Grover's Disease Remedies

Chlorella, Supplements, Water, Turmeric +
Posted by Tarra (NY) on 02/04/2022

After reading some of the posts here and suffering with this atrocious disease for 2 years, to which my dermatologist simply said "there's no cure, " I tried out the cilantro smoothies and noticed a slight improvement, however I also have added or removed a few other things from my diet and after 2 years, this terrible rash is finally going away, nearly completely. I'm listing a few things here as I'm not sure which one was key for the cure, or maybe it was multiple:

  • I started taking Fish Oil (Omega-3s) and Vitamin D-3 daily
  • A scoop of Chlorella daily in my morning smoothie (I did not stick with the cilantro)
  • Quit alcohol- my acupuncturist suggested that the cilantro and chlorella sounded like liver cures, so I decided to give my liver an extra break
  • Stay hydrated- 1.5-2L of water/day
  • Women- use a chafe balm under your bra or sports bra! This helped tremendously to reduce additional agitation/friction
  • A sprinkle of turmeric daily in my smoothie

I wish I clearly knew what to recommend here, but overall these were all healthy changes for me, so I figured it couldn't hurt to share.