Effective Natural Remedies for GERD Relief - Holistic Approach

Cabbage Juice
Posted by Quesno (Maple Ridge, Bc) on 12/16/2014

I had suffered with Gerd for about 8 years after our mother passed away from Lung cancer. I tried everything, nothing worked not even the medications worked until this past week I had decided to cure it up forever using fermented green cabbage juice with the pulp.

It worked, I found a recipe online and used it. Here's the funny thing is that I have no juicer but a blender, I just poured the hot boiling water into the blender after I had added the raw cabbage. I was going through a really bad attack that night when I was making it. I ate it right off of the spoon but didn't look back when I was trying to collect the cabbage, and place it's contents into a jar or a glass.

It's a success now because I have no new problems or acid in my throat, mouth or any other irritations. I do now take the cabbage juice in between meals. I do recommend this one for all of the Gerd suffers out there.

Cabbage Juice
Posted by Sarah (Brussels, Belgium) on 05/20/2007

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with GERD and I suffered from acid reflux and heartburn. The medication prescribed by the doctor rather worsened my situation and I suffered a number of side effects from it. I came across a site suggesting that drinking raw cabbage juice cures acid reflux and other problems related to the stomach, such as ulcer.I did further research to confirm this and decided to give it a try.
The general suggested daily dosage is about a quart [800ml] of raw cabbage juice to be taken about 4 times daily. I found that rather too much and I started with 400ml [100ml x 4].I noticed great improvement and after one week I reduced the dosage to 300ml [100ml x 3]. After about 3 weeks of the whole therapy, I decided to take only 200ml a day. Those with stomach ulcers or acute cases of acid reflux might need to take the full dosage.

I have stopped drinking cabbage juice since about 10 months now and I haven't had any serious reflux problems. For those who would like to try it, PLEASE NOTE that it is said to have strong impact on the thyroid glands [the more reason why I never consumed 800ml a day!]. Not to mention the stench - it is better stored in an air-tight water bottle and kept in the fridge. Good luck to all, and thanks for the great site.