but by just starting with a teaspoon, or even half a teaspoon and gradually increasing it, eventually they are able to tolerate the full amount. It is not them reacting - but the Candida. Just to bear in mind too, that things like diarrhea, rashes, nausea and vomiting, etc. , are actually detox reactions and are not necessarily bad. Your body has to get rid of the microbes and other rubbish some way!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil, Manuka Honey
Posted by Jess (Pittsburgh ) on 11/24/2013

I too have suffered from h pylori for some time now. The dr prescribed a shitload of meds that made me feel worse...nausea, loss of appetite, extreme weight loss, low energy.. The worse part was the antibiotics didnt even help. Refusing to put myself through that again, I read through all these comments and came up with what worked for me. All the ingredidents I found from my local food store. First it is vital that you switch up your diet. Anything made in a factory, dont put it in your mouth.. I elimiate all processed foods, refined sugars, meats, dairy, harmful fats. Basically my diet is organic, vegan. our bodies have the power to heal itself, I truly belive that. Everyday I follow the same regime, and now I have no symptoms, my energy is back, my appetite is back, and I saw results in ONE day!!!! Here is my regime as follows:

Everyday I swallow a teaspoon full of VCO(virgin coconut oil), ACV(apple cidar vinegar), and Manuka Honey (it costs about $50) 3 times a day. I sip licorice tea with ginger w manuka honey (for taste), 2 times a day, a take a probiotic twice aday, and a multivitamin

My diet is lots of green veggies, and fruits, tofu, assorted nuts (pecans, walnuts, almonds) and lots of water.

Im not exaggerating when I tell you how amazing I feel thus far, even after the first day, my family was amazed the transition I made. So throw out those meds and put some good ol mother earth back in your bodies and heal yourself!

Posted by Ben (Kansas City, Mo) on 04/02/2013

Broccoli also helped reduce my Hpylori problem, although so have several other things. Broccoli worked in the same day for me too. BUT if you really cook it for a long time, it doesn't help. Just boil it really quick to get rid of any bacteria it may harbor (you never know what the people picking it are like). It should be BRIGHT NEON-ISH GREEN when you eat it. Don't boil or steam for over two minutes. In most cases 30seconds to a minute is just fine, maybe even less than that is needed. It should still be CRUNCHY when you eat it as well. If it is cooked to much it will not help you at all.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Bubbletea (Washington) on 03/10/2018

I have recently been diagnosed with this little bugger. I believe several rounds of strong antibiotics a few years back threw my good bacteria off.Since then I have had lethergy, bloating and brain fog.I am thankful that I dont have the severe issues that others are suffering.I had my physician order the breath test and I tested positive fotr it.She suggested triple therapy along with a PPI. I asked her about other therapies as she is a ND, and she told me about mastic gum, rhubarb tincture, and VIT C. I have not tried the gum or rhubarb yet, as I have been researching the heck out of this. A couple things I have tried for a week now are as follows:

1 I make a cocktail of 3 grams of VITC, 2 TBL CRANBERRY CONCENTRATE, 3 OZ OF ORGANIC PURE ALOE VERA FROM BARBERDARIS MILLER, I then add 8 oz of distilled water to this. I take this before bed on an empty stomach.

2. I take 2 tbl of grounf organic tumeric, along with a little black pepper for absorption, in a big glass of water.

3. I have changed my diet, and have cut out ALL BREADS, PASTRIES, CORN, FLOUR, GLUTEN, WHEAT, PASTA., along with cutting back on sugar as well.

3. I take 2-4 TBL of EVC daily in 2 doses on a spoon topped off with 2-4 drops of organic oil of oregano .IT helps the oil go down better so it does not burn mouth or throat.

4. I am trying to eat more raw foods, and clean sources of meat. I find eating lighter helps, increasing my fiber intake as well.

5 I have a protein smoothie that has probiotics, greens, and vit, omegas in it.

6. I am taking acidophilus 20 billion living cells per 2 tbl serving it also has a prebiotic in it.( now some have issues with dairy I dont seem to) Quantum has a non dairy one

So far, this has been my result, it is very early and I am cautious to say any success as far as true eradication, as I am realistic and know natural things take persistence, patienc, and time.

so here goes.

My brain fog has been ALOT BETTER

I have alot more energy, and desire to do things, as opposes to lack of desire.

my bowels in morning are emptying completely, some days they are somewhat loose and with a strong odor, but I believe this is dieoff, as I am feeling alot better, and my stomach bloating has gone down after only a few days of this protocol. These were my main complaints, so I feel it is helping me feel alot better. So I do plan on adding garlic, ginger to this along with strong polyphenols such as resveratrol, green tea as well.

I just didnt want to add everything at once and thereby cause supplement confusion..lol.

I hope this helps you, and best wishes in your health journey:)

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jason (Socal, Ca) on 01/11/2010

Several months ago, I became seriously ill. My stomach was upset at all times, leading to vomiting and diarrhea some of those times. It was determined that I had an h. pylori infection. Now, I have a general mistrust of doctors. They seem to know a lot about pills and surgery but very little about achieving and maintaining health without surgery or hard medicine. For this reason, the common proton pump inhibitor/antibiotic method was not appealing to me.

It has now been one week since I began my own remedies, and I am feeling better than I have in some time. I am sharing my daily regimen, so the work put in will help someone else.

Every day I drink apple cider vinegar. 2 teaspoons mixed with 8 ounces of water 2-3 times daily. In addition, I take 4000 mg's of coconut milk in pill form. I also take 2 DGL pills every day, and finally probiotics, 50 billion cfu's with live cultures. It is very important to ensure that you are guaranteed live organisms no matter what brand you buy. Also, please make sure that you buy the apple cider vinegar that is brown with "cobwebs" floating inside. The cobwebs are enzymes and called "mother". The clear apple cider vinegar without mother, has next to no health benefits. Okay, that's it. Again, this regimen has helped me feel better in about a week. I am still not 100%, but I will update all of you on my progress, and any changes to this regime.