Natural Cures for GERD

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Erica (Redmond, Wa) on 04/22/2011

I have been trying the ACV with and without the baking soda off and on for three or four weeks. I keep going off of it because my teeth become so sensitive and my tongue burns even when I use the baking soda. I use pH testing strips to make sure it is at least 7.0 pH and I even use a straw. I have been diagnosed with silent gerd so I really don't know if the ACV is helping because I do not have any obvious symptoms. My worst symptom is the dry mouth from the dryness in my throat. It is so annoying and I really want the ACV formula to work.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Deedee67 (Conshohocken, Pa) on 03/20/2011

I have been suffering from GERD for about 10 years and been taking Nexium that long. I feel like the Nexium is having bad effects on my body so I wanted to get off of it. After seeing this site, I ordered ACV. Started taking it today only to discover that I feel like vomitting after it goes down. I have a bad gag reflex and I am not sure I can tolerate it any more. Any suggestions?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by John (Fishers, IN) on 10/07/2008

ACV: I have suffered Gerds for years and have been on Nexium, Prilosec and PRevicid. I eat ante acids like they are candy...I decided to try this remedy the other day and it felt a little better, but then I started getting an unbelievable burning in my stomach. I am still taking tums and I am currently trying not to take this other medicine. Doctor has me on zantac, not sure what to do. How much time is needed on this, it literally feels like my stomach is on fire. I want off of Nexium because I think it is causing my vertigo....anyone else have vertigo issues???

EC: How much apple cider vinegar did you use? Was it well diluted with water? Was it an organic brand? More details needed, please!