Grover's Disease: Natural Remedies for Relief

Grover's Disease Triggers
Posted by John (Florida) on 02/18/2023

I developed Grovers Disease when I had Covid 19, which was confirmed with a biopsy. I had it over my front and back trunk locations. I tried several remedies, and dermatologist prescribed prescriptions, but nothing worked. I finally went to see Dr. William Cole, DO, Sarasota, Florida. He treated me with a proprietary infusion, and medication, and within several weeks, the itching stopped, and the rash began to fade. It continues to fade each week and I would say that it is 90% gone. I believe that my rash was related to my Covid 19 infection, since it occurred at the same time. Dr. Cole believed that my condition was a continuing immune response. It has been seven (7) months since I had Covid and developed the rash. I have read that a lot of cases resolve themselves between 6 to 12 months without any treatment. However, I am truly thankful that I went to see Dr. Cole as I believe his method worked in my particular Covid related disease.

Grover's Disease Triggers
Posted by Krissy (Rimrock AZ) on 12/15/2022

Trying to pin down what is causing more intense outbreaks: My Grovers really increased in the past couple of months. Strangely, I moved from WA to AZ and it hasn't been hot or anything but rather quite cold as of Dec 2. Last summer in WA was very hot and my Grovers didn't change much. I noticed when I went to Disneyland 2.5 weeks ago, I had ZERO issues and it actually cleared up! I was only there 3 days. (BTW, Cilantro is absolutely the best remedy, no doubt.) What I'm trying to do is figure out what I ingest at home that I didn't in CA. My best guess is pure seltzer in aluminum cans (heavy metals) and Cayenne.

My question is if anyone has zero'd in on an ingestible irritant...?

Grover's Disease Triggers
Posted by Carole (Delray Beach, FL) on 11/19/2021

I'm addressing several questions from the posts I've read tonight. I've had Grover's Disease over 30 years. It was dormant for a couple of decades but resurfaced with a terrible outbreak in the last two years. I know now (and have confirmed in articles on the net) that Xrays trigger Grover's--and I've had many xrays because of severe scoliosis and now a shoulder injury--as did the UVA therapy my dermatologist gave me. I had six treatments and between those and a lot of recent xrays, I now have Grover's all over my breasts, midrift, arms and legs. Previously, they were limited to my chest.

I've been horrified to watch it spread before my eyes. I quit the UVA therapy as soon as I realized what was happening; however! I have since read that UVA therapy initially makes the Grover's worse--then makes it better. I've asked my dermatologist to research that.

To those who are going in the sun: STOP sweating! It's dumb!

As for Cilantro, I bought the oil on Amazon because a support group I belong to is experimenting with it and looking for feedback. I've been taking 5 drops a day in water for about 2 months. I can't see any change, other than the spreading of the disease. My derm prescribes both Clobetasol and Eucrisa, which I alternate daily. He just added hydroxyzine. I also use a moisturizing cream that contains both menthol and camphor. So, I'm kind of taking a shotgun approach to this but it's out of desperation.

What's new about the appearance of the Grover's is that I'm developing purpura--the purple hematomas (for lack of a better description) all over my chest, breasts, arms and I suppose my legs will be next. I've seen nothing in print that links Grover's to stress--but I'm here to tell you I believe stress is a major trigger for me. I'm under tremendous stress, facing open spine surgery soon, and my derm told me he now agrees with me. We believe stress and the frequent x-rays have a lot to do with my progressing flares.

The only drug I had a GREAT response to but don't take more of because of its negative effects is PREDNISONE. I took it for 15 days and had a dramatic clearing of the Grover's--but I've had a terrible progression of the disease since then (this past summer).

I wish that more clinicians and researchers would take up the cause and find more effective treatments for us sufferers of Grover's. Until then, keep sharing.