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Posted by Jason (Socal, Ca) on 01/11/2010

Several months ago, I became seriously ill. My stomach was upset at all times, leading to vomiting and diarrhea some of those times. It was determined that I had an h. pylori infection. Now, I have a general mistrust of doctors. They seem to know a lot about pills and surgery but very little about achieving and maintaining health without surgery or hard medicine. For this reason, the common proton pump inhibitor/antibiotic method was not appealing to me.

It has now been one week since I began my own remedies, and I am feeling better than I have in some time. I am sharing my daily regimen, so the work put in will help someone else.

Every day I drink apple cider vinegar. 2 teaspoons mixed with 8 ounces of water 2-3 times daily. In addition, I take 4000 mg's of coconut milk in pill form. I also take 2 DGL pills every day, and finally probiotics, 50 billion cfu's with live cultures. It is very important to ensure that you are guaranteed live organisms no matter what brand you buy. Also, please make sure that you buy the apple cider vinegar that is brown with "cobwebs" floating inside. The cobwebs are enzymes and called "mother". The clear apple cider vinegar without mother, has next to no health benefits. Okay, that's it. Again, this regimen has helped me feel better in about a week. I am still not 100%, but I will update all of you on my progress, and any changes to this regime.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Roseann (Coral Springs, FL) on 04/06/2009

Can't seem to kill H-Pylori... I tried the Matula tea and it did nothing. I re-tested and it was still positive, had a very hard time getting my money back. I tried the Mastic Gum, Broccoli sprouts, Cayene Peper. Nothing has helped and I refuse to take those antiboitics, they make me sick. There has to be something out there that helps. I take pro-biotics, cinnamon, ginger. I am at a loss, even tried cranberries. I don't understand why they can't find something else to cure this stubborn bug.

Replied by Hal
(San Francisco Area)

I would look up Ted's Borax method. I've been having no luck with anything for the H Pylori either, so I'm going to start taking a little Borax in water. I had forgotten about the Borax and have used it in the past to help with Candida. It really seems to Oxygenate the body and kills bacteria and fungus.

Replied by ShKeek Ahmed

Hi, did you manage to get rid of h pylori? I have also tried lots of different things and can not get it to go.

Replied by Katzie

Manuka Honey beats H.Pylori!! Back in 1994, one University in New Zealand found that Manuka honey was able to stop the growth of H. pylori after just 72 hours with a reasonable oral dosage that could be achieved in the stomach.

Manuka honey kills bacteria through a process called ‘osmosis', where the sugars in the honey attract all the water particles from the infectious bacteria which they need to survive. Hydrogen peroxide can also be found in Manuka honey too, which is recognised by scientists as a strong antimicrobial agent.

A reasonable dose would be 1 Tbsp Manuka just prior to meals, 5-10 mins or so before. Manuka tea is not enough as it does not include to 'entourage effect' of Manuka, which is where the miraculous healing properties either.

The specific brand does not matter, but the strength factor does. It's either UMF Factor or K Factor now. Go for as high a strength as you can afford. If the jar you get is way weaker, take 2 Tbsp instead of just 1. Manuka Honey WILL help you.

Happy Healing!!!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Kate (Seattle, WA) on 02/15/2009

Worked Temporarily

I have been diagnosed three times with H. pylori over the last eight years, and I am experiencing the symptoms of a fourth outbreak currently. I am reluctant at this point, however, to go back and get tested because the outcome is a fairly awful regimen of antibiotics and all sorts of other stuff. I do get tested afterwards and am negative, but I am wondering if I am just knocking the H. pylori down to a level that is below the threshold of detection. This regimen of medicines usually feels worse than the H. pylori symptoms, and help for awhile, but it always comes back. Does anyone else have this history of repeated outbreaks? I have also tried ACV or baking soda, because it seems like I have widely varying pH levels in my system, not just a basic or acidic system. I can usually tell which one I need- ACV when it feels like I am not digesting well, and baking soda when I have bad gas. I also reduce the amount of protein in my diet because I find it hard to digest, and as I get more symptomatic, I eat less and less in general and only mild stuff.

Replied by JeanL
(Temescal Valley, CA)

I'm on my third diagnosis... Iv tried so many things .... I'm at a loss... I feel better for a week or two and it just comes back... Iv tried oregano oil, garlic, black seed oil, Probiotics, ppi's, Mastic gum, pepto, omeprazol, turmeric, taurine, several of these in combination etc. My next try is Lactobacillus Plantarum 299v with an H2 blocker, aloe vera and maybe oregano oil again... we'll see :(

Oregano Oil

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Posted by Mary (Oakland, Ca) on 09/25/2015

I completely cured my H. Pylori with super strength Oil of Oregano. 15 drops in 1/2 cup of juice last thing at night for 2 weeks. I was on a light diet of soups and herb teas during these 2 weeks. The Oregano completely removed all traces of H. Pylori since 2011. I have not had any symptoms since and am able to eat anything.

Replied by Colleen

I've had reoccurrences as well and it has been probably 12-15 years of this. I'm exhausted when it takes over my system and crave foods. I've done the medical protocol twice. Had results for a little while then it comes back. I know the leaky gut follows and that is a whole other issue to combat. I'm trying the oil of oregano. I did a course for a week then took a week off and am doing another course. It is awful to have to do this over and over.

Replied by Rialc
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I have just come across this post, did the Oil of Oregano work for you, Colleen? I have had the medication treatment some years ago for H Pylori, but am reluctant to go down that route again. I also have a sore tongue with this outbreak so I am not feeling great at the moment. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Lula (Snellville, GA, USA) on 05/27/2009

here is another cure, I was diagnosed in March, I knew about hpylori because I had done some study on it because my b12 ran low all the time. well the doctors gave me the same stuff the triple threat, that is what I call it and it was depleting my potassium so I went to find natural and came across this website about pine nut oil and I used that and it worked wonderful, but it is a little pricey, so I went to the health food store and got me some aloe vera juice and I already had the oil of oregano so I mix these two together and drink them and I have seen a difference. it takes awhile but it works. I really like the pine nut oil jut couldn't keep it up and where I live, they do not sell it in the health food stores here.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Melissa (Homer, Alaska) on 09/10/2007

re: Update on oil of oregano -- Taking the oil of oregano has really helped. I felt wonderful for 2 days then felt like I had the flu for the next 2 days. (Headache, dizzy, muscle and bodyaches ect.).But I think it was things being killed off in my body and a release of all those toxic critters. I have also done some reading about tumeric and have been putting it on my food which I think helps too. I take 20 drops of oil of oregano 2x's a day in water. The brand Im taking is Oregano Spirits 'by Herb Pharm. I hope this helps because I was feeling like the Hpylori was killing me. I was miserable and had no energy at all. After the oregano Im feeling so much better and I have more energy. Maybe because my body doesn't have to fight the Hpylori as hard with the help of oregano. I could be wrong but that is what it seems like to me. Im just glad Im feeling better! I hope this helps.

Replied by Jessica.v
(Oslo, Norway)

Hey Melissa, for how long did you have to take the oregano oil? and did it kill H. Pylori? :-)

Replied by Anita
(The Netherlands)

Do you take that much drops of oregano oil in water? I can't take even 1 drop, I get really sick of It, can't stand the smell and taste.

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Here is a link to multiple suppliers of oregano in soft gels that makes it much easier to get oregano oil with much much less potential to taste it while taking it. You can smell it in the jar and with some products there may be a little taste, but nothing compared to essential oil drops :



Oregano Oil
Posted by Melissa (Homer, Alaska) on 09/05/2007

I have just started using oil of oregano to help kill h pylori. I think it is working but I will post back in a week to let you know. Also I have tried garlic and cabbage and broccoli sprouts which helped a little but seemed to make me feel like I had the flu while taking this by means of juicing it. I think because the hpylori was fithing back and so my body was fighting against it making me feel worse. But the oil seems to be doing a good job.

OTC Warning!

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Posted by Cheryl (USA) on 09/28/2007

Just finished reading a couple of posts regardingcuring H. Pylori....Very interesting. My husband has been suffering for over a year....antibiotics have done nothing. He too was told to add Pepto .....a word to aspirin sensitive folks. Don't do it....We were not aware at the time that Pepto contains so much sodium...about 15% we were told.Caused my husband to spend 48 hours of very painful bloated down time.....This after only 4 doses alongwith his prescribed drugs. I think at this pointwe will try small doses of bicarb of soda and some turmeric on some of his food....along with some of the other spices and see if he gets any relief. The distention of his abdomen and stomach along with the pain are the hardest for him....Very uncomfortable....

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
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The distention will be helped with the bicarbonate remedy. The problem about the Pepto is the bismuth. It is a heavy metal. If fluid retention is causing problems alpha lipoic acid supplements and green tea (no sugar no milk) will reduce it too. Pomegranate fruits are also very diuretic, if I happen to take a couple of REAL fruits, not the juice, to reduce the water retention, in case there is one. H. Pylori may also reduced with tannin rich green tea too. Zinc gluoconate sometimes help kill the H. Pylori too, but only if they are chewed I believe.

Ozonated Water

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 02/23/2016

HI U OLE PATOOTS, , , , , , , , lots of posts on H Pylori. Try this.


Wearing an ankle weight on my sciatic leg and now feeling tolerable. Don't get old.


Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

ORH, just today I finally saw an "ozone machine" in a health food store here. It didn't impress me much, and the price of 300 euros impressed me even less. I'll stick to peroxide for now......

But your sage advice in the last three words of your post, DID impress me!! :)

Replied by Janet

Dear ORH could you elaborate on your ankle weight for your sciatic pain please. It sounds very interesting. Thank You Janet

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

HI U JANET, , , , , , , , , would try and take credit for this but it was my PT guy who suggested I use an ankle weight and hang my leg off stairs. He pulls on my leg when I have a scission and that gives me relief.

This only worked so so. I then put the 2 1/2 # weight on full time and it keeps the pain away unless I twist or something. Presume this technique is pulling my spine off my sciatic nerve when walking.


pH Balancing

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Posted by JR (Las Vegas, NV) on 07/17/2009

Here is what helped me with my H Pylori. I hope it helps others.

After being told I would have to live on antacids, I thought this is not the way to live.I noticed the food I ate was the culprit and caused great disomfort. I also noticed if I was stressed or tired, I also increased my stomach discomfort and pain. After a lot of trial and error, I found the best thing you can do is, eat a diet with a PH balance higher in Alakaline. A simple thing like and apple settled my stomach even in the middle of the night.I looked up which foods contain acids and which ones where alkaline. I bought a ph test paper at a local health store to determine what my PH level was. This test will determine if you are too acidic. If you are too acidic you will have have a low PH under 7.0. When the Ph balance is over 7.0 or higher you will notice your stomach pain is relieved. I have no stomach pain when mine is 7.5, but if it goes lower because of stress or the wrong food I eat.

My advice is to look up acidic and alkaline food groups, buy the ph test paper and hopefully you will see it will help your life too.


Replied by Mary

Can you please tell me what kinda food to eat bec I think you're so right. I need help

Replied by David
(Chadron, Nebraska)

Respectfully, JR's last line is advice you're needing here now. Google "acidic alkaline food tables" and steer yourself away from acidic foods as much as you can. Broccoli sprouts are easy to grow (one of my routines for years) that may well help your H-Pylori along with regular green tea. Many aggregate fruits (berries) are also helpful. One key is keeping your body on the slightly alkaline side. Again, JR's bottom line of his post is key advice. Best to you, Mary.

Pine Nut Oil

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Posted by Pat (Leadville, CO) on 04/07/2008

Has anyone taken extra virgin pine nut oil for H pylori? If you have what were the results?

Replied by Lula
(Snellville, GA)

yes, I have and it worked good

Pine Nut Oil, Turmeric

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Posted by Tony (California,usa) on 09/10/2013

Hello: regarding pine nut oil, I am sure I have H. Pylori and possibly a ulcer in my duodenum.. For the last 2 months I took 3x a day a tblsp of this pine nut oil.. It did cure my ulcer to where it does not bleed anymore, before I had black bowl movements proving bleeding, now it is brown and normal bowl movement.. The pine nut oil is very soothing and healing, but I just ordered and rcvd another 2 bottles of pine nut oil to continue my healing, so far have spent about $120 US dollars for it..

After much research at testimonies at earthclinic.com, I came up with the following recipe for H. Pylori infection: 1/2 tsp. turmeric, in a 6 oz. glass of purified water [2/3 glass] + a 1/2 tsp baking soda, and a little non sugar sweetener to make smooth tasting.. Good results so far, great calming effect, no pain either and I am eating and drinking much easier now.. Be very careful when swallowing liquids so you don't choke on them as there is a danger you will ingest liquids into your airwaves.. I found by clearing my throat slowly, I could clear my airwaves.. Turmeric is a probiotic I am sure.. I will follow up with Papaya enzyme chewable tablets, 2 ea. X 3 x a day. I may add another probiotic[culturelle] to really kill this bacteria off.. Giving this a 60 day run and will announce my results then, hope this helps you.. This is a great site with precious info for those of us who don't want to waste our money on Doctors that only prescribe anti-biotics which don't always work for us who have to pay for them.. Au natural is way to go. Best of health to all who read this! Tony, California, USA


Posted by Rosa (Clinton, Nc) on 06/15/2015


My mother has been suffering a really bad stomach pain. Doctor as told her that she has H pylori and gave her antibiotics which she finished all of them but still she is having really bad pain! Is there anything she can try homemade that might can help her feel some relief....Any suggestions will help us out, I am just tired to see my mom is so much pain...

Replied by Joy

Rosa In Clinton, N.C., Have your mother eat fresh pineapple for pain in stomach, or acid reflux. I was diagnosed with H Pylori (sure I have had it for many many years). It, pineapple is a life saver. Or dole juice in a can if you can't get fresh. Make a smoothie with 1 and 1/2 cups pineapple, 1 bananna, 1/2 c. plain greek yohgurt. drink before meals, It works.

Replied by Ilene
(Las Vegas)

Your mom can try homeopathy. If she still feels the symptoms the antibiotics might not have gotten rid of the h-pylori. I had h- pylori and only treated it through homeopathy. I was retested and the h-pylori is gone. You need to find a good homeopath.


Ilene, could you tell me how long did you try homeopathy before getting tested for h pylori? Thanks!

Replied by Shane
(Detroit, MI)

Natural Factors - Gastro-Assist with Mastic Gum, Zinc, L-Carnosine & Chamomile, 60 capsules


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Posted by Dianek (Ga) on 03/16/2014

I take a probiotic w 66 billion of good bacteria that I order from swanson vitamins and it helped me a lot. I also have to change my diet and I try to eat ever 2 to 3 hours of small meals.

Slippery Elm

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Posted by ilikenatural (somewherein iowa, usa) on 02/02/2008

I was diagnosed with H Pylori and was in a lot of pain. This ulcer is treated with antibiotics but within a week of finishing the prescription I was in pain again. By accident I found slippery elm bark stops the pain. For 2 years now I take 1 slippery elm pill a day and it has worked. If I do get pain throughout the day (during mensus or after spicy food) I take another and it immediately works. Hope this helps someone.

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