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Zinc Oxide

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Posted by Peterjk (Hcmc, Vietnam) on 09/30/2012
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Hi, I was diagnosed with Grovers Disease by a dermalogogist in Vienam (USA doctor) he did not explain the implications of the anti-biotics he subscribed to me, the RARE side effects being light sensitivity. This being me I did exhibit! He sunscribed several differant tablets & creams. None of them worked, I bought babies nappy rash talcum powder (Contains ZnO-Zinc Oxide) also read about GARLIC tablets, so bought them.

Within several weeks applying baby nappy rash powder and taking a 1000mg tablet of odourless garlic the rash had gone. I thought this strange so stopped taking tabs and using powder for a few days. GROVERS reappeared! Restarted using the powder and taking the tabs and GROVERS went away again!

I do not know if this will work for all suffers but it did work for me, don't know why it works, Zinc Oxide is good for all basic skin problems but how it works on GROVERS I have no idea!

Both treatments do not cause any harmful effects, the woese that cam happen is you develope an allergy to GARLIC!

It has been 4 months sonce the last signs of this terrible disease and I am glad this treatment worked for me!

Replied by B

Hi, when and how often do you apply the nappy rash powder? Are you still taking that tablets and having rash free skin?

Replied by Renee
(Ewing, Nj)

I read about how baby powder with zinc oxide and 1000 mg of garlic pills helps with Grover's disease. When do you start to see results? How long does it take for the rash to completely go away? Is there any particulars on how and when to take this remedy? Is there a specific nappy baby powder to be used? Thanks!

Replied by Brenda

Oh yes, this is the rest of my story. I read that Mayo clinic has linked Grover's to too much mercury in your system. So I ate garlic as my regular snack. I am now going to be tested by Quicksilver Labs with a new test for mercury. This might be why the garlic pills work. After I get the test results, I am going to a specially trained dentist to have my mercury fillings removed. I now understand your dentist has to be specially trained to remove mercury fillings from your mouth. Be sure to check this info out before you have any fillings removed.

Replied by John

Lawyers are filing class action lawsuits against sellers of talcum powder such as Johnson & Johnson. You may wish to research the reason for this, before going overboard with talcum powder use.

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