Natural Cures for GERD

Baking Cocoa
Posted by Diane C. (California) on 01/16/2022
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Baking Cocoa helps GERD or Stomach acid/Acid indigestion!

I just wanted to share with people what has helped my husband's stomach indigestion and acid problem!

He was diagnosed with GERD. He has tried different antacids for years and nothing helps him. He discovered that "baking cocoa" in warm water or milk as a chocolate drink takes away his acid completely and instantly! This is how he uses it:

1. 1 teaspoon of baking cocoa in a cup of warm water to dissolve it,

2. A little bit of coffee creamer or any type of milk.

3. You can also use stevia or sugar to taste.

Cocoa is very good for your health! Check out health benefits on line.

My husband uses the generic brand to cut cost and it works fine!